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Wayne P. Cannon ( sends us:

Just wanted to drop you a note about a weird experience that just happened. I was on my side porch when I heard some branches breaking and I quickly ducked, I thought something was going to fall on me.

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Something fell alright it was a three liter bottle of I think soda. Not too strange except that there was nobody around and it was frozen solid.

Right now it is 45 degrees outside and haven't had freezing weather for weeks. The bottle is heavy and I don't think I could throw it 20 feet, much less have it smash through a extremely large tree. I called the police and asked them not to think I was some kind of nut and explained what had happened and they sent two officers over to look at the bottle. They did look at it and dropped it on the concrete and said sure is frozen and thanks for the story of the night, now we have something to talk about and asked me to throw it away.

I think I'll keep the bottle until I find out who sells this kind of pop.