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01/31/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Guest: David Oates, Reverse Speech
  • Pipe bomb.... Art is not surprised to hear another pipe bomb was found in California.
  • Juror.... A juror was dismissed from O.J.'s civil trial. Art says you have to wonder how that is going to affect things.
  • Suicide.... A Judge in Florida is going to allow a 35 year old man dying of AIDS to take his own life assisted by a doctor. This ruling only applies to this one case. Art wants to know how you feel about that.

01/30/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • Guest: Major Ed Dames, Technical Remote Viewing
  • To's Notes... To's notes are written by Keith. Karen took a day off to read all her mail.
  • Video Tapes... Major Dames announces the availability of a Home Study Course in Remote Viewing using video tapes.
  • TelStar 401... Ed states that the missing TelStar 401 satellite was decommissioned by an alien UFO.
  • Metal Sphere... Ed states that remote viewing determined the sphere to be a satellite fuel tank.
  • Taylor Kramer... Ed promises to perform a search for Philip Taylor Kramer, dead or alive.
  • Courtney Brown... Ed also plans to remote view the fake photograph to determine who committed the fraud.
  • Comet Hale-Bopp... Ed describes a cylindrical object affixed to the comet containing biological particles, an engineered plant pathogen. As the comet passes by Earth it will leave a meteor shower that the Earth will pass through approximately a little over a year from now.
  • Starvation 1998... The meteor shower paritcles will hit Africa first and will spread from there. Ed describes a period of food shortages designed to rid the Earth of 80% of human population in the world, most in undeveloped countries. It is agreed by Art and Ed, that most religions will consider this Wormwood.
  • Earth Cleansing... Ed speculates that the reason for the Comet Hale-Bopp / Wormwood package delivery is to cleanse the earth of the disease of mankind upon it. Ed considers this a good thing. WOW!
  • PSI-Tech... Ed states that his company will shut down in a year and go on to other projects. He also plans to Escape from LA.
  • Kennedy Assassination... Ed reveals that his own personal remote viewing of the Kennedy assassination shows that JFK was shot from within the vehicle with some device. And suggests or confirms a conspiracy.

01/29/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Guest: Kathy Kramer, sister of the missing Philip Taylor Kramer. Former bass player of Iron Butterfly. Here is the Unsolved Mysteries Missing Persons Page on Taylor.
  • Tomorrow.... Major Ed Dames will be tomorrow 's guest.
  • Friday.... Art's mom may be on the air Friday . David Oates will also be on with some reverse speech research of Courtney Brown.
  • Airlines.... Airlines will now be required to provide passengers with any information regarding any fines they may have had to pay.
  • Jury.... The jury is still out on the O.J. the sequel trial.
  • AOL.... AOL is trying to reach an agreement to give it's users some free time as sort of a payback.
  • GWS.... Gen. Norman Schwarzkof said it is possible that allied carpet bombimg exposed U.S. troops to Iraqi war gas. But he said he got no report of any such exposure throughout the '91 war. Art says these statements conflict with some other wire service reports.
  • Ebola.... Authorities in the Philipines began killing over 600 monkeys at a breeding farm that failed to contain an outbreak of the ebola virus. Lethal injections were used to destroy them.

1/28/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Guest: Scott Portzline, Expert on Sabotage and Nuclear Terrorism
  • Telstar 401.... Art rereads a statement from Stanton Freidman, a nuclear physicist. Scientists at AT&T are still scratching their heads wondering what might have happen to their multi-million dollar Telstar 401 that disappeared from its orbit early Saturday. No signs of impending problems were detected, all circuits were functioning normally when suddenly all signals simply stopped. The North American Air Defense command, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, did report a large unknown object near the position of Telestar 401 moments before the satellite quit working. Major General John Yancy Jr. said, " It looked like a large meteor closing in on 401". However on the next sweep of tracking radar, there was nothing there, no meteor, no satellite, no debris. They don't know what happen, but if the two had collided you would expect some debris. Other sources are indicating it may have been some sort of solar flare or storm that knocked out the satellite. Art thinks if it had been a storm, there are many, many more satellites in that area that should have been effected as well. Art is trying to get in touch with Stanton to get more information.
  • O.J..... The jury finally has the O.J. case before them. A couple of jurors were called into the Judges' chambers' yesterday. What's up with that?
  • Clinton.... Clinton had a press conference yesterday in which he admitted, in regard to campaign finance, that mistakes were made. Art says you can translate that the way it ought to be when a politician says mistakes were made, it is generally pretty serious.
  • FBI.... The FBI carried out coast to coast raids as part of an undercover U.S. investigation of software piracy, code named "Cyberstrike". Search warrants allege violation of U.S. code against copyright infringement. Art says we all know alot of that is going on on the Internet.
  • Metal Ball.... The 2 foot metal ball that came down in Texas, according to a caller, now is said to be part of some U.S. rocket. Art says, if it is, wouldn't the Air Force keep it? First they said it was part of somebody's propane tank, now they say it is a rocket piece. Art wants to know which it is. Interesting shift.
  • Open lines to, anything goes. There was much discussion about nuclear plants and some on soul substance.

