1/30/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Chat clubs.... Tim Cannon will be on with an update on the Art Bell chat clubs.
  • K.T..... K.T. Frankovich's sketches of aliens from recollections of an encounter are on the web page.
  • Lewinsky.... Negotiations for a plea agreement are stalled. Art says Lewinsky could suffer the same fate as Susan McDougal if she refuses to answer questions: jail.
  • Clinton.... President Clinton's approval rating is higher than it has ever bee. What is this telling us? Art thinks that the American people do not care if the president had an affair. Art agrees, saying the people obviously agree that Clinton is running the country appropriately. Art says people are not as reactive from a moral or ethical point of view with regard to a politician as they once were.
  • Guest.... James Van Praagh, Author, "Talking to Heaven"

1/29/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Announcement.... Coast to Coast AM and the TRN Network has been acquired by Premier Radio Network/Jacor. This only means that Art now has a great big gigantic brilliant radio corporation behind him. There will be no changes as far as the program goes. See Press Release.
  • Morton.... In the second hour Sean David Morton will be on discussing the current Presidential scandal which he predicted at the beginning of the year.
  • Lewinsky.... An Arkansas Judge is banning evidence regarding Monica Lewinsky from Paula Jones' harassment trial against Clinton. Starr is going to keep this to himself, so what does this mean? It could be said it might hurt the Paula Jones case or it might help Starr's Lewinsky case. Art says not to pay alot of attention to this right now, cause Art still feels Lewinsky will make a deal with Starr.
  • Suddam.... Suddam says he will protect his country with expertise perseverance if the US attacks, but they do not want war. The US says it has all but exhausted all diplomatic options.
  • Bomb.... A very powerful bomb has exploded at an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. It was the nations first fatal bombing at an abortion clinic.
  • Monkeys.... A pack of wild monkeys swooped down an attacked a bunch of tourists at a Japanese seaside town, injuring 26 people. They bit people on their legs and back. This reminds Art of an old movie where the animals revolt and attack people, and of some of the things Robert Ghostwolf has to say when he is on the program.
  • Lear.... Art talked to Dr. Roger Lear earlier today, the surgeon who tried to remove the implant in Whitley Streiber's ear. Lear asked Art if Art would be interested in some pictures of implants he has removed from people. When Art receives these they will be placed on the web site and Dr. Lear will be on the program to discuss them, stayed tuned.
  • Feb 24, 1998.... The Lake County abduction video will be replayed on UPN. Art reads a fax from a person in the television business debunking the video with some technical impossibilities.
  • Volcano.... Art reads a fax about a birthing volcano off the coast of Oregon.

1/28/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest.... Peter Davenport, from the National UFO Reporting Center, is on the first hour with more info on yet another abduction case. Art will open his abduction phone line again.
  • Lake County.... Stanton Freedman is very angry that his general comments about abductions was edited into the Lake County UPN show. Stan will be on next Tuesday.
  • Web Page.... The web site has been nominated for a Webby, an award for exceptionally well done web sites. Please cast your vote by clicking on Webby on the front page.
  • NASA.... Art would like to discuss the elimination of all manned flights into space.
  • AF1.... Air Force One had a little trouble, getting stuck in mud while taxing, and passed inside of three miles of another aircraft.
  • Iraq.... The U.S. is preparing to set a deadline for Iraq leading us to their nasty stuff they are collecting.

