Ghost Gallery


Bill Seidelman writes:

A friend of mine showed me this picture that he took about 10 years ago. He was with a couple of other people at the time, but no one saw or felt anything unusual. When the film was developed, well, you see the results. The cemetery is very old and located in Blue Springs, MO., about 20 miles east of Kansas City. It was close to Halloween and in the middle of the night.

Dave writes:

My friend johnathan just got back from a one mount tour of Europe. This photo was taken at a winery in Germany in the Moselle valley. Are they possibly ghosts. Many of his friends commented when they saw this photo, as did I. Photo taken w/ASA400 Kodak film 35mm, it is a genuine photo. Like to know your opinion. What is it / are they?

Thunderhead writes:

October first 1999 my closest friend and his six year old son were killed in an automobile accident. My friends widow also a very dear friend agreed to a send off of of their ashes in an arial display of pyrotechnics. I loaded a morter with about two pounds of black powder and mixed their ashes with fireworks that made a beautiful display of an amazing column of fire and smoke, fireworks and a huge perfect smoke ring. (we have lots of acreage out in the country) This photo however is just a moment before the blast. I have lit the fuse which you can see burning just behind me. I am a professional photographer and cannot attribute what is in the photo to problems in the film or processing. It seems like I am running right through the ectoplasm. Don't know why my face is missing either. Neat hunh?! The widow is now happily married to my best friend.

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