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Alex D. from Grand Rapids, Michigan ( sends us:

I was out side when I heard a noise, I thought it was a regular passenger jet until I looked. I quickly grabbed my video camera and filmed the aircraft. It was a B1-Bomber. I was stunned as it flew by and semi paralyzed from the sound given from it. It sounds as though it tore the atmosphere in two. The noise was so loud it rattled a near by car and set its alarm off. As you listen to the aircraft, imagine the raw power it has as you see all four jet engines ignited with full afterburners.

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Has Planet X been spotted? Is Nibiru inhabited and inbound?

Bill Shepherd ( sends us:

As you know, this last Sunday we ran the annual Indy 500, this year's special guest was a B-2 bomber! One of my co-workers caught this footage on tape as the B-2 went through maneuvers before heading over to the Speedway for a fly-by. It makes me proud to be a tax-paying American when I can see what strength we can command in the name of freedom!

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