10/31/96 - Thursday /Friday

  • Replay of Program with Major Ed Dames, Remote Viewing

10/30/96 - Wednesday /Thursday


10/29/96 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Richard Hoagland... Providing an update tonight. The Florida and California phone numbers are ringing of the hook for the rally and briefing at Cape Canaveral and hundreds of people booking flights to attend. Also Art's audience had a remarkable affect on the press conference held last March in Washington. Richard would like to see the same response in regards to the launch at Cape Canaveral.
  • Web Page... Modesto Bee article on Art, just out today, there is a link to it on the page. Also a photograph of the Minnesota State Capitol with lightning coming down on it taken by Doug Kiesling. A photo from Hawaii of a cat that relates to a story done some time ago is also up there. This cat loves taking baths.
  • UAW... 7000 union workers on strike at two GM plants.
  • China's top dissident sentenced.
  • Democrats releasing records of campaign donations.
  • Dole... Bob Dole has completed his California leg of his campaign.
  • Yeltsin... Boris Yeltsin facing surgery next week.
  • O.J. The civil trial of O.J. Simpson continues.
  • Art's question to you today is... If you entered the "soon to be opened" chamber in the Sphynx, and encountered a metal object with an obvious On/Off button, would you flip it and if you did what do you think would happen?
  • Art conveys his thanks to all who has expressed concern about his wife. She is feeling somewhat better. Art informs us of some new statistics about asthma.
  • Board op night..... Art invites all his board operators across the country to call on the first caller line as a kind of tribute to those who are in charge of running his show every night.
  • Tomorrow night.... The annual Ghost to Ghost show will be tomorrow night. This is the night we tell real ghost stories and Art takes them seriously. So this is the night for you to scare the hell out of everybody else.

10/28/96 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Brad Stieger - Guest

10/25/96 - Friday /Saturday

10/24/96 - Thursday /Friday

  • Riot.... Major riot in St. Petersburg, Florida when a black motorist was shot and killed by police when his car lurched forward during a traffic stop. Art wants anyone in Florida that can shed some light on this to contact him.
  • Bob Dole.... Art feels Dole's campaign has been just terrible and the fact that he asked Perot for his support backfired. The polls are widening.
  • O.J. Simpson... O.J.'s lawyers fiercely attacked his former wife's character in court. Art remembers when O.J. declared his unconditional love for Nicole. The Brown family walked out of the courtroom.
  • TWA 800.... A fuel probe was recovered that shows damage that might prove that the probe itself blew up.
  • Suspect.... A Saudi dissident has become a suspect in the bombing in Saudi Arabia that killed 24 Americans.
  • Pope Paul II... The Pope is lending his support to the theory of evolution. Art says, "Holy Smokes" but does agree with the Pope. How do the Christians out there feel about this?
  • Frogs... There has been no genetic reason for the recent frog deformities, so now they are blaming pollution. Art wonders how that can be when they are popping up all over the place. How can the same pollution be dumped all over? Most scientists dont feel its parasites either, they are stumped.

10/23/96 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Gulf War Syndrome... Joyce Riley joins Art in discussing the Gulf War Syndrome and how it is contagious and may affect all of us eventually. A link to a recent lecture of Joyce's is on the Links page. Call 800-917-4278 if you want a copy of the three hour Joyce Riley program.
  • Last .... The last hour of last night's show was a repeat because Art had an emergency to take care of. His wife had a medical condition.
  • Bob Dole.... Dole's campaign manager asks Perot to drop out of the race and support Dole. Art feels this is really a move of desperation. Perot said he will not drop out and is in for the duration. 57% of the American people said the outcome of this election will have little or no affect on their lives.
  • Fires.... Art spent a night speaking with the people in Southern California. The Harmony Grove fire is now under suspicion of arson. Art is disgusted, but not surprised.
  • Blonde Joke.... Two blonds were walking along a country road. One blond said to the other, "Hey, look at those tracks! I think they are Deer tracks." The second blond says, "No, my dear. Those are not deer tracks, they are bear tracks. The first blond says, "No, I'm sure they are deer tracks." The second blond says, "Well, I'm sure they are bear tracks." They stood around and argued about that until they were hit by the train.

