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10/31/99 Sun/Mon

  • 1st hour.... Issac Bonewits, a Druid and Pagan, joins Hilly this hour and will tell the history and customs of Holloween. Issac begins by telling us that Stonehedge was not in fact built by the Druids, though they did use it. Issac explains the Wiccans. After the bottom of the hour break, Issac explains some of the Halloween customs and compares this 'holiday' with another religious holiday, Christmas.
  • 2nd hour.... Issac talks about how pagans do use idols or statues, but do not worship them. Phone calls are taken with the first caller asking Issac about how he feels about today's youth who claim to be gothic and Issac says they really just started out being the Anne Rice fan club after "Interview with a Vampire" came out. Later in the hour, a caller asks Issac about a holiday elders in Virginia used to celebrate and whether it was a forerunner to holloween.
  • 3rd hour.... Scott Stanton joins Hilly this hour to discuss where famous dead musicians and singers are buried. Scott begins with the story of the death of Mama Cass Elliot. Hilly asks Scott about Jim Morrison's grave. Phone calls are taken with one caller asking about the final resting place of Richie Valens.
  • 4th hour....Jonathan Michael Lampley, author of History of Horror movies, joins Hilly this hour with lots of horror trivia. Jonathan gives us his theory on why people love horror movies. Phone calls are taken and Jonathan and a caller discuss the quality of today's slasher movies compared to yesteryears classic horror films.
  • 5th hour.... Jonathan and Hilly discuss some of the great scores written for horror films. The violence against women in horror films is discussed and whether these movies are designed to be anti-women. Phone calls continue.

10/31/99 Sun Dreamland

  • Replay of Dreamland from 10/03 of Catherine Cook and John Klimo

10/30/99 Sat/Sun

  • Hilly tells us a Gallup poll says 33% of Americans believe in ghosts and 22% believe in witches, increased from 20 years ago.
  • 1st hour.... Hilly's guests are Ed and Lorraine Warren, Ghostbusters from New England Society for Psychic Research. Ed and Hilly begin by discussing Randi and his standing challenge. Hilly talks to Lorraine and Ed about the story Amityville, since it is the 25th anniversary, and Lorraine explains how they were invited into the house.
  • 2nd hour.... In this hour Ed and Lorraine tell the story of the white lady of the Union graveyard. This is a cemetery in Connecticut. Also discussed are tarot cards, ouija boards and what to do with a haunted house. Phone calls are taken also.
  • 3rd hour.... Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeth, from the Ghost Investigators Society, joins Hilly this hour with actual recorded voices of ghosts. Barbara thinks that ghosts are people who have died that remain for one reason or another, maybe they are concerned for family. hilly asks Barbara about Harry Houdini and how he said he was going to come back and tell us of what is on the other side. Later in the hour, Barbara explains the GIS and what services they provide.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls are taken this hour and Barbara tells one caller to tell her dead husband's ghost that it is okay to move on. Other callers call in with ghost stories seeking Barbara's advice on how to deal with them. Barbara plays some ghost voices caught on tape. Barbara talks about ghost pictures too and how she feels the ghost is allowing this person taking the photo, to see them.
  • 5th hour.... Hilly has open lines this hour for ghost stories. Hilly starts with his own story he likes to repeat each year.

10/29/99 Fri/Sat

  • Ghost to Ghost Halloween Show from 1995

10/28/99 Thu/Fri

  • Father Malachi Martin from 4/4/97

10/27/99 Wed/Thu

  • Art's show tonight is only four hours as he is getting ready to leave for his Mackinac trip.
  • 1st hour... Guest, Peter Davenport, is reporting on a strange sighting, at 2:45a.m. Tues. Oct. 26th. He plays two tapes of the sighting of a UFO by crew members of Airliners. The size, speed and intensity of it's lights was what surprised the pilots. A Ham Radio Operator in Mississippi also reports this sighting to Peter and his tape is played next. He was outside in the country and reports that it stopped and hovered but it made no sound.
  • Art's Guest for the second half of the hour is JANE SEYMOUR. They discuss the film "Somewhere In Time". There has been discussion of a sequel being made. However, Jane says that she would rather they rereleased it as a feature film like they did with Star Wars. It was such a great romantic film! In Hong Kong, this film packed the theater for a year, when they had planned to play it for only two weeks. She talks about the many accomplishments that Christopher Reeves is making and tells us how much she cares for him. The interview is ended with Jane sending a message to the fans who are meeting on Mackinaw Island for the reunion.
  • 2nd hour... Art congratulates New York on winning the World Series. The Parliament is seized in Armenia by gunmen who kill the Prime Minister and seven other politicians. Marilyn Monroe's dress is sold for 1.2 million dollars. There is a flu epedemic in Hong Kong which is said to have jumped from pigs to humans. It is feared that this could become a world-wide epidemic as killer strains usually come from pigs or chickens.
  • STUART WILDE is Arts next guest. He also has written 20 books, one of them called "The Quickening". They discuss sightings, interdimensional appearances (grays) and crop circles. Stuart says he listens to Art's show regularly on the internet in the mornings. They next discuss "The Quickening". Stuart talks about our etheric body.
  • 3rd hour...Art reads a report from someone near Milwaukee, who says he saw a triangular UFO moving in a east/northeast direction. Stuart Wilde is back this hour and he explains how you can induce a NDE (near death experience). Stuart mentions that hundreds of people saw a huge triangular aircraft in Great Britain and the next day the paper say "Meteor Shower Amazes Everybody". It seems to him that when people are doing anything meditative or trancee, they are being watched from above. He then mentions the possibility that the aliens may want DNA genetic harvesting. They next discuss the pyramids and how there is no expaination of how those stones were lifted to make them. Government cover-ups and secret societies are discussed.
  • 4th hour...The first caller asks about the album "Greenwood", and how Stuart came up with the lyrics. The second caller asks about reason why some teach there are 600 and some 26 realms. Art asks for his comment on the world's financial situation. A caller asks what he sees for the near future. He then asks if Stuart thinks we might discover the ancient technology. A caller asks about her frightening meditation experience. A caller says that Stuart is a member of a secret society. Stuart denies this. The next caller asks Stuarts advice about the difficulty of writing her experiences into a book. Art asks if there were experiences that Stuart felt if he related then he would lose all credibility. Mike calls in to share his father's masonic secrets. He asks if the earth is encompassed in a grid? A caller asks about the tube that Stuart mentions in his meditations. Another caller mentions a trance experience and the many coincidences that seem to be going on. The next caller describes an experience and asks for an explaination. Larry asks about scientists using altered tv's and radios to communicate with the dead. Art asks Stuart which book would be his most recommended? "The Infinite Self" was his answer.

