8/31/99 Tue/Wed

  • Argentina.... An airliner in Argentina crashed on takeoff.
  • Dennis.... Hurricane Dennis appears to have changed its' mind and is moving west back toward North Carolina. Art says this is pretty odd.
  • Fires... Wild fires burning across the west. Art says it is very hazy where he is due to the fires.
  • FBI.... The director of the FBI wants an independent investigation of the Waco incident. Reno is being warned that she had evidence withheld from her. Art says, 'Oh, what a surprise'. Art still says Waco was government sanctioned murder.
  • Flare.... A pretty big solar flare occurred Saturday.
  • Email.... Art reads an email about birds flying into a glass doors.
  • Heads.... Art reads a story about plans for the first human head transplant.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... John Thomas Nordberg, author of "What is Time", joins Art this hour. Art begins by asking John, 'what is time and was there time before the big bang?' After the bottom of the hour break, Art and John discuss black holes.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks John if we can see the birth of the universe, with better telescopes, how can we see something at the speed of light after the event has happened? John offers three physical proofs about his 'ball of light' theory. Phone calls are taken later in the hour.
  • 4th hour.... John and Art discuss the 'balls of light' and earthquakes. John touches on time travel. Phone calls continue.
  • 5th hour.... After the guest leaves, open lines finishes out the last hour. Art and a caller discuss the upcoming head transplant and how Christopher Reeve may benefit from one of these procedures.

8/30/99 Mon/Tue

  • REPLAY Guest....Col. John Alexander from 7/7

8/29/99 Sun/Mon LIVE

  • Guest.... HIlly Rose interviews John Rappoport, Investigative Reporter regarding WACO
  • Guest.... David Hatcher Childress.

8/29/99 Dreamland

  • Howe.... Linda Moulton Howe joins Guest Host Whitley Strieber with an astronomy update in the first hour.
  • Guest....CNI News Director Michael Lindemann will report on the UFO paper recently released by high ranking French officials that says that it is time to start preparing a defense against what seems to be an alien presence, and asks the question 'why is the U.S. keeping the aliens secret.'
  • 2nd hour.... Bernard, from Paris, joins Whitley this hour. He is one of the people who signed the above mentioned report and Whitley simply asks him the 'why' of all this.
  • 3rd hour.... Phone calls are taken in this hour.

8/28/99 Sat/Sun LIVE

  • Guest.... Philip Clarke interviews Larry Pahl from The American Institute Of Pyramidology.

8/27/99 Fri/Sat

  • REPLAY.... Karen Anderson on Y2K Issues
  • REPLAY.... Paul Moller on the Sky Car

8/26/99 Thu/Fri

8/25/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour....Art begins by discuss new items posted on the web site.
  • Heroin.... The number of Americans checking into treatment centers for heroin and other opiates has passed those seeking help for cocaine. Art talks about what kids in his time thought about heroin.
  • Atlantic.... Art talks about the tropical storms forming in the Atlantic.
  • Game.... Art talks about the new game show on ABC, "Who wants to be a Millionaire".
  • Egypt.... Something new has been discovered in Giza, hundreds of mummies wrapped in gold.
  • Matter... Art reads a story about scientists in Long Island that have built a tunnel to recreate the biggest event in the history of the universe, the big bang. Art has some strong opinions on this.
  • Tornado.... Art reports that according to a small station in Alaska, a tornado touched down there.
  • Bush.... Art talks about the issue of George W. Bush's past drug use. He agrees with with Bush's 'go to hell' attitude about answering the allegation.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finished out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Edmund Pankau, one of the top 10 Private Investigators in the nation, joins Art this hour to discuss, among other things, his book, "Hide your Assets and Disappear". Art asks Ed about the shady side of his profession. Later in the hour, Art asks Ed if there really is a lot of people who want to disappear and why.
  • 3rd hour.... Ed and Art talk about the interest rates in the U.S. and the differences with other nations, for home buying etc. Withdrawing money from the bank and putting it in an off shore account and internet tracking are discussed.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls are taken for Ed with a caller asking Ed what he is doing to prepare for Y2K. Later in the hour, Ed talks about the tax rates in different countries and the loss of citizenship that will occur with the high rate nations.
  • 5th hour.... Phone calls continue, Art reads a fax to Ed about Canada and student loans. A caller discusses fraudulent transfer with Ed. Later in the hour, a caller asks Ed about women in his profession and their success in investigations.

