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Demon2destroyer ( writes:

Last June of 2002 me and 3 friends encountered the chupacabra life forms. Standing at 3-4 feet tall one looked at about 6 feet tall. They have large glowing red eyes and spikes starting from the head to the back. They seem to not like rainy wet nights and don't come out at day.

Nocturnal creatures seem to feed on goat and chicken blood. We gather this theory due to the fact since chickens and a goat live by us. The goat was found one day with a nearly ripped of horn and bottom lip was taken as well. The owner of the goat said the creature looked like a so called dog. It has three toes on each foot and three razer sharp claws and pointy teeth. Also live and burrow underground.

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One type of chupacabra gets exhilaration from fear. On August 24, 2002 my best friend was attempted to be attacked, but lived. My friend said it jumped out from a bush. It had a tongue like a lance that sucked blood. It shot a mysterious object that was liqiud like.

They seem to live in burrows in trees, and nest there as well. We also looked at random sites, yours the most helpful. Most of the photos and stories you had were exactly what we saw. I have seen these creatures. Here's my story:

August 24, 2002, west central part of Florida. Today I saw the legs of a black thing running from a fence to tire of a truck. The upper body was not seen because it was hidden by a bush and a truck. It disapeared at the back wheel of a truck. I'm not sure what happened but I did see something unreal. Then I spotted a nest like structure in a tree. Then again in another, then a third time, in one across my friend's house.

We realized dart guns weren't needed due to their strongley covered body. We now use sticks and other sharp objects. We found out that they have skin tougher than the stongest kevlar armor. They do attack people, this is a confirmed fact. The ones we saw don't have wings or tails, but strong hind legs. They stand as if they were dogs on their hind legs. Their hands are raised as if somebody was typing very close to keyboard. That means they are raised at chest level.

If you ever see one, run, because they will chase you. They are also masters at pre-emptive attacks. Or back attacks. Attack with extreme caution, use blunt or extremely sharp objects or just..... back over them with a car.

Please, if anyone fights them, that is if anyone fights them, be careful and whup their a$$. Good luck and Godspeed. I'll keep in touch so be ready. Over and out.