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Gretchen Korenak ( sends us these photos from Schweinfurt, Germany.

This first picture is of one of the many flocks of candles, flowers and messages that the wonderful Schweinfurt citizens have left at our military gates in support of the U.S..

A close up of one of the messages from a german that I thought was profound. It actually brought tears to my eyes. The translation is "You have our sympathy".

Another message that a group of German people left at our gates.

Classified alien contact project revealed by Art Bell guest. Amazing story.

A banner and some more flowers at one of our gates here at the Schweinfurt base.

A picture of the U.S. flag and the German flag flying at half mass in front of my daughter's middle school, while 2 of my 3 children pose.

Michael Thomas ( writes: I am writing you to tell you about a face that is CLEARLY visible in one of you're pictures on the site.I am shocked nobody has seen it before.It is in the set of pictures that someone took of Ground Zero.One of the pictures is of the towers falling.Here is the circle of that face in the enclosed picture.

Jaime Reyes ( sends us: Is this a demon in the mist...? I received this, but I thought that it may have been doctored. After seening your site, now I'm not so sure. If there are more out there, and I'm beginning to think there are, I'd like to see them.

Roger McCarten says: This drawing was drawn by an elementary school child. In response to last week's tragedy, the next day the teacher had her class "draw" how they felt.