1/27/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Flu.... The flu season is in full swing across the country. Art says if you get sick with a temperature, go to the doctor.
  • Clinton.... Art discusses the State of the Union address.
  • Starr.... Ken Starr dismissed Hillary Clinton's comments in a NBC interview as nonsense.
  • Lake County.... Art has finally seen the Lake County video of a supposed abduction. Art is outraged and would like to talk to Stanton Freedman and find out in what way he participated in this UPN program. Art feels maybe Stanton's comments were edited. Art feels this was staged because of the credits that roll at the end.
  • Abduction line.... Art dedicates a phone line to abductees only tonight.
  • Pet Peeve.... Lori, from Oklahoma faxes Art with a pet peeve. During the State of the Union address, reporters are constantly interrupting and telling us what was just said. Art shares this pet peeve.
  • NASA.... Art reads an article about NASA and its intention to eliminate all manned missions to the moon and mars.
  • Guest: (2nd Hour) K. T. Frankovich, Alien Encounter, followup from Dreamland.
  • Guest: (3rd Hour) SURPRISE GUEST - Richard C. Hoagland, discussing the recent NASA decision to terminate all manned missions to the moon and Mars.

1/26/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Crow.... Art eats crow as he congratulates John Elway and the Denver Broncos for a very exciting game. When Art saw Elway dive over three defensive men he knew Elway wanted the trophy bad.
  • Lewinsky.... Again, Monica Lewinsky offered to tell all if given immunity. A secret service agent is ready to testify that he saw Lewinsky and Clinton in a compromising position. The President's attorney says this is false and malicious. The polls are suggesting the President should remain in office if he did not lie or subjourn perjury.
  • Marrs.... Jim Marrs will be on in the second hour, author of "The Alien Agenda".

1/25/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Linda Howe... Interviews K. T. Frankovich, who will also appear on Coast, Tuesday.
  • Guest: Rob and Trish MacGregor, Authors "The Everything Dreams Book"

1/23/98 Friday / Saturday

  • KOAL.... Art welcomes Station KOAL AM, 750 on the dial, in Price, Utah.
  • Foil.... Remember the contest Art started about who could dress up in aluminum foil the best. The winner's photo is on the web.
  • Super Bowl.... Art is looking forward to the game, at least it will be a diversion from what is going on right now.
  • Bizarre.... Because of Art's long history in talk radio he has covered some very weird stories, but this is the most bizarre. It involves the President, sex, cover up, skullduggery and every other aspect that makes a story gigantic. So, where are we tonight? Lewinsky's lawyer says he is seeking a deal in which Lewinsky would get full immunity. Art says this young lady has enough pressure on her to sink the Titanic. Art discusses this story in some detail and gives his prediction on the outcome of this whole situation.
  • Gore.... Art wonders if Al Gore would dare to pardon Clinton if he becomes President after a resignation from Clinton.
  • Address.... Art cannot imagine the president going on the air with the State of the Union address without this situation being resolved.
  • CNN.... CNN interviewed many White House aides and asked how they were holding up. One aide said he was sleeping like a baby. Which means he was waking up every two hours and crying.
  • Fax.... A fax Art received said, to err is human, to cover up is presidential.

1/22/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Politics.... Art continues to review the situation at the White House involving Ms. Lewinsky and President Clinton. Latest news is Ms. Lewinsky will not testify Friday. Art wonders why she does not have to give a deposition in the Paula Jones case. Art thinks it is because Ken Starr is in negotiations with her concerning immunity. The presidency is literally in the hands of Monica Lewinsky.
  • Unibomber.... The Unibomber pleaded guilty today, doing so moments before his trial was to begin. This is repulsive to Art. Why did they give this murderer a chance to bargain for his life?
  • Debate.... Art sets up debates between callers regarding the Clinton scandal.
  • Oates.... David John Oates is on in the second hour with reversals of Clinton and Vernon Jordan.

1/21/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Politics.... Art discusses the new controversy involving a white house intern and President Clinton. Though Art rarely talks politics he says it is unavoidable tonight. He reads and comments on many published reports. Art says if this President is forced from office in disgrace, this country will go through a terrible trauma, once again, and at the end of it is Al Gore. Art thinks Ms. Lewinski will take the fifth when she is deposed on Friday. On the other hand, Art says, if this all turns out to be a setup by Ken Starr, then the President's critics are going to get the shaft big time. If the President is destroyed by this, Art will not be one of those taking great joy in it. Art worries for all of us, there have been so many icons destroyed in the past.
  • Dr. Greer.... Dr. Steven Greer's assistant, Sheri, has passed away, and he asks us all to pause and say a prayer for Sheri.
  • Open Lines till the second hour when the march at Area 51 will be discussed with Norio Hayakawa.

