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2/28/99 Sunday Dreamland

  • Guest.... Brad Steiger, Co-Author of The Source w/Art Bell

2/26/99 Friday / Saturday

  • Columbia.... The U.S. has given Columbia a drug-ally status. President Clinton also confirmed Mexico has an ally in the drug trafficking war. Art says this is incredible, seeing as how these two countries are the leading offenders.
  • Iraq.... Iraq has contacted an expert panel to explore ways to restart U.S. weapons inspections. Art says here is another one to wonder about.
  • China.... The U.S. has criticized China on the human rights side. Art says if you have ever been in China you would know they watch you every second.
  • Fertility.... Britain's foremost fertility expert says men can bear children by implanting an embryo into the mans' abdomen and then deliver it by caesarean. Art reads a report about this amazing announcement. Art says, 'geez, how fast do I want to get involved in this!'
  • Pigs.... On a top secret farm in the Northeast, scientists are breeding pigs whose DNA has been altered with human genes. Officials say this is to help out human problems with organs and certain illnesses.
  • Bumper sticker.... Someone sent Art a bumper sticker that says,' Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats'. Art wonders if this applies after reading the last two stories.
  • CIA.... Art reads a story from The Washington AP titled: CIA Predicts Serious Y2K Problems Around the Globe.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour. Fritz is the first caller and he discusses the debunking that took place on "Confirmation" about the Trumbull County sighting.
  • 2nd hour.... Art tells us of another "Darwin Award" episode he did to himself, taking a long draw of the wrong end of a cigarette.
  • Guest.... Kenny Young, a gentleman who has the raw audio from the Trumbull County sightings mentioned on the "Confirmation" special will join Art. Skeptics on the show said they just saw a star. Art warns listeners that some language may be inappropriate for younger listeners. Kenny begins by telling us how he obtained the tape.
  • 3rd hour.... In the third hour, Kenny picks up in the part of the tape where a reporter gets involved. Many of the reports called into Liberty dispatch are played.
  • 4th hour.... Art talks briefly about his upcoming appearance on Larry King and is trying to decide what to wear. Art and Kenny continue with the tape. After the bottom of the hour break, Kenny plays a portion of the tape he calls 'the chase'.
  • 5th hour.... Art reads a portion of a letter sent to him regarding Y2K. Kenny plays more of the tape and continues with Art and after the bottom of the hour break Art opens the lines.

2/25/99 Thursday / Friday

  • 1st hour.... John Kirby, from Intel and Mark Cuban, president of, join Art in the first hour to discuss the new streaming video experiment which is beginning tonight. A lot of the technical aspects of the project are explained.
  • 2nd hour.... Art tells us he is going to the "Somewhere in Time" weekend on Mackinaw Island, in Michigan. It is a gathering of folks who loved that movie and are intrigued by time travel. Guest.... Lia Danks joins Art with a woman's viewpoint of Y2K. She is the author of "Build Your Own Ark'. She explains she is not an expert on Y2k, but has put in hundreds of hours researching. She begins by telling us what got her started on this mission and why she wrote the book. At the bottom of the hour Lia tells us how she has prepared, especially where clean water is concerned.
  • 3rd hour.... Art reads a fax to Lia from a listener who asks what Art is going to tell his guests when nothing happens on Jan 1, 2000 and their books are no longer needed. Art reads more observations from listeners for Lia's comments. At the bottom of the hour Lia and Art discuss storing food.
  • 4th hour.... Art opens the lines for questions for Lia. Topics range from how to prepare if you live in a big city, to how to prepare if your are disabled or have mobility issues.
  • 5th hour.... Art reads a fax from a listener asking Art if he has planted his tobacco plants yet in lieu of Y2K and the possibility that cigarettes won't be available. Art reads a fax to Lia from a listener that hints about what one would do if his neighbor had stored food but he hadn't. Would there be violence? Phone calls continue.