10/26/99 Tue/Wed

  • First hour...Art reports that, according to Peter Davenport of the UFO reporting center in Seattle, two large commercial airliners in the southern tier of the U.S.have sighted a monstrous triangle going at a spectacular speed. We will have more when we get the reports from the FAA tapes.
  • Guest... Chris Carter, producer of the X-Files in the first hour. Harsh Realm, his newest show, has been canceled after only three shows. Chris is considering a second X-Files movie. They discuss the Nov 7th show called "The Sixth Extinction."
  • Chris says he started shows like X-files and Millenium because he felt there was no longer any really scary shows on anymore, like "Kolchak, The Night Stalker" a show he liked when he was young.
  • 2nd hour...Guest, Uri Geller, a telepathic from Israel, talks about his predictions for the future. He believes that if everyone prays for peace, eventually it will come. He does not believe in the doomsayers predictions that the world is about to end. He tells some interesting stories of times He was asked to use his Powers. He has a weekly column in the London Times and He says he wrote an article about Art in it last week. Uri hopes someday with the power of our minds we will be able to neutralize nuclear weapons.
  • 3rd hour...Uri asks listeners to bring battery operated broken watches,clocks or other small appliances to the radio so that He can make them work. Listeners call in and tell of watches and a TV that are now working. Another caller reports that as he was driving home, his fog lights started working on his car.
  • 4th hour...Uri has everyone give a few intense moments of thought to influence Jane Seymour to come on Art's show tomorrow. He then tells of some more unusual events that have happened to him in the past. Uri mentions that he is using the SETI screensaver. Art asks Uri about life after death. Art takes more calls.
  • 5th hour... Open lines

10/25/99 Mon/Tue

  • Stewart.... Payne Stewart was killed when his Lear jet malfuctioned yesterday. Art goes over the story.
  • IMF.... The gentleman Richard Hoagland spoke of on his last appearance from the International Monetary Fund has had a heart attack. Art reiterates how many guests of his has had heart trouble in recent months.
  • UK.... Art reads a story from the UK that reports A city council believes it may have proof that ghosts exists after security cameras captured ghostly apparitions in the ground of that museum.
  • Ghost to Ghost.... Tonight's program is a live Ghost to Ghost show because Art will be out of town over the Halloween weekend.
  • In the 2nd hour Art reads a ghost story from the Examiner about a clock stopping when it's caretaker died. Ghost stories continue. In the 3rd hour, Art reads a story from a listener about his uncle's NDE. In the last hour a caller who works in a year round haunted house calls in with a good one.

10/24/99 Sun/Mon

  • Philip Clarke hosts and has author Victor Sanchez as his guest tonight. Victor has written a book titled, "Toltecs of the New Millennium". Victor begins by telling us who the Toltecs were. Phillip asks Victor if he has any personal experience with 'magic'.

10/24/99 Dreamland

  • 1st hour.... Linda Howe begins with her report, updating us on the West Nile virus, massive bird deaths and the deaths of children in Peru whom were accidently poisoned when the pot their powdered milk was mixed in wasn't cleaned properly. It had previously been used to mix insecticides.
  • Guest.... The president of the Holy Shroud Task Force, John Iannone, joins Whitley at the bottom of the hour. This task force is a national organization working to protect the Shroud. John brings us up to date on stunning new discoveries that virtually authenticate the Shroud. He has written a book called: The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin. John begins by explaining what the Shroud is.
  • 2nd hour.... John tells us about the techniques available today that can bring out the image better. Whitley asks John to tells us about the Shroud back in 1888 and why it caught the interest of the scientific world. Later in the hour, Whitley and John discuss the scientific evidence that convinces Whitley this image is the image of Christ. John begins with the blood images.
  • 3rd hour.... John and Whitley talk about a carbon 14 test done in 1988 on the Shroud. There were 3 laboratories selected to run these. Results were that the Shroud came from around 1260 to 1390. John refutes these results. Phone calls are taken this hour.

10/23/99 Sat/Sun

  • 1st hour.... Hilly plays the entire song, "Why Worry about Y2K". Then Hilly reads a fax from a listener concerned with chemtrails over Beaverton, Oregon. Hilly has a listener on the air to relate his sighting of chemtrails and what has convinced him that there are jets spraying the air with something. Hilly mentions all the strange discoveries in the past week, the dinosaur fossils, the wooly mammoth, and a creature that washed up on shore in Alaska brought to Hilly's attention by fax. Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Hilly's guest is James Arthur, author of "The Mushroom Man" who is an Ethnomycologist. He will discuss with Hilly the history of magical plants and sacramental substances. James begins by explaining what a ethnomycologist is. James talks about how we share the universe with other spiritual consciousnesses. Later in the hour, Hilly and James discuss how shaman used mushrooms in healing the sick.
  • 3rd hour.... James talks about the Hindu plant God. Hilly asks James about his trips to Egypt and how they relate to his studies of mushrooms. Phone calls are taken this hour. A caller asks James about reincarnation. James talks about the molecular structure of the mushroom and their dimension of consciousness.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly asks about the Native American use of peyote. Hilly asks James about sacramental substances and which are actually illegal to use. Phone calls continue this hour. Later in the hour, a caller who has had experiences with ingesting mushrooms discusses these with James and the theme gets very spiritual. James tells us one mushroom experience can gain us tremendous knowledge and Hilly asks the caller how he has changed since his mushroom experience.
  • 5th hour.... A caller asks James about drug users , those who use the synthetic stuff, if they were to use mushrooms, could it be kind of a cure and finally find what they have been looking for in their use of drugs. James talks about a substance that can be a miracle cure for people who have addictions to opiates, cocaine, cigarettes etc. that has been covered up. Later in the hour a caller from the pacific northwest discusses the gathering of mushrooms in his area and how it is policed.