1/20/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Art is Back. Art was running a temperature for the last few days. He broke down and went to the doctor, which he hates to do. The doctor said half of his patient load were people with the flu. This Sydney strain of flu is immune to this years flu shot.
  • Mars.... Scientists are now saying that the fossilized bacteria in the Mars rock is of earthly origin.
  • Finestein.... Diane Finestein has decided not to run for Governor of California.
  • Unibomber..... The alleged Unibomber has been found competent to stand trial. The Judge is leaning against the idea of allowing him to represent himself. Art thinks he wants to use the trial as a forum to do a vocal version of his manifesto.
  • Cloning.... The AP in Jerusalem says Jewish law does not rule out human cloning. Judaism maintains that cloning may be allowed under strict supervision.
  • Ban.... Al Gore announced an endorsement of a federal ban on discriminating against the hiring of workers because of their genetic makeup.
  • Brew.... Scientists in Wisconsin have mixed ear of pig and egg of cow, also ear of rat and egg of cow and a variety of other cross species combinations to clone living embryos of rats, pigs, sheep and monkeys.
  • Fax.... A fax informs Art that a rocket was launched from Nellis, area 51, last night at 10 p.m. Carol from Seminole, Florida tells Art she called her husband in Las Vegas and received this info. Also her husband walks the strip nightly and the people he says he sees are sub-human looking and walk funny. Art says this is just the people of Las Vegas. She said they resemble the Grey species of aliens.
  • Area 51.... There is going to be a people's rally at area 51 on June 6th at the restricted property line. It is a legal public assembly. Art isn't sure how he feels about this. He feels the government does have a right to a place where they do secret stuff.
  • Phoenix.... A new mass sighting in Phoenix . An American West pilot, one of the witnesses, is willing to come on the show and give his report. Art asks, 'What is it with Phoenix, anyway?' Art reads the pilot's testimonial along with some other eyewitness reports.

1/19/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Replay Guest: Dr. Eugene Mallove, Infinite Energy Magazine discusses Cold Fusion and the future of "Free Energy".
  • Replay Guest: The Chicken Lady. See Sound Clips page.

1/18/98 Sunday / Dreamland

  • Replay Guest: Captain Bill Miller from 5/4/97, "The Tampa Triangle"

1/16/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Replay Guest - Bill Donaldson, segments from 11/24/97 & 12/23/97 regarding TWA 800 crash investigation

1/15/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Replay Guest - John Lear from 9/2/94

1/14/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Dr. Zahi Hawass, Dir. of Egyptian Antiquities
  • REPLAY Guest: William Buhlman

1/13/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Sick.... Art is sick again and feeling punchy. Sacramento hospitals are full and a state of emergency has been declared. CNN is reporting a second flu being identified as Sydney, from our friends down under.
  • WICO.... Art welcomes station WICO in Salsbury, Maryland 1320 on the dial. Art wishes he could give a cheerier welcome.
  • Guest: Frances Emma Barwood, Candidate for Sect'y of State, for Arizona
  • Guest: Steve Bassett, UFO Agenda Co-Campaign Manager
  • Guest: Gerald Celente, Trends Research Institute

1/12/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Arts Back.... Art is back from the dead, having recuperated from the flu. Ramona is stricken with it now.
  • Japan.... A Japanese gunman has entered the Tokyo stock exchange and has taken hostages. They halted trading for awhile.
  • Packers.... Art mentions the win by the Packers over the 49er's.
  • Mt.Etna.... Stan Deyo is one source that has contacted Art to tell him that Mt. Etna is threatening to erupt. Linda Howe couldn't corroborate this, but Art found live pictures of Mt. Etna on the web. Lava and smoke is coming from it, see the images on our Graphics page.
  • Deyo.... Stan Deyo calls in with an update on the Mt. Etna situation.
  • Howe.... Linda Moulton Howe calls in with more info on various subjects and an in depth report on the sightings in Arizona on March 13th. This was done tonight instead of Dreamland, which was a replay.
  • Guest... Peter Gorman, Amazon Jaunt