1/27/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Guest: Timothy O'Reilly, Near Death Experiences (1st Hour)
  • Fax.... Art received a fax from a listener suggesting he open his own Art Bell sports pick line since he predicted at the beginning of the season that Green Bay would go all the way.
  • News.... O.J. the sequel is coming to a close. Richard Jewel will be filing a libel lawsuit. Lawyers say DuPont was insane when he committed murder. Yeltsin cancels trip, apparently very ill. Bill Cosby has gone back to work, saying we still have to laugh.
  • Soul.... The original article about weight loss after death, published in 1907, pertaining to soul substance is on the web page to.
  • Sphere.... Officials from Randolph Air Force base have taken possession of a metal sphere found in a south Texas field, about 2 and a half feet in diameter, scorched and pitted on one side with what appears to be the remains of a valve. Walt Andres, the founder of Mufon, has seen the object and Art has a photograph on the web page. Take a look and let Art know what you think it may be.
  • Fax.... Some type of occurrence has been reported in Kansas involving flashes of light and smoke plumes, unofficial reports only state that this does not involve aircraft.
  • Allbright.... On Sunday's Meet the Press, Madeline Albright was interviewed and Art feels she did very well.
  • Cuba.... The U.S. is going to continue keeping Cuba on its persona non-gratis status, but Canada has just opened up relations with Cuba. Art wonders how we Americans feel about this, should we change our policies. How do Art's Canadian listeners feel about this?
  • Telestar.... Telestar 401 remains dead in space. Art feels this is a very serious situation.

01/24/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Guest: Dr. John Alexander, Father of Non-Lethal Weapons

01/23/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • Guest: Chris Conrad, Advocate of Hemp and Marijuana

01/22/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Guest: Wayne Green (Publisher 73 Magazine)

1/21/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Wayne Green.... 73's magazine's Wayne Green will be tomorrow 's guest. To will be open lines. On the 30th Major Ed Dames will be on with a major announcement he wants to break on Coast to Coast.
  • U.S. House.... The House made history Tuesday by voting to reprimand Gingrich. Art wants to know if you had donated money to Gingrich's campaign fund and he then used that money to pay his fine, would you feel the money went for good use?
  • Teens.... The teen sweethearts accused of murder are out on bail at $300,000.00 each.
  • Yeltsin.... Yeltsin may soon find himself fighting to keep his job. Art wonders who would take over and what would they be all about.
  • Atlantis.... The Atlantis is due to touch done at 7:47 a.m. Eastern time. Art wants to know if anybody out there knows what the path is going to be.
  • Test Kit.... There is a new home drug test kit available to parents. Art wonders whether this is moral and ethical, could you really ask your child, with a straight face, to succumb to this? What do you think?
  • Quake.... Art was shocked to learn that Pahrump Valley experienced a 3.9 quake Friday .
  • Survey.... GWS may be contagious according to a new survey headed by Michigan Senator Don Reigle. 78% of Gulf War veterans' spouses show symptoms of this disease.
  • Top Ten List.... The top ten ways for Gingrich to get his $300,000.00 was read on the air to.