8/24/99 Tue/Wed

  • 1st hour.... Art begins with some personal comments relating to the ongoing lawsuit he is involved in.
  • Quake.... 20,000 dead, with the number expected to reach 40,000.
  • Florida.... The use of the electric chair is being reconsidered. Art gives his opinion on Capitol Punishment saying we need not torture prisoners sentenced to die, just take their life.
  • Rates.... Interest rates rose again.
  • New Mexico.... Art reads a report about a Canadian man accused of plotting to bomb the Trans Alaskan pipe line on New Years Day.
  • Baghdad.... Art reads a story reported in Baghdad about ghosts dancing about naked in front of oncoming motorists.
  • FBI.... There was a report long ago that pyrotechnic tear gas was never used in the Waco incident, now a source says this isn't true.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour with the first caller having an update on the super nova of the sun.
  • 2nd hour.... Don Werthimer, from SETI@Home joins Art this hour to discuss the new software that allows any of us monitor the search for an ET signal. Later in the hour, Art asks Don about his opinion on why we haven't been back to the moon.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Don discuss the possibility of planets not discovered yet and signs of life. Phone calls are taken in this hour.
  • 4th hour.... Don and Art discuss the dish used to search for a signal and how it is placed. Phone calls continue. A caller asks Don some technical support questions about SETI@Home.
  • 5th hour.... Art begins this hour with a little commentary on himself and the lawsuit and the fact that he is not a 'cheek-turner'. He recaps what he said in the first hour, then open lines finishes out the last hour.

8/23/99 Mon/Tue

  • Ghost.... An AP story reports that drivers passing through a valley in Bagdad saw naked ghosts throwing themselves in front of cars.
  • Y2K.... Hilly gives us his weekly Y2k report.
  • 1st hour....Doug Rogers from the Center for Crop Circle Studies based in London England joins Hilly with some interesting theories on what is causing these crop circles and why they are so special. Doug talks about a heat source that is bending these crops. Doug feels there is a higher intelligence creating these designs.
  • 2nd hour.... William Lester joins Hilly to discuss his belief that Jesus Christ was placed here on Earth by extra-terrestrial to guide us. Hilly asks William to give some examples from the Bible to support his theory.
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly reads the last paragraph of William's book and asks him what it means. Williams talks about his theory that Jesus was bridge to close the gap between humans and aliens. Phone calls are taken in this our for William.
  • 4th hour... A listener faxes Hilly to ask William what Jesus' DNA signature would be. Phone calls continue for William. After the bottom of the hour break, the Anti-Christ calls in to tell William that Jesus is Lucifer. He cites bible passages for William to check out.
  • 5th hour... Hilly read a passage from the bible that could be interpreted as a UFO sighting. The discussion turns to statues found in the past that depict greys. Phone calls continue throughout the remainder of the program.

8/22/99 Sun Dreamland

  • Host.... Whitley Strieber
  • Howe.... Linda Moulton Howe gives her weekly report. She talks about the Dutch TV video of the eclipse showing a small object near the sun. Linda reports that the newest crop circle in Wilshire depicts the same object. Whitley and Linda discuss the recent concerns about an iceberg in the Atlantic. Also discussed is Y2K compliance among major cities, hurricane Bret and a breakthrough in the manufacturing of integrated circuits.
  • Guest.... Dr. Roger Leir joins Whitley with a landmark implant report just in, and he will also interview "Annie", who had this implant removed from her body, about her amazing close encounter experiences. Hers is now among the best documented of all close encounter/abduction cases.