2/24/99 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Replay.... Edgar Mitchell

2/23/99 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • WNAT.... Art welcomes station WNAt in Natches, Mississippi.
  • Guilty.... The white supremacist accused of dragging a black man to death, has been found guilty. Art says his punishment could never be rough enough.
  • Serbs.... Serbs agreed, in principle, to give self limited rule to Albanians.
  • Daly.... Richard M. Daly was reelected in Chicago yesterday.
  • Sightings.... There have been things streaking the skies in the last 24 hours. Los Angeles had things streaking over it with many eye witnesses. Peter Davenport comes on with an update and an audio cut from one of the first people to call in a report. This was sighted at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.
  • Jokes.... Art reads a few humorous notes from listeners at the bottom of the hour.
  • Buenos Aires.... Art tells us about the events in Buenos Aires while the power has been out for 2 weeks resulting from a fire. Art says this can give us an idea what may happen here if there were a mass power outage maybe as a result of Y2K.
  • Flu.... Art reads an email from a listener who called the 1-800-IGOTFLU hotline and got an operator who just asked for his zip code and then hung up. Art calls the number and gets a recording saying they are no longer screening patients for enrollment. Art wonders why they would not tell the person why they would be participating in this study, do you suppose it has something to do with con trails.
  • Y2k.... Art reads a report from a committee saying all segments of the nations' economy is at risk due to Y2K. Also, Art reads an article on the "Know Your Customer" regulation.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Art is joined by Jean Cavelos, an astrophysicist and mathematician. Art starts by asking Jean what people would notice if the universe was to contract.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Jean discuss our ecological situation, biological warfare and our destructive 'side'. At the bottom of the hour Art tells us about Mars and Venus getting very close to each other in the month of February.
  • 4th hour.... Art and Jean discuss the possibility of apes evolving intelligence and aliens traveling at the speed of light. Art opens the lines for questions for Jean.
  • 5th hour.... Art reads an email from a listener commenting on the program and the sudden burst of mans discoveries in the 1940's. Art and Jean talk about Europa and the problems probes have when they approach Europa. At the bottom of the hour the discussion turns to human mutation.

2/22/99 Monday / Tuesday

  • Welcome.... Art welcomes station WSGW, in Saginaw, Michigan. Albania.... Albanians are being urged to accept the peace agreement. Art feels they will wait to the very last minute.
  • Washington.... Washington went back to work today, Clinton met with the nations' Governors to discuss education, tobacco money and Internet sales taxes. Art reminds us that if you buy something from another state, you don't have to pay taxes, so how are they going to pull this off?
  • Missiles.... Iraqi missiles aimed at U.S. and British planes seemed to have caused more damage to the Iraqis than us.
  • Anthrax.... Art has been following all the anthrax stories, and reads a letter from a listener telling Art there has been another scare.
  • Helicopters.... Art reads a report from a listener about Black Helicopters in Kingsville, Texas terrorizing citizens.
  • Alaska.... Black Cat Chickadees have been seen in the Anchorage area with deformed beaks. Art says this is another environmental story that will get noted and then dropped.
  • Law.... Art talks about the proposed "Know Your Customer" government regulation. This will require banks to keep a profile on you so they can tell the government when your transactions deviate from your established pattern. Art asks why would the government would want to know all this about you? Possibly to detect drug dealing, or crime in general?
  • Y2K.... Art reads a letter from a listener who works in a bank and heard his manager tell a customer they were Y2K compatible, when he knows they are not.
  • Flu.... Art reads a letter from a hospital worker relating steps they had to take back in the 80's when a person came in with flu like symptoms.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour. At the bottom of the hour, Art tells us he is going to appear on Larry King Live on March 5th, and then Larry will be on Coast to Coast in the near future.
  • 2nd hour.... Albert Taylor, author of "Soul Traveler", joins Art for the evening. Albert begins by giving us a preview of his new book expected out in the year 2000. After the bottom of the hour break, Art asks Albert would good reincarnation is when you can't remember the previous existence.
  • 3rd hour.... At the top of the third hour, Art opens the phone lines for Atheists to debate with Albert. Art asks the first caller if he would change his mind if he had a near death experience where he saw the light and saw his own body being worked on.

