7/30/99 Fri/Sat

  • Moon.... Hilly talks about the Lunar prospector which is about to crash into the moon.
  • JFK.... Hilly mentions that there a lot of navy wives still waiting for their deceased husbands to be buried at sea, but JFK got to be buried one day after his body was found.
  • Info.... IPI, is a secret program instigated by President Clinton for handling sensitive information that could influence foreign audiences. It is so secret it ended up on the front page of the Washington Post.
  • Y2K.... Hilly reads a few brief stories about Y2K from listeners about canceled leaves of absences in certain organizations.
  • Jennings... Peter Jennings will do a 22 hour marathon before Y2K with cameras in 62 countries. Hilly asks, 'What are they expecting'.
  • Chaos.... Hilly does us of a report that states during the week of August 21st & 22nd, there are many electronic devices that will become confused because of the configuration of some GPS satellites.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the 1st hour. A caller claiming to be the leader of the galactic federation said there are 355 U.S. UFOs parked in Canada because there has been a war going on with the U.S. and various planets and we lost.
  • Guest.... Mark Bean joins Hilly tonight to discuss propulsion systems used by UFOs. Mark begins by explaining electrogravity which he thinks is the way of alien transportation. Many calls are taken and faxes are read.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines this hour while Hilly tries to confirm the the story told in the first hour about the 355 UFOs in Canada.

7/29/99 Thu/Fri

  • Signing.... Art reminds us of Brad Steiger's book signing this weekend.
  • Shooting.... Art talks about the shooting in Atlanta. He is baffled as to why the man would shoot customers.
  • Detroit.... Detroit's first casino will open in what used to be an old IRS building. Art loves the irony in this.
  • KPFA.... The radio station opens again Friday.
  • Fungus.... Art reads a report about a new marijuana eating fungus being considered for use in Florida.
  • Y2K.... Art mentions a couple of Y2K glitch reports involving banks.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour with Fritz being the first caller and discussing the Fox special 'Signs from 'God.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. David Jacobs, author of "The Threat" joins Art this hour. Art asks David his favorites scenario for abductions. Art reads a description of abductions from the International Center for Abduction research, asking David his opinion. Later in the hour the discussion turns to Hybrids.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks David how many cases that he is involved in involved the military. David talks about the hybrids that look like humans and how they reproduce and hoe they can impregnate humans. Art ask David why more women are abducted than men. Phone calls are taken.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls continue for David. David counsels a caller on how to handle her child's story of abduction. David comments on the Dr. Mack setup where he was duped by a supposed abductee.
  • 5th hour.... Open Lines finishes out the program with the first caller commenting on Robert Bigelow's plans to build a cruise ship to the moon.

7/28/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour.... Linda Moulton Howe joins Art with a report on some recent 'sightings' and an audio clip. Nancy Talbott joins Linda and Art to discuss new crop circle formations in Holland.
  • 2nd hour.... Art recaps Robert Bigelow's announcement of last night about a new space cruise ship he plans on financing. A number to contact Robert is 702-795-7200.
  • Guest.... Seth Shostak, an astronomer from SETI, joins Art in this hour. The discussion begins with the possibility of life on other planets and not necessarily earthly life. After the bottom of the hour break, Art asks all to read a posting under News Headlines on the home page which is a statement from RAMS's ex-webmaster. Seth and Art discuss Robert Bigelow's plan to build a space cruise ship.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks Seth about the government financing SETI and why funds have been cut. Art asks Seth why politicians, who can't even do the right "social" thing, get to make decisions on "science" things. Art and Seth talk about possibile government coverups regarding the presence of aliens and why they would do that.
  • 4th hour.... Art and Seth talk about the movie "Contact" and it's similarities with what SETI is doing, and the fact that the staff making the movie called up SETI numerous times. Black Holes are discussed. Art and Seth discuss what the aliens would send us if they did contact us.
  • 5th hour.... Art talks about the Pacifica radio station reopening, calling it an incredible victory, although he doesn't agree with their politics. Phone calls are taken this hour with the first caller asking Seth how he can dispute that there is currently alien life on Earth. Later in the hour, a caller asks Seth about the discovery of new planets.

7/27/99 Tue/Wed

  • Welcome.... Art welcomes station WETT AM in Ocean Spray, Maryland.
  • 1st hour.... Art announces the passing of Father Malachi Martin with deepest condolences.
  • Guest.... James Napier joins Art in the 1st hour, with information about Madeline Murray O'Hare that you have never heard before that Art says will shake you to the core. Madeline was instrumental in removing prayer from the schools. She is missing and presumed dead.
  • 2nd hour.... Robert Bigelow, a billionaire who has been financing and aiding many in the alternative field joins Art in the 2nd hour to make an amazing announcement. First, Art asks Robert what it is like to have a billion dollars and how his interest in esoteric subjects began. After the bottom of the hour break, Art asks Robert if he has reached any conclusions in his mind as to the animal mutilation investigations he has financed in the past.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks Robert about his time at Area 51. Later in the hour, Robert talks about a space cruise/hotel, with a gravity environment, that he wishes to establish.
  • 4th hour.... The conversation continues about Robert's plan for space cruises around the moon. Art asks Robert what kind of people he is looking for, for short term employment, to get this project started.
  • 5th hour.... Art asks Robert what is in the future for NIDS. Art asks Robert about his recent survey that reveled that most people think the government would coverup any ET information they might have. Art and Robert talk about NASA's resistance to public space travel.

7/26/99 Mon/Tue

  • 1st hour.... Tonights show with Hilly Rose is all about our government. The first topic is global warming, which Hilly says there is none, and hopes to prove it this hour. Hilly says satellite info shows a cooling in the atmosphere over the last 8 years. Henry Lamb, from the Environmental Conservation Organization joins Hilly to discuss this.
  • Pilots.... CBS reports that pilots in the Air Force Reserve and National Guard are quitting so they do not have to receive an anthrax vaccine.
  • Kenowith man.... Anthropologists have checked out the skull of the Kenowith Man, stored in a Washington Museum and cannot find a match with over 300 species.
  • 2nd hour.... William J. Olson joins Hilly this hour. He is an expert in Presidential abuses of power via the Executive Order. Some folks feel with the call up of military forces and police units for January 1 Y2K possibilities, it sets the stage for martial law to be declared in America on January 1, 2000. Hilly and William talk about the law that allows the military to act against civilians in the second half of this hour.
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly talks about Y2K readiness. Hilly and William talk about declared states of emergency from the past. William explains Federalism and why it is important to us. Phone calls are taken in the second half of this hour.
  • 4th hour.... William talks about the 2 times Lincoln declared Marshall Law. Phone calls continue. later in the hour, William talks about a statute that has to do with hording scarce material that is no longer in effect.
  • 5th hour.... William talks about the Oklahoma City bombing and Clintons desire to pass the anti-terrorism bill. Hilly asks William about Truman citing a United Nations resolution in order to pass an executive order. William talks about the 'trading with the enemy' law from long ago which is still on the books. Phone calls continue.

7/23/99 Fri/Sat

  • 1st Hour.... Whitley Strieber guests host tonight with crop circles being the main subject. Whitley says there has been a news blackout in this country where crop circles are concerned ever since Doug and Dave were caught traipsing through the wheat with boards on their feet.
  • JFK/TWA 800.... Whitley talks about how crop circles may relate to the JFK assassination and the downing of flight TWA 800. Nancy Talbott joins Whitley this hour, she is from the Burke Levengood Talbott research team and she begins by explaining the purpose of the research team. Nancy tells us about the exhaustive documentation she has done with plant samples from crop circles. She talks about the results of many control studies.
  • 2nd hour.... Nancy explains how the stems of the plants in crop circles are elongated and describes the many changes found in them. She talks of seed germination and the differences in plants and crop circle plants. Phone calls are taken after the bottom of the hour break. Nancy touches on the theory that crop circles are messages from the dead after a caller asks her about it.
  • 3rd hour.... Michael Glickman joins Nancy and Whitley in this hour and tells us about this season's crop circles and the differences with those from the past. Michael and Whitley touch on the different calendars and how they may relate. Also discussed is the Tree of Life formation and how it may relate to Judism.
  • 4th hour.... Patricia Murray, Michael's partner, joins Whitley and Michael this hour. Whitley begins by asking her how she got involved in this research. Phone calls are taken this hour. Patricia talks about how crop circles 'respond' to researchers.
  • 5th hour.... Whitley asks 'the powers that be' that make crop circles to create an Art Bell crop circle, an eleven petaled flower. Michael talks about how he feels that crop circles are some kind of continuing education and we will eventually know their origins. Phone calls are taken throughout this hour. Michael and Patricia give their opinions on how crop circles are created when asked point blank by a caller. Also discussed are the little balls of light that seem to be involved.

7/22/99 Thu/Fri

  • Columbia.... Columbia launched successfully earlier tonight.
  • 1st hour.... An update on the situation at radio station KPFA is given by Ralph Steiner. After the bottom of the hour break, Peter Davenport joins Art with some audio clips of recent UFO reports.
  • 2nd hour.... Art mentions that there are updates on the home page re: the lawsuit and a statement by Keith Rowland that you should read.
  • CNN.... Art complains that CNN always talks over the satellite launch during the first few critical seconds and he would rather hear the control room.
  • Kennedy.... Art reads a sobering scenario sent to him from a listener pertaining to flying in inclement weather.
  • Guest.... Nick Pope, who works for the Ministry of Defense in London since 1985, and has outspoken views on extra-terrestrials, joins Art in this hour. Art asks Nick what Great Britian has that parallels our First Amendment and how is he allowed to be a government representative and still speak out on these controversial issues. After the bottom of the hour break, Nick tells us of the crop circles he has stood in and whether he feels projected energy weapons has anything to do with their creation.
  • 3rd hour.... Nick and Art talks about the change in weather patterns and other ecological problems occuring now. Nick talks about people who have been abducted and shown some of these apocalyptic situations. Phone calls are taken after the hour of the break with one caller asking if Nick feels our propulsion systems have been influenced by alien technology.
  • 4th hour... Phone calls continue this last hour with Nick. the first caller asks Nick about an alien agenda. Art and Nick talk about the implant in Whitley Strieber. After the bottom of the hour break, a caller talks with Art and Nick about a possible implant in his nose.
  • 5th hour.... Art recaps the news. A teenager who had half of her brain removed was released from the hospital today. Some Mexican housewives, in Mexico City, have gone on strike today forcing their husbands to actually cook meals, do laundry and wash dishes. Congress is upset with the Pentagon which says it has spent several hundreds of millions of dollars on secret air force projects that they forgot to tell Congress about. The Drudge report says that two villagers in Nepal were bitten by unknown and unseen animals. In New Zealand, the cockroach has become the official millennium bug. Art says this is an example of a world with too much time on his hands.
  • Open Lines finishes out the last hour.

7/21/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour.... Steven Bassett, a UFO lobbyist, joins Art in the first hour for an announcement. Steven says on the 13th of this month filings were done and the first political action committee in history was formed that will directly go after the politics of the UFO/ET phenomenom and government coverup of same.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Drew Ross, a forensic psychiatrist, joins Art to discuss, among other things, serial killers. Art begins by asking Drew how he got into this field, what is it like to be face to face with a murderer and has he ever found any of them to be remorseful. Later in the hour, Art asks Drew about his idea of isolating serial killers but not in the traditional jail sense.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Dr. Ross discuss the death penalty. Art asks Dr. Ross about current day movies and how they used to be blamed for todays violence but that trend seems to be waning. Phone calls are taken later in the hour with mind altering drugs used on killers being discussed.
  • 4th hour.... Art and Dr. Ross talk about sociopaths before more phone calls are taken. The first caller's mother was killed by a serial killer and he expresses his feelings on the death penalty. Art asks Dr. Ross about defendants that are rich and how they are favored in the justice system.
  • 5th hour.... Art asks Dr. Ross if hate crimes (murders) are different than most and what kind of treatment is warranted, should it be a different kind and why. Art asks Dr. Ross if there has ever been a time when he could recommend a killer be returned to society and for what reason. Phone calls finish out tonight's program.

7/20/99 Tue/Wed

  • 1st hour.... Art talks about the recent fall Father Malachi Martin took and his resulting injuries. He has suffered a severe stroke and is near death. He will be 78 on Friday.
  • Review..... Art reviews upcoming guests and announcements.
  • JFK, Jr.... Art talks briefly about the tragedy.
  • Loans.... The Federal Reserve has approved issuing loans to banks you may suffer due to people withdrawing their money because of Y2K.
  • Soldiers.... Archeologists that were digging under a football stadium in South Carolina believe they have found the bodies of the original crew of the Hunley, the first submarine made of old locomotive boilers, used in the civil war.
  • Rods.... Jose Escamilia joins Art for an update on rods and where you can go to hear him speak on the subject and show video footage.
  • JPL.... Art reads snippets from a paper released from JPL about comet HaleBopp.
  • Big Bang.... Art talks about the nuclear accelerator designed to replicate the big bang and the fact that it may create a black hole.
  • Calls.... Art reads a fax from a listener in Portland complaining of the phone service.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Albert Taylor joins Art in this hour. In light of the 30 year anniversary of the landing on the moon, Art asks Albert why he thinks we should go back to the moon. Art and Albert talk about our country's astronauts and how their lives haven't been that great.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Albert talk about remembering dreams, NDE's and Dannion Brinkley. After the bottom of the hour break, Art asks Albert how to travel outside your body.
  • 4th hour.... Art and Albert talk about astral sex, and Art asks Albert if that isn't 'cheating' and whether men experience this more than women. Calls are taken later in the hour, with a high priestess calling in to talk with Albert about her being disabled and how she can astral project.
  • 5th hour.... Phone calls continue in this hour. A caller asks Albert about his experience of rising out of his body during yoga. Another caller asks Albert about the vibrations his body goes thru when attempting an OBE.

7/19/99 Mon/Tue

  • 1st hour.... Hilly says the UPI ran a story yesterday on the Kennedy tragedy that says a witness saw a big white flash in the sky in the area where JFK Jr.'s plane disappeared.
  • Canada.... Hilly tells us that Canadian military forces have canceled all leaves between Christmas and New Years due to possible Y2K problems.
  • Big Bang.... A nuclear accelerator designed to replicate the 'big bang' is under investigation. Hilly reads a report on this.
  • ETs.... Hilly reads an email from a listener responding to last weeks discussion on why aliens abduct human beings.
  • Crop circles are discussed with Karen Douglas who is in England after attending the big conference over there over the weekend.
  • 2nd hour.... David Childress, a world explorer, joins Hilly this hour. They begin by discussing Richard Shaver, who wrote a book that David has reprinted. Later in the hour, David talks about man made ancient tunnels he has explored in the Andes and South America.
  • 3rd hour.... The discussion continues on the hollow earth and lost continents. They discuss a city in the eastern jungles of Peru where all the gold of the Incans came from. Phone calls are taken later in the hour.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly reads a question for David from a listener asking about the book, "The Hollow Earth". David also talks about the Lost Horizon city, Shangrila. Hilly asks David about Egyptian underworlds.
  • 5th hour.... Phone calls continue for David. The discussion turns to how the ancients made the stone blocks found in different parts of the world including the Pyramids. Later in the hour, David talks about the bases the Germans set up in Antarctica during world war 2. David mentions the X Files movie and how the final scene showed a base in Antarctica. David talks about the underground base at the South Pole.

7/16/99 Fri/Sat

  • Brian Wilson guest hosts tonight. Brian begins by talking about the new millennium and how it does not begin til the end of next year.
  • L. Neil Smith, a Libertarian and science fiction author, joins Brian tonight to discuss our nation's future politically and paranormally. Neil talks about his bid for the Libertarian nomination and his political agenda. Brian asks Neil about his plan to ignore the 'old media' and take his message on a different route and how he plans to raise his awareness factor.
  • 2nd hour.... Brian and Neil touch on Y2k and resulting scenarios. Phone calls are taken with the discussion turning towards the Bill of Rights and gun control.
  • 3rd hour.... Phone calls continue with Neil telling a Canadian caller that he will offer statehood to any Canadian province that will adopt the Bill of Rights if he is elected president of the United States. The topic of gun control pops up again after the bottom of the hour break.
  • 4th hour.... Brian and Neil get into the topic of science fiction and Brian asks Neil if science fiction is a vision of the future through Libertarian eyes. Later in the hour a caller asks Neil about people giving up rights for alleged security.
  • 5th hour.... A caller asks Nial about corporations and how we the people can start making them accountable for how they are hurting us. Neil tells us of all the taxes he wants to eliminate and why. Later in the hour, a caller asks Neil about the missile defense system.

7/15/99 Thu/Fri

  • HMO.... A patient's protection bill has passed in the Senate, Clinton says he'll veto it.
  • House.... The House voted for a pay raise for themselves and the President. Art says if they keep this up the Presidency will be a job worth having.
  • China.... China says it has now invented its own neutron bomb.
  • Meteor.... Art reads a fax from a listener in New Zealand who says there is a video of the meteor that exploded over New Zealand last week. Art wants to know why we haven't seen this.
  • Peppers.... Almost the entire crop of green chili peppers in New Mexico has failed due to Curly Leaf Virus as well as excessive heat and wind.
  • Internet.... Art is getting alot of messages about Robert Raith (remember Dr. Reed and the alien in the freezer) being shot.
  • Y2K.... Art talks about how many U.S. cities are leaving themselves scant time to prepare for Y2K.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Michio Kaku joins Art in this hour and Art starts out by asking him what will it mean for us if we honor the theory of everything. Art and Michio also talk bout the Bubble theory, the multiuniverse theory and the Big Bang.
  • 3rd hour.... The discussion turns to the project NASA has planned to harpoon a comet. Michio also talks about the Cassini mission. Later in the hour, Michio talks about the dangers of producing anti-matter.
  • 4th hour.... Michio talks about the possibility of cloning and designer children and homosuperior. The discussion then turns to nuclear weapons and accidents.
  • 5th hour... Art tells Michio about his interview with Leonard Nimoy and asks Michio if he is shocked that so much of what was shown in the Star Trek series is eventually going to be real. Michio says the hardest to duplicate will be the transporter, though, Art says IBM is working on a theory. Later in the hour, Michio talks about us becoming a planetary civilization. Phone calls are taken with one caller asking Michio about the chaos theory.

7/14/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour.... Art talks about the siege at station KPFA in San Fransisco. It made front page news there. Larry Bensky, a journalist and voice at KPFA, joins Art to enlighten us about the 'siege'.
  • Crop Circles.... Crop Circles are front page news in Tennessee.
  • Gore.... Art reads an article about Air Force Two's near miss with another plane.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Art asks us to send white light to Terrence McKenna on Thursday, 7-15.
  • Guest.... Dr. Leonard Shlain, a brain researcher, at California Medical Center, joins Art this hour. Dr. Shlain talks about the difference between male and female brains. He talks about the two hemispheres of the brain. Later in the hour, he talks about language and how the alphabet is the most left brain form of communication and the first culture to adopt an alphabet.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks Dr. Shlain about Gods and Godessess and his opinion on Matthew Alper and his studies on "The God Part of the Brain". Later in the hour, Dr. Shlain talks about our brains becoming more integrated and our culture becoming more feminine, the internet and connectivity.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls are taken in this hour. Dr. Shalin talks about the chinese culture and language. Later in the hour a caller asks Dr. Shlain about being ambidexterous.
  • 5th hour.... Art talks again about the near miss Air Force Two experienced due to a radar 'quirk'. Open lines finishes out the last hour.

7/13/99 Tue/Wed

  • MIR... MIR is leaking air and the cosmonauts seem to be stranded. Art is sure they wouldn't let them die, would they? Art says to watch this story closely as there is a danger of MIR reentering.
  • CHAP.... Art reads a report on CHAP, metal fibers used to stop radar, that suggests it may block lightning too, as witnessed in a 1993 situation in Phoenix.
  • Joke.... Art tells a joke about how the FBI, CIA and LAPD would handle finding a rabbit in the woods. After the bottom of the hour break Art tells a blonde joke.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Paul Moller, the CEO of Moller Enterprises, who makes the 'skycar', joins Art in this hour. Paul and Art discuss the upcoming testing of a four passenger version of the skycar. Art asks Paul about the features of this car that flies. After the break, Art asks Paul about the software used to run this vehicle.
  • 3rd hour.... Phone calls are taken in this hour, with one caller being an old neighbor of Pauls and she tells us of the silver flying saucer Paul had in his garage. After the break, a caller asks Paul if he thinks the airlines will give him trouble because of the competition.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls continue, Art and Paul discuss the possibility of regular gas stations fueling the sky car, if the car can land there. Art asks Paul how many cars he must manufacture to get the purchase price under $100,000.00 and who gets the first skycar made.
  • 5th hour.... Art talks about an uprising at station KPFA, a station located a few blocks from Berkley, and Art has a contact who has been monitoring the situation call in to explain. Details are available by clicking the link under Latest News and Site Additions. After the bottom of the hour break, Art reads a statement released by KPFA prior to the current incident. Open lines finishes out the program for this evening.

7/12/99 Mon/Tue

  • 1st hour.... Hilly tells us of a decision by the FBI to cancel all leaves scheduled between December 15, 1999 and mid January because of Y2K. Bob Brown, the founder and director of the UFO Congress, joins Hilly in the 1st hour to discuss the many sightings of late. Bob talks about the interest the Japanese have in UFOs and how the Japanese government does not try to suppress information. Phone calls are taken after the bottom of the hour break.
  • 2nd hour.... Ken Goddard, a criminalist who currently is the director of the National Fish and Wildlife Forensic Laboratories, joins Hilly. Bob talks about his job and his responsibilities and some of the cases he has handled. Hilly asks Ken about the aliens allegedly at Roswell and what his lab would be able to check out.
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly asks Ken about the story of the elk abduction witnessed by several forest rangers, and the incident where some teenagers killed a puppy by putting a firecracker on his collar. Hilly and Ken discuss dolphins and the fact that they are killing other mammals. After the break, phone calls are taken with one caller asking Ken why aliens mutilate cows.
  • 4th/5th hour... Phone calls continue in this hour with the selling of mammoth ivory being discussed. Hilly reads a fax from a listener on the discovery of steel head trout in the San Diego area and asks Ken to comment. Phone calls continue in this hour and next.

7/09/99 Fri/Sat

  • 1st hour.... Whitley Strieber is the guest host. Whitley begins by expressing his thoughts on the theme of Coast to Coast Am and why it draws criticism once in a while. Whitley talks about how close Mars is to us right now, and a crop circle discovered June 12th in Wilshire. Richard Belzer and Jim Marrs joins Whitley this hour. Richard tells us why he wrote his book and how he met Jim Marrs and where he was the day Kennedy was assassinated. After the bottom of the hour, Lee Harvey Oswald is discussed.
  • 2nd hour.... The discussion turns to the months following the assassination and what happened to those who witnessed it, untimely deaths and such. Whitley asks his guests if they feel the cover up involved people who were not involved in the assassination.
  • 3rd hour.... Dorothy Kilgallon's death and her tie in with Kennedy and UFOs are discussed. Whitley asks his guests if perhaps Kennedy was on the verge of divulging something when he was killed. Phone calls are taken after the bottom of the hour break.
  • 4th hour.... Whitley and Richard talk about the Brookings Report. Richard tells us what he thinks would happen if an alien appeared on the White House lawn. After the break at the bottom of the hour, phone calls continue with a caller relating his thoughts on crop circles.
  • 5th hour.... At the top of the hour, Whitley talks about how Oswald can be linked with every possible group of people that may have wanted Kennedy dead. Whitley and Richard take phone calls for the reminder of the show.

07/08/99 Thu/Fri

  • 1st hour.... Peter Davenport joins Art in the first hour with some updates. A pickup truck was hit by a meteor in Washington, and the owner of the truck comes on to tell his story. After the break, Peter plays some audio clips from reports in North Carolina. Another report comes from Ottawa, Canada.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Ronald Laura joins Art in the second hour to discuss time travel and the paranormal, among other things. Art asks Ronald about the reports from the first hour and his thoughts on the increased activity. Art asks Ronald about the rogue planet Art reported on a few nights ago. After the break, Ronald discusses transcending physical consciousness and gives examples.
  • 3rd hour... Ronald discusses life after death and has the audience participate in an exercise.
  • 4th hour.... Ronald talks about inhaling consciousness and gives examples. Phone calls are taken this hour. One caller describes a 'slip' in time and Art asks Ronald if he were to consider all the inmates in mental institutions, wouldn't there be some who are just in a different place, not really insane.
  • 5th hour.... Art reads a fax from a pilot who sighted a UFO during a flight tonight that he felt may be seeding thunder storm clouds.
  • Clinton.... Clinton will be called upon to do some campaigning for Hillary in New York. Art says it probably didn't come out as a request, but a demand, if you know what he means.
  • Vegas.... Weather nightmares happening in Las Vegas.
  • Unabomber.... Art reads a story that reports the unabomber was a mind control participant sponsored by the CIA at Harvard in the late 50's. Art asks where in the hell was this information all this time?
  • NASA.... NASA insists that it is just a coincidence that 6 years from now a space craft named Deep Impact is going to fire a 1100 lb. copper bullet at the nucleus of a comet. The purpose is to study the makeup of comets. Art says with our luck, the bullet will knock off a chunk that comes our way.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the last hour.

7/07/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st Hour.... Linda Moulton Howe and Pete Sorensen join Art in the first hour. Linda plays an audio clip from a witness to an alleged crop circle being formed in Tennessee. Peter reports from Great Britian on the beginning of the crop circle season and why it especially impresses him this year. later in the hour, Linda explains why the crop circle media coverage has dropped off drastically.
  • 2nd hour.... Art reads a report about an asteroid that exploded over New Zealand. Col John Alexander, the father of non-lethal weapons research, joins Art this hour. Art asks John about Kosovo and a new weapon used that could be turned off or on with a switch. Later in the hour, Art and John discuss his new book and a chapter, that in retrospect, sounds like the incident in Columbine.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and John talk about police assisted suicide and a study that show 10% of all shootings involving the police are 'suicide by cop' shootings. Art asks John how this percentage can be decreased. Art asks John if he thinks our government would get into mind control research.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads a fax from a listener asking whether we would be more vulnerable to biological warfare if we were using nonlethal type weapons. John gives us his current 'view of the world' specifically what is going on in North Korea. Phone calls are taken this hour.
  • 5th hour.... A caller asks John for any info on H.A.A.R.P. and weather modification weapons. Later in the hour, a caller asks John about scaler weapons and also his thoughts on Tom Beardon. John continues throughout the rest of the program and Art asks him his opinion on an exit plan in Kosovo.

7/06/99 Tue/Wed

  • 1st hour.... Jeff Rense joins Art in the first hour to discuss the DJO, RAMS mess and Jeff's involvement and take on the situation. Jeff talks about the private investigator that dug up info in Monterey, his having RAMS on his program and the settlement attempts with DJO. Jeff praises Art's stamina and patience and the dignity he has shown in dealing with situation.
  • 2nd hour.... Steve Simon, the producer of two of Art's favorite movies, joins Art in this hour. They discuss the movies, Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come, the inceptions, the development and the success of each.
  • 3rd hour... Steve talks about the different religious denominations and what their interpretations of what heaven and hell is as it relates to what he did in the movie, What Dreams May Come. Steve talks about the "Somewhere in Time" weekend that is held every October at the hotel used in the movie and his decision to attend this year.
  • 4th hour.... Steve and Art talk about the alternate endings made for 'What Dreams May Come'. Phone calls are taken this hour. Art and Steve talk about the different facets of movie production inbetween calls.
  • 5th hour.... Art asks Steve if he plans to do a direct to video sequel of 'Somewhere in Time' as hinted on the internet. Steve says he has approached Universal but they are not interested. Phone calls continue throughout the last hour.

7/01/99 Thu/Fri

  • House.... The House voted yesterday to give consumers the right to block banks from sharing personal data.
  • Congress.... Congress endorsed legislation to shield businesses against y2k related lawsuits.
  • Cable car.... The cable car that crashed in France that killed 20 had just been inspected for safety and passed.
  • Limbaugh.... Art talks about Rush Limbaugh's rampage on the President about the exaggerated number of Serbs killed that initiated the bombing in the first place. Limbaugh said the lying was all for the sake of Clinton's place in history.
  • Pakistan.... Pakistan is saying they would use nuclear weapons if a full scale war broke out. Soldiers are being sent to the shores of Cashmere, more than 700,000 soldiers have been amassed. Art says this means something is about to happen with those kinds of numbers.
  • Squirrels.... Squirrels riddled with crusty brown tumors have been reported in 8 Florida counties.
  • Red Cross.... The American Red Cross is warning that a new class of weather and population growth are likely to reach unprecedented havoc over the planet over the coming months. What does a new class of weather mean to you, asks Art.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Gerard Fox, Art's attorney joins Art to update us on the pending lawsuit and the recent serving of Robert AM Stephens and settlements talks with David John Oates.
  • 3rd hour.... Steven Bassett, a UFO lobbyist, joins Art in this hour. The discussion begins with the Phoenix lights and Frances Barwood. Later in the hour Steven talks about the problems and smear campaigns that can occur to people involved within the paranormal realm and those who strive to bring attention to this issue. Steven talks about the 5 people that have suffered heart problems in the last year.
  • 4th hour.... Steven talks about Carl Sagan and how, shortly before his death, he started to hedge about earlier concrete statements he had made in the past. Phone calls are taken in this hour.
  • 5th hour.... Calls continue throughout this hour. A caller asks about the enhanced photographs from Roswell. Another caller asks why taxpayers couldn't join together to start some sort of campaign to help the lobbying.