8/20/99 Fri/Sat

  • Host.... Mike Murphy guests host tonight. He begins with a story of a gentleman who found an object on the highway late at night that may be of extra terrestrial origin.
  • Guest.... Dan Sarver, author of "JFK Assassination Fascination", joins Mike to discuss the Kennedy assassination. They begin by talking about Jack Ruby's involvement. Later in the hour, Dan talks about the retired FBI agents he interviewed, and Madeline Brown, LBJ's girlfriend.
  • 2nd hour... The death of Marilyn Monroe is discussed at the top of this hour. Phone calls are taken. Dan tells us why people are still fascinated with the mystery surrounding the assassination.
  • 3rd hour.... Dan talks about how the 'scene was set' during the motorcade in Dallas and lists all the people present that he feels were involved. Dan discusses the people that JFK had angered and alienated who may have had motives. Phone calls continue.
  • 4th/5th hour... Dan goes through each shot and where they came from. Phone calls continue. A caller, who claims to be an excellent shot, explains how Oswald could not have fired the fatal shots. In the last hour, Dan recaps the Sinatra-mafia aspect of the assassiantion at the equest of a caller.

8/19/99 Thu/Fri

  • Navy.... There is an AP story out reporting that the Navy predicts wide spread Y2K failures.
  • Guest.... Peter Davenport joins Art this hour for updates and Art asks Peter for his opinion on last nights show. 5 solid sightings of UFOs across the U.S. in the last 24 hours have been reported. Peter starts with an audio cut of a report from a sighting in Seattle last Sunday.
  • 2nd hour.... Gary North joins Art in this hour to discuss Y2K and they begin by reviewing the AP report on the Navy's statement. They discuss how the Y2K hype died down for a while and has now begun again. Gary talks about the FDIC and keeping our own paper records of our financial situation. In the second half hour, Art asks Gary about the 60 Minutes program that aired earlier in the year about Y2K.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks Gary if he thinks Marshall Law will go into effect in any areas. Gary discusses proposed traffic control problems due to Y2K. Gary talks about the cleaning out of the supermarkets in late December. Later in the hour, Art asks Gary if there has been any progress on the Y2K situation in regards to the computer chips out there.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads a fax from a listener who is a computer consultant who says most computers will fail. Art calls a number that gives recorded updates on the Y2K compliance of the government. Gary talks about tax organizations that are not compliant and the problems that will stem from that. Phone calls are taken.
  • 5th hour.... Art talks about the FCC and the notices they are sending out to new license applicants. Phone calls for Art and Gary continue with a caller from Michigan saying their local county disaster response department has not received funds to continue to operate through Y2K. Art asks Gary what his best guess is when the average Joe finally realizes there will be Y2K repercussions. Phone calls finishes out the last hour.

8/18/99 Wed/Thu

  • 4000.... 4000 now reported dead in Turkey as a result of the massive Earthquake. 10,000 missing.
  • Detroit.... The cities murder rate has jumped 16%, though crime in general is down.
  • Oil.... There is an oil refinery ablaze as a result of the earthquake.
  • Hoax?.... Art talks about a previous guest named Charlie Plyler who has been tracking an object which has been decelerating between Aug 10th and 12th. Art asks Charlie to call him right away if he is listening. Art has reports that during the recent eclipse there were objects sighted in Turkey that we are just now hearing about.
  • Article.... Art reads a 'purported' AP article about a man hiding in a cave who was a NASA computer programmer trying to avoid a meteor he said was going to hit the Atlantic ocean.
  • Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Richard Hoagland joins Art this hour and discusses the 'man hiding a cave' story at the top of the hour. After the bottom of the hour break, Art asks Richard about the objects sighted before the earth quake in Turkey.
  • Charlie Plyler Website:
  • 3rd hour.... Richard talks about Comet Lee and his disagreements with the Millennium group concerning the comet's path. Richard talks about the man in the cave having 16 guns in his car and whether he didn't 'trip over something' at NASA. At the bottom of the hour, Lloyd Albright, the man in the cave, calls Art to discuss his experience.
  • 4th hour.... Art and Richard, and Matt, who arranged the call, discuss whether the caller was actually the man in the cave or not. After the bottom of the hour break, Richard updates us on the Coral Castle and the Egypt stuff he has been working on.
  • 5th hour.... Art and Richard discuss Dr.Steven Greer and their combined efforts to dispell disinformation about something big coming as heard from Pentagon sources. Phone calls are taken.