2/21/99 Sunday Dreamland

  • Linda Howe.. Report on Big Foot
  • Guest... Heather Anne Harder, Author of "Interdimensional Communication: The Art and Science of Talking to Ghosts, Spirits, Angels and Other Dead People"

2/19/99 Friday / Saturday

  • Sliwa.... The radio station Art listened to in his own youth, in NYC, has Curtis Sliwa on it. Art has gotten many faxes telling him that Curtis has been trashing him on the air. Art relates a little story about when Curtis came to visit Art in the desert.
  • 1st hour.... Peter Davenport joins Art in the first hour to discuss new sightings of triangles.
  • 2nd hour.... Art tells us he has been doing his own investigation about y2k, and Gary North will join him in the second hour. Many, many areas are discussed beginning with the Social Security Administration.
  • 3rd hour.... At the top of the 3rd hour, Gary reads a letter sent to wholesalers about coin rationing.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads an email to Gary from a listener complaining about Gary's statement that programmers are to blame for Y2K.
  • 5th hour.... Art opens the phone lines for questions for Gary.

2/18/99 Thursday / Friday

  • Welcome....Art welcomes station KUJ in Walla Walla, Washington.
  • Storm.... Art says we are getting slammed right now with an electromagnetic storm from the sun.
  • Miami Circle.... Breaking news on the Miami Circle, so Richard and Robert will be on in the first hour with an update. The commissioners of Dade County voted to preserve the site.
  • Strieber.... Art says Confirmation was a hit and the most watched UFO special in American history.
  • 2nd hour.... William Thomas, an investigative journalist, joins Art in the second hour to discuss con trails and the possibility that Americans are being sprayed from the air. At the bottom of the hour William goes over some lab analysis of some spray.
  • 4th hour.... Art opens the phone lines in the fourth hour for questions for Mr. Thomas.
  • 5th hour.... Mr. Thomas starts off the 5th hour talking about the deaths of many livestock in Arizona and the phone calls continue.

2/17/99 Wednesday / Thursday

  • 1st hour.... Tonight, Whitley Strieber and Jack Casher, a physicist, who reviewed the NASA sts48 video and proved the object you saw on Confirmation tonight is almost certainly a space craft, will be on with Art in the first hour. Dr. Roger Lear is also on board to discuss the Confirmation special. Art thought the special was fantastic and Whitley says he is just exhausted after working on this for so long. After the bottom of the hour break, Art opens the phone lines for callers. For those who didn't get to see the special, you can call 1-800-nbc-2634 and get a tape.
  • 2nd hour.... Gordon Michael Scallion, who Art calls a futurist, joins Art in the second hour. He is probably best known for his Northridge, Ca earthquake prediction. Gordon tells the audience how he came to be the type of person he is after experiencing a health crisis in the 80's. At the bottom of the hour Art and Gordon discuss Gordon's return to California and his appearance on the Roseanne show.
  • 3rd hour.... At the top of the third hour Art informs us of breaking news regarding the Miami Circle. There is all kinds of info posted. Art and Gordon discuss the possible results of a 'shift'. Art asks Gordon what forces are work when one thing comes true and another is forestalled.
  • 4th hour.... At the top of the fourth hour, Gordon discusses his feelings on the next war that will occur and who it involves, with the events starting in Turkey. At the bottom of the hour Art and Gordon discuss the Miami Circle. Gordon says his visions are sometimes triggered by photos and after seeing a picture of the Miami Circle, he tells Art his visions concerning Miami.
  • 5th hour.... Art opens the phone lines at the top of the 5th hour for callers to ask questions of Gordon. The first caller, and Art, ask Gordon about the past 'great experiments' Art and his audience have done. At the half way point Gordon discusses what he calls the awakening and how we excel best when we are challenged.

