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Veronica Key ( sends us: My Daddy shot and killed himself in Feb. 2001. His body wasn't found for about 9 or 10 days from the day they estimate his death. He had been very sick with emphasyma, chronic back and foot pain. He was on oxygen 24 hours a day. Before he got sick he loved trout fishing in North Ga. He had a special rock that he liked to fish from. To get to this spot you had to walk about 1 - 1/2 miles through woods, mud over huge dead trees. My brother wanted to take his ashes to his favorite fishing spot. So we did On April 29, 2001. This was the weekend after what would have been his 63 birthday. We had a few friends with us and one was taking pictures as we cast his ashes into the river. Nothing was visible when we were there; but when the pictures were developed this is what was in them. Copies have been mailed to Patti * and she said she believed that this was daddy's spirit telling us that he was very happy setting his spirit free in the beautiful place.

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All of the pictures were taken with the same camera and the very same roll of film. It was lunch time. There was no fog, campfires and this shows up on the negatives. It was really freaky at first and I have had some contact with dad since these pictures. Some of the pictures are totally clear and I can send those to you also if need be. There are 4 pictures, one in which it does look like fog but I promise you it is not. In one of the pictures you can plainly see a heart over my brothers shoulder as he leans over. We believe that is a sign from daddy telling us that he loves us very much.

The people in the pictures are myself, my brother Gregg and his youngest daughter Kasie. We are just normal people and we don't have any idea how to doctor up photos so these are legitimate. I am smoking in one of the pictures but I am sure with your expertise you can identify that what you are looking at is not smoke at all.



Look closely at the top of the picture. There are 3 clouds over my head as I cross the river.


This is a clear picture taken with the same camera and film.


This is the last picture that has mist in it. It was the last one taken just as we had finished casting his ashes. It does look like fog; but you can tell from a previous picture there was no fog in the area.