10/22/96 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Fires..... 80 homes now consumed by the southern California fires, 6 firemen have been injured and 30,000 acres now destroyed. The fire at this time is only 10% contained.
  • Troops Exposed..... The Pentagon is informing 20,000 US Gulf War troops that they may have been exposed to chemical weapons. Rashes, vomitting, loss of appetite are some of the symptons. Art feels it has to be something and once again our government has lied to us.
  • Ruby Ridge.... An FBI offical has now been charged with obstruction of justice in connection with the murder trail of white supremist Randy Weaver over the deadly 1992 shoot out at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. The offical has agreed to plead guilty and cooperate with prosecutors in their long running investigation of possible wrong doing by the FBI. Art has always said there would be some offical result, and it looks as though he was right.
  • Nicotine.... A new study says that nicotine may help prevent Alzheimers disease. It appears to stop the formation of plaque in the brain. The plaque seems to play a role in the dementia of Alzheimers disease sufferers. Though the doctor stresses that he doesn't recommend taking up smoking. Art wants to know what is going to happen in places where smoking has been outlawed when they find smoking is a preventitive to Alzheimers. Could someone geta medical excuse to be able to smoke?
  • Mutilations.... From KPAY in Chico, CA they announced the cow mutilations were done surgically, no traces of blood found or evidence that people were in the area.
  • Earthquake.... In keeping track with the swarming earthquakes, a 5.7 earthquake in central Alaska has been reported.
  • Politics.... A CNN poll showed that 50% of people felt that Dole was the more honest candidate after the first debate. But when asked who would you vote for.. Dole 28%, Clinton 58%. Art feels that this says something about the American electorate. When Newsweek asked who was the most negative or nasty, Dole gets 59%, Clinton 11%. Who has better character, Clinton 48%, Dole 36% and 10% said it makes no difference. Art's prediction for the election is that Clinton will be re-elected, if not by a landslide, than by a whole lot. Republicans will hold congress by a very slim margin. The Senate will remain safely in the hands of the Republicans by a seat or two. Within a year the Clinton administration will be buried in scandal.
  • Bumper Sticker.... Art received a bumper sticker from "Mark" that says, If God had wanted us to vote, He would have given us candidates. Art thinks this is a little cynical, but could be right on.
  • Dole Tactics.... Art feels that all the tactics Dole has used against Clinton has not worked, including the recent fund raising allegations. Art says that brings us right back to the survey that says, Clinton may not be the most honest guy in the world, but we LIKE him.
  • Cat Virus.... A gentleman in Austrailia is asking Parliment to unleash a virus to kill all cats because they are killing species of birds. Art has a problem with this, will it spread to other countries what with world wide travel and all. Do you think it could be safely contained to Austrailia?
  • Frogs... A man in Texas found two deformed frogs, but his dog ate them before we could get a full report on them.

10/21/96 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Speech Reversal..... David John Oates does speech reversals on the Presidential debate.
  • Fires.... Harmony Grove, 45 acres burning. North County calls for high winds again, 50 homes destroyed so far, massive evacuations, power and phone lines down. LA fires still burning, 21 homes damaged in Malibu.

10/20/96 - Sunday - Dreamland

10/18/96 - Friday /Saturday

10/17/96 - Thursday /Friday

  • Guest.... Luba Brezhnev discussing the state of Russia today.
  • Paul...... Upcoming Cruise to Egypt
  • Crop circle...... An aerial picture of the crop circle in Washington is now on the web page. An aerial picture of the Laguna Hills crop circle. Oliver's Castle crop circle in England, formed in about 2 seconds, was caught on video and is in an AVI file, which means an actual moving video where you can see the objects hovering above and forming the crop circle.
  • Alien implant..... We have 8 electron microscope photographs of an alien implant ordered extracted by John Mack of Harvard. The first time the public has been able to see these incredible pictures.
  • Pyramids...... Photographs of the Sphinx and Pyramids are now on the web page.
  • Bob Dole.... A big battle brewing in California between Dole and Clinton fighting for the support of the voters there.
  • Fax from Scott..... Pondering on how usually people get what they deserve not what they want. So, Clinton will get re-elected but he will wish he had stayed with only one term. Dole will be happy in the end that he wasn't in the White House during these next four years. Clinton will be remembered as an average President, while Dole will be remembered for his numerous years of service.
  • Tokyo Subway Bomb.... The Japanese Cult Guru accused of masterminding the Tokyo Subway has admitted to the crime.
  • TWA Flight 800.... The Washington Post is reporting that detailed analysis of debris from the planes center fuel tank showed damage patterns slower than those that would be caused by a bomb or a missile. In addition tests show that parts of the center fuel tank were blown in an outward position indicating the blast occurred from somewhere inside it.
  • Chupacabra..... The latest Chupacabra attack has been reported from Portugal. Nine sheep found dead all died from a deep hole in the right side of the neck. The identical cause of death that was previously reported in Mexico. Art is wondering how can something that began in Peurto Rico and spread to South America and ultimately even to North America end up in Portugal?

