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Joe Eloreys ( sends us:

This pic was taken in a house over 100 years old, with a history of hauntings, ie footsteps on the floor, things moving , etc etc. Then my friend had children. When his oldest start talking, she would talk about her 'friend'. It called itself 'shadow'. It made her very uncomfortable when it was around, it would talk to her, and tell her not to eat, etc. We have her screaming on videotape telling it to go away. If you look closely at the entity, you can see a GLOWING SKULL with glowing eyes. When you look at the pic from a normal distance, you can see an image of someone standing in the light. There was nothing in the room to reflect the light, and it shows up on the negatives. I showed the pic to a psychic, and she felt like the entity is nonhuman, or demonic.


Aaron Warner ( Sends us:

This video was taken in L'Ardoise (pronounced Lord Ways), Nova Scotia, which is on Cape Breton Island while I was on vacation. The video was taken on Monday. August 6, 2001 at 7:25PM by my girlfriend who was just learning how to use the camerea and shooting just for practice. No ghost was seen at the time the video was taken. However, upon review of the video 13 days later, a transparent figure can clearly be seen standing in the bushes beside a tree and the walk across the road. The figure has an eeriely human shape to it. It's easier to see the ghost when the video is watched at double-size or 200%.

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Richard Vieira writes:

During WW2, my dad was in the US Army, overseas for nearly 3 1/2 years. He participated in the invasion of North Africa, Sicily, the liberation of Italy, France and some parts of Germany before he finally came home.

While in Italy my dad's outfit was given some R & R. He was fortunate, along with other G.I.'s in his outfit, to have an audience with Pope Paul XII at the Vatican on July 3, 1944. After the Pontiff gave his thanks and blessings to the men for their effort in the war my dad took a tour through the Vatican. In front of St Peter's tomb my father took this photograph. You can clearly see that there is a ghostly image in front of the tomb.

I can remember when I was a little boy, and I'm 53 yrs old now, the first time I was looking through the photo album my dad had with all the photos he took during the war. This photo was the only picture that stuck out and got my attention. At the time I asked my dad about "what was that in the picture?" He told me it was a ghost. Again as a teenager I asked him one day was it really a ghost or a double exposure. Dad told me that he did ask the same question when the film was developed. He was told that not only that this did happen to others who were taking photos at St Peter's tomb, but said apparition was seen by others walking around the Vatican.

Mike Barry corrects Richard:

What is pictured is the high altar of St. Peter's Basilica and not the tomb of the apostle. The actual tomb of St. Peter is below the high altar, and wasn't discovered until after PIUS XII, not Paul XII, had passed on.

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Karen & Steve S. ( writes:

This is a picture taken from a movie camera with night vision. My wife and I just got the camera and wanted to see if we could capture a ghost on it so we went to a local cemetery the other night and were shooting movie film in different spots in the cemetery. This was the last place we stopped. I parked for a couple minutes and as soon as I started rolling the film I saw this on the view finder. A white vapor was shooting up from the center of the head and the head was moving from left to right like this ghost was looking back and forth. Nothing else in any of the movie footage had the cloudy look that this thing did so I am convinced that this is a ghost. It seems to have a face and looks like a woman wearing a one piece bathing suit with a towel wrapped around her upper body with her chest slightly showing. While shooting this told my wife "I think I see something," she said she didn't at the time. My wife didn't see this until we drove off and I played it back to her. We couldn't believe it.

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