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8/31/01 - Fri/Sat


8/30/01 - Thu/Fri

Guest: Dr. Steven Greer
Special Breaking News Announcement

Book: Extraterrestrial Contact : The Evidence and Implications

Guest: Howard Bloom

Book: Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century
Book: The Lucifer Principle : A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History

8/29/01 - Wed/Thu

Guest: Richard C. Hoagland

Topic: Crop Glyphs Images


Guest: Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D.

Dr. Kelleher, a staff member of the National Institute of Discovery Science, is a Research Scientist and Deputy Administrator where his responsibilities include overseeing NIDS research projects.

UFO Hotline: (702) 798-1700

8/28/01 - Tue/Wed

Guest: Candice DeLong

For twenty years, Candice DeLong was on the front lines of some of the FBI's most memorable and gripping cases. Some have called her a real-life Clarice Starling and a female Donnie Brasco. She has tailed terrorists, gone undercover as a gangster's moll, and was one of the agents chosen to carry out the manhunt for the Unabomber in Montana. For the first time, she reveals the dangers and rewards of her career as a field profiler in the FBI.

Book: Special Agent: My Life On The Front Lines As A Woman In The FBI

8/27/01 - Mon/Tue

Guest: Seth Shostak

Astronomer and SETI expert (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), which is the real-life basis for the story portrayed in the movie "Contact".

Book: Sharing the Universe: Perspectives on Extraterrestrial Life

Guest: Richard C. Hoagland

Tonight's Topic: Crop Glyphs Images, Part Three
Related Info: Crop Glyphs Images, Part Two
Related Info: Crop Glyphs Images, Part One


Guest: Michael Glickman

Michael Glickman was born in Manchester, England and trained as an architect in London. He worked in architecture, engineering, industrial design and product development and later was the president of a company licensing his inventions to industry around the world. He has taught extensively both in England and the USA including a period as professor at USC in Los Angeles. He became interested in the crop circles some years ago, an interest based not only on their enigmatic elegance but also on the profound formal and geometric will and intent which underlies the formations. He is a well-known writer, commentator and lecturer on the subject and now lives in Wiltshire, England, near the heart of crop circles.

Website: (Max'ed Out)
Michael's EMail:
Patricia's EMail:

8/26/01 - Sun/Mon

Host: Ian Punnett


8/25/01 - Sat/Sun

Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: Dr. Nicholas J. Begich

Author, Earthpulse Press

Dr. Begich is the eldest son of the late United States Congressman from Alaska, Nick Begich Sr. He is the publisher and co-owner of Earthpulse Press and is, also, under contract as Tribal Administrator for the Chickaloon Village Council, a federally recognized American Indian Tribe of the Athabascan Indian Nation.

Book: Earth Rising: The Revolution, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace
Book: Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology
Book: Towards a New Alchemy

Guest: Kimberly Wilson

Kimberly Wilson will explain what genetic engineering is and how it works, then explore the health risks involved with eating these newly created foods. She will address the ecological hazards that could result from modified plants crossing with wild species and escaping human control altogether, as well as the economic ruin that may befall small farmers who find themselves at the mercy of huge corporations for their livelihood. Kimberly Wilson, former director of the council's Program on Commercial Biotechnology and the Environment, works with Greenpeace Genetic Engineering Campaign.

Book: Genetically Engineered Food: Changing The Nature of Nature

8/24/01 - Fri/Sat

Guest: Richard C. Hoagland

Topic: More Crop Glyphs Images
Topic: Yesterday's Crop Glyphs Images


Guest: Gregg Braden

Author and guide to sacred sites. A former earth scientist and senior aerospace computer systems designer (Phillips Petroleum, Martin Marietta Aerospace, Cisco Systems) Braden is now considered a leading authority on the spiritual philosophy of the ancient Essenes and many indigenous traditions throughout the world.

Images: Photos For Tonight's Discussion

Book: Isaiah Effect: Decoding Our Future Through the Lost Science of Prophecy, Time, and Miracles
Book: Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation
Book: Walking Between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion

8/23/01 - Thu/Fri

Guest: Richard C. Hoagland

Topic: New Crop Formation Images


Guest: The Right Reverend Sean Manchester, O.S.G.

Sean Manchester, President & Founder of the Vampire Research Society, is Britains foremost vampire hunter.

EMail: Book: The Highgate Vampire
Book: From Satan To Christ
Book: The Vampire Hunters Handbook
Book: Carmel: A Vampire Tale

8/22/01 - Wed/Thu

Guest: Linda Howe

Tonight's Topic: Milk Hill Crop Circle Formation

Book: Glimpses of Other Realities: High Strangeness Vol II
Book: Glimpses of Other Realities: Facts and Eyewitnesses
Book: Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms
Book: Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles

Guest: Lucy Pringle

Book: Crop Circles

Guest: John Gribbin

Gribbin, visiting fellow in astronomy at the University of Sussex, is the author of many best selling books of science.

Book: Stardust: Supernovae and Life: The Cosmic Connection
Book: Q Is for Quantum : An Encyclopedia of Particle Physics
Book: In Search of Schrodinger's Cat: Quantum Physics and Reality
Book: Almost Everyone's Guide to Science : The Universe, Life and Everything
Book: In Search of the Edge of Time : Black Holes, White Holes, Wormholes
Book: In Search of the Big Bang: The Life and Death of the Universe

8/21/01 - Tue/Wed

Guest Host: Ian Punnett

Guest: Anthony Conforti

Book: Acalan

8/20/01 - Mon/Tue

Guest Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: Louis E. LaGrand, Ph.D.

Dr. LaGrand is a nationally certified grief counselor and has been doing research on extraordinary experiences of the bereaved (often referred to as after-death communication) for over twenty years.