2/16/99 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Special.... This is the night before Whitley Strieber's "Confirmation" special. Tonights program is a little bit about what your going to see. Whitley and the narrator of the special and the co-producer will be on with Art in the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Art welcomes stations KEES, in Gladwater, Texas, and KYZS in Tyler, Texas. Richard Hoagland is on in the top of the hour with another Miami Circle update. After the bottom of the hour break, Art's guest will be Wayne Green. Art and Wayne begin by discussing health, cancer and conventional therapies.
  • 3rd hour.... Wayne and Art talk about the late King Hussein and HAM radio participants. After the bottom of the hour break the discussion turns to Y2K.
  • 4th hour.... The discussion begins with making money and entrepeneurs. After the bottom of the hour break the discussion returns to Y2K, ET's and future civilizations. The topic also turns to cancer and diet.
  • 5th hour.... Art opens the lines for callers to ask questions of Wayne. The first caller asks Wayne if he has ever written about how to use pool water for drinking water. At the bottom of the hour a caller asks Wayne about floride and its necessity in one's diet.

2/15/99 Monday / Tuesday

  • Replay..... Hal Lindsey

2/14/99 Sunday Dreamland

  • Linda Howe.... reports on Another Triangular UFO Sighting
  • Guest... Jeanne Cavelos.... The Science of the X-Files

2/12/99 Friday / Saturday

  • Anthrax.... There was an anthrax scare at the los Angeles Times building. Art says this is the flavor of the month for terroritst.
  • Clinton.... Art reads a few headlines on the President's acquittal. Clinton says in a report that he is searching for reconciliation. Art says in private he is probably painting a dart board with 15 pictures of house managers. To those who have been praying for Clinton's political demise, Art says, close but no cigar.
  • Musical..... A new musical will be opening in Hollywood called, Starr Struck, which will be about the entire investigation.
  • No more.... Art says please no more, give us two more years of peace and Clinton quiet.
  • 1st Hour.... In the first segment of the first hour Richard Hoagland will be on with a shocking Miami circle update. There was not a quorum call at the meeting in Dade County. Harvey Ruvin, a former Dade County Commissioner, joins Art and Richard.
  • Sound alike..... Art can't get over how much Harvey Ruvin sounds like Robert ghostwolf. He discusses this with callers when he opens the lines to finish out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Sylvia Brown, one of the world's leading physcics will be on in the 2nd hour. After the bottom of the hour break, Sylvia and Art discuss what happens to a person when they die.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Sylvia discuss her hospice work with AIDS patients. Art opens the lines for calls for Sylvia. The first caller asks about guardian angels. After the bottom of the hour break, Slyvia talks about Y2K.
  • 4th hour.... Calls continue for Sylvia Brown.
  • 5th hour.... Art has his board manager play clips of both Harvey Ruvin and Robert Ghostwolf to prove his point that the two sound identical. Sylvia Brown continues through out the program.

2/11/99 Thursday / Friday

  • Miami Circle.... There is a critical meeting tomorrow in Dade county about the Miami Circle. Art asks listeners to click on the meeting link on the front page and use the fax numbers listed to send your support.
  • Howe.... Linda Moulton Howe joins Art in the first hour with an update on the deaths of horses in Ashfork, Arizona.
  • NEWS.... Art reads a few headlines on the trial in the senate.
  • Guns.... A federal jury found several gun makers liable in 3 shootings because of negligent marketing practices. Art says this is a very chilling ruling.
  • Con Trails.... 3 separate times today, Art saw large jets at cruising altitude entering the Pahrump valley and then doing a 360 degree turn. This is highly unusual for Pahrump and Art says the con trails were like smoke rings which formed into a bank of cloudiness. Though Art has never had any respiratory problems, he had several sneezing fits today and Ramona has had an asthma attack. Art is glad he is having William Thomas back on the program next week.
  • Recap.... Art reviews upcoming scheduled guests before the top of the second hour and then reads some quotes from the public in a Fresno newspaper about Y2K.
  • 2nd hour.... Brad Steiger is Art's guest tonight and he announces that he and Brad have a new book out titled, The Source, a compilation of their views on the paranormal. The first part of the interviews centers on the book. After the bottom of the hour break the discussion turns to angels and Art mentions the angel photos posted.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Brad discuss the angel photos. At the bottom of the hour the discussion turns to poltergiests.
  • 4th hour.... Brad and Art discuss the sudden change in the amount of interest in the paranormal recently. After the bottom of the hour break, Art asks Brad how he handles fame. Art opens the phone lines for questions.
  • 5th hour.... Art and Brad discuss why both good and bad people go to the light during OBE's and NDE's. Phone calls continue.