1/20/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Faucett.... The long distance ballooner landed his balloon in Northern India, falling short of his goal when he ran short of supplies.
  • Morris.... Over the weekend, the talk shows were concentrating on the new Dick Morris book, "Behind the Oval Office".
  • Gingrich.... The big debate going on is whether Gingrich should pay his $300,000.00 fine with his own money or campaign funds. Art wants to know if anybody out there has any ideas on how Newt can get the money to pay his fine. Art says maybe he can contact some of Clinton's Asian friends.
  • 1st Lady.... Tim Russert asked the following question of Senator Locke, "If Ken Starr actually has enough evidence to indict the First Lady, should he?" Art thinks this is a ridiculous question, of course he should. Art told us two years ago that the one to be in trouble with all the White House scandal would be the First Lady.
  • 1st words....Last week there was discussion on the show about the first words an intelligent computer would probably say. Art reads a top ten list sent in by a listener.
  • Micro Broadcasting.... Art relates his theories on the possibilty of micro-broadcasting in detail.
  • Courtney Brown... Art recaps his position on the whole Courtney Brown affair and the fake photograph.

01/17/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Cosby Murder.... The Mayor of Los Angeles summed up the Cosby murder with this statement "To see it happen in a place that seems so safe normally, really makes you think what kind of horrible people are roaming this country." Art agrees with this statement.
  • Gingrich.... Gingirch will pay hefty fines and keep his job, which Art feels has probably weakened. This is the extent of what will happen to Gingrich.
  • Midwest.... Brutual winter weather continues, and it is Art's contention that these conditions will worsen during 1997.
  • Cape Canaveral.... The rocket carrying the new 40 million dollar satellite experienced trouble and blew up, with burning wreckage falling to the ground.
  • Balloon.... The American Steve Faucet, who is trying to travel the world in a hot air balloon, has been refused passage across Libya and now has to go across North Africa losing the winds he would have had if he had been able to traverse Lybian air space. Art wonders what Libya thought Faucet was going to do, lean over and take pictures of sensitive Libya military sites?
  • Quakes.... A gentleman Art used to talk to years ago who made earthquake predictions by measuring radon is now predicting a quake in magnitude of 6 or 6.5 will occur in the north central area of California between today and the 27th of this month. Art will call him at some point and interview this man on the air. His past success rate has been between 85 to 90%.
  • Open lines....To's show will be open lines and Art expects many comments about last 's show with Professor Brown and Whitley Strieber.

01/16/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • The Fake Photograph... Whitley Strieber and Art team up against Courtney Brown and persue the source of the fake image submitted to them from Courtney. The first three hours are then repeated for those who join the network late.

01/15/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • REPEAT Guest: Craig Roberts (Sniper, Author)

1/14/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Guest: Philip Hoag - Underground Shelters First 3 Hours
  • News.... Looks like Israel may be making a deal with the PLO. The O.J. Simpson trial continues. Gingrich still getting pummeled by the Democrats. The tabloid that had the autopsy pictures of JonBenet said it would not publish anymore of them. The police have charged the Dallas Cowboy's accuser, a 23 year old topless dancer. The problem with the commuter plane no longer looks like the right engine, but a stall.
  • Web Page.... As promised we have posted on the our Hale-Bopp web page, the formerly secret photograph sent to us by Professor Brown. We waited two months and feel that's been long enough.

1/13/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Guest: Steven Gibbs - Time Machine (First 3 Hours)
  • Gingrich.... Someone recorded a cellular phone conversation between Newt Gingrich and the Republican Leadership. Then they turned it over to a Democratic member of the House, who then turned it over to a couple of big newspapers. The contents of this conversation captures Gingrich reneging on his promise not to use his power to strike back against the ethics subcommittee. Art reminds us that two serious felonies have been committed here. Taping the call and distributing it. Art wonders if publishing the transcript of the tape is also a felony. Art says this is why he is so ticked off over politics these days, it is partisanship over principal. Art says there is no principal out there anymore and this is another example of the quickening of the late 90's.
  • Paula Jones.... A lot of the journalists who previously thought of Paula Jones as a floozy are now recanting, saying it was a cultural bias. The big question is whether or not a President should be able to be sued while in office. Art's first take on this is that it should not be allowed, even though Art personally believes Paula Jones. It is a very narrow call, since the alleged incident took place before he took office.
  • Winter.... It has been a horrible winter. Even in Art's area, which is only 8 miles from the California border. Flooding, mudslides, hail storms and blizzards, causes Art to believe that our weather is changing.
  • Ed Dames.... Ed Dames is in Hawaii to and sends Art this update. A definite date, January 30, 1997, at 11:00, will be the day Ed Dames breaks a major story on this program.
  • Football.... How about those Packers, Art reminds us he predicted the Packers would be in the Super Bowl this year.
  • Quake.... A 6.8 earthquake recorded down in Mexico, Art says to expect a quake on the west coast shortly since quakes usually move north.
  • Hale-Bopp.... A listener from California writes that he has seen Hale-Bopp and saw a noticeable tail with multiple streams. Also the nucleus seemed elongated, not round. Could the comet have split in half?
  • Telstar 401.... There is a unconfirmed report that the Telstar 401 satellite was hit by a meteor and can no longer transmit. Can anyone out there confirm this report?