10/21/99 Thu/Fri

  • 1st hour.... Art begins by reviewing new photos posted under latest site additions.
  • Guest.... Linda Moulton Howe reports on the death of 27000 birds dead over 20 acres in Illinois. The cause was determined to be deliberate poisoning. Linda plays an interview with a photographer from the scene. Linda also updates us on the West Nile Virus. Linda also reports on the death of sea life in our oceans.
  • 2nd hour.... Richard C. Hoagland joins Art this hour. They discuss the recent discovery of a wooly mammoth in a ice block. Richard goes through what he thinks the process will be with this specimen. After the bottom of the hour break, Art and Richard discuss new and unusual behavior exhibited by President Clinton. Richard talks about the last press conference Clinton held and when he exited the conference he was locked out of the White House. Richard talks about Clinton at the AFL-CIO meeting where he was supposed to be tooting Al Gore's horn but instead talked about what it would be like if he held a third term.
  • 3rd hour.... Art received a communication from Dr. Bruce Goldberg about the bet he has with Art about the lack of any 7. earthquakes before the year 2012. Open lines commences for this hour. The visibility of the Northern Lights due to a geomagnetic storm is the main topic throughout the program.
  • 4th hour.... A trucker calls from Kansas saying he is getting a pretty good show with the Northern Lights. A caller from Washington says he can't see anything. Art plays the introduction from the new ZZ Top album that has Ross Mitchell's voice on it. After the bottom of the hour break a caller relates her OBE and Art suggests she rent the movie The Haunting.
  • 5th hour.... Art asks listeners from Anchorage and Fairbanks to try and take some photos of the Northern Lights and send them on. Open lines continues.

10/20/99 Wed/Thu

  • Open lines.... Tonight's program is open lines all night with a special line reserved for anyone that is a member of a secret society or a disenfranchised member.
  • Hose.... Hurricane Hose is ripping off roofs and tearing down churches in the Carribean. Art leaves a line open for callers in this area. Forecasters think Hose will swing North and miss the U.S.
  • Caucus.... Louisiana changed its caucus date to January 15th, before the traditional Iowa caucus.
  • Health.... Menengitis (sic) warnings are out, recommending all college students be vaccinated.
  • Quickening.... Art discusses his book "The Quickening" and how many of the things he wrote about are already happening.
  • Fax.... A listener faxes Art telling him scientists have sent light into the future as a kind of time machine.
  • UPI... A UPI story reports that the U.S. is 25 to 30 years behind in developing a vaccine against biological weapons.
  • Masonry.... A listener sent Art the history of Masonry and Art reads some excerpts.
  • Afterlife.... After the bottom of the hour break, Art tells us that when he dies he is going to come back and provide us with proof of an after life and asks the audience for suggestions on how to show his ghostly face.
  • Open lines.... Open lines commences with the first caller from St. Thomas giving us a weather report. The second caller claims to be a master Mason.
  • 2nd hour.... Another master Mason calls in and refutes the first mason caller and Art agrees that some of his answers didn't ring right. A caller from the 1st United Ocerian Chapter of the Followers of Horace discusses his organization with Art. Later in the hour a woman from the Order of the Eastern Star calls Art. She likens her group to the Woman's auxillary of Masons.
  • 3rd hour.... The first caller this hour says he is not a Mason but knows everything about them and asks Art what he wants to know about Masons. A member of The Mystical Order of the Declawed Gerbils tries to talk with Art, but he doesn't buy it. Later in the hour, another member of the Eastern Star calls in.
  • 4th hour.... A member of the Solar temple talks with Art. Another caller discusses 2 societies with Art, the society of Jason and the society of the Quest, two societies that will initiate armageddon and a New World Order. . Later in the hour, Art reads to this caller a report from the BBC news about the New World Order.
  • 5th hour.... A member of the Illuminati talks with Art this hour. She tells Art that Hillary Clinton is the "Mother of Darkness". A caller discusses the National Network of Government Mind Control Slaves with Art. These people have departmentalized brains that serve many purposes. After the bottom of the hour break, this same caller says he is going to reveal the anti-christ. He says it is Prince Charles of Wales, which draws a groan from Art.

