10/30/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Ghosts.... Art begins by reading a letter from a listener in Oregon who sent along a photo, which is posted on the web page, of a practice fire being set by the fire department. In the photo you can see the image of an indian warrior.
  • Big News.... Art delays Ghost to Ghost AM for a few minutes to report news relating to the SETI hit reported last week which Art feels is a second confirmation of the signal. Richard Hoagland comes on with his opinions, saying this could be a very historical event.
  • Ghost story.... After the bottom of the hour break, Art returns with a true ghost story about the death of an Egyptian Princess and the men who were involved with her burial. Art then takes calls for Ghost to Ghost AM.
  • 2nd Hour.... At the top of the second hour, Art recaps the news about the signal and Richard Hoagland again joins Art for discussion. The evening continues with a mixture of ghost stories and updates on the recently received signal. Seth Shostak joins Art to discuss the signals.

10/29/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Glenn.... John Glenn is back in space after a successful launch.
  • Time Traveler.... Art reads a fax from a time traveler with quite a lot of info in it about what you will see in the future.
  • Whales.... Conservation officals in New Zealand shot and killed dozens of stranded pilot whales. Art can only speculate about why these whales are throwing themselves out of the water.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes up the first hour.
  • Guest.... Witch Evelyn Paglini joins Art at the top of the second hour.

10/28/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Art Bell Returns.... Art starts out with a brief recap about his departure from the air and his ultimate return. Art says his affiliates were incredibly supportive and he didn't lose any during his absence. Of course, Art thanks everyone who showed their support. Art says there was a full time encampment outside his home within 24 hours of his announcement to quit. Art's return has been possible due to his network stepping in and helping him. Though there are several media sources that have the true story of Art's departure, they have not leaked it. Art guesses it will all be public within a couple weeks, though he wishes it will never come out.
  • Welcome.... Art welcomes KMFT in Fremont, Nebraska, KDOS in Laredo, Texas and KFRO in Long View, Texas.
  • Ads.... Democrats are angry because the Republicans are spending 10 million dollars on campaign ads.
  • Glenn.... John Glenn is going back to space, this time in the shuttle.
  • Mitch.... Hurricane Mitch was a category 5 hurricane.
  • Story.... Art relates a story, which he cannot say is true, but is increasingly leaning that way. Art reads several faxes he began getting about 72 hours ago about an engineer who claims to have found ET. A photograph of the signal itself is on the web page. Art would be interested in any engineers in the listening audience calling in with an opinion. Art takes a few open line calls before the top of the hour.
  • 2nd Hour.... At the top of the second hour Art recaps his abrupt departure for those just joining the program. Art thanks Hilly Rose for keeping the forum. Art discusses the Single Seven rumor and reads a fax from a listener saying Single Seven is missing.
  • SETI.... Seth Shostak, from SETI, discusses with Art the signal received today.
  • Third Hour.... Art reads a few reports of fireball sightings before Peter Davenport joins him with an update.
  • Fourth Hour.... Art reads a few faxes before returning to Peter Davenport.
  • Open Lines.... The remainder of the program consists of open lines. Art Bell V2.0 is officially released.


  • Guest Host.... Hilly Rose
  • Guest.... Malcom McPherson

10/26/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest Host.... Hilly Rose
  • Guest... Nicholas Redfern
  • Guest... Bruce MacCabee

10/25/98 Dremaland

  • Replay

10/23/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Guest Host.... Hilly Rose
  • Guest... Glenn Kimball discusses the secret history of Christ

10/22/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Guest Host.... Hilly Rose
  • Guest... David Lifton discusses the JFK assasination

10/21/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest Host.... Hilly Rose
  • Guest... Ed & Kris Sherwood discuss crop circles

10/20/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest Host.... Hilly Rose
  • Guest... Christopher P. Dunn discusses the Egyptian Pyramids

10/19/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Hilly Rose... Hilly Rose steps in for Art while he is taking a hiatus. The program leads off with an announcement from Art.
  • Guest... Dr. Keith Harary discusses cults.

10/16/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Replay.... Nick Begich and HAARP

10/15/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Replay.... Randolf Winters discusses the Billy Meier case

10/14/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Replay.... John Lear discusses UFOs

10/13/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Replay.... Stanislav Lunev, Russian Defector

10/12/98 Monday /Tuesday

  • Back "Live".... Art is back from his trip to South Africa with many anecdotes. The best way for him to share this with you is to go to the home page and look at the pictures and at Ramona's synopsis.
  • Crime.... Art comments on the crime in Johanseberg and how there are so many dangerous areas.
  • Welcome.... At welcomes station WSAM in State College, Penn., WDMZ in Cedar Falls,Iowa and station KDSO, in Laredo, Texas.
  • Clinton.... Impeachment inquiry will proceed. Art mentions this is the President's wedding anniversary with Hillary.
  • NATO.... The NATO alliance is agreeing to delay the Siberian attack for a few days.
  • Poll.... A new bi-partisan poll shows that the American people are disapproving of the way Clinton is being investigated. Art says this mat mean there will be a very big backlash.
  • Stories.... Art reads some strange stories from one of his L.A. sources. One about a lady who says the Virgin Mary told her the world will end tomorrow, and one about homing pigeons that didn't make it home after a race and a third story about a minister who shot himself before his congregation during his sermon.
  • Open lines.... The entire program tonight is open lines, till Art's Shocking Announcement at the end of the last hour.

10/11/98 Sunday / Dreamland

  • Replay of Robert Morgan, Bigfoot Researcher.

10/09/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Replay Guest.... Harlot the Witch

10/08/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Replay Guest.... Michio Kaku (Replay of 11/20/97)

10/07/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Replay Guest.... Graham Hancock (Replay of 6/16 & 4/08)

10/06/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Replay Guest.... Terence McKenna (Replay of 3/19/98)

10/05/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Replay Guest.... Dr. Malachi Martin (Replay of 7/13/98)

10/04/98 Sunday Dreamland

  • Guest.... Norman Blackwater, Author, "The Navajo Skinwalker, Witchcraft and Related Phenomena"

10/02/98 Friday / Saturday

  • REPLAY.... Joel Skousen (Replay of 8/10/98)

10/01/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Market.... The stock market took a 200 point header today.
  • Serbs.... Art says we seem to be telling the Serbs, "If you don't stop killing yourselves, were gonna kill ya".
  • Barr.... Roseanne Barr said she is prepared to offer Monica Lewinsky a million dollars to appear on her talk show and answer questions. Art wonders what kind of questions Roseanne would have for Ms. Lewinsky. He didn't even know Roseanne has a show.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines for the full first hour.
  • 2nd Hour.... Art reviews what will be on Coast to Coast AM during his trip to South Africa at the top of the second hour.
  • Dames.... Ed Dames will be on in the second hour discussing Amelia Earhart, the third secret of Fatima and some breakthrough work from what he calls the PSI switch and a dire warning about disease.