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An overhead shot of the Pentagon:

Our secret sends us: Here are 3 more pictures we shot last Friday at Ground Zero. The first two depict the wreckage of the twin towers; the third is an unkown female volunteer; just one of hundreds who typically offered whatever was needed - in this case... a smoke (guess I picked a bad week to stop smoking....)

Davee Hallinan ( writes: Here is a picture of the vigil held in Burbank at our police department on Sept.14th. I thought it really captured the essence of how this has affected all of us, even our nation's children. People have a tendency to patronize children, but as a teacher I have learned that we don't give our kids enough credit for compassion and understanding. We don't need to explain heartbreak to kids - unfortunately they understand it quite fine. Maybe it's us that should be listening.

Daniel Borror ( send us: My fire department held a terrorism awareness class tonight. One particular publication caught the eyes of all of us and kind of seemed ironic to us is that it was published in 9/2000, exactly a year prior to the incident. Now, I dont know if this was a sign or what. I just thought that it deserved to be shared with all of you at artbell!

Jim Domiano ( writes: I attended the memorial service this past Friday here in Chicago. This photo was taken in Daley Plaza. I grew up in NJ. The first apartment I had out of college was in Belleville, and I remember being completely delighted that, if you laid down on the bed sideways, you could see the Twin Towers. I moved to the Midwest ten years ago and still consider NY/NJ my home. Purchased the photo last December, on a lark, from a street vendor. The phrase just came to me. I felt I was showing our country's colors and making certain we don't forget. The photo hangs in my office with it's addition.