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Misc Items Page

This page contains items that don't quite fit on our other pages. It contains information files, links and sound files. A general mixed-bag of neat stuff.

On December 22nd, 1999 Coast to Coast AM had to resort to a replay, due to a long distance phone service outage by Sprint. Here is a public notice of the incident, filed with the FCC, that also states that the outage affected Area 51!

UPDATE: It seems that Sprint has decided that the original report should be removed and so the original link now produces a "Letter to the FCC" in addition to the original report.

The Wave Rider checks in after a long departure. See the previous contacts listed below these new ones.

(Webmaster Note: Please forgive the Fax of a Fax conveted into a GIF file. It's ugly but readable. We've got to get the Waverider an email account!)

We received the first FAX on Feb 26, 1998, from a claimed Time Traveler who rides the wave! Portions edited by request. A second Fax was received April 3, 1998, but might be the third of the series. Then we received a third fax, which may indeed be the second message. Finally, the first fax is revealed due to the news report from the Daily Mail.

We received a FAX from the Anti-Christ on 2/8/99. After we prayed to the Anti-Christ, he sent an electronic version, and is posted in our "We Get Letters" section. If you want to see the fax itself, it's here. You may have to scroll side to side to read this.

HAARP Test on Reno Nevada story, appears to be just an unconfirmed Letter to the Editor, among others as shown in this Full Page View.

After Richard Hoagland suggested we FAX NASA, CNN and ABC, regarding the shutting off of the Mar Surveyor camera, Art received this ABC News Nightline FAX.


A Summary of the World

*The Pope's Predictions.

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