8/17/99 Tue/Wed

  • Quake.... Art talks about the huge earthquake in Turkey with 2000 people reported dead.
  • Cassini.... Cassini should have been as close to Earth as it is going to earlier this evening and is now on it's way out.
  • Y2k.... Art reads a news story about how many states are actually Y2K prepared.
  • WebSite:... Reflections on the Goddess Gathering

    "The photo of the "Lightsource at Putacusi" which I took caused me to write down the events which transpired for me personally during the Goddess Gathering. Evidently we were not alone there, and though I have never paid very much attention to the UFO talk that abounds, I am open to many things." -- Sophie McGinn

  • Variety.... Variety magazine reports a Y2K movie is in the works.
  • Warning.... The National Ice Center issued a warning that an iceberg, that measures 24x48 miles wide, is in the shipping lanes.
  • Balloon.... NASA is going to put a 60 story high balloon into the atmosphere to collect particles of some of the rarest stuff in the universe, anti-matter. Art wonders why CNBC is not reporting on this.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... At the top of the hour Art recaps a phone call from a listener who went around and around with Art about vegetarianism.
  • Guest.... Bruce Friedrich joins Art in this hour, he is from the activist group, PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. After the bottom of the hour break, Art goes off on his lima bean attack. Art tells Bruce he would rather die 5 years earlier than be a vegetarian.
  • 3rd hour.... Art throws some headlines and listener questions at Bruce that contradict vegetarianism and its benefits. Bruce discusses his organizations' talks with McDonalds about their practices.
  • 4th hour... Art asks Bruce if he supports, in spirit or in more than spirit, groups that are out there burning down labs and clinics, in other words, the Animal Liberation Fund. In this hour, Art tells Bruce he has crossed the line with his contradictions and quite a debate ensues. Phone calls are taken.
  • 5th hour.... Open Lines finishes out the program.

8/16/99 Mon/Tue

  • 1st hour.... Hilly reads a fax from a listener that includes a story from the London Telegraph about the CIA releasing info about UFO sightings.
  • Cassini.... Hilly says now that we have survived Friday the 13th, we have Cassini to look forward to, which will come within 725 miles of the Earth.
  • Y2K... Hilly reads some Y2K related news stories.
  • Guest.... Lloyd Pye joins Hilly in the first hour with some new info on the skull he has been studying trying to prove once and for all that ETs have been here on Earth.
  • 2nd hour.... Hilly opens the lines in this hour, since they couldn't get the guest on the phone yet, after Hilly reads and answers some faxes from listeners. Timothy Mayer, from Insight Magazine, does join Hilly this hour to discuss, among other things, the attempted assassination of George Wallace and the ineptitude of the FBI during the investigation that ensued. After the bottom of the hour break, Hilly asks Timothy about some of the suspicions concerning the shooter, Arthur Bremmer.
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly and Timothy discuss items found in Bremmer's apartment that may have been planted. Phone calls are taken in this last hour with Timothy.
  • 4th/5th hour... Hilly reads a story on the anthrax vaccine. After some technical difficulties, open lines finishes out the program tonight.

8/15/99 Sun Dreamland

  • Howe.... Linda Moulton Howe joins Whitley Strieber for her weekly report. She reports on the crop circles in Wilshire and the solar eclipse. Chad Deacon, who was in the area before the crop cirle was formed, comes on the air with a recap of his experience there.
  • Guest.... Bill McDonald, a UFO researcher joins Whitley with stunning new revelations about UFO influence on military aircraft design. He had to keep this information confidental until after the death oflegendary Lockheed engineer John Andrews, who has now passed away.
  • Skulls.... Bill and Whitley talk about the skulls discovered in Mexico that Lloyd Pye has been studying.

