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An Unknown Encounter

[IMAGE]The three balls of light captured in this photograph demonstrate the high degree of strangeness associated with and documented in this case. Resembling ball lightning or St. Elmo's Fire (a.k.a., plasma), these glowing corpuscular masses appear to be self-luminous point sources of light displaying vibrant three dimensional qualities depicted in their overlapping nature. Interestingly, their edges or boundaries are relatively sharp, distinct and well-defined rather than diffused. These lights are truly enigmatic images that defy explanation. Taken in Jackie Hernandez's bedroom on 7th Street in San Pedro, California with a 35 mm. SLR camera and Kodak Kodachrome film.

[IMAGE] In the middle of this photograph's frame, is an anomalous three dimensional light formation. This image is highly suggestive of an amorphous plasma that is ejecting material or "sputtering". This peculiar photonic configuration was one of many flying about Jackie's bedroom in San Pedro while her eldest child was watching TV. The shape vaguely suggests a disc-like formation with a top mounted cupola.

[IMAGE] This photograph was taken mere seconds after Jeff Wheatcraft screamed in the attic of Jackie's 11th Street San Pedro house on September 4, 1989. A twisted plastic clothesline can be seen behind and to the immediate right of Jeff's neck and head. An unseen presence somehow tied a bowline's knot in the cord, wrapped it around Jeff's neck and pulled it up and over a larger nail extending out from one of the ceiling's rafters. Had it not been for a photographic assistant's presence in the attic at that same time, Jeff might have been killed.

The Entity Case

The arc of light displayed in this photograph was not observed by any witness to the ensuing light show. What was seen by all present in the summer of 1974 at the Culver City, California house were large, three dimensional balls of light, (which we've referred to as corpuscular masses) traveling at high rates of speed. There's a distinct probability that these arcs are, in fact, time exposures (due to the camera's low shutter speed) of fast moving spherical lights which therefore produced arcs in much the same way stars produce tracks or streaks in cameras with stationary platforms.

[IMAGE] It is significant to note that the subject of the haunting/poltergeist (Mrs. B) is literally framed by the arc and that it is not bent in accordance with the walls behind it which meet at a 90 degree angle. A secondary, inverted arc can be seen at the left of the frame in front of one of the photographer's heads. This leads to the conclusion that these lights are floating in free space and are not projections against the wall.

The Entity images were captured with 35 mm. SLR cameras at 1/60th of-a-second employing a deep red gel over the flash. The film used was Kodak Tri-X pushed to 6400 ASA in development.

[IMAGE] The two arcs shown in this photo appear to be at right angles to each other. These free floating spatial images are not bent in conformance to the walls behind them. The same balls of light were observed during this photograph as in Photograph 5 above. Detailed examination and analysis of these negatives by the former West Coast Editor of Popular Photography resulted in the conclusion that these images were not the result of artifacts within the camera or film and that such inverted arcs are a physical impossibility with the optical glass of 35 mm SLR cameras.

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