10/19/99 Tue/Wed

  • 1st Hour... Art begins by describing Friday night's earthquake, which was felt by Art and Ramona. The epicenter was in Joshua Tree, California. Arts' thoughts during the quake were (1) will they survive it and (2) if this is coming from far away, it is the big one and there are alot of people dying right now. Jim Berkland, a geologist and earth quake predictor, joins Art this hour to continue the discussion of earthquakes. There was a 25 mile earth crack with an offset of 12 feet found. Later in the hour, Art reminds us of a bet he should have taken with Dr. Bruce Goldberg, who earlier in the year told Art there will be no more 7 point quakes til after the year 2012. Art asks Jim what would have happened if this quake had occurred under LA. Jim predicts the next quake will happen between December 22 and 29, 1999. Art asks Jim about the Mexico earthquake and how quakes tend to move north and if this is normal.
  • 2nd hour.... Art talks about hurricane Hugo threatening Puerto Rico. Art congratulates the Atlanta Braves who are on their way to the World Series.
  • Guest.... Laurie Jacobson joins Art this hour to discuss ghosts and particularly Hollywood ghosts. Laurie tells us ghosts stick around for many human reasons. Art asks Laurie if having your spirit trapped in a repetitive thing here on Earth would be more like hell. Laurie gives an example of a studio security guard that still patrols his beat in death. Art asks Laurie if she believes in the biblical version of heaven. Laurie tends to believe we get sent back down. Later in the hour, Art asks Laurie what happens to children that haven't reached the age of understanding yet, when they die.
  • 3rd hour.... Art talks with Laurie about the ghost photos posted and how some ghosts can be captured by a camera. Art asks Laurie if there are dimensions we go through when we die. Laurie talks about the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood that seems to be the entry way for the spirits. Later in the hour, Laurie tells us Ozzie Nelson still hounds the sound stage they filmed his TV show at. Art asks Laurie about NDE's. Art asks Laurie about people who die by drug overdose and if this affects the spirit as far as the transition process. Art tells Laurie of his interview with Harlot and how she said a person could take their innocent child to hell with them.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls are taken this hour with Laurie talking about people who have violent deaths are actually energy hanging around, not a spirit. Laurie uses Sharon Tate as an example. Later in the hour, a caller relates a ghost story that happened in the Variety Art Center. Art asks Laurie about Marilyn Monroe and what she knows about her.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines finishes out tonight's program with the main topics being the scientists who want to drill under the Antarctic, the mini big bang and Friday's earthquake.

10/17/99 Sun/Mon

  • 1st hour.... Barbara Simpson discusses near death experiences with Dr. P.M.H. Atwater. Barbara is especially interested in children who have experienced NDEs. Dr. Atwater tells us she had 3 NDEs in 3 months. She uses police investigative techniques to research and report on others' experiences. Dr. Atwater explains how she conducted her interviews to write her books.
  • 2nd hour... Barbara asks Dr. Atwater how she found the children she interviewed in her books. Dr. Atwater tells us of one child's NDE when she was just 9 days old and had to have surgery. Later in the hour, Dr Atwater tells us that children described 3 types of light during their NDEs.
  • 3rd hour... Phone calls are taken this hour. Dr. Atwater talks with a caller who feels he has a spirit looking over him which is that of a child he was caring for when the child died. Later in the hour, Dr. Atwater tells us that most NDE experiencers talk about some mission they have when they return and some begin to have psychic episodes. Another caller asks Dr. Atwater her feelings on demonic beings and if they have a role.
  • 4th hour... A caller asks Dr. Atwater if she can explain NDEs without using any religious terminology. After the bottom of the hour break, open lines commences and a caller talks about our souls journey through many planes and talks about the year 2013.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines continues for the remainder of the program. A caller who experienced 3 NDEs as a child talks with Barbara. Another caller discusses a comment by Dr. Atwater about the sun being the last plant the soul visits before coming to Earth. Later in the hour a caller discusses constellations and the teachings of Zacharia Sitchin.

10/17/99 Sun Dreamland

  • 1st hour.... Linda Howe begins the program with her report. She has an update on the encephalitis virus and a report on sightings in the sky above Florida. Linda plays an interview with a Sheriff's Deputy who saw this light in the sky above Sarasota county. Whitley and Linda discuss how reentering booster rockets seems to be the new excuse for UFOs like weather balloons were in the 40's.
  • Bill Mallow joins Whitley at the bottom of the hour. Bill was a staff scientist at Southwest Research. He accompanied Whitley and others to Texas to meet with a rancher and his daughter who discovered a small crop circle. Samples were taken that show that something anomalous took place there in south Texas.
  • 2nd hour.... Martha Beck joins Whitley this hour. She is a Harvard-educated skeptic who decided to have a Downs Syndrome child instead of an abortion, and entered a new world of psychic discovery. She wrote a book called Expecting Adam: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic. Whitley asks Martha to expand on her paranormal experiences she had from the moment of conception.
  • 3rd hour.... Martha tells us about the conversation she had with a psychic about Adam. The psychic told her Adam was an angel. Phone calls are taken this hour. A caller asks Martha if the experiences she has described could be her going into the fourth dimension. Martha talks about dolphin therapy and Whitley reads a part from her book about this and asks Martha to elaborate.

10/16/99 Sat/Sun

  • Guest.... Richard Haines, a scientist who has worked with NASA for 28 years, is an author, and has the world's largest collection of UFO sightings, joins Hilly for the first 2 hours. Hilly begins by reading a passage from Richard's book, Project Delta to set the stage. Hilly asks Richard why he is speaking out about these sightings and why they haven't made the front page of the New York Times. Later in the hour, Richard talks about the chapter in his book dealing with the nature of response by the UFO when confronted by human contact and vice versa. Richard tells us of an interview of a soldier who saw a UFO that emitted a light which scanned across the ground.
  • 2nd hour.... Hilly asks Richard to tells us of a couple of his more exciting sightings he has detailed in his book. One happened in Oklahoma City in 1954 where several US jets tried to chase down 14 UFOs at once. Another sighting in 1952 involved 10 UFOs that continually changed formation. Phone calls are taken this hour with one caller asking if these sightings could very well be angelic manifestations and Richard says no he feels they are technology.
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly delves into some Y2K related stories. A listener faxes Hilly saying Air traffic controllers in his state were shown a video on emergency procedures even though they say they are Y2K compliant. Later in the hour, while technical problems with the phone lines are ironed out, hilly reads the story about the lost island of Atlantis actually being well above ground. Phone calls are taken with a caller discussing UFOs and scriptures being compatible. He says UFOs are not alien, but demonic.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly says he is turning the remainder of the program over to the callers. A caller discusses the publics' reactions to troops marching down our streets if marshal law was put in effect. A caller from Alaska talks about his neck of the woods being Y2K everyday.
  • 5th hour.... Dana Ray, the guy who wrote the Y2K song Hilly plays and the song about if your going to be abducted please don't let it be the greys calls in to talk to Hilly. Dana also relates his own UFO story. Open lines continues. A caller talks to Hilly about an Y2K special on TV sponsored by AT&T.

