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 CD-ROM sends us:

I noticed this abnormal marking this afternoon while changing. I am not sure when and definitely not sure how it got there, but it sure is unusual. There are six spots forming a horsehoe like shape or unfinished circle, it is slightly bruised in the middle. It is approximately 2 inches in height. The only logical thing I can thing of other than the unexplained is that I slept on something, which I don't believe I did or even have anything that I could have slept on that would make those marks.

Now, this next part may be unrelated but just as strange. I have been aware of shadow people for a while and at times I feel a presence, especially in my bedroom. When I'm lying down in bed, sometimes I feel that something is above me watching, maybe a creature 3 feet in height or so, possibly in the air vent directly above my pillow. I donít see these directly on, but I just feel that way. Well, the night before I felt a presence in my room, which made me feel uneasy. I was laying on my stomach trying to sleep and found this annoying, so in my mind I said "fine if there is really someone here, lets fight, ill kick your !@*", right after I said that I felt something poke me in the back, I jumped and turned around as fast as I could and of course, saw nothing, but I apologized and though I should be laughing because felt stupid, as if some friends just played a joke on me, although I knew it was the shadow person/entity/alien. Does this mean we are friends? hahaha

I realize now that many weird things like this have happened throughout my life and all seem to be related. (Currently 20 years of age)

Maybe i'm being watched now.