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12/31/96 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • REPEAT: Mad Man Marcum Program

12/30/96 - Monday /Tuesday

  • KJFK... Art welcomes yet another new affiliate, KJFK FM in Austin, Texas.
  • Predictions.... Art continues with accumulating predictions for 1997. This will be the last night and tonight's first prediction will be number 95.
  • Quake... A 6.1 earthquake reported in Indonesia.
  • Winter Storm... The Governor of Washington state has added four more counties to the list of areas under emergency conditions.
  • Marijuana.... The Clinton administration announced they will punish federal workers using marijuana for medicinal purposes. Art feels that the reason Clinton will never do anything "sane" about the marijuana laws is because of his dumb statement about not inhaling that caused him so much political flak.
  • Gingrich.... Art says the nation seems to be in a great debate about Newt Gingrich and the 74 allegations brought against him. Art feels this is a ridulous situation and if someone needs to resign because of allegations, then Clinton should have been gone before the election.
  • Ebonics..... Another silly controversy, in Art's opinion, is the new Black language, Ebonics. Art says English is English otherwise it is slang, and this debate is not worthy of a mature society.
  • CNN.... A major story reported by CNN implies that we are the Martians. Art is surprised that a big mainstream organization like CCN would run a major story like this.
  • Quake..... A story reported by the AP tells of two Australian doctors who believe the human brain can detect pre-earthquake tremors which seismologists cannot detect. While monitoring a patient's brain, the instruments registered this anomaly twenty minutes before the Earthquake that destroyed a city. The doctors didn't know it but the instruments did. This occurred in 1989 in New Castle, Wales. Now Art wants to know what this says about our ability to sense quakes just like animals do. Has this been genetically combed from us, or has the noise around us and civilization prevent us from feeling these things?
  • Money.... There is a new bill in the Senate that requires two new forms of money, multi-colored and ugly, according to Art. One form to be used inside the country and one for outside. Art wants to know the reason for this, what do you think? 1-800-877-9799 is the number to call to get a copy of this bill.
  • 1996... Art reviews some of last years predictions that were big flops.
    • #71.... Economic collapse
    • #72.... An 8 shot revolver will be invented.
    • #76.... Malcom Forbes to be nominated for the Presidency.
    • #78.... A third party candidate will win election.
    • #79.... A hail fire storm
    • #80.... Gingrich runs for President.
    • #82.... The ATF and DEA will merge.
    • #83.... On October 29, the stock market will crash.
    • #84.... Magnetic research will prove we do not die.
    • #86.... There will be a Las Vegas book signing by Art.
    • #88.... Mt. St. Helen will erupt.
  • Tuesday.... Tuesday night will be a repeat show with Mad Man Marcum, while Art welcomes in the New Year with a night off the air.
  • Darwin Award.... Art relates this year's Darwin Award nominees.

12/27/96 - Friday /Saturday

  • Predictions... Art will be taking predictions for 1997 over the air. None will be accepted by e-mail or fax. The 125 predictions of 1996 were pretty much failures, such as the one that said there would be no Super Bowl. Art reviews some of them tonight. Art asks that you think your prediction out, and it will be recorded and held in the Bell family vault. It is the listeners responsibility to remember the number assigned to his prediction.
  • KTIP... Art has a new affiliate in Porterville, California.
  • Storm.... A giant winter storm has hit the Northwest, 275,000 homes without power and 2 deaths attributed.
  • Peru... Three rebels has been arrested in Peru.
  • Gingrich.... More allegations against Newt Gingrich, which is one of the successful predictions of 1996.
  • Joyce Reilly... U.S. government medical experts and officials from the Pentagon are planning to investigate a scientist's theory that a bacteria possibly was used as a biological weapon and may be responsible for some illness' suffered in the Gulf War. Art says those of you who thought that Joyce Reilly was cracked, need to pay attention here. She was right on.
  • #1.... The first prediction from a listener: Jacques Villeneuve will be the Formula One World driving champion.
  • #2.... Hale-Bopp and its companion will be a benign event and there will be a national explanation for the companion.
  • #3.... The Chinese will begin conquering territories to become a Chinese empire, as they have been in the past.