10/14/99 Thu/Fri

  • Starr.... Starr may step down next week and that will be it, the investigation winding down but continuing with one of Starr's assistants taking over.
  • Israel.... Israel will be releasing 150 Palestinian prisoners as part of the continuing peace process.
  • Irene.... Hurricane Irene began it's drive toward the Florida Keys. 20 inches of rain expected.
  • Seattle... Art reads a story about a fire breathing woman dancing topless on an electrical tower near a freeway. This one puzzles Art.
  • Flare.... There is an x class flare underway on our sun.
  • UFO.... Art reads an article saying 2 local Navajo police officers chased a UFO in Arizona described as a circular disk emitting a cone of light directed to the ground. Art says this is like the traditional picture of a UFO with the light and all.
  • Europa.... Art reads a story about the discovery of an ionosphere on Europa by NASA's galileo.
  • Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Richard C. Hoagland and Dr. Tom Van Flandern join Art this hour. Art begins by clearing up a rumor heard by a caller in the first hour where Tom said the face on Mars is artificial. Art asks Richard about a CBS report that says the Russian States have 23,000 nuclear warheads and we only have 12,000. Art and Tom continue to discuss the atmosphere of Mars after the bottom of the hour break. Richard talks about NASA's inventory of only one or two samples from the moon, and Art asks Richard what differentiates a moon rock from an earth rock.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and his guests discuss the X-class flare now happening on the sun. Art asks Tom what he thinks of the plans scientists have to recreate a mini big bang. Art asks Richard to recap the story of the Coral Castle in Florida before he gives us an update.
  • 4th hour.... Art asks Tom whether there were indeed anomalous objects sighted during the last eclipse. Richard talks about an image taken from MIR of objects over Turkey. After the bottom of the hour break, Art says as far as he is concerned the November 7th prediction is nothing more than disinformation. Art asks Tom about the word that there is a new planet that has been discovered. Tom tells us this is not actually a planet but that a shower of comets has been disturbed.
  • 5th hour.... Art asks Tom what causes a planet to explode and Tom gives us 3 or 4 theories. Phone calls are taken for Art's guests. A caller asks Richard if he feels there is a connection between hyperdimensional physics and radionic devices. After the bottom of the hour break Art tells his guests about the meeting Joe Firmage was having and how NASA was so concerned it sent the FBI to see if there were disclosures being made about propulsion systems. Richard reads his own report on this subject. Phone calls continue with a caller asking if his mother will be safe in Houston if there is an impact on November 7th. Richard tells us the 3 strikes zones for the supposed impacts.

10/13/99 Wed/Thu

  • Treaty.... A landmark treaty to ban nuclear testing was thrown out by the Senate today. A defeat for the President, but Art says maybe a victory for us.
  • Ramsey.... No one will be indicted in the Jon Bennet Ramsey case. barring new evidence, it is over. The Ramseys maintain their innocence.
  • AFLCIO... The AFL-CIO has given Al Gore their endorsement, saying he is a supporter of working families and a champion of our unions.
  • Buchanan.... Pat Buchanan is going to make a major announcement on Oct 25, seeking the Reform party nomination.
  • Colt.... Colt is getting out of the handgun business because of lawsuits against the gun manufacturing industry.
  • N. Korea.... Art discusses a story where we were very close to war with N. Korea five years ago and was never told.
  • Mexico... Art tells us that his biggest fear has always been being swallowed by the Earth. Art reads an AP story from Mexico entitled 'Village Swallowed By Earthquake'.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour with the first caller being the guy who thinks the sun will turn into a super nova. He says Clinton sent two men to kill him. Art really needles him about his story. After the break a caller talks about the JFK Jr. plane crash.
  • 2nd hour.... Author and UFO researcher, Ellen Crystall, joins Art to discuss her book about her encounters with aliens. Ellen begins with her first experience in 1971 in Hollywood. Art and Ellen discuss the town of Pine Brush and why it is such a hot spot. After the break, Art asks Ellen to explain her statement that she was close enough to a UFO to touch it.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks Ellen about the picture of the alien on her book cover and how close it resembles the alien she saw. Art asks Ellen what happens when you are so close to an alien being. Art asks Ellen if people who want to be abducted are more likely to be and doesn't she feel she is a good candidate for being abducted. Later in the hour, Ellen says there are symptoms that go along with abductions and Art convinces her to tell us a few.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads a few emails with pro and con opinions on Ellen's experiences. Art opens the phone lines for callers with questions for Ellen. A caller asks Ellen about the eye movements of the alien she saw as he tries to relate it to the Star Child. Ellen asks the caller what a star child is and he tells her it is the name of the skeletal remains of an infant found in a mine shaft in Mexico, the skull had very unusual anatomical features similar to what Ellen has described. Art talks about how there is alot of military installations in the Southwest so many sightings are attributed to this.
  • 5th hour.... Open Lines finishes out tonight's program.