Book: Gifts from the Unknown: Using Extraordinary Experiences to Cope with Loss & Change
Book: After Death Communication: Final Farewells
Book: Messages and Miracles: The Extraordinary Experiences of the Bereaved

8/19/01 - Sun/Mon

Guest Host: Ian Punnett

Guest: Gary Patterson

His fascination with Rock' n' Roll's history, myths, and urban legends has led to him being called the "self-styled Fox Mulder of Rock and Roll." He has served as a consultant for VH1's new music series VH1 Confidential and appears on camera in episodes 1, 2, & 5 discussing "The Paul is Dead" rumors of 1969, "Robert Johnson and The Curse of 27", and "Rock n' Roll's Mad Geniuses."

Book: The Walrus Was Paul: The Great Beatle Death Clues
Book: Hellhounds on Their Trail : Tales from the Rock N Roll Graveyard

8/18/01 - Sat/Sun

Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: REPLAY of Carol Simontacchi from 7/7

Book: The Crazy Makers: How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children

8/17/01 - Fri/Sat

Guest: REPLAY of Albert Taylor from 4/5

Book: SoulTraveler: A Guide to Out of Body Experiences and the Wonders Beyond (New 2000 Edition)

8/16/01 - Thu/Fri

Guest Host: Ian Punnett

Guest: Jim Redden

Crime Reporter for Portland Tribune

Topic: Privacy
Book: Snitch Culture: How Citizens are Turned into the Eyes and Ears of the State

8/15/01 - Wed/Thu

Guest Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: Peter Seidel

Book: Invisible Walls : Why We Ignore the Damage We Inflict on the Planet . . . and Ourselves

8/14/01 - Tues/Wed

Art had a back spasm flare up yesterday and will not be on tonight. Ian Punnett will be interviewing tonight's guest.

Guest: Harry Braun

Topic: Hydrogen Fuel

8/13/01 - Mon/Tues

Guest: REPLAY of Dr Evelyn Paglini from 3/15

Art had a back spasm flair up today and could not be LIVE tonight. He plans to be back tomorrow.

8/12/01 - Sun/Mon

Host: Ian Punnett
Guest: Tracy Twyman
Guest: James Wasserman

A thousand years ago Christian battled Muslim for possession of a strip of land upon which both their religions were founded. These crusades changed the course of Western history, but less known is the fact that they also were the meeting ground for two legendary secret societies: the Knights Templar and their Muslim counterparts, the Assassins.

Book: The Templars and the Assassins: The Militia of Heaven

8/11/01 - Sat/Sun

Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: Steve Kates "Dr. Sky"

Guest: John de Salvo
Guest: Christopher Dunn

Pyramids and scientific experimentation

Book: The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt

8/10/01 - Fri/Sat

Guest: Sean David Morton

8/09/01 - Thu/Fri

Guest: Richard C. Hoagland

Founder of The Enterprise Mission

Images: Mars Illustrations For Tonight
Documents: PDF Files
Book: The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever

8/08/01 - Wed/Thu

Guest: Stephan Schwartz

Remote Viewer


8/07/01 - Tue/Wed

Guest: Michio Kaku

Professor of theoretical physics

Book: Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century
Book: Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps and the Tenth Dimension
Book: Beyond Einstein: The Cosmic Quest for the Theory of the Universe
Book: Introduction to Superstrings
Website: Website:

8/06/01 - Mon/Tue

Guest: Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath

Ghost Investigators Society, with actual recorded voices of ghosts.


8/05/01 - Sun/Mon

Host: Ian Punnett
Guest: Arno Karlen
Book: Man and Microbes : Disease and Plagues in History and Modern Times
Book: Biography of a Germ

8/04/01 - Sat/Sun

Host: Barbara Simpson
Guest: Dr. Donald Steinberg

Donald Steinberg, MD, is a retired General Surgeon who has developed a unifying theory of many poorly or unexplained natural phenomena in Geology, Paleontology and Astrophysics. It is based on the Chandler Wobble, a peculiar, but scientifically confirmed, movement of the Earth's rotation.

Book: Cataclysm

8/03/01 - Fri/Sat

Guest: Major Ed Dames

Dames is the world's foremost remote viewing teacher and the founder of PSI TECH, Inc. and creator of Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). Dames was selected as an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program, and served as the training and operations officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency's remote viewing unit.

Targets: Chandra Levy / the False Prophet

8/02/01 - Thu/Fri

Guest: Marilyn Schlitz

Marilyn Schlitz is Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences leading research and membership organization devoted to interdisciplinary and diverse studies of the mind. Trained as an anthropologist, she has conducted some of the most important research in parapsychology.


8/01/01 - Wed/Thu

Guest: Dr. Steven M. Greer

Founder and Director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The Disclosure Project: Dr. Greer, an emergency physician, is widely regarded as the world's foremost authority on UFOs and Extraterrestrial intelligence. In the past 4 or 5 months, CSETI has been able to identify, contact and film nearly 90 military, intelligence and government witnesses to UFO events and projects. Many of these interviews and accompanying evidence are definitive and will establish the reality of the UFO/ET subject as well as the nature and purpose of the secrecy surrounding it.

Book: Extraterrestrial Contact : The Evidence and Implications

Guest: Sylvia Browne
Book: Past Lives, Future Healing: A Psychic Reveals The Secrets To Good
Book: The Other Side and Back: A Psychic's Guide to Our World and Beyond
Book: Adventures of a Psychic: The Fascinating Inspiring True-Life Story of One of America's Most Successful Clairvoyants
Book: God, Creation and Tools for Life
Book: The Other Side Of Life: A Discussion on Death, Dying, and the Graduation of the Soul
Tape: Angels and Spirit Guides
Tape: Sylvia Browne's Tools for Life

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