12/26/96 - Thursday /Friday

12/25/96 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • 1996 Predictions.... Art has last Decembers predictions for 1996 and they will be reviewed over the next week. Beginning tomorrow night Art will start taking predictions for 1997.
  • E-Mail.... Art is receiving e-mail from a lot of first timers who just received a computer for Christmas.
  • Rebels.... Marxist rebels released another hostage Wednesday in Peru. Russia has suggested sending an anti-terrorist team to Lima with the combined forces of the seven industrialized countries.
  • The Quickening.... A 10 year old received 2nd degree burns when she was hurt by a letter bomb delivered to her house Christmas Eve.
  • Germany.... A suicide bomber with hand grenades strapped to her abdomen killed herself and two others at a worship service Christmas eve.
  • X Files... In true X-files style, an electrician in London claims to have been lifted off the ground and knocked unconscious by a UFO. An insurance company must now pay him two million dollars because he was insured against UFO abduction. Art would love to see the evidence he presented to prove his claim.
  • Internet.... Art reads a section from Michael Crichton's book, " The Lost World" where he suggests the Internet will be the death of the world because it will stop the evolutionary process with everybody connected together. The diversity of ideas will disappear. Art wonders if you agree.

12/24/96 - Tuesday /Wednesday

12/23/96 - Monday /Tuesday

  • REPEAT Guest: Ed Dames

12/20/96 - Friday /Saturday

12/19/96 - Thursday /Friday

  • Richard C. Hoagland.... Friday night's guest will be Mr. Hoagland discussing what is up in Egypt and update us on the photographs being taken of Europa and other moons.
  • Peru... 400 hostages remain in Peru, some American, the situation is fluid and continuing. The White House would like to send help.
  • Subpoenas.... The Justice Department has sent more subpoenas to the White House. Newt Gingrich fired his attorney, blaming him for a misstatement.
  • Ratings... President Clinton is praising a new ratings system for television programs, but the critics are giving it two thumbs down.
  • V chip... Art thinks we need chips for a lot of things.
  • Drugs.... A new study says cigarette smoking and illegal drug use is rising among U.S. teenagers. Marijuana smoking, among eight graders, has risen 300%.
  • Winter... In North Dakota, this week, the bitter winter continues with temperatures of 26 below. Art thinks this is the worst winter yet. He is also surprised at the number of deaths due to flu this year.
  • Al... Spaceship Al has built a "saucer" and there is a picture on the Web page. Art has received a lot of e-mail concerning this picture. Art put this picture up for entertainment but many were offended that he would put up something so obviously phoney.
  • Courtney Brown... Art has spoken to Mr. Brown recently, who assured him this Professor will be coming forward soon.
  • Dinosaurs.... The death of dinosaurs may not have been due to asteroids colliding with Earth, according to Gannett News Service. It may have been dying stars collapsing together and releasing deadly blasts of radiation. Art asks, can you imagine two suns colliding somewhere, creating a bombardment of rays, generally unnoticed til they got here, and when they did everybody on Earth would drop dead. That's basically what these people are saying. Remember that microbe reported last week that thrives on antibiotics?

12/18/96 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Guest: Mark McCandlish -- 2205 Hilltop Dr #158, Redding, CA 96002

12/17/96 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Guest: Jose Escamilla - Roswell Rods