10/12/99 Tue/Wed

  • Wilt.... Wilt Chamberlain died today at the age of 63. He did have a history of heart trouble. Wilt always claimed to have had 20,000 women. Art says he dunked more women than baskets.
  • Pakistan.... The leader of Pakistan is under house arrest and the military has taken over. The U.S. hasn't has much to say yet. Art thinks the General that took over was in disagreement of withdrawing military troops from the Cashmere area.
  • Terence.... Art gives us an update on Terence McKenna and his recent surgery and gene therapy. There is a link under News Headlines. Art talks about the 'great experiment' with Terence.
  • Firmage.... Joe Firmage is going to have a meeting with some people of the scientific community about propulsion systems and NASA is very interested. Art wonders why the Feds are concerned.
  • y2k.... Art reads a Y2K related news story minimizing what may occur. A listener who works at a power plant says there is nothing being done for Y2K at his plant because they don't know what to fix. From the L.A. Times Art reads a story about computer problems when checking drivers licenses', child services etc.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour with Fritz being the first caller talking about last Sunday's Dreamland. Another caller asks about Mel's hole. Art says he has received an email from Mel from Australia. After the bottom of the hour break, Art tells us that one of the super computers that reports to the National Weather Service has burned up.
  • 2nd hour.... Linda Moulton Howe joins Art this hour with many updates. She begins with an update on the virus in New York. Linda interviews Dr. Ian Lipton on the virus now called the West Nile Fever. Art asks Linda why this virus infects both birds and people. Art asks Linda if it is discovered that human engineering has developed this virus, will we ever be told?
  • 3rd hour.... Linda reports on arctic ice melting and the plans some scientists have to drill under the ice looking for life. Linda interviews John Costello, a professor of environmental science about fungi and bacteria found in ice. After the bottom of the hour break, Linda interviews Howard Conway, a geophysicist, on this subject.
  • 4th hour.... Art tells us of a new ghost photograph now posted. Art plays an old song and asks the audience to pay attention to the words. Open lines finishes out the program tonight with a caller commenting on the viruses in glacial ice. Art complains about his phone service and a callers cell phone. A caller offers a movie poster from "Somewhere in Time" to Art and asks Art for an update on Steve Bassett's letter writing campaign.
  • 5th hour.... Art talks about the rate of development in Pahrump. Art talks with a caller about the music he has been collecting recently. Some of the interviews Linda played are discussed. Another caller asks about Comet Lee and Art tells him this will be discussed on Thursday's program with Richard Hoagland. After the bottom of the hour break a caller discusses with Art when the new millennium actually starts. Another caller discusses a disease he caught that eats at your organs and embeds in your spinal cord and then he tells Art he was given drug X. He tells Art about abductions he experienced as a child.

10/10/99 Sun/Mon

  • Guest.... Thomas Petrisko joins guest host Barbara Simpson to discuss the Fatima Prophecies. Barbara begins by asking Thomas if her original concept of Fatima, being Mary appearing to children, is wrong. Barbara asks Thomas to explain the difference between a vision and an apparition, and if there have been more visions of Mary than say, of saints. Later in the hour Thomas tells us that the Catholic church regards Fatima as a legitimate miracle and Barbara and Thomas discuss the children involved.
  • 2nd hour.... Barbara asks Thomas what the families of these children thought about their experience. Thomas talks about some of the anti-christ predictions. Phone calls are taken in this hour with a caller asking Thomas about the Bible Code book.
  • 3rd hour... Thomas talks of visions from mystics about war between the super powers. Thomas tells us the visionaries are saying God is talking to us through the virgin Mary. Thomas talks about this millennia being a millennia of genocide. Phone calls continue this hour. A caller asks Thomas if the 1914 events of Fatima could have been an Extra Terrestrial event.
  • 4th hour.... Barbara talks about an article in a business newspaper about UFOs and has Matt Deer on this hour to discuss a meeting being held on Oct 12 of the scientific community hosted by Joe Firmage. Later in the hour open lines commences with a caller saying she knows the 3rd secret of Fatima and it happened in the 1960's with the passing of Vatican II.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines continues with the first caller discussing crop circles. Another caller relates a vision she had concerning the church.

10/10/99 Sun Dreamland

  • Welcome... Whitley welcomes stations KPEL in Lafayette, LA., KGVO in Missoula, MT. and KTTL in Casper, WO.
  • Howe.... Linda Howe begins the program with a report on the 'dead zone', the aftermath of hurricane Floyd.
  • Klimo.... A listener emailed Whitley about last weeks Dreamland which was about spirit voices. She says there was a spirit voice apparent on the archives of that show. John Klimo again joins Whitley this week to discuss this and Whitley plays the section of the program in question.
  • 2nd hour.... Sam Sherman, a film producer, joins Whitley this hour and he will discuss the audio tape he made from scrambled data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act of an actual UFO chase by Edwards Air Force Base fighters. We'll hear excerpts and also learn more about startling UFO video in Sherman's possession.
  • 3rd hour.... Sam talks about March Field and the possibility of an E.T. craft stored there. Sam drops another bombshell this hour of something that happened in the summer of 1995 where Sam's director disappeared and was found murdered and entombed on his property.

10/09/99 Sat/Sun

  • UFO.... Hilly congratulates the UFO reporting center on its 25th anniversary.
  • Guests.... Many guests join Hilly to discuss the 'Kennewick man', and the importance of the Kennewick man, 9003 year old remains. First up is Mike Lee who is a reporter from the Tri-City Herald, a newspaper which covers Kennewick. Mike tells us how the remains were discovered on land owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. After the bottom of the hour break, Dutch Meier, from the Army Corp of Engineers joins Hilly to tell us how they got involved in this battle for possession of the Kennewick man remains.
  • 2nd hour.... Stephanie Hanna, from the U.S. Dept of the Interior joins Hilly in the beginning of this hour to explain why her department is interested in the Kennewick man. Hilly asks Stephanie if she agrees with the Indians when they say anything older than 600 years old belongs to them. After the bottom of the hour break, Hilly reads some of the opinions of the Umatilla Indian Tribe because the scheduled representative decided not to appear on the program tonight. The spiritual leader of the Asatru Folk Assembly, Stephen McNallen joins Hilly to discuss his interests in the Kennewick man.
  • 3rd hour.... Stephen McNallen continues with Hilly this hour. Hilly asks Stephen what he considers a religion and if his religion has a God. Stephen tells us that he feels the U.S. government does not want the Kennewick man to be identified as having European heritage. After the hour of the break hilly opens the phone lines for questions for Stephen.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly reads a fax from a heathen/anthropologist disagreeing with some of Stephens opinions for his comments. A caller living on an Indian reservation calls to discuss the different way of thinking indigenous people have. Another caller discusses Indian legends about red headed giants and white people and maybe white people were here first.
  • 5th hour.... Hilly asks Stephen about the 'Atlantic' migration and to explain how feels Caucasians got here. Later in the hour Stephen tries to cover some things quickly before the end of the program. He calls the Kennewick man the Roswell of American anthropology. Stephen tells us that work that has already been done is being held secret.

