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Sent April 15th, 2001 by Premiere Radio Networks:

National UFO Reporting Center
P.O. Box 45623
University Station
Seattle, WA. 98145-0623

April 15, 2001

Dear Peter:

I have received a copy of your correspondence to Art Bell dated April 13, 2001. Pursuant to that, I would like to make the following points.

As we discussed many times in the past, it is not the policy of this network to pay guests for appearances on our programs. This policy to the best of my knowledge is standard practice throughout the talk radio industry. We do offer ample opportunity for our guests to promote their activities, books, materials, etc. This same courtesy has always been extended to you whenever you made an appearance with Art, and an enhanced promotional package would have been offered had you agreed to appear with Mike Siegel.

When Art left the show in April of 2000, you decided not to make any further appearances with us unless you were compensated. As explained, this is not a practice this network participates in. With Art's absence form the airwaves and a new host struggling to keep things going, we truly needed all the help we could get. It was during this time that I offered a plan that would not directly compensate you, but would indeed offer the opportunity for our listeners to support the National UFO Reporting Center. We also discussed the possibility of your doing a one-time weekend show. We would then evaluate the effectiveness of this show from your perspective, and from Premiere Radio's perspective. Sadly, you did not pursue this idea in a timely manner, as you had many other irons in the fire.

I do want to say that I am absolutely astounded that throughout all our negotiations you continued to report for another program as you still do, for no compensation or special arrangements. I do not understand this as you originally worked with Art before you worked with this other program.

Peter, I want you to know that you are as always most welcomed to appear on Coast-To-Coast AM. However, now that Art has returned, we have actually reduced our commercial time by over 33%. This in an effort to give the listeners more uninterrupted programming. With that said, we can no longer offer the extended promotional package that was offered to you during Art's absence. However, Art will give your center the same promotional considerations that have always been offered.

I understand that you intend to make a statement on your website. I urge you to do this as quickly as possible so that the listeners can be apprised of the situation.

In closing, I want to again reiterate that Premiere Radio does not compensate guests to appear on its programs. It never has and it never will. We are prepared to give you the same promotional considerations that we offer all our valued guests and contributors. I suggest you retain a media consultant or public relations firm of your choice to assist you with developing devices that can help you capitalize on your national media exposure. We are not in the business of helping our guests with their business arrangements.

On behalf of Art, myself, and the Premiere Radio Networks, I wish you the very best of luck in the future.


Alan Corbeth
Vice President, Premiere Radio Networks