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Mr. Moran's Guardian Angel Picture - Posted Sep 20, 2001

In regard to the feedback on the photo I submitted to the website, except for rotating the image 90 degrees CCW and slapping a on it, that is exactly the way it came out of the camera (minus the blown up inset the website provided). I have better things to do with my time than to misleadingly alter the photos I take. In addition, I do not possess the computer skills to do so. As far as the falcon explanation goes, make up your own mind, but I take it as a great affront to be accused of submitting a faked photograph.

--Steve Moran

Steven Moran's Angel of Death Picture: I'm Steve's brother. I gave him a copy of Photoshop LE. I can assure you, the photo is not doctored. In my opinion, the image is some kind of bird that flew across the street at an angle when Steve was taking the picture. An optical illusion, due to the depth of field limitations of the camera, account for the apparent large size of the object. No doubt there are many carrion birds in the area at this time. Sorry Steve... but an interesting photo just the same.

--Jerry Moran

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