Don Ecker Moon Photos


Don Ecker ( sends us these photos for discussion on the program, Feb 19th, 2001.

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Photo shows unusual surface features resembling several "towers."

Photo of the Bullialdus-Lubinicky area.
The area seems to have been "worked" with huge machinery.

Crater Tycho with geometric oddities suggesting intelligent design.

Lunar "farside" crater.
Rim of crater seems to have been "worked" or mined.

Mare Crisium showing "bridges" and
very unusual structure beneath and left of bridge.

Two "rolling objects" in Vitello Crater.
These objects rolled "up and out" of the crater.
Notice the "track" the larger one made.

Kings Crater with numerous artifacts
that resemble artificial structures.

Blowup of upper left corner of Kings Crater.
These structures resemble a "habitat and tower."