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Kevin York ( sends us:

Phillip M. Edwards ( wrties:

My name is Phillip and I am sending you a photo of my friend Tracy. Tracy was born on June 13, 1975, I only tell her birth date to also tell you that not only was she born on the mysterious number of the 13th, but she was also born on a Friday. Tracy as a child suffered from meningitis and one day had to be resuscitated after her parents urgently rushed her to the hospital. This photo taken in 1979, was about nine months after that event happened. Tracy almost died again a couple of months before this photo was taken! Notice the entity hovering behind Tracy by the door! The entity hovering behind her seems to have its right arm bent up over its breast. I say that because I don't believe it to be a reflection of her from the glass in the door. Also, notice the time of year it is (October/Halloween) by the artwork taped on the wooden door behind her. Tracy admits that she believes it is a camera imaging problem, but I think it is a unique photo regardless. If it is not a camera imaging problem, then Tracy would like to believe that its her guardian angel watching out for her.

Christopher GM Powers ( writes:

A year or two after my father died, I started to trace my father's side of the family & their ancestry. I've never really met anyone on his side of the family but felt a need to know more about who they were. I found out where my grandfather & his family were buried (15+ relatives).

Anyway, here's a really interesting photo, I've had a photographer look at it and they cannot explain it but said it isn't sunspot. Here's the photo. It to me looks like a child's torso---oh and BTW, when I got the cemetery info, there were 3 children buried under the one spot where this photo was taken--but only one stone for one child.

Classified alien contact project revealed by Art Bell guest. Amazing story.

Marty & Veronica Gann ( writes:

Check out the bottom half of a skull in the upper right corner of this photo. I don't have the demographics on this photo right now or I would have included them here.

Karl Lyman ( sends us: writes: This was taken on the banks of the Cuyahoga River... She turned her head just as the photo was taken... after it was taken she for some reason walked up the hill ... i didnt see it or ask her why she went up the hill ... she didnt say anything either ... but when i went through the pictures ... Now i know why...

Luciana Vaughan ( wrties: The hand around my head belongs to my ex husband who died a few years ago. I would have thought it was a double exposure if I did not notice the left side of the photo. On the background is my mother who died in 1977, sitting on a sofa with 2 dogs on her lap. The one with the red bow is my Pufi, who died in February 1999. The other dog I never knew, but he came in my dream and he said his name is Rascal and he is Pufi's spirit guide "there". My ex husband also came in my dream and said he was really sorry he could not come the whole of him in the picture. It was the best present I received at Christmas 2000, knowing that Pufi is with my mother and that eventually we never die.

E Charger ( sends us:

Alan ( writes: Was taken last 2/23 during snow - looking at a train trestle. I can NOT account for the cane-shaped form at the top. There was NO smoke or anything similar at the time - and snowflakes are clearly think staight lines.

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