01/10/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Guest: Dr. Barry Taff - Investigator of The Entity, The Basis of the Movie "The Entity"

01/09/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • REPEAT: Guest: Malachi Martin

01/08/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Guest: Joyce Riley - Information on the UN and The First Lady!

1/7/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Guest: Dr. Barbie Taylor - Paranormal Topics

1/6/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Guest: Harry Browne - Libertarian Candidate for President

01/03/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Guest: Dannion Brinkley

01/02/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • Rain... Relentless rain continues to pound the western U.S. Flooding has forced some casinos in Reno to close. 2300 people stranded in Yosemite National park.
  • Fax... The top ten reasons why you should move to Oregon was faxed to Art today. They were all related to the massive amount of rain they have been getting lately. Such as number one: Who've always wanted to live on a "houseboat".
  • Telescope.... Art is quite disappointed that he hasn't been able to see anything but clouds since Christmas.
  • Clinton.... The President and his family are down in the Virgin Islands, but even there they can't escape Art's program.
  • Asteroids.... The Seattle Post reports roaming asteroids may be coming to an orbit near you. More than 200 stray asteroids could be roaming the solar system and could cross Earth's orbit. They are said to come from the Trojan swarm. Art is wondering why all this sudden interest in asteroids, could this be the year of the asteroid.
  • T-Rex... Remember "Sue" the T-Rex chiseled from a butte in South Dakota in 1990 and then seized by the FBI 2 years later? She is going to the auction block at Sotheby's. Art would like to know why the FBI seized Sue in the first place and what did they do with her while they had her.
  • E-Mail.... Art has had quite a bit of e-mail on polygamous marriages. But no one really gave him a good constitutional reason why it shouldn't be legal now.
  • Truth or Trash... Art takes some truth or trash stories to. Then the last hour of Fast Blast!
  • Logo... There will be an "Art Logo" contest to replace the current artwork on the web page. Art explains during the show to.

01/01/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Rain.... The never ending rain continues in the west and northwest regions of the country. People are sandbagging everywhere, it is a mess.
  • Fax.... A fax from a resident in Portland, Oregon denounces a previous callers comment that the rain going on now in the pacific northwest is normal.
  • Marijuana.... A letter from "Jeff" asks for Art's opinion on Clinton negating what the voters of Arizona and California voted to allow, marijuana use for medicinal purposes. Art agrees with Jeff's statement that this issue negates State's Rights. Art feels the Federal Government had an opportunity here to help change the attitude about marijuana and begin to separate it from the more lethal drugs and they blew it.
  • Peru... Seven more hostages were released in Lima, leaving 74 in captivity.
  • 1997.... Las Vegas brought in the New Year by blowing up the Hacienda Hotel. Art said it looked like "Independence Day".
  • Fax.... A writer wants to be the second person to go through the gateway when Mad Man Marcum goes.
  • Fax... A writer, in regards to Hale-Bopp, Hale Mary and an alien invasion, writes that the appropriate time would be super bowl Sunday while every man is total defenseless and watching football.
  • IRC.... The other 's IRC war was victorious and the chat room reclaimed. Art thanks all who helped out.
  • Hale-Bopp.... Whitley Strieber will be on Dreamland this Sunday with any updates on Hale-Bopp.