10/07/99 Thu/Fri

  • 1st hour.... Colm Kelleher, from NIDS, joins Art this hour to tell us of some of the calls they have received on their new hotline. Colm tells us of a report from September the 17th in Oklahoma where two people driving in a car spotted a triangular craft that looked like it was searching for something. Colm says there have been no patterns yet but hopes as their database grows, patterns will appear. Art asks Colm if any cases from the hotline has turned up any physical evidence. The hot line number is 702-798-1700. Art asks Colm if he has heard anything about the rumor that some event will happen in November. Colm says they are receiving a lot of calls from retired military people who have been reporting sightings from the past.
  • 2nd hour.... Stan and Holly Deyo join Art this hour to discuss their new book about worsening weather and preparedness. Art asks Holly to tell us what they have in the book that will help people. Stan tells us that off the northeast coast of America there is a blue circle of intense cold (like a sinkhole) in the ocean about as big as NY state. Stan has seen this before in the Indian ocean.
  • 3rd hour.... Art talks about a picture in Holly's book of meteor impacts. Stan talks about increased activity on the sun and the school of thoughts to predict when it will peak out. Holly tells us that she has received alot of email from folks saying if they get through y2k, they will be okay, but Holly says there are things coming that will make Y2k look like a cake walk. Phone calls are taken this hour for Stan and Holly.
  • 4th hour.... Stan talks a little about biblical prophecies. Art asks how prevalent the situation in E. Timor is to Australia and the American presence in Australia is discussed. The possibility of war tumbling over into Australia is discussed. After the bottom of the hour break Art reads an Internet report pertaining to the rumors about an event in November and asks Stan his opinion.
  • 5th hour.... Art asks Stan how he likes living next to a volcano. Phone calls dominate this hour with the first caller asking Holly what we should be investing in, gold, silver, food or antibiotics. A caller tells Art executive orders are in place for martial law. Doomsday scenarios are discussed.

10/06/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour.... Art begins by reading a Matt Drudge report which says Phil Hendrie is being groomed to replace Art if Art pulls the plug on his program. Art denies this report and feels the person who started this rumor is back in the Northeast somewhere. You can read this report under News Headlines.
  • Waco.... Art asks us if we remember agents playing the song, "These Boots Are Made for Walking" at the Waco compound. He plays the song and asks us to listen carefully to the lyrics. Art feels they are quite chilling when you remember what happened at Waco.
  • Guest.... Peter Gersten joins Art this hour to discuss a big print ad by RJ Reynolds for Winston. The ad said among other things, 'If aliens are smart enough to travel through space, why do they keep abducting the dumbest people on Earth'. Art wonders why RJ Reynolds would dare say something like that. Peter tells us he called the advertising department to ask them why this ad was published and how they thought it was going to sell more cigarettes. They said they would get back to him in 4 to 6 weeks. Peter said the ad is objectionable but not actionable. After the bottom of the hour break, Peter tells us of an email he got from Bob Bigelow on this subject. Art officially invites RJ Reynolds to come on the program and explain this ad.
  • 2nd hour.... Steve Grohman, an ordained minister, joins Art this hour to discuss creation. Art asks Steve how he handles the new carbon dating techniques. Steve talks about the bible describing prehistoric animals. Art asks Steve about a story he read a while back about a man who found some dinosaur eggs, put them in a metal shed for the night, and they hatched and split through the metal by morning.
  • 3rd hour.... Art gives Steve a 'Contact' scenario and asks him if the question posed to Jodie Foster was appropriate. Steve explains why an alien would never show up on the White House lawn with a bible in its hand. Later in the hour, Art opens the phone lines and Steve discusses traveling in space with a caller. Art asks Steve why a Buddhist, (as an example) who has been a good person etc. would go to hell.
  • 4th/5th hour.... Open lines finishes out tonight's program. Art talks about his OBE with a caller. Another caller asks about Terrence McKenna. A caller asks Art about amateur radio antennas. Art talks about his disagreements with tonight's guest. A caller relates an experience to Art where she claims she went to the 5th dimension. Pamela calls again but tries to behave, and tells Art he was wrong in his statement last night about testosterone having anything to do with a man's sex drive.