12/16/96 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Mexico... There was an article about guns flowing freely from the U.S. to Mexico. Mexico has a very strict gun control policy. Gun crime is up 30% in Mexico City. Art says the guns are going to the average citizen, who is terrified and wants to protect himself. Art says if the U.S. is going to crack down on these guns getting into Mexico, aren't we going against our own moral principals. Our right to protect our lives with equal force. Are you in favor of spending a lot of money to keep guns out of Mexico.
  • Campaign Reform... The Supreme Court is saying, 'money is speech'. They are saying the giving of money is free speech. Art wants to know how we are going to limit campaign contributions if money is free speech.
  • Sen. Bradley... Retiring New Jersey Senator Bradley was asked over the weekend, "What is the biggest problem you are leaving behind?" He answered, " The lack of racial healing in America." Art thinks this is a really good point. Why do you think race relations is such a problem in modern America with all the other issues there are?
  • Janet Reno.... Last week Ms. Reno was in court arguing that a passenger in a vehicle during a routine traffic stop can be subject to a search as well as the vehicle. She says this would be constitutional. Art feels this is a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment.
  • T-Shirt... Someone sent Art a T-shirt that simply says "civilian" so he will be protected during any kind of raid.
  • Debate... A listener sent in a report broadcast on his local news about a debate being held with the FDA on Thursday on whether emergency room patients can be used for medical research without their consent. Art wants to know why they are even debating this. Of course, if the public can be subject to biological warfare research, with thirty days notice, Art is not that surprised about this debate.
  • TV Ratings... Art wants to know whether the better way to base the ratings would by age or by content. How would you do it if you were going to have a ratings system.
  • CPI... The political types are considering bumping the Consumer Price Index down 1%. They say Medicare will be broke by 2001 and Social Security by 2012. Art wants to know how you feel about this, considering this will raise taxes to lower the deficit and save these two programs or everything goes up in smoke.
  • Hale-Bopp.... A new explanation for the companion going around now, is that it is debris breaking from the nucleus. Alan Hale himself said this could be possible, there may be no companion at all. Art says the astronomers don't like this explanation because they would have to do a lot of rethinking about comets. Fax... A listener has faxed in a suggestion to rename "Hail Mary" to "Chip off the old Bopp" in light of this new explanation. Abortion... The partial birth abortion amendment is in the news again. Do you think it should be signed, Art does.
  • James Carvell.... Art wants to talk about this big thing going on between James Carvell and Kenneth Star. Art says it is a political attack. You know how people say it "should be against the law?" Art says, "baloney". In America you are allowed to go after people, politically, if you want to.
  • Tokyo... A University in Tokyo has suspended four students for throwing brains at other students during a dissection of cadavers. They also opened windows in the lab and pelted pedestrians.

12/13/96 - Friday /Saturday

  • Dark Skies... Remember Art is on Dark Skies tonight on NBC. He plays William Paley, the CBS executive.
  • Mars Attacks... This movie premiers this weekend.
  • TWA 800... The latest report is now that a fuel tank erupted because of hot air from the air conditioning units just beneath the fuel tanks. Art is not satisfied that this is the cause. How do you feel about it?
  • Air Force... The Air Force is settling a sexual harassment suit brought by a former female cadet. The terms were not disclosed.
  • Supreme Court... The U.S. Supreme Court is looking at the sexual predator law, which will affect as many as 13 states. A 64 year old man, Leroy Hendricks from Kansas, who has 8 convictions for sexual assault is being paroled. When asked if he could guarantee he won't assault again, he said only if he was to die. Art says there are many who would like to see these criminal locked up forever. Hendricks lawyer says it is unconstitutional to do that. Art's question is, "Is it unconstitutional to lock someone up for something they 'may' do."
  • Canada... Women in Canada can now go topless publicly as long as there is no sexual connotation. Art is surprised that this first time ruling happened in Canada.
  • Meteor shower... Art has received many e-mails reporting meteor showers in the skies of Alaska, and the volcano there has gone code red.
  • MacNeil/Lerher... An archeologist was interviewed about Prehistoric human remains.

12/12/96 - Thursday /Friday

  • Joyce Riley - Gulf War Syndrome.

