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Michael Merchant and Allen Cassidy ( send us:

These photos were taken starting 4-4-02 - 4-6-02, the temp on the first day was 35 degrees and never reached greater then 40 degrees on any of these days, no noticeable insects, black flies and mosquitos are not out yet here in Maine. These were taken with a Sony camcorder set at 20 X magnification, the focus was manual set at infinity, I am still working on the estimated size of these objects as well as their speed. Have taken other photos with trees in the back ground for reference if you are interested I can send you the results at a later date.

I have seen these on days when the temp was less then 20 degrees out in February so I am sure they are not insects or birds. In fact soon I will be able to compare these photos with shots of black flies and mosquitos as they will be out in full force within the month. I also have footage of these objects fliting between the branches of trees so I estimate their size (the globular objects) to be between 6 inches and two feet. There are nearly invisable to the naked eye as they travel so quickly and seem to be of a translucent material of some sort. I feel that they are an organic creature and not a craft but evidence is lacking in this respect.

Alien contact project revealed by Art Bell guest. Read book online.

The still shot of the Rainbow Rod seems very similar to the footage taken in Mexico in 1994 although that footage shows a eight winged creature where as the ones I have photographed so far only seem to have four wings or appendages. Our investigation will continue, I am sure in the near future we will collect some hard facts as to the speed of these objects and a better estimate of their size. We are currently working on some inventive experiments concerning these object and I feel confident we soon will have some answers.

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