8/13/99 Fri/Sat

  • 1st hour.... Phillip Clarke is the host tonight. Michael Mazaar, author of " Global Trends 2005" joins Phillip in this hour. Michael begins by explaining the main theme of his book. Phillip asks Michael to give his predictions on unemployment and the economy in the near future. After the bottom of the hour break, Phillip opens the phone lines for questions for Michael.
  • 2nd hour. This hour Phillip is joined by Tom Shroder, author of "Old Souls: The Scientific Evidence for Past Lives". The conversation begins on reincarnation and then Tom tells us of his trip to Beirut and his experiences with children relating past life experiences. Later in the hour, Tom tells us of a little girl, just learning to talk, who keeps asking her family to take her back to her husband.
  • 3rd hour.... Phone calls are taken in this hour for Tom, with a caller telling of his ability to tell tales about the revolutionary war when he was a toddler. Other callers relate similar childhood stories. Also discussed is dreams and if they are a sign of past lives.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls continue with a caller asking whether anyone relating past life experiences have had any out of body experiences. Tom tells us of people who have birth marks that relate to injuries experienced by them in their past life.
  • 5th hour.... A caller asks about childhood imaginary friends and how it may relate to past lives. Phone calls finish out tonight's program.

8/12/99 Thu/Fri

  • 1st Hour.... The Archives did not include the first hour, so Karen could not prepare a summary of it.
  • 2nd hour.... Art and Ed Dames discuss how Ed's most accurate work involves the environment. Ed warns listeners about water, that if you are not living near a large source of water, you are in trouble. Art asks Ed how much worse is it going to get. Ed said people will start migrating because of water shortages. Later in the hour, Ed talks about North Korea and what is brewing there. Art asks Ed why he was given the name Dr. Doom.
  • 3rd hour... Art asks Ed if it is more difficult to Remote View when he is experiencing high emotions in his personal life at the time. Art tells Ed that his audience either loves him or hates him and reads a fax from a skeptical listener. later in the hour, phone calls are taken with one caller asking Ed if he has remote viewed the Anti-Christ. Ed says all he knows about that is he will be a throw away baby, one born last year and thrown into a dumpster.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls continue with Ed explaining why he trusts remote viewing. A caller asks Ed if remote viewing could be a form of communicating with the dead. After the bottom of the hour, a caller says Ed is wrong about the anti-christ cause the caller is the Anti-Christ. After the bottom of the hour break, Art and Ed discuss the movie, "The Seventh Sign".
  • 5th hour.... Ed and Art talk about the HIV virus and DNA repairing. Phone calls continue for the remainder for the program, with a caller asking Ed how far in the future has he ever remote viewed an event.

8/11/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour... Tim Hughes, a radio personality from Salt Lake City, joins Art to discuss the F2 tornado that hit the center of SLC yesterday. Tim mentions that it has been 31 years, this week, since the last F2 touched down in SLC. Glen Kimball, who is also in SLC, talks with Art about todays tornado. Linda Moulton Howe, who is in France, talks with Art about the solar eclipse, the crop circles in Wilshire and the recent weird weather.
  • 2nd hour.... Sylvia Brown, one of the world's greatest psychics, joins Art in this hour. Art begins by asking her about the recent weird weather and his predictions in his book, The Quickening. Sylvia says we will be living in domed cities to protect us from atmospheric conditions someday. Later in the hour, Sylvia explains to Art that people will soon be able to walk out of their bodies when they die .
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Sylvia touch on the shooting in LA at the Jewish Community. Art and Sylvia discuss Father Malachi Martin and Art asks Sylvia about some of Martin's feelings on people possessed. Art and Sylvia talk about the end of the Mayan calendar.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls are taken in this hour, with the first caller asking Sylvia about past lives. Art asks Sylvia how the pyramids were made and they discuss the Coral Castle in Florida. Later in the hour, Sylvia talks about her book and gives us a capulation of it.
  • 5th hour.... Phone calls continue with the first caller asking Sylvia about the 13 books left out of the bible and the axis of the Earth and being spiritually aligned. Another caller asks Sylvia for her insight on the state of American politics. A caller asks Sylvia to identify the man who is killing cats in her neighborhood.