1/11/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Replay...Guest: Richard Moody

1/9/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Replay....Guest: Joyce Riley & Richard Preston

1/8/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Replay... Guest: Bob Lazar

1/7/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • FAA.... The FAA said it might launch an investigation into Boeing 737s pending further results of the investigation into the crash in Indonesia last month. Art says when he flies he always looks carefully at the wings and the mounting of the engines.
  • Nichols.... Terry Nichols' sentence will be decided by the judge since the jury was deadlocked. In all probability he will get life instead of the death penalty.
  • Clinton.... The President's attorneys are looking to reschedule a deposition of Clinton in the Paula Jones harassment suit. Jones wants to exercise her right to confront Clinton face to face at the deposition. Wow, Art says this would be a media spectacle.
  • Venezuela.... 100 dolphins died in a mass beaching. The experts called this the biggest beaching ever. Volunteers trying to drag them back to shore we unsuccessful, the dolphins simply swam back to shore and died. Art says that dolphins use the magnetic lines of force on the earth to navigate, and if there is anything to worry about here it would be that the lines of force are changing somehow. Or are dolphins smart enough to say, 'I'm sick of swimming around in this crap'.
  • Norway.... The 63 foot trawler, Steinholm, made a huge catch of herring. When the crew tried to haul in the net, the entire school of herring swam to the bottom all at once and capsized the boat. The skipper said he has never seen anything like this before. No one was hurt when everyone had to abandon ship. Incredible.
  • Cloning.... The scientist who said he will begin cloning within the next two years set off a nationwide clamor from doctors who say it can't be done. Politicians say they will not let it be done.
  • Fax.... After Arts story about the monkey head switching last night he has received some faxes on peoples' feelings about putting their old heads on a young body. He reads several.
  • Software.... Art saw an ad for some new software, which he bought, that allows you to talk to the cpu and your words print to the screen. This is new voice recognition software and Art is very excited.
  • Guest: Robert O. Dean, Stargate International

1/6/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Bono.... Sonny Bono is dead. On Art's local news they are suggesting a helmet law for skiers. Art says trees are to skiers like mountains are to airplanes. Art says how about an airbag on the skier's chest.
  • NASA.... NASA is on its way back to the moon after 25 years. The prospector will look for ice on the moon along with minerals and gases. Art says wouldn't it be cool if we found something really valuable on the moon.
  • Story.... A Chicago scientists says that he hopes to begin the first attempt at cloning a human being within the next ninety days. Art rarely believes the standard media these days, but here it comes. Art reads the in-depth story.
  • Story #2.... At least thirty monkeys were involved in an experiment where surgeons switched their heads and kept them alive for up to a week. Art reads this story in depth. Art says if they can do this to monkeys they can do this to humans. Can you see where we are going here? You could put your 60 year old head on a 20 year old body.
  • Guest: Dr. Kent Hovind, Dispelling the Myth of Evolution

1/5/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • The BIG Disclosure Show
    • Guest Host: Steve Bassett, Paradigm Research Group and MSN UFO Forum
    • 1st Hour: Richard C. Hoagland, Enterprise Mission
    • 2nd Hour: Dr. Steven Greer, Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
    • 3rd Hour: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut
    • 4th Hour: Robert O. Dean, Stargate International
    • 5th Hour: Peter Gersten, Attorney

01/04/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Guest: Sherri Hansen Steiger, Author, "The Power of Prayer"

01/02/98 Friday / Saturday

01/01/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Replay Guest: George Flint, Nevada Brothels