2/10/99 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Miami.... Art reads the headlines from the Miami Herald regarding the Miami Circle, the landowner says he will not delay construction any further, but he has offered to pay to have it moved. Richard Hoagland and Robert Ghostwolf will be on in the first hour with an update. The fact that the owner will not allow Native Americans to pray on the site is a hot topic.
  • 2nd hour.... Dannion Brinkley joins Art in the second hour. They begin by discussing near death experiences.
  • 3rd hour.... In the bottom of the third hour Dannion gives his opinion on Giza and what will be found there.
  • 4th hour.... At the top of the fourth hour Art reads a letter sent to Ann Landers printed in one of the nationally syndicated newspapers about her 'Valentines to Vets' program.
  • 5th hour.... Art reads a fax from a listener who doesn't understand Art's position on hospice work and Art explains why he thinks he couldn't do it. Dannion tells Art he is going to take him with him next time he is in Las Vegas to visit a hospice patient. Art opens the phone lines and finishes out the program with calls for Dannion.

2/9/99 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • NATO.... The US is urging Serbs to accept the NATO force. This reminds Art of his first Sargent in the military.
  • Senate.... The Senate will debate impeachment charges in secret. Art says the President will be acquitted and wonders if they will ever come to an agreement on the censure motion.
  • Falwell.... Art reads an article where Rev. Falwell apologizes for saying the anti-christ is a Jew, claiming a lack of tact and judgment. But Art notices that another article has Falwell calling Tinky-Winky of the Teletubbies a gay role model.
  • Y2K.... Art reads a new poll about the percentage of people planning on withdrawing their money from banks in lieu of the Y2K bug and the resulting problems it may cause.
  • Top 12... Art reads the top 12 things that may mean you have been listening to too much Coast to Coast AM.
  • Fax.... Art reads a fax from a listener who has also seen geese flying North ( in February?) and an article telling us that Russia needs at least 3 million dollars to fix their computers that control the stockpile of nuclear weapons and are appealing to the US to fix them.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the hour with the first caller discussing the fax Art received from the Anti-Christ.
  • 2nd hour....The most respected prophecy teacher in the world, Hal Lindsay, joins Art in the second hour.
  • 3rd hour.... The discussion starts with Bible prophecies. Art throws out some hardball questions at the bottom of the hour.
  • 4th hour.... The discussion starts with cloning and whether they have souls. Art is surprised to Hear Hal say that he believes animals have souls too. Art takes calls for Hal this hour.
  • 5th hour.... Hal Lindsey continues with Art, and Art reads some faxes from listeners to Hal for his comments.

2/8/99 Monday / Tuesday

  • Miami.... Richard Hoagland, Robert Ghostwolf and Jim Adams, a National park archeologist, join Art in the first hour for an update on the Miami Circle. Art says we are gathering national support to preserve this site. The Dade County Commission appointed a task force, and the Smithsonian Institution has showed interest. The fax number for the Governor is 850-487-0801, the Mayor is 305-375-3618, and the First Lady's 202-456-2461.
  • 2nd hour.... Peter Gersten, a UFO lawyer joins Art in the second hour after a few announcements. Art welcomes station WHOP, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The Rogue Market is back and you can buy Art Bell stock. Art tells us of a photo he received of a car/deer accident which shows an angel and a letter he received from a person claiming to be the Anti-Christ. Both are posted. Art reviews the upcoming guest schedule.
  • At the bottom of the 2nd hour, Art discusses the President's trial with Peter and asks his assessment and if it will affect the field he is working in.
  • 3rd hour.... Art talks about making a deposition about his first UFO sighting and asks the audience if they remember the exact date, because he cannot recall. At the bottom of the hour Art asks Peter how he could defend a confessed murderer.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads a report he feels is part of the quickening about 3 girls who committed suicide together by holding hands and jumping off a 15 story building and asks the audience for confirmation. At the bottom of the hours Art asks Peter what it is like to live in Sedona, AZ, and Peter tells us of a conference to be held there soon with many of Art's former guests attending. Art opens the phone lines for questions for peter.
  • Last Hour.... Open Lines with Peter Gersten continues.