8/10/99 Tue/Wed

  • 1st hour.... Richard Hoagland joins Art with an update on the Miami Circle, Cydonia, the upcoming meteor showers, and the last solar eclipse of this century.
  • 2nd hour.... John Nolan joins Art this hour to discuss business espionage among other things. John was in military intelligence for 22 years and has written a book about finding out the secrets of your competition. Art asks John a cryptic question about a foreign automobile in Washington. Art asks john about the terrorist who may have briefcase nuclear weapons in his possession. John talks about knowing the phsycological makeup of your adversary.
  • 3rd hour.... John tells us how to take what he has learned in military intelligence and apply it to the civilian sector. Later in the hour John talks about the strict code of ethics he uses when helping companies research their competition. Art asks John about Bob Crane's problems with ideas being ripped off etc. and what he could do to protect himself.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads faxes with questions for John and phone calls are taken.
  • 5th hour.... Art asks John about an incident during the kidnappings in Iran of Russians, where body parts were sent to family members. A caller asks John about how easy it is for janitors to steal sensitive material from companies they work for and John tells us of an actual case. john tells us that the most dangerous trash can in a company is the one next to the copy machine. Phone calls continue for John.

8/9/99 Mon/Tue

  • 1st hour.... Hilly reads some faxes from listeners who have been sending in Y2K related reports.
  • Dr. Sky.... Steve Kates (Dr.Sky) joins Hilly this hour to discuss the upcoming eclipse on August 11th and the meteor showers which will send meteors dangerously close to the Earth.
  • Guest.... John Mini joins Hilly in the second hour to discuss the end of the 500 year old Aztec calendar. Hilly asks John why he has devoted so much of his life to the study of the Aztecs. John insists that the Aztec calendar does not end on August 13th, 1999. Later in the hour Hilly asks John if the Aztecs believed they came from the skies.
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly and John discuss weather changes and sky anomalies and how they are related to the aztecs' predictions. Hilly asks John what he means by the phrase in his book that states: Movement is the essence of life. Later in the hour, Hilly reads a fax from a listener who asks if the Aztecs and the Phoenix have any connection.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly takes phone calls and reads faxes for John. One faxer asks John about some of Robert Ghostwolf's prophecies. In his last hour with Hilly, John talks about spirituality and the Seven Days of Tears.
  • 5th hour.... At the top of the hour, Hilly talks about the simplistic crop circles found in Canada. Open lines finishes out the last hour. The first caller asks about Mark Bean and the propulsion ideas he is working on. After the bottom of the hour break, a caller informs Hilly that another white buffalo has been born.

8/8/99 Sun Dremaland

  • Howe.... Linda Moulton Howe joins Hilly in the first hour for a report on the upcoming eclipse and on the strange light formations seen around the crop circles in Wilshire, England.
  • Guest.... J.T. Garret joins Hilly to discuss the secrets of the Cherokees. Hilly asks J.T. if the Indians are so wise, why are there so many problems on the reservations such as alcoholism. The ways and teachings and wisdom of the Cherokee tribe is discussed tonight.