10/16/96 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Presidential Debate.... CNN says President Clinton took the debate last night, 59% to Dole's 29%. Art feels Mr. Clinton did not answer Dole's aggression. But on the other hand, the debate was uneventful. Art couldn't understand why Dole would want another debate with all parties represented when he was the one who was pretty much responsible for keeping Perot out of this debate. Art was extremely tickled when Dole, during his closing statement said "For those of you still listening...." Since Art feels this election is already over, he decided not to talk about the debates any more.
  • Birth defects..... A study shows that air pollution can contribute to birth defects. Polish women subjected to high levels of pollutants in densely populated cities, gave birth to babies with smaller heads and bodies. The study was conducted by Polish, Amercian and Czezh scientists. Art's comment here was, Remember what Ed Dames said.... first about the frogs and then about human babies.
  • Shooting... The upperclassman accussed of drug use by his counselor, shot and killed that counselor and then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.
  • NASA... NASA says on Dec 2 it is going to launch a probe to Mars containing a six wheeled robot the size of a small truck. The mission was supposedly scheduled before NASA August announcement about the existence of life on the red planet. The robot is scheduled to land on July 4, 1997 and be a mechanical geologist and be able to send back photos.
  • Ebola.... The fourth outbreak has been reported, its the second in Africa.
  • Deformed frogs..... Several local news stattions and CBS have ran stories regarding increased numbers of frogs with deformities.....
  • Smoking.... In the aftermath of the Maryland no smoking law, a faxer from Venice, California sends a story on how after 20 years in his comfortable apartment, a smoker moved in downstairs underneath him. He could no longer keep his windows open, the smell came up through the floor boards, he had several medical bills, and now is spending thousands to relocate. Art wonders if the next Maryland law will be that if you reside in a basement floor apartment you will not be able to smoke in your own home. The faxer has volunteered for the nicotine police force to save the government some money, however he wants a M16, a navy blue uniform, and a badge that resembles an ashtray with a boiling frog in it.
  • Along those lines... another faxer wants to know why we let a doctor go around helping people die with his own process, but wont let smokers die by smoking a few packs of cigarettes a day.
  • Methane gas.... Another faxer said that the issue of methane gas has been ignored by our government and feels a task force for humanoids who release flatulence should be formed to arrest those who cannot refrain. Though the faxer was joking, Art reminds us that a major portion of our air pollution consists of cow flatulence.
  • Responses about the incredible photographs on the website were shared.

10/15/96 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Implants... Dr.John Mack, from Harvard, provided photographs for our web page, electron scanning photographs,of actual alien implants. A women named "Anne" complaining of pain, had Dr. Mack remove an alien implant. Each photograph is explained and breakdowns of compounds are provided. Art feels there is a "yuk" factor here but says they are absolutely incredible. Art is proud to be part of this "First".
  • Crop Circle..... A Californian pilot sent a message to Art re a crop circle in Laguna, that was made in an area that was half grass and half dirt. So wheat fields are not the only places they turn up. The aerial picture is on the web page. Another first for the website.
  • MSNBC... Art Bell website featured on MSNBC and a local Detroit news station.
  • Pres Debates..... Dole calls the administration self-serving, calling Clinton prone to ethical failures, untrustworthy, etc. Arts observation is that Dole said all the right words but his voice did not contain the passion those kinds of statements require. Like he didn't really want to be saying these things.
  • None of the above.... Art is still leaning towards the column on the ballot labeled "none of the above", using Dole's statement, "A president that has betrayed your trust doesn't deserve your vote" as sort of a guiding post.
  • Death Penalty...... Gas chamber deemed cruel and unusual by California supreme court. Art doesn't understand the fight, he's in favor of the death penalty but it doesn't have to be a torturous death. Just.. hasta la vista...
  • TV Violence... study shows network violence has dropped to lowest level in nine years. Art wonders if the fact that real violence is down too has anything to do with it.
  • Smoking Ban.....Friendship Heights, Maryland has a total ban on cigarette smoking anywhere in the city other than your home and automobile. Art thought Mesa, AZ was bad, now there is a city one upping them.

