8/31/97 - Dreamland / Sunday

  • Replay: Stan Friedman & Phil Klass Debate (5/1/94)

8/29/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Replay Medley
  • Mel's Hole
  • Area 51 Pilot (Jimmy Joe)
  • Dan (Bigfoot photo)
  • Bugs (shot Bigfoot)
  • Tito Armstrong, Chupacabra Stories
  • Robert Salice & Bob Laminski, UFO Sighting

8/28/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest: Stan Tenen - Bible Code (6/9/97 & 7/8/97)

8/27/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

8/26/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Replay: Rosalie Osias (5/27/97)

8/25/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest: Dr. Charles B. Pyke, Climatologist

8/24/97 - Dreamland / Sunday

8/22/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Michio Kaku, Prof of Theoretical Physics

8/21/97 - Thursday / Friday

8/20/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

8/19/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest: David Adair, Rocket Scientist (5 hours)

8/18/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • KNST.... Art welcomes KNST AM in Tucson, Arizona, now carrying the entire show on 790.
  • London.... A new Art Bell chat club has opened in London, England.
  • Web Page.... A photograph of Area 51, received anonymously, is now on the page. The best Art has every seen, maybe good enough to get in trouble. An ad for Art's book published in Publisher's Weekly is on the page too. Also, click on the Rogue Market, and you can get some pretend money to invest in Art Bell stock.
  • UPS.... The UPS strike is over. Art is very glad to see this and hopes he had a role in the settlement with his comments over the last two weeks.
  • MIR..... More trouble for MIR, the main computer went kaput, so the commander had to dock the replenishing ship himself. Art feels MIR has just about wore out it's usability.
  • New York.... Two more officers have been arrested for sexual harassment in regards to Haitian refugees. Art says the whole thing is absolutely nuts.
  • Meat.... A Nebraskan meat plant is being investigated, looking for the cause of the recall of 5 million meat patties. An agricultural swat team has been deployed.
  • Montserrat.... A British war ship has landed to help those who want to escape leave the Island. Officals are saying the island could literally blow up. Art wonders how the citizens on surrounding islands feel about this. If an explosion does occur what will happen to the weather affecting the Virgin Islands and others.
  • Guest: Jeff Holland, FERAL HUMANS, may be the BigFoot we all suspect.

8/17/97 - Dreamland / Sunday

  • Guest: Dannion Brinkley, "At Peace in the Light"

8/15/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Kathy Keeton, Cancer Survivor (1st Hour) Discusses her fight with cancer and the alternative cure she used.
  • Meat.... 1.2 million pounds of hamburger made by Hudson Foods is being recalled because of an ecoli scare.
  • Dow Jones.... The dow jones took a big dump Friday. Art wants to know if this is the beginning of a very serious bear market or is it some sort of reset in the market were it is going to go down. Art relates a little story about his experience with the stock market.
  • Bosnia.... We are increasing by about 50 percent the number of forces in Bosnia.
  • Justice Dept.... The Justice Department announced today they are not going to prosecute anymore FBI agents over the Ruby Ridge incident and it's aftermath. Art says basically this means the guys at the top get away.
  • Guest: J. Gordon Melton, (12 MID till the end) Vampires, tracking, hunting, living with and more....

8/14/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest: Dr. Wendy Lockwood, Theories of Atlantis (2 hours) Art compares Dr. Wendy Lockwood with Dr. Fred Bell, inasmuch as he is not prepared to accept or disregard what Dr. Lockwood said about Atlantis.
  • Fidget.... There is a studio cam photo of a fidget up on the page for a short time to. Mr Fidget calls in later in the show and we get some more pictures of fidgets on the web site.
  • UPS.... UPS and the temasters continue to talk, Art says this is a good sign. Everyone cross their fingers.
  • McVeigh.... Timothy McVeigh was formally sentenced to die by lethal injection by a Denver Judge today. McVeigh quoted a late Supreme Court Justice Brandice when he was asked to speak. In Art's opinion, the quote he used is McVeigh's way of saying, " the government made me do it".

8/13/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Replay of August 4th, 1997 with Ed Dames

8/12/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • UPS... Art recaps the latest on the UPS strike. Art still concludes that if the strike continues a lot of small business is going to die. Art feels small business is the backbone of this country, not the fortune 500's. Art still feels Clinton should intervene.
  • Book.... Art's book is the second most requested book at Walden's. Art says the reason it is selling so well is because the book is accurate.
  • Fax.... Art has received a fax from the White House and predicts he will have either the president or the vice president on the program and the subject will be global climate change.
  • Bigfoot.... Art talks about the report by Linda Moulton Howe on the bigfoot sighting in Florida. He is to play the report on air during the evening.
  • Weather.... Art reads some random weather incidents and conditions that he feels represents the changing weather he is always talking about.

8/11/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • KOH.... Station KOH in Reno has a spring survey that has Coast to Coast AM getting a 45 to 50 % share of those 12 years old and up. 25 to 54 year olds show a 60 % share.
  • UPS.... Art set up a phone line for only UPS employess or union members. Art feels the damage being done because of the strike is mounting everyday. UPS is being damaged financially, small businesses are at risk of going bankrupt. Art finds it ironic that Clinton doesn't feel this strike worthy of presidential intervention, but he did for the baseball strike.