8/6/99 Fri/Sat

  • 1st Hour.... Mike Murphy hosts tonight. He begins with open lines and asks anyone who saw anything unusual in the sky above Stratton, Colorado on I-70 at 6 pm on July 24th of this year to call him. Mike describes what he saw and then his daughter, Sue, comes on the air to relate a UFO story of her own. After the bottom of the our break, Don Ecker, publisher of UFO Magazine, joins Mike. Mike asks Don his opinion of Sue's story. Don discussess the possibility that these sightings may not be alien but a secret black budget project.
  • 2nd hour.... Mike reads an article from hi local paper about the politcal action committee set up by Steven Bassett. Mike mentions the Time magazine article about Coast to Coast AM and the passing of Fr. Malachi Martin. Mike asks Don about a couple of movies, 'Fire in the Sky' and 'Independence Day' which he was a technical advisor on.
  • 3rd hour.... Phone calls commence in this hour. A caller asks Don if he has ever investigated UFOs through the biblical aspect. Mike and Don discuss the earliest of civilizations.
  • 4th hour.... Don discusses government, the National Security Act, Roswell and why the aliens don't end the supposed government coverup themselves. Mike tells us of when he asked Sen Barry Goldwater of Arizona about Roswell.
  • 5th hour.... Phone calls conitnue with discussions about myths and how they are usually rooted in fact somehow. Don discusses a time when he investigated cattle mutilation and says there is a UFO connection in many of these cases. After the bottom of the hour break, Don talks about the moon, NASA and the Apollo program.

8/5/99 Thu/Fri

  • Hiroshima.... 50,000 people comemerated the bombing that took place 54 years ago.
  • Shooting.... A man shot 3 people yesterday in another case of workplace violence.
  • Expectancy.... American life expectancy has increased.
  • News.... Art discusses this story listed under Latest News: 8/06/99 -- BERLIN (Reuters) - A 40-year-old German television cameraman was battling what doctors said might be the deadly Ebola virus and was in worsening condition Thursday after he became ill following a recent trip to West Africa.
  • Drought.... Art gives a few statitics on deaths resulting from the recent heat waves.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines all night tonight. After the bottom of the hour break, Art reads an email from a cop in Nova Scotia relating an UFO sighting. Art calls this guy to talk to him about the sighting, but he is on duty now.
  • 2nd hour.... Art reads a UPI story about the Shroud of Turin before continuing with open lines and a caller relating a ghost story involving a hospital. Later in the hour, Art discusses weather changes with a caller and how to protect ourselves from alien abductions with another.
  • 3rd hour.... Art begins with discussing this story, listed under Latest News: 8/06/99 -- In the town of Oblivskaya in Russia (southern Russia, near the city of Rostov), people have been falling sick with a terrifying disease. In the latest news, the disease has been diagnosed as "Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever."
  • Open lines continues with a caller claiming to be a cynic relating a sighting.
  • 4th/5th hour.... Open Lines.

8/4/99 Wed/Thu

  • Drought.... Art talks about the drought in the midwest where the trees are shedding leaves as if it were fall.
  • Loans... Congress approved loans for steel and gas companies because they have been rocked by low prices. This is unbelievable to Art
  • Buchanan.... Pat Buchanan may bolt from the Republican party, probably, Art thinks because he feels the "fix is in" and doesn't have a chance against Bush.
  • KPFA....Dennis Bernstein, host of the program, Flash Point, joins Art for an update of the radio station. Dennis tells us normal broadcasting should resume tomorrow morning.
  • Environment.... Art reads a few disturbing reports on environmental issues from MSNBC about extinctions and dead zones in our oceans.
  • Darwin.... Art reads a possible Darwin award nominee wannabe, cause the guy isn't dead.
  • 2nd hour.... Linda Moulton Howe joins Art in this hour. Art reads a story to Linda on an eboli outbreak in Europe, where she is currently. Also he asks her about the extinction report he mentioned to us earlier in the program. After the bottom of the hour Linda discusses the crop circles in England and has Simon, a PhD from Denver, tells us about electrostatic energy and what provoked him to test for this energy in this crop circle.
  • 3rd hour.... Linda has another gentleman with her who tells us of his experience seeing strange lights over a crop circle. After the bottom of the hour break, Simon relates a public statement from a hoax research team. Art reads a few faxes to Linda from listeners who have seen a picture of the crop circle she is discussing. Frances comes on and expressess her opinion on the circle and the three dimensional effect it is emanating.
  • 4th/5th hour.... Phone calls are taken for Linda and her group there in Great Britian, with one caller asking Linda if she feels these circles are extra-terrestrial maps to show us where 'they' are. Also discussed is the theory that a former civilization is communicating with a spiritual machine through these crop circles.