10/14/96 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Debate Browne / Phillips (2 Hours)
  • Clinton receives $425,000 from Lippo Company
  • Dole to get tough in next debate
  • Sacramento man kills wife and leave her with children for 10 days
  • Shot-gun slaying trial in Pontiac

10/9/96 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • VP Debates - Gore wins!?!
  • Has this election been thrown?
  • Some troops are leaving Bosnia, some are going over
  • Middle-East situation
  • Mike "Mad Man" Marcum Update
  • Subglacial volcano eruptions up north
  • Deformed Frogs!
  • More Earthquakes in the Middle-East

10/8/96 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • 6.1 earthquake in SE Indian Ocean, 6.1 off Vancouver, 4.2 Nevada/Calif. border
  • FBI dropped investigation of security gaurd in bombing at olympics
  • Pope's appendix is out
  • Dole says he was too nice in Presidential Debate
  • Clinton campaign very optimistic
  • IRA claimed responsibility in bombing at British Army HQ in Ireland
  • Detective Fuhrman on Primetime, apologizes for racial slurs
  • Art's strange dream: Political prisoner in Cuba
  • Heavy smokers may go blind
  • HR3610 - Gun-Free Zones around Schools
  • Peruvian Airliner: brought down by ELF (H.A.A.R.P.) ???

10/7/96 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Last night's Clinton/Dole debate (poll percentage 51 / 32)
  • Next Monday - Debate between Harry Browne (LIB) & Howard Philips (Taxpayers Party)
  • Tropical storms in the southeast US
  • British hit by bombs in northern Ireland
  • Jury selection in the case of the murder of the secret admirer that was on Jenny Jones
  • New Pyramid Photos from Caroline Davies
  • Valley Alabama UFO photo

10/6/96 - Dreamland

  • Linda Howe: Egyptian Pyramids and the Latest Conflicts
  • Richard Senate

10/4/96 - Friday /Saturday

10/3/96 - Thursday /Friday

  • Guest: Dark Skies Producer: Bryce Zabel (3 hours)
  • Object falls from the sky, reports come in from the west coast
  • Middle-east situation doesn't look good
  • Dole blasts Clinton on foreign policy
  • Oklahoma bombing case decides on two trials
  • TWA Flt 800 search now using sonar
  • German astronomers detect black hole at the center of our galaxy
  • Major Dames appearance on Inside Edition
  • Subglacial volcano eruption up north

10/2/96 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Thursday - Executive Producer of "Dark Skies"
  • Friday , Midnight - David Oates (Reverse Speech)
  • Middle-East Summit: Israel says a success, PLO says a failure
  • Fuhrman Reaches Plea Agreement
  • Peruvian 747 crash, killing 70, pilot radio navigation failure
  • Tank and Missile Launcher Stolen
  • Child Kisser's Suspension Lifted
  • Child Crying Crystals, Photo-1 and Photo-2 and Photo-3
  • New gun control legislation
  • Kingdom of Hawaii - Wants Out of US

10/1/96 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Ramona in AOL chat room tonight
  • Middle-East diplomats do lunch!
  • Pentagon admits: Gulf-War veterans exposed to chemical weapons
  • US Bosnian mission extended until March 97
  • Perot will appeal judge's decision banning him from debates
  • Why won't 3rd party candidates debate each other
  • Supreme Court jumps into the 'right to die' issue
  • Major League baseball umpire strike possible
  • Evidence of human life in Austrailia over 175,000 years ago
  • Soul-Catcher Implants