Images provided by David B. Sereda ( for the program on March 12th, 2001.

Pulsing UFO Passing Above Tether


Close-Up of UFO

Revealing Square Notch and Spiral Energy Wave


Medium-Close-Up of UFO

Revealing First Phase of 3-Phase Pulsing Wave Pattern


Dropa Stone Found on Tibet and China Border - 1936

Notice how the Dropa Stone looks identical to the NASA UFO in pulse mode, with the disc-shape, hole in the center, square notch cut out of the side (filled in with plaster - scientists thought it was broken) and the research text reveals a spiraling grove of heirglyphics radiating out from the center, matching the NASA, STS-75, disc-shaped UFOs, with a hole in the center, a square notch cut out of the side and a spiraling wave radiating from the center: a perfect match? Dropa Stones are an ancient artifact found in the mountains on the Tibet/China border in 1936, in a cave. Translations revealed a civilization that tells of a crashed flying saucer 12,000 years ago from the star system of Sirius. Search "Dropa Stones" on the internet for details.


12-Mile Tether from over 77 Nautical Miles Away

The 12-mile length of the Tether with the satellite at the end can be seen from the Spaceshuttle from over 77 nautical miles away. In the video, the white star-like objects are seen moving about very rappidly, and all at different speeds, etc.


Tether as it Breaks away from the Space Shuttle

Due to anoverload of producing free energy in the 12-mile long Tether, it shorted out and broke away from the space shuttle. According to an offical NASA report:

Tether voltages of as high as 3,500 volts were developed across the tether, and current levels of approximately 480 milliamps, or nearly half an amp were achieved, giving the science teams an indication of results surpassing expectations.

This was a NASA Zero-Point Energy experiment, trying to provide future energy for the new World Space Station.


Third Phase of three phase pulse

This NASA, STS-75 UFO, in its 3rd phase pulse, looks identical to the one videotaped over Dales, England (see page 1 of website). It has a hole in the center, a notch out of the side, and a ring forming near the hole in the center, just like the one videotapped over England, right above some trees.


Photo of UFO over Dales, England in October 2000

This UFO filmed by a a villager living in England looks identical to the NASA UFO from STS-75, and is described by the woman who video tapped it to have a bite out of the side, seen on the middle left at an angle.