11/30/97 Sunday / Dreamland

  • Replay: Norio Hayakawa

11/28/97 Friday / Saturday

  • Replay: Guest: David Adair

11/27/97 Thursday / Friday

  • Iraq.... Iraq's foreign minister renewed Bagdad's threat to shoot down U2 spy planes, moreover they said UN weapons inspectors are not included in an invitation to opening Suddams properties  to foreign experts.  Art says we now find out what they meant by experts is 'diplomats'.  Art says most diplomats wouldn't know a good chicken soup from botchulism.
  • Japan.... Japan launches a satellite, low orbiting and carrying about a ton of fuel.  It will be looking at the clouds to decide how to do better weather forecasting.  It will be much lower than the Russian satellite up there that can create hurricanes.
  • Macy's.... The parade didn't go too well when the Cat in the Hat balloon hit a tall building and injured four people.  Many other ballons had incidents with large buildings.
  • Noise.... A faxer asks Art about these people reporting dizziness while hearing a low frequency noise.  Any updates?  Could it be HAARP, or the Russians trying to get their cyclone going?  Does Art think we are fooling with the weather, Yes!
  • Combo Line: Aliens, MIBs, Area 51 Employees, Vampires, Time Travelers
  • Replays.... Art replays the area 51 pilot shoot-down and the area 51 employee/satellite outage caller from a previous program.

11/26/97 Wednesday / Thursday

  • WIMA.... Art welcomes WIMA in Lima, Ohio.  1150 on the am dial.  Art remembers his dislike of lima beans when he was a child.  Actually he still dislikes them.
  • Thanksgiving.... Art says he will not do the age old tradition of asking people what they are thankful for, but what they are unthankful for.  Such as Suddam, AIDS, etc.
  • AIDS.... A new report says that 30 million people are now infected with HIV, and only one in ten knows about it.
  • Iraq.... Iraq now says it will allow the UN Inspectors back in.  Art relates the events of the last couple days involving this incident.
  • Law....The Supreme Court has agreed to reconsider reinstating a law which requires the National Endowment for the Arts to consider decency along with artistic merit when handing out public money.  Art thinks that is just fine.
  • Deer.... A guy who shot a white tailed deer reports it had a fifth leg growing out it's back.  Art says these deformities are moving up the food chain.
  • Present.... Art is very happy with a Packards helmet sent to him from a friend in L.A.
  • Guest: Joyce Riley, American Gulf War Veterans Association

11/25/97 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Maj. Dames.... Art asks callers this first hour what they think this "discontinuity" is that Ed Dames is going to talk about tonight.  Is it some sort of religious event, or catastrophe, or earth change?
  • Iraq.... William Cohen said today that Iraq has maintained enough chemical and biological weaponry to kill every man woman and child on the face of the earth.  Probably hidden away in one of Suddam's castles.  Art guesses we will force a confrontation.  Art thinks it will play this way:  The UN Inspectors will  demand to go to these 60 or so locations where the weaponry is hidden, the Iraqis will say no, the inspectors will leave in protest and then the smart and dumb bombs will begin to fall.  Art says if we are going to do this, let's do it right and kill the S.O.B.
  • Rats.... An ecological group in Chile is sounding an alarm about two foot long mutant rats that are attacking barnyard animals.  They expect they have grown this big by feeding off the droppings of hormone fattened poultry.
  • Clinton.... Clinton is a believer that there may indeed be UFOs according to a Little Rock associate, saying when he appointed his friend Webster Hubble, he told him to examine government records to see if  UFO's existed.  Clinton also wanted him to find out who killed JFK.  Art wonders what kind of answers he got.
  • Frogs.... Researches in Duluth think now that uv rays are causing the deformities in frogs because they have been able to duplicate the deformities using uv rays.
  • Sperm.... A third sperm density report has come out saying there is a decline in sperm density.  There has been an average of 1.5% decrease per year.  Art says all our others concerns will be for naught if this continues.  What if we slowly just stopped reproducing?
  • Guest: Major Ed Dames, Remote Viewing and Discontinuity

11/24/97 Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest:  Dr Joseph Gold, Kathy Keeton's HS Doctor (1st hr)
  • Guests: Wm. Donaldson & 2 Witnesses, TWA Flt 800 (2nd hr)

11/23/97 Sunday / Dreamland

11/21/97 - Friday / Saturday

11/20/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest: Michio Kaku

11/19/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Whitley Strieber, Alien Abductee, Image of the Glenrock, Wyoming UFO
  • Guest: Dr. Roger Leir, Fund for Interactive Reseach in Space Technology

11/18/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

11/17/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • David Adair, Rocket Scientist

11/16/97 - Dreamland

  • Mark Ritchie, "Spirit of the Rain Forest"

11/14/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guest: Whitley Strieber, covering the Washington UFO sighting.

11/13/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Space Cruise... Suppose you were able to book a cruise in orbit. Gene Meyers will be on tonight to discuss the possibility.
  • Iraq.... Art followed the UN inspectors leaving Iraq. Art says we are being groomed for some kind of confrontation with Iraq again. Art has become somewhat cynical concerning our intent to really ever do anything specific and final with Iraq. He feels we will never do it and it is a bunch of baloney. Art's assessment of the situation is that there will be no violence short of them taking a shot at one of our U2s. He says there is a lot of roaring right now, but no teeth. He says Saddam must be shaking in his boots with all the edicts being sent down by the UN. "What a joke, what a complete joke," says Art.
  • Kevorkian... A 74 year old woman with liver cancer has died with Kevorkian's assistance.
  • Stocks.... Stocks are plummeting again in Tokyo, down about three percent.

11/12/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Caryl Dennis, Author, "Millennium Children"

11/11/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest: Boris Said & Tom Danley

11/10/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest: Dan Sherman, Author, "Above Black"

11/9/97 - Sunday / Dreamland

  • Linda Howe (1 hour)
  • Dr. Bruce Goldberg

11/7/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guest: René Barnett, Strange Universe (1 hr)
  • Guest: Dr. Nicholas J. Begich (4 hrs)

11/6/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest: William Henry, Author, "The Peacemaker" (3 hrs)
  • Open Lines: Random Bits of News

11/5/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Gregg Braden, Author, Awakening to Zero Point"

11/4/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Fax... Art reads a fax from the Republican National Committee regarding last night's show featuring Steve Bassett. The chairman, Jim Nicholson, requested some rebuttal time on Tuesday night's show. Art came up with two questions for him, one soft, and one more difficult. Before the end of the show last night, Art predicted there would be some kind of unexpected problem and Mr. Nichols would cancel his appearance. And he did.
  • Backup Guest: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (2 1/2 hours)
  • Fax... Art reads another fax from a listener saying that the leftist news media tried to destroy Dan Quayle over the spelling of a vegetable, and you know what they would do to a republican discussing UFO's and Art was the one causing the chairman to back out by airing the questions he was going to pose to him. Art disagrees, saying he could have just thrown the questions at him unaware, but thought it would be unethical.
  • CNN... The Washington Post reports that CNN is planning to add a new beat, MIR. Preliminary talks are underway concerning sending a reporter to MIR. Art says the obvious choice would be John Holliman, the science reporter, but personally Art thinks there are other choices. How about Bobbie Betista, for the feminine angle. Art really hopes this comes about.

11/3/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest: Bob Guccione, Publisher (1 Hr)
  • Guest: Steve Bassett, Stargate International (4 hrs)