12/11/96 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Richard Boylan... Art and Richard discuss the recent letter received by Art from a former Vatican priest who claims to have some secret information regarding the Vatican and it's relationship to Hubble, Hale-Bopp and Wormwood.
  • Web Page... The MCI girl that Art adores, is now on the web page. The board-op in Honolulu, Gina, is pictured on the web page tonight.
  • Hoagland... Richard Hoagland may be on the program tomorrow with an update about what is happening in Egypt.
  • Dan Goldin.... There was a meeting at the White House with Al Gore and the head of NASA, Dan Goldin, along with many more scientific types discussing plans regarding the next trip to the moon. Art found it very interesting that there were many Theologians attending the meeting.

12/10/96 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Guest: Robert Morning Sky

12/9/96 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Guest: Sheldon Nidle (First Hour)
  • Channeling... Art tells us he is not a believer in channeled information. His own sister is a channeler but he remains a skeptic.
  • Quake... A 6.2 mid Atlantic quake was reported today along with a 6.1 in the Indian ocean.
  • Monsarat... The volcano in the Caribbean remains in a Orange condition. Another swarm of volcanic tectonic earthquakes began today, very similar to the previous swarm. The crack near "Gateways Wall" has open about a foot since last measured before December.
  • China.... China is extending a goodwill gesture by continuing to allow U.S. Warships to visit Hong Kong after the British Colony reverts to Chinese control next year. The Chinese Defense Minister, the same one who okayed the slaughter at Teinemann Square, is scheduled to visit Washington and meet with U.S. Officials. Art doesn't criticize the Administration for dealing with China, because they will be a power to reckon with, but he feels hosting the Official responsible for Teinemann Square might be going a little far.
  • Plutonium... The Energy Department announced today plans to get rid of 50 tons of Plutonium either by encasing it in glass or burning it off in reactors.
  • F.B.I..... The F.B.I. announced today a $500,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the Centennial Park bomber. Art thinks this means they are "stuck".
  • Stock Market.... The comment given by Alan Greenspan recently causing the stock market to crash makes Art a little nervous.
  • CPI... The government is thinking about raising the Consumer Price Index. They say it is wrong by 1.1%. Art wants to keep an eye on this development and see how it affects us.
  • Bosnia... Art reminds us that the President said we would only be in Bosnia a year and now he is saying another 18 months. Art mentions this to reiterate his opinion that the citizens of this country are only told what the government thinks we can handle.
  • Nuclear Weapons... Art wants to know how you feel about the retired General who used to be in charge of our Nuclear Arsenal saying we should go to zero stockpile and eliminate "MAD". Art thinks that is not realistic. Cutting down maybe, but these are our ultimate trump card. Art thinks nuclear weapons have prevented war.
  • Letter.... Art reads a letter from a listener who writes that he happened to be one of the first to arrive at the scene of a drive-by shooting in Escondido, CA. The listener needs advice on how to get the victim's lifeless stare out of his head, as he sees this dead face everywhere he goes. The question Art poses to you is, "How do you handle witnessing situations such as this?"
  • Hale-Bopp... There are 6-10 photographs of Hale-Bopp's companion on the web page. Hale-Mary is what we are calling it now.
  • Bacterium.... Doctors in London fear they may have encountered a new "Superbug". A bacterium that not only resists antibiotics, but thrives on them, was found in two post-operative patients. When treated with antibiotics, the bacterium quickly adopted them as a vital part of it's metabolism. Art's response... "Holy Mackerel".

