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 CD-ROM writes:

The story that goes with this, is that a woman was in a graveyard taking pictures of headstones and when she developed the film she was rather shocked to see the image of a little girl between her and the headstone she was taking a picture of. I further believe that the headstone did indeed belong to a girl of the same age as the ghost in the picture.

Richard Craze ( writes:

Attached please find a photo I took at the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. I call this type of energy "flying cotton balls". On the day this was taken I was virtually alone in the park. I had just taken two other photos further up the street and captured this energy moving between buildings. When I walked down the street, spun around and snapped the shot, there it was not two feet from me. It's as if it followed me down the street. Harpers Ferry is a very active area.

Orion ( sends us:

StreetThunder ( writes:

This is a photo of my sister from the late 60's. I saw this picture that appears to have several figures around her. On the left side of the photo you can see what looks like a mouth wide open with large teeth. I have no idea what it could be.

Mark Waldenberger ( writes:

In this photo, you will see a very bright orb in front of a pine but the really exciting part is to the right of the bright orb. If you look closely, you can see what appears to be a form coming together from another much larger orb to the right of the bright one! I didn't notice it at first until a couple of our members brought it to my attention and sure enough, I saw it too! There appears to be a torso forming complete with arms, shoulders and midsection but no head or legs can be seen. We have suspected for some time that the spirits at this particular site may well be ready to take our contact to the next level and this could well be the first sign that it is going to happen!

Ken Stark ( writes:

This photo was on the front page of a newspaper in Prince George, BC from around 1985. I still have the original page with the date. Tell me whether or not you can see a face in the fire, Is that a ghost or the devil or what?

Paradisian ( writes:

This photo was taken by my friend Lynn Marks around 1982. It was taken in the Barrington Estates area, suburb of Chicago. Lynn saw only the lake and trees through the viewfinder of the Polaroid instant camera she was using. When the photo was developed in the next minute or so, this amazingly detailed image appeared on the photo.

The image is so tiny and so detailed (human form), and you can clearly see eyes, nose with nostrils, mouth, what looks like a moustache, scraggly beard, long curly/wavy hair, neck bones, shoulders, pectoral and solar plexus muscles, foreams with biceps, elbows, forearms, wrists, five fingers on the left hand and a least three visible on the right hand which is turned sideways against the thigh, thigs, knees, perhaps even genitalia, and calves... trailing off at the knee.

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