10/05/99 Tue/Wed

  • Japan.... The Japanese company has promised to pay for all damage caused by the nuclear accident.
  • House.... The House passed a 12.6 billion dollar 2000 fiscal year foreign aid bill, but the white House is threatening to veto it because we are not giving enough away.
  • London.... 26 dead because two London commuter trains collided.
  • ZZ Top... Art says there is a new ZZTop CD out with Art's announcer, Ross Mitchell, on it doing his coast to coast spiel.
  • Nordberg.... John Nordberg, who predicted the last Mexican quake, now predicts the next one will be between 10/6 and 10/12.
  • Y2K.... Art reads a report on how the U.S. will be watching other countries, like Australia and New Zealand on New Years Eve, for any early signs of Y2K problems.
  • CNN.... CNN called Art today and offered to film the radio show on New Years Eve. Art declined. He will begin the show 2 hours earlier on Dec. 31st. Art really hasn't decided what is going to happen with Y2K, whether it will be a big happening or a big yawn.
  • Gulf... The Gulf Stream ocean current has changed course in the north Atlantic. Art talks about how this relates to the book, Super Storm, he and Whitley wrote.
  • Atlantis... A Rueters report says the continent of Atlantis may actually sit 12,000 feet above sea level in Bolivia.
  • UFO.... Randy faxes Art about a sighting he had that is similar to Art's sighting in the past.
  • NFL.... Art is happy the NFL brought back the instant replay.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Two dream interpreters, Katya Romanoff and Laurie Quinn Loewenberg join Art this hour. Katya says every dream has a message, and Art asks her how she can prove that. Art tells his guests he doesn't like to dream because it feels like work instead of rest. Katya tells us what we repress during the day comes out when we sleep. Later in the hour, Art asks Katya if people have precognitive dream and Katya explains the rules for a dream to be considered precognitive.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks his guests if they believe in OBEs, reincarnation and if they think the soul survives physical death. Art tells his guests about his OBE. Art opens the phone lines. The first caller asks Katya about his dream of a tiger that doesn't hurt him but does hurt other people. Later in the hour, Art and his guests talk about how you can wake up and a problem is solved. Einstein came up with the theory of relativity from a dream and Thomas Edison kept track of his dreams to help his inventiveness.
  • 4th hour.... Art asks Laurie how you become a certified dream interpreter. Art reads a fax from a listener who dreams of kidnaping people, killing them and then eating them. Katya tells us that murders in our dream mean killing parts of ourselves and losing our wholeness. Phone calls continue with one caller relating an OBE. Art asks his guests about going to sleep drunk as opposed to sober or stoned. Katya explains how drugs alter our dreams.
  • 5th hour.... Art has open lines this last hour. The first caller talks about computers becoming obsolete so quickly, Y2k or not. Later in the hour, a caller asks about Terrence McKenna.

10/03/99 Sun/Mon

  • 1st hour.... Barbara Simpson hosts tonight with Dr. Larry Dossey as her guest. The topic is the mind and healing. Dr. Dossey tells us a little about himself and his motivations for getting into the medical field. Dr. Dossey tells of patients being prayed for by people all over the world before operations. He tells us these people had much less side effects after procedures.
  • 2nd hour.... Barbara and Dr. Dossey talk about his latest book and he explains the three eras of healing. Phone calls are taken with a caller from the World Institute for World Peace talking about a mass prayer experiment to be held on New years Eve. Another caller talks about spontaneous combustion of people.
  • 3rd hour... Dr. Dossey talks about physicians that are now sending him their dreams and he relates several stories. Phone calls continue with a caller asking about mind control healing over muscles and Barbara talks about Russian athletes using these techniques for their Olympic training. The power of stones and their connection to the human mind is touched on.
  • 4th/5th hour.... Barbara tells us of a quake that just occurred in the waters surrounding Japan. No damage reports yet. Barbara talks about the quake in Mexico, the loss of the orbiter and has open lines for this hour and the next.

10/03/99 Sun Dreamland

  • Howe.... Linda Howe's report begins the program. Cat mutilations is the main topic.
  • Ghosts will be the topic tonight, Catherine Cook, Foundation Former Director of the Mind-Science Foundation, and John Klimo will be discussing amazing scientific evidence that ghosts may not only be real, but there may be technologies that enable us to communicate with them.
  • 2nd hour.... John Klimo will play some actual voices that may be from the other side, and explain how he obtained them.
  • 3rd hour.... Dr. Roger Leir joins Whitley this hour. Dr. Leir gives some tips on how to tell if you have had an implant put in you. Later in the hour, a boy named Mac tells us of his abduction experience that occurred right around the same time there were sightings reported in the Pacific Northwest.

10/2/99 Sat/Sun

  • Y2k Report.... Hilly begins with a Y2k report out of Portland, Maine where authorities are not releasing a y2k report they commissioned to the public. Some of the reasons were that criminals would find out where law enforcement would be concentrated and people may stockpile certain items.
  • NASA.... Hilly reads the recent release from NASA on the reason the Mars orbiter was lost.
  • Hollow Earth.... Hilly talks about last week's guest who spoke of the possibility of a hollow Earth and all the scientists who tapped into the Art Bell web page for more details.
  • 1st hour.... Astronomy correspondent for the Toronto Star, Terence Dickinson, joins Hilly this hour to discuss, among other things, the triangular lights sighted recently. Terence tells us he has seen these lights since 1996. Terence explains that these lights are Navy satellites. Hilly asks Terence why reports in Newsweek are saying our satellites are slowing down. Terence tells Hilly he doesn't believe the latest NASA excuse on why we lost the orbiter.
  • 2nd hour... John Rappoport joins Hilly this hour with a complete wrap up on the info the FBI has on who bombed the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City. Hilly begins by asking John if Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were "patsies". Before continuing on this subject, Hilly asks John to tell the story about how Nye county, where Art broadcasts from, wants to separate from the U. S. so they can control their own land. Later in the hour Hilly asks Terence about the ATF employees on the ninth floor who were warned about a bomb scare and did not have to come to work if they didn't want to and none were injured in the explosion.
  • 3rd hour.... John reads portions of a statement from an anonymous military source who conducted his own independent investigation of the bombing. John talks of Terry Nichols' trips to the Philippines. Later in the hour, John talks about Don Browning, a police bomb squad member who said the bomb had a middle east quality and how the rescue was held up for hours while important documents were recovered from the rubble first.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls are taken this hour for John. A caller asks John about a picture from the Soldier of Fortune magazine of a person who greatly resembled McVeigh flanking an FBI agent in the WACO aftermath. Later in the hour, John talks about undercover agents who had leads that were ignored. Hilly asks John about the suspicions that the government was involved in the bombing.
  • 5th hour.... Hilly reads John a question from a listener about the fact that the vaccination records for Gulf War veterans were stored in the Alfred P. Murrah building. The topic then touches on Gulf War syndrome and the anthrax vaccinations. Phone calls finish out tonight's program. A Mercenary calls in with some info on Timothy McVeigh being in Manila.