12/06/96 - Friday /Saturday

  • Whitley Strieber, Hale-Bopp Discussion

12/05/96 - Thursday /Friday

  • Clinton's choices.... Art agrees with Clinton's choices of Albright and Cohen. He thinks Madeline Albright is bright, tough, outspoken and she is replacing what Art has called in the past, "a total waste of human skin" Warren Christopher. He thinks Cohen is a good choice too, and wonders if anyone wants to argue with him.
  • GWS... The pentagon head investigating soldiers' exposure to chemical weapons says deadly saron gas was definitely present when U.S. Troops blew up an Iraqi chemical dump in March of '91. He concluded the gas was exploded into the air when they drilled into an Iraqi rocket. He also admits tactical records are missing pertaining to what our troops were actually exposed to. The pentagon representative says there is no proof the saron gas did any harm to the troops, but Art feels it couldn't have done them any good. Art also wonders where those missing records could be.
  • Columbia.... Patchy fog and scattered clouds are threatening to further delay the return of the spaceship Columbia. The backup landing strip at Edwards has been ruled out too due to inclement weather, namely winds.
  • Video Games..... Art remains unconvinced that the violence in current video games is actually contributing to the general rise in violence. Art suspects TV before video games, how about you?
  • Fax.... The Hale-Bopp companion is mentioned in a Japanese newspaper saying a Japanese astronomer has picked up signals from it. Art would be interested in any updates pertaining to this story.
  • Fax2... "Art, what happened to the mysterious astronomer who is going to make an announcement concerning Hale-Bopp's companion?" Art thinks there may be a press conference tomorrow.
  • Sphinx.... A listener has inquired about any updates concerning the opening of the Sphinx. Art hasn't heard anything, has anybody?
  • Monserat.... This volcano may explode at any time, with 189 volcanic quakes recorded since 4 p.m. yesterday. The vigil is on. Art is holding opening one line for the Caribbean only for anyone with any information.
  • Humor.... Art reads a parody from Steve in Portland who is pitching presents for your reptilian lover. See Sound Clips page for "Absolutely Fresh Insects."
  • Name the Companion..... Art has a contest going to name the Hale-Bopp companion. There are eight choices to choose from and you have the weekend to vote by e-mailing the webmaster.

12/4/96 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Hale-Bopp.... Art says he will release the photographs he has of Hale-Bopp's companion if the press conference scheduled for this week does not come about.
  • Judge Kevin Chang.... Hawaii's Judge Chang has put on hold his ruling to legalize gay and lesbian marriages, while it is heard by a higher court. It could be as late as 1998 before the State Supreme Court makes a ruling.
  • Columbia.... The astronauts aboard the Columbia have began a hasty preparation for a early landing because a crucial navigational tool failed. Art wonders what that tool is and how crucial it really is. This information, of course, left out of this report.
  • Reward.... Remember the green flash meteorite? You can still get the $5000 reward. Despite over one hundred rocks already submitted, they have not found one that is the meteorite. So you still have a chance if your in the area.
  • Talking Cat.... CBS ran a story of a talking cat saying " hello". Art would really like to talk to someone who saw the news on local channel 2, CBS.
  • Albuquerque.... Twenty rabbits dead in Albuquerque are being blamed on a goatsucker according to the Albuquerque Journal dated December 4. Art wonders if they have a "Chupacabra" on their hands.

12/3/96 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Hoagland... An update from Richard Hoagland tonight.
  • Fax.... A listener from Albuquerque tells Art about a recent interview he heard with Alan Hale. Mr. Hale, when asked what he thought of Art's show, said it was a good source of news and current events.
  • Hale-Bopp.... A source from the Royal Greenwich Observatory says that the anomaly trailing Hale-Bopp does exist. Art also reads many reports from other sources confirming the anomaly exists but no one in the Astronomical community wants to stick their neck out until something is published.
  • Strange Universe.... "Pamela", from a recent Strange Universe episode, talks to Art about her experiences with reptilian aliens.
  • Quake... Before air time Art received news of a 6.3 quake hitting southern Japan, also a 4.3 in Nevada.
  • Ice on the Moon.... There will be a news conference by the Pentagon later today concerning the discovery of ice on the moon. Art reminds us that Richard Hoagland said a long time ago there was water on the moon, but until Peter Jennings or Dan Rather says it, it isn't true. Well now they have, so we believe.
  • Mars Attacks... Many listeners have faxed Art with previews of the new movie "Mars Attacks" and their surprise at Art's city being picked as the point of contact.

12/2/96 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Richard Hoagland... Updates us on his press credentials revocation.
  • Lee Shargel... Discusses his science fiction novel, as it relates to the Hale-Bopp comet.