2/05/99 Friday / Saturday

  • Replay.... Frodo, the Tree Sitter from last nights program.
  • Replay.... Gregg Braden from Feb 27th, 1998.

2/04/98 Thursday / Friday

  • 1st hour news.... Senate votes to show the Lewinsky tape. Art is sorry there will only be portions aired, he wants to hear every salacious quote.
  • Lewinsky.... An AP story says Monica still has mixed feelings for Clinton and continues to admire him. Art wonders if she still wants him.
  • Troops.... The President is considering sending ground troops to Korsovo(sic) as peace keepers if a peace accord is reached.
  • Hussein... King Hussein gravely ill after an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant.
  • Anthrax.... 2 anthrax scares, one in Washington D.C. and one in Atlanta in the NBC newsroom.
  • MIR.... The mirror experiment failed, so night did not turn into day. Art says if you had been under the beam of this thing it would have been up to times the brighter than the full moon.
  • Frodo.... Art interviews Frodo, the tree sitter in Oregon whose sitting atop a 200 foot tree protecting it from the loggers.
  • 2nd hour.... Art's guests are Jeff Long, a physician, and Tricia McGill, a psychologist. The topic is frightening near death experiences. After a brief introduction of the guests and the topic, Art brings on Sarah to describe her NDE. Art describes this as the best interview of a NDE experiencer ever on the radio. Sarah's story will be preserved on the sound clips page.
  • 4th hour.... Jeff Long describes his NDE and Art opens the phone lines for NDE experiencers only.

2/03/99 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Miami.... Tonight a variety of guests will be on to discuss the stone circle found in Miami. Richard Hoagland, Robert Ghostwolf and an archeologist named Gypsy Graves join Art right after the first commercial break.
  • 2nd Hour.... Richard responds to a listeners fax that says the circle looks like an old landfill. Sheryl Jones, a network anchor with a meteorlogical degree, joins the others in the second hour. The fax number for the Governor of Florida is 850-487-0801, Art reminds people to be polite and send their support of the Miami Circle to Gov. Jeb Bush. At the bottom of the hour, Richard reads a USA Today article about the find.
  • 3rd hour.... Art tells us Dannion Brinkley popped in to visit him during the last hour, though he was not on the air, there is a current picture of him posted. Art asks Richard about the trouble Galileo has been having while passing Europa before returning to the topic of the Miami Circle. Michael Morton, an archeocryptographer, joins the others in this hour. The fax number for CNN, to send your support, is 404-681-3578. The fax number for the White House is 202-456-2806.
  • 4th hour.... Art and Richard discuss the MIR mirror experiment at the top of the hour. Art opens the phone lines for callers to discuss the Miami Circle.
  • 5th hour.... Art reads an email from a listener that updates the MIR experiment. Robert Ghostwolf and Richard Hoagland take calls for the rest of the program. At the bottom of the hour Richard tells us of a phone call he just received telling him that Robert made the front page of the Miami Herald.

