The E-Mail INBOX


Received Mar 14th, 2001 by Art Bell and posted ASIS:

Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 18:15:48 EST

Dear Mr. Bell  

          This is a Letter which, has taken Me 
          2 days to gather the courage to write. On one 
          hand I have information as to How, why, and 
          whom has Cut your show On both occasions, 
          On the other a very Well paying Job to protect 
          And a family To feed and a friendship to lose. But     
          after contemplating 
          On this matter for said time, I have decided that 
          this country Has nothing without Freedom, be it 
          Press, Speech and the Like. Two days ago I spoke 
          With a Friend, who works In a 3 letter Agency 
           N _ _ . He sounded really tired, and Being near 
          noon this was very unlike him, I asked Did he 
          have a HOT date The night Before,  He answered 
          "No I was working Late, with TEAM "AB" , What's 
          that I asked?, He Replied " You know that Radio 
          Show You like So much?"  And being I only listen 
          To One, Which is ArtBell, I said "yes" , He said 
          "Well last Night WE had to slap His hand again" 
           I then Followed with" and Why was that?"  He 
           said " AB was opening Doors and topics on the 
           Air that Aren't Good for this Country at this time,   
            and so WE slapped His hand and Knocked His 
            butt off the air, last Time we slapped his Hand,   
           Having a TRADER LINE (I.E. AREA 51 line). WE 
           go thru a lot of trouble to have Top secret            
           personnel Sign secrecy Agreements In our                         
           country's Best 
           Interest and AB openly Invites them to break the 
           law and Oaths they have taken, Bottom line, AB 
           makes Trouble for US, we make Trouble For Him" 
           I then asked "how can you knock Him off the air?" 
           "He said We have control over all media Links, 
            And although we Used a Different Method The   
           Time, Its just as Easy as Opening your garage, 
           With a push of the button" " Its getting the Order 
            that's hard, making the call when and where, As 
            AB pretty much pushes the boarder every Night 
            he is on the air, But last Night He was Going too 
            Far with names and Things said IN NASA's area 
            were well into the area of National Security, 
            , One of the Names given 
            as a source for information, wont be so Willing 
            to speak openly again after today"  He then said 
            He had to get off the phone, His wife wanted to 
            use it...End of CALL  Acouple of things I have 
           deducted from the phone calls with This Friend 
            1. This agency has a group of people called 
               TEAM AB  whos job is to listen to Your show 
                each night your on. 
            2. A name given on your show the Night your 
                show was Cut from the air, will Not be so 
                open with 
David B. Sereda in the future. 
            3. A comment was made In the fashion of 
                we hear everything AB does Both ON and 
                OFF the air. (ie BUGs). 
            4.  He said later over a beer after softball 
                 that same night," WE got AB from space 
                 this time, next time we will have an EMP         


                 at his location to even handle AB's Back 
                 Up signal, " He said EMP with 
                 a VERY evil Grin,"then He will Really Learn 
                 His lesson"  
                          I have never written a show 
                           before but, We need to Have 
              Freedom In this Country, without big Brothers 
            thumb On the Button.  I may lose a Friend over 
            This letter, But I did what I feel was right.