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Continental Airlines Accident

Swissport Flight Ops - SFB ( writes:

During the early hours of the morning engineers were carrying out work on the aircraft, which involved removing and replacing the centre console light panel around the throttle quadrant. In order to perform this work, the throttle levers had been placed in the full power position and, to silence the take-off warning horn, the circuit breaker was pulled. After this work had been completed, another engineer, who was tasked with trouble shooting a reported engine oil quantity discrepancy, began carrying out an engine run, apparently without reference to the 'Pre Power On' portion of the Taxi/Towing Checklist. The Checklist, in part, called for the checking of circuit breakers, thrust levers to idle and parking brake set, none of which was apparently done. Consequently, when the left engine was started with its thrust lever in the full power position, the aircraft jumped its chocks and ran forward into the airport terminal building (Terminal C). The engineer and seven cleaners who were on board sustained minor injuries in the incident.

The aircraft was MD81 N16884. It was totalled by insurers! "