2/02/99 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Jordan.... Vernon Jordan was questioned by White House prosecutors about the president trying to find Lewinsky a job. Art wonders why the president would ask someone to get a job for an intern unless it was driven by 'something'.
  • Iraq.... U.S. jets bombed Iraqian missile launchers. Art thinks that Iraq should be getting sick of this. Iraq is not attacking back, just turning on radar.
  • Abortion.... Abortion foes who have created a website listing the names and addresses of "baby butchers" were ordered to pay 107 million dollars by a federal jury. Art says that website won't be up for awhile.
  • Heart.... Studies show that people who have taken two different kinds of antibiotics are less likely to suffer heart attacks. A study shows that infections may be a leading cause of heart disease. Art tells a story about his bosses' barber who recently dropped dead. Art says he has heard alot of these deaths lately, healthy people dying off.
  • Russians.... The crew of MIR will stage a spectacular experiment using a huge mirror to reflect a beam of sunlight back to Earth. Art wants to know who gave them permission to do this to us.
  • Meteor.... Scientists say a small meteor streaked over the western sky yesterday. Art says this is always the explanation and Art asks how they can know it is a meteorite unless someone goes and finds what fell. They should say something entered the Earth's atmosphere. "Show me the Rock" says Art.
  • 114.... Art reads an update on the story about element 114 being development.
  • Morse code.... Ships at sea will no longer use morse code to signal distress, they have all switched to a GPS based system. Art says when you consider Y2K you got to wonder whether this is a cool idea. Again, Art says who decides these things, and what will replace it? A person calling on his satellite phone saying 'get me the hell outta here'?
  • Small Pox.... The CDC in Atlanta has placed small pox at the top of their lists of potential biological agents of mass destruction.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Edmund Pankau, an author who wrote, "Hide Your Assets and Disappear", will join Art in the second hour.
  • 3rd hour.... Art opens the lines for callers to ask questions of Mr. Pankau. Mr. Pankau stays with Art for the rest of the program.

2/01/99 Monday / Tuesday

  • Welcome.... Art welcomes station WMIX, in Mt. Vernon, Illinois and KPEL in Lafayette, Louisiana.
  • Miami.... Art talks about what he is calling the 'American Stonehenge' which was found in Miami, Florida, and how his program, and those who emailed and faxed, changed the mind of the developer who was going to raze it. There has been at least a couple days reprieve. Art plans on having experts on Wednesday night's program to discuss this in greater detail.
  • Budget....The White House unveiled a 1.77 Trillion dollar budget for the year 2000. Republicans are upset about the whole thing and want a tax cut instead.
  • Lawyers.... White House lawyers passed on asking questions of Monica Lewinsky. Art thinks maybe they figured her answer would just get the President in more trouble.
  • Europa.... The Gallileo space craft on its way to Jupiter is in trouble, it halted all non-essential functions and went into a safe mode as it approached Europa and Jupiter. Art says 'Damn, every time we get close to Europa we have trouble.'
  • AIDS.... Art reads an AP story about new convincing evidence that the AIDS virus originated in chimps. Art has his doubts about whether to believe this story. Another story reports that the new AIDS vaccination could also cause AIDS. This is why Art is so leery of all the AIDS reports.
  • Bara.... Art mentions the article posted on the front page written by Mike Bara, concerning the infighting taking place in the UFO community.
  • Y2K.... After the first break, Art reads another Y2K bug story involving a bank.
  • CNN.... CNN reported that there is a congressman who has decided he is going to change the calendar and start the new year out on January 3rd and Art just cannot understand how this will help since the problem is the 00 at the end of the year.
  • Power.... A nuclear generating station lost power to it's coolant system on a reactor. They say no radiation was released.
  • Service.... At the bottom of the hour Art reports that this Tuesday a candlelight vigil will be held by Miami citizens at the Miami Circle, responding to Robert Ghostwolf and Richard Hoagland.You can call 509-465-1606 for information if you are interested in attending.
  • Lazar.... (Shades of Bob Lazar), Art reads a New York times story about collaborating Russian and American nuclear physicists believe they have created a new ultra heavy element that is number 114. Art reminds us of Bob Lazar telling us of a spacecraft fueled by an element pretty close to 114.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour with Fritz being the first caller asking about Moses.
  • 2nd hour.... Linda Mouton Howe is Art's guest tonight to discuss all the environmental issues and bizarre animal events happening lately. She begins with news on this month's blue moon.
  • 3rd Hour.... Ms. Howe discusses news in astronomy. Art opens the lines for questions from listeners.
  • 4th Hour.... At the top of the 4th hour Art rereads the story on Gallelio and it's troubles, discusses the Miami Circle discovery and then goes into open lines.
  • Last Hour.... At the top of the hour Art reads a couple faxes about the accessibility of syringes, which was a topic in the last hour during open lines.
  • Superbowl.... Art almost went to the superbowl til he and Ramona checked the price of seats on the internet. He then tells a joke about seats at the superbowl.