8/3/99 Tue/Wed

  • Time.... There is a full 2 page article in Time magazine on Art and Coast to Coast AM.
  • SETI.... Art talks about the SETI@Home screen saver available from this site.
  • Crystal.... Remember Bonnie Crystal who was to go underground in Peru? She is now at 14,000 feet searching for caves and Art talks to her via telephone within the first few minutes of this first hour. Art asks her why a person who goes into caves is currently at the top of a mountain. Bonnie talks about what she has found in the caves she has explored so far.
  • Taxes.... Republicans have agreed on a 792 billion dollar tax cut but Clinton doesn't like it so it might happen.
  • Sunscreen.... An AP report says sunscreens may increase cancer risks because people who use them don't feel the effects of the sun and stay out in it too long. Art wonders how many of these stories we have to hear, one day milk is good, the next day it's bad and so on and so on.
  • Flare.... Art talks about a major solar flare, an x class event.
  • 2nd hour.... Joe Firmage joins Art in this hour. Joe begins by telling us he feels 20th century physics are incomplete. Art asks Joe what he feels these UFOs are that people are witnessing. After the bottom of the hour break, Art asks Joe about an experience he had 2 years ago that steered his life towards the direction it is in now.
  • 3rd hour.... At the top of the hour Art and Joe discuss ISSO's investigation into the paranormal and how it differs from other organizations. After the bottom of the hour break, Art asks Joe about a story breaking in France from Michael Linneman about a group of former defense officials who have issued a lengthy report about sightings and unknown phenomenom.
  • 4th hour.... Joe announces that ISSO has recruited a 17 year veteran of NASA as its Director of Research and discusses some of the projects in the works. Joe remains til the bottom of the hour break and then open lines finishes out the program.

8/2/99 Mon/Tue

  • Hillary.... Hillary said her husband's infidelity stems from his desire to please women. Hilly thought it was the other way around. Hilly says if she is going to use reasoning like this, the Senate seat is not going to be hers.
  • Sex.... Hilly talks at length about a divided congressional commission that has endorsed sex integrated recruit training in our armed forces but want the Pentagon to drop plans to loosen rules against adultery.
  • Military....An Air Force nurse has been punished by superiors for writing a letter to the military newspaper 'Star and Stripes' questioning the safety of anthrax vaccinations. Hilly says this story is really about freedom of speech.
  • Ban.... Hilly reads a report about 2 pesticides recently banned from being sprayed on fruits. Farmers say the EPA went too far because there are 235 pesticides that pose threats to humans, why pick on these two.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour with the Aztec calendar being a topic of discussion nd all the end of the world predictions.
  • 2nd hour.... Hilly reads a fax from a listener that relates a story about the south coast of England being sprayed in a secret biological warfare test as early as the '70's.
  • Guest.... Kurt Billings joins Hilly in this hour to discuss chemtrails and later mind control. He begins by talking about how the manufacturers of biological weapons cannot be sued in the event of citizens being harmed. Phone calls are taken in the second half of the hour.
  • 3rd hour.... Phone calls continue in the first half hour discussing chemtrails and then the topic switches to mind control after the bottom of the hour break. Noreen joins Hilly and Kurt to tell her story about her son, who is now in hiding from the CIA.
  • 4th hour.... Kurt continues to discuss mind control practices by the government and micro chip implementation during Desert Storm. Phone calls continue after the bottom of the hour break. A caller asks Kurt how many different government organizations, besides the CIA, are involved in mind control.
  • 5th hour.... At the top of this hour, Kurt recaps what he thinks is in the chemtrails and their purpose. Phone calls continue. In response to a question for Kurt about gun control/mind control, Kurt tells us his anonymous source asked him to remind the audience that there was gun control bills entered the day before the incidents at Littleton and Jonesboro.