The E-Mail INBOX


Greg Howard ( says: You know the devil may have hovered over head, but GOD makes his presence known To All Who See, and to all thoes how can show his devin light.

Damian Caprio ( writes: Can't say for sure if Satan himself decided to visit the disaster, but there's an interesting outline of a face. I'll leave it up to your listeners'/visitors' interpretation, but after seeing all the pics, and the one attached, if you want to see something, you WILL see it, regardless if it's truly there. It's like looking at puffy white clouds on a summer day. If you want to see a teddy bear, eventually one will come along.

Jeannie A Hazel-DeStefano ( sends us her outline of an angel in the smoke.

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William Ford sends us:

Sue in Michigan writes: I drive along Hwy 24 in Northern Ohio about once a week. This is a two lane highway which is a major truck route from Toldeo, Ohio to Fort Wayne, Indiana and is surrounded on both sides by farm land. One of the residents painted this billboard-sized sign and put it just feet from the highway so it is clearly visible to all driving by. Image 1 is what you see heading west. Image 2 is what you see heading east.

GJ ( writes: I cannot do much for my country right now. I am only 15. I cannot give blood or donate any money. All I have to give is my love and prayers, and this picture. I drew it using my wacom digital tablet, and Corel Painter. The writing above the angel is my real handwriting. People may place the picture on their webpage or email it to others as long as they do not remove my email address from the bottom corner, nor my "GJ 9/13/2001" signature. Thank you.

Steve Troy ( sends us his artisitic creation based on a real photo from Ground Zero: