Autopilot Cash Machine

7/31/98 Friday / Saturday

  • President is anxious to testify. Art says "Yeah, Right!, Like I'm anxious to have a tooth pulled."
  • DOW took 143 point drop today. It this because of the President?
  • The Arizona Republic is going after Francis Emma Barwood and Art reads a note from her.
  • First child birth on the Internet, then the virgins were going to do it on the Internet, now comes a sex change operation!
  • Is Mt Everest Growing?? Explorers used GPS to try to discover the actual height.
  • 6.6 Earthquake in Indonesia,
  • Bronze statue of Osirus found in Egypt.
  • China is issuing a threat towards Taiwan.
  • Guest: Roger C Dunham, Author, Spy Sub.

7/30/98 Thursday / Friday

  • will carry the taping of Dreamland on Friday afternoon at 1PM Pacific.
  • Art's computer got hit by lightning and he describes the condition and repair of it.
  • The "NightVision" cam is up and running tonight and pointed at the Milky Way.
  • Chairman of the House Impeachment Committee says they are ready!
  • More Secret Service agents testify and the famous "Dress" will be DNA tested. "If the Dress is a mess, you must confess!" Art tells his opinion of Bill Clinton.
  • Senate approves increase in military pay, Art is pleased.
  • Russian to build new nuclear power plant. Russians say the previous accidents have caused some distrust in nuclear plants in Russia.
  • The spacecraft Galileo is sending back data once again from Jupiter, but images from the flyby of Europa are lost! (Yeah Right!)
  • From the Post, Area 51 workers are continuing their suit against the government concerning their hazardous waste exposure. They say they expect people will want to burn down the DOJ in protest.
  • No guest tonight, just open lines.

7/29/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Art opens the Time Traveler line tonight. People who believe they have traveled in time will call this line.
  • The President volunteered to give testimony in his case.
  • Art talks about his new Firebird, how it goes so fast and may be the target of law enforcement. He still likes the TV commercial for it.
  • Art talks about his time machine. And reads a FAX from a listener regarding their time machine, that it works and has been working for a least 2000 years.
  • The number of clear days has decreased over the years. They think it has to do with global warming, ahh, I mean, "Climatic Discontinuity."
  • Art talks about what a beautiful night it is for his night vision. He gets many good views of the stars. We have posted a 30-minute sequence of the view towards Las Vegas, on the Studio Cam page.

7/28/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about Monica Lewinsky. She is supposed to testify in a few weeks. The Stock Market went down 200 points today, Art thinks because of Monica Lewinsky.
  • Art reads a letter on the subject of Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones.
  • There was an agreement made by GM to improve relations to stop the strike.
  • Art talks about Chinese and Tokyo stocks.
  • Art reads a letter about Congress passing the 'American's with NO Abilities' Act. See link on our Links page.
  • Art opens the "Year 2000" line.
  • Art tells about a huge parachute for a small airplane. Then he wonders if they could do the same for a very large airplane.

7/27/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Art talks about his night vision studio camera pointed towards Area 51.
  • The Duma is considering impeachment against Boris Yeltson.
  • Monica Lewinsky is meeting to discuss the case again.
  • Art reads a letter from Wisconsin about one of Ed Dames predictions.
  • Mount Etna, as well as many other volcanos, look like they is going to erupt.
  • Art reads another letter about a man who dreamt about his death before it happened.
  • Then, another letter is read about Art's tremendous power of influencing people.
  • Guest: Whitley Strieber

7/26/98 Sunday / Dreamland

  • Report: Linda Howe reports on more crop circles.
  • Guest: Dr. Bruce Goldberg

7/24/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Art starts off with the shooting in the nation's capitol.
  • The Russian space mirror project has been indefinitely postponed due to lack of funds, they say. Art thinks it is because of the coverage and discussion of it on the show and our negative responses to it.
  • Mt Etna has been more active lately and they all fear a full explosion soon.
  • Art doesn't want to use the term "global warming." Art describes multiple types of Earth changes, not all related to temperature rise. Art likes "Climatic Discontinuity." A listener likes "Shake and Bake."
  • Guest: Gary North, Year 2000 Problem Expert

7/23/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Mike McCurry is out! Art liked his dry sense of humor.
  • Pope John Paul II tightened rules regarding doctrine changes.
  • U.S. Stock market falling fast!
  • Quickening News: Melting Antartic glacier and changing compass reading news from Australia and Jim Berkland. Art asks for any reports on magnetic shifting.
  • Art reads a fax from someone who rented to Mel of Mel's Hole fame and describes a gun that was received for payment.
  • Guest: Albert Taylor, "Soul Traveler"

7/22/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Linda Howe comes on first and discusses the "Russian Night Light" project and the Cove, Utah crop circle.
  • James Bond Johnson photographer of Roswell crash debris and Ron Regeher are guests in the second hour.

7/21/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Starr appeals ruling over leaks.
  • Senate has rejected a gun bill concerning manditory sales of gun locks. Art agrees, and thinks that if this did go through, it wouldn't be too long before they would require guns to be locked up all the time.
  • The heat wave has claimd 128 people in 6 states.
  • Cmdr. Bill Donaldson report claims two missles may have downed the TWA 800 airliner.
  • Russian scientists to place a second moon in the sky. See our links page for more info.
  • Guest: Alex Collier

7/20/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Weather is incredible in the desert, violent thunderstorms in las Vegas.
  • Fire has broken out on the cruise ship Ecstasy.
  • Papua New Guinea tidal-wave claims way more that what was reported last Friday night.
  • Secret Service agents begin testifying.
  • From Dallas, "We're under attack by grasshoppers!"
  • In Moscow, a feral boy was living with a pack of dogs, and prefered it over Russian orphanages.
  • Indonesian volcano is active.
  • Guest: Brad Butler

7/17/98 Friday / Saturday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about Phillip Corso that died this morning of a heart attack. Art will replay the Dreamland that he was on in his memory.
  • Art says that he is working on great show, also concerning Roswell, that will be a suprise. Coming up probably next week.
  • Art begins his fifteenth year of broadcasting today and celebrates his 400th affiliate. A congradulatory tape is played, assembling numerous remarks from supporters.
  • The "Confession Line" will be opened tonight.
  • On a flight from South Africa, a lady was sitting next to a black man. She told the flight attendant said she couldn't sit there, next to this 'black person'. After discussing with the pilot what to do, the flight attendent tried to help, saying that there was an open seat in first class. The attendant offered the seat to the black man who was sitting next to her. The passengers applauded.
  • The decision is in, and the Secret Service Agents will testify.
  • Art talks about the flooding in China that is destroying crops and more earthquakes in the US.
  • Late in the show, Art takes calls from Australia, regarding the 7.0 earthquake. Stan Deyo get's a ring from Art and they discuss this during the last half hour of the show.

7/16/98 Thursday / Friday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about how hot it is near his house, and other places around the world.
  • Dreamland will be taped on Friday between 1 and 4 PM Pacific time. You can call the lines between these times.
  • Clinton appealed to the Supreme Court whether he will give testimony. It is now in the hands of the Supreme Court Judges.
  • Remember one of the DARWIN award winners, Larry Walters. This was the guy who used helium filled ballons attached to a lawn chair, to ride up into the sky. Well, Larry died recently and Art remembers him with this repeat telling of his famous venture.
  • Guest: Jose Escamilla, Roswell Rods

7/15/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Welcome WGIG in Brunswick, Georgia!
  • Web Site Items -- Animal House
  • Judge refuses to squash Starr's subpoenas. Secret Service agents must testify. Art doesn't think you should able to subpoena these agents, except in extreme circumstances.
  • Southern heat continues. Going up to 118 in Arizona, 50 dead in southwest due to the heat.
  • UAW may have agreed to arbitration. Art thinks that would be nice to get this over with. Otherwise a good portion of economy will be effected.
  • FAX from Jason in Pahrump, says lights are appearing over Area 51 recently.
  • KNBC in LA, runs story on large mysterious carving in Austraila that looks like a aboriginal warrior.
  • Lloyds of London getting hit with Y2K insurance claims. Software companies are advising them of possible suits.
  • TWA800 crash may be caused by electromagnetic interferrence from miltary ships or planes.
  • Two boys killed another over girl friend problems and then committed suicide, three dead.
  • Guest: Jeffrey NyQuist

7/14/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about a photo that someone has duplicated with Ramona in Paris, and there is a UFO in the sky.
  • Go to the Rogue Market to buy some Art Bell stock and get rich.
  • Art talks to Zee and her daughter in Diamond Bar, California. It seems that they found a rock in their yard after the daughter had a vision about it. They saw a face appear on the rock, and they think it was the face of Jesus Christ.
  • Art announces that something in his studio just moved and he didn't expect it. (Must of been a rock!)
  • Many people have died in the Tennessee floods.
  • The outrageous heat in Texas has killed over 20 people. It is supposed to get even hotter over the next few days.
  • Al Gore called weather experts to the White House to talk about global warming. The last six months have been the highest ever recorded on earth.
  • A picture was sent to Art and he is deciding whether to put it up on the web site. It is a very graphic picture of an alligator cut open who had eaten a man.
  • Guest: Richards Hoagland discusses his Paper on Hyperdimensional Physics.

7/13/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • In the news tonight, Art announces that there is a story in the New York Post about his show.
  • Art also announces that the Rouge Market will be opened up again today. Go buy some Art Bell stock.
  • A jury ruled two people guilty of raping a black teenager. They will decide tomorrow how much damage to award to the family.
  • The heat in Texas has killed 21 people this year, and 7 this week. It was the hottest day since 1980.
  • After 130 people were hurt by airbags, GM has recalled over a million vehicles.
  • Art reads a letter he received from a person suspecting that aliens have visited earth.
  • Art reads another letter from a man saying that Saturday night a meteor went through the sky and hit Louisiana. Art wonders why he suspects that it was a meteor, when they haven't found it yet.
  • Art talks to Stan Deyo about of his recent move. They also discuss Hansen's opinion against Asian immigration, and the recent earthquakes.
  • Guest: Malachi martin

7/12/98 Sunday / Dreamland

  • Guest: Brad Steiger

7/10/98 Friday / Saturday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about a new crop circle that they found July 9th in Great Britian.
  • Art's air conditioning system is now working again.
  • The kill count in China due to floods is 234. The floods were caused by massive rains.
  • Ted Turner apologized for the flawed report at CNN about nerve gas in the Veitnam War. Two CNN reporters were fired.
  • Washigton's failure to pay back dues, could cause the US to lose its vote in the UN.
  • A man wanted for murder held his daughters hostage in his own home.
  • OJ Simpson's lawyers appealed his fee, saying that there was erroneuos evidence.
  • In Hong Kong, the virus EV 71 has killed 55 young children.
  • Stan Dayo says that there is a huge heat increase from Japan to Oregon.
  • Because of an Islamic movement in Afganistan, citizens were given 15 days to get rid of television sets or see them smashed by religious police.
  • Art reads a fax he got about assisted suicide.
  • Guest: Benjamin Creme, Imminent Emergence of Maitreya the "World Teacher"

7/09/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Replay Program: Hopi Elders

7/08/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Art mentions that he attempted to upgrade his air conditioning today, to help the rising heat situation in the desert. It may fail tonight.
  • Art talks to Kevin Barry about his documentary "Close Encounters" and how he got the idea for it. They also talk about Cops and Heavens Gate. He talks about the encounter that it is based on and how it all got started. They discuss the lights in Phoenix. Kevin's theory is that the government planned to light flares at the same time. He says that he just wants the government to release the information. Kevin thinks his documentary will bring new interest to the case.
  • The Guest tonight is Jack Smith, a CNN producer/report who was fired after the recent retraction of the nerve gas in Vietnam story. Jack explains how the story was pursued and reported and the fallout afterward.
  • After three hours on the air, the newly installed upgraded air conditioner froze up and heat was building up in the studio. Since the equipment is not designed to take the heat, Art shuts down the studio and the network replays the last two hours.
  • Replay Guest.... The Robert O. Dean interview is replayed for the last two hours of the show.

7/07/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Art starts out tonight talking more about France, and the food that they serve there. He also talks about the non-smoking policy in flights coming into the U.S., and sports in France. Arts opinion is that if France wins the world cup, then the country is going to come apart.
  • Terry Nichols will not get a new trial.
  • Bill Clinton has signed a law on adults who don't store their guns safely. That would make it a federal law.
  • There is a story going around that blacks absorb nicotine more readily than whites, so therefore it is harder for them to quit.
  • Japan is building a really good space program. It seems that they have launched a probe to Mars. Art wonders WHY???
  • Guest: Neil Slade

7/06/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • To top off the show, Art talks about his trip from France and the pictures posted on the web site.
  • There was an article in August Penthouse Magazine was about Art Bell.
  • There is also a full page about Art coming in next weeks Newsweek magazine.
  • CNN has retracted their Vietnam War nerve gas story. There was a number of people fired due to this mistake. One such person will be on this Wednesday night.
  • In the West Indies, Mozzerat looks like it is ready to blow again. Art talks about another volcano that looks like its gong to blow.
  • Scientists are conducting expirements about UFOs. It seems there was physical evidence of real sightings.
  • Pressure is building up from Congress to talk about UFOs in the open.
  • A new drug-resistant form of AIDS was discovered. The first patients have contracted AIDS that is resistant to a drug, it means absolute death. They thought they had a vaccine that was tested on monkeys, it actually mutates into AIDS within a few years.
  • Guest: James Redfield, Author, The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure

7/05/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Replay Guest - Joy Gilbert

7/03/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Guest Replay From 2/13/98 - Luman Perry, Prisoner
  • Guest Replay From 5/25/98 - Gary North, Y2K Problem

7/02/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Guest Replay From 6/03/98 - Charles T. Tart

7/01/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest Replay - Colonel Philip Corso
  • Guest Replay From 2/03/98 - Dr.Lorraine Day