6/30/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest REPLAY From 11/05/97 - Greg Bradden

6/29/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest REPLAY From 6/12/97 - Doug Ruby

6/28/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Guest REPLAY - Sam Sherman

6/26/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Guest REPLAY - Ed Dames

6/25/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Guest REPLAY - Malichi Martin

6/24/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest REPLAY - The BIG Disclosure Show

6/23/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about his own sighting of a UFO. He reads a letter written by a person who saw the same UFO in another state years ago. Art says that it blew him away to see the pictures that this person sent. See our UFOs pages.
  • Clinton has vetoed the Iran Sanction Bill. Art doesn't agree with this decision.
  • Russia recently announced that they need over 5 million dollars to destroy all of their chemical weapons, but they don't have the money.
  • Nerve gas was found in Vietnam, but they say that they were only testing it, and couldn't make it into a weapon.
  • In New York, NORAD was testing the year 2000 problem. They say that everything will freeze, as it did in the testing. Russia locked up too, and they say that they are just going to wait.
  • After a mild earthquake struck Yellowstone National Park, it now takes more than 80 minutes for Old Faithful to erupt.
  • A man, police said, who told his friend to shoot a beer can off of his head died. Art wonders WHY???
  • Guest... Sean David Morton... Here is a summary of the prediction Sean made on the program. Thanks to Chuck Roberts ( for providing this list.
    • 3rd week of Aug 98, stock market breaks 10,000.
    • Oct 16, 1998 beginning of great downward trend of stock market. NOT the crash.
    • Feb 21, 1999 Kingdom of heaven comes to earth. (Which means change of consciousness, will to be free, spiritual awakening and realization.)
    • July 1999 Nostrodamus "King of Terror" returns. Relates to India and Pakistan. Possible war between them.
    • May 2000 Big crash. Once banks get into insurance and social security, market will crash. Economic reform (Sean didn't say exactly how.)
    • 2010 Fault divides CA into an island. Silver will go to $12 per ounce. Now at $6.5/oz.
    • 2013-2018 US fights a war with China.

6/22/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about his vacation that is coming up. He will be going to Paris with his wife on Wednesday. It will be his first vacation with his wife, alone.
  • The tobacco award was overturned by the Florida Appeals Court. The reason was that it was filed 4 years late.
  • The fires in Florida are unbelievable. They are getting 80 to 90 new fires a day.
  • Time magazine and CNN announced that they are going to investigate the accuracy of the report about the U.S. using nerve gas in the Vietnam War.
  • It's been 57 years since the Nazi's invaded the USSR and they are now talking about the threat of fascism.
  • Art reads a letter from Missouri about a dust cloud and another letter from a Sharon about an attack from crows.
  • Guests: Garph, Disorder, Shipley, Computer Security Experts

6/21/98 Sunday Dreamland

  • Phil Cousineau Book: Soul Moments: Marvelous Stories of Synchronicity

6/19/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Peter Davenport comes on to give another report of UFO sightings.
  • Guest: Dr. James W. Rice, Jr., NASA Ames Scientist discusses his upcoming trip to the Arctic to simulate the Mars environment.

6/18/98 Thursday / Friday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about Clinton declaring the fires in Florida a disaster. The fire has taken 46,000 acres of land.
  • Newt Gingrich says that the Senate will introduce a new slimed down tobacco bill about teen smoking.
  • They are now linking smoking with Alzhimers. They say that people that smoke are twice as likely to get Alzhimers disease.
  • Art complains about a new telephone fee/tax that will go to the libraries effort of getting hooked up to the Internet.
  • The death toll of the virus in Taiwan has risen. It has killed a total of 43 children, all under five. They say that it will spread to other countries very quickly.
  • Art reminds us of the story of the meteor that fell through a married couples house. He says that he know has a photograph to go along with the story.
  • Art announces that a California pirate radio station broadcaster has been brought to court. He now needs a license to broadcast anything else.
  • Guest -- Mike Gray, Drug Crazy!

6/17/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Art announces that something new has been reported in our sky. He says that a new UFO was spotted. He has Peter Davenport on to discuss the details on the finding. Art reads a related letter from a listener about a meteor that fell into the window of a house.
  • Albright offers a new relationship with Iran to provide personal security. Art seems to find it funny because they are very violent people.
  • The Senate dropped the tobacco bill after it failed to get the 60 votes that were needed to keep it alive.
  • The Clinton Administration told him that he could be assassinated if he had his bodyguards too far away for privacy.
  • A Virus from Taiwan could spread abroad by travelers. It has killed 30 children all under five. The official name is called Introvirus 71. It is known to cause hand, foot, and mouth disease.
  • Ukranian authorities say that "slightly radio-active water" leaked leading to a shutdown at the nuclear plant.
  • Early this morning, in east Tennesee, there was an earthquake.
  • The darwin award tonight goes to a teenager who shot a firecracker into the water. It blew a hole in their boat.
  • Guest... Mark Macy discussion his recordings of communications he believes is from the beyond!

6/16/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about another crop circle that was reported in the state of Virginia.
  • He has Linda Howe on to talk about the sudden small increase of Cesium (sp?) 137 in the air detected by France, Spain, and Germany. Dr. Mason is also on to discuss what threat is posed to the general public.
  • Art talks about a birthday present he received from Darrel. It is a catbox that disposes of the waste by itself. One of Arts cat's really likes the machine and the cat drinks more just so that it can watch the machine work.
  • Art announces that the best American film of all time was Citizen Kane.
  • Art also talks about the amazing number of missing people.
  • Guest - Graham Hancock

6/15/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about the Japanese market shedding 175 points in the first hour of trading. The DOW also fell a few points.
  • Art also announces that the Taiwan death toll is rising every day. The disease has proved to be fatal only to kids under five.
  • Elders from the Hopi Sinom appeared with the help of Robert Ghost Wolf. Grandfather 2 translated for Grandfather 1, and Art discussed the End Times with them. See our Transcripts section for details.

6/14/98 Sunday / Dreamland

  • Linda Howe Reports
  • Guest - Steven Jacobson, PO Box 15734, Winston-Salem, NC 27113. (336) 723-6535. He sells 2 audio cassettes on mind contol in america for $22.

6/12/98 Friday / Saturday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about the recent sentence of guilty for Luke Woodham and sentencing to life.
  • Our U.S. Space Shuttle returned home. It brought home the last US astronaut to spend time on Mir, Andrew Thomas.
  • Art says that today was an interesting day for the markets. After they closed, Japan went down. They are now in an official recession.
  • Art reads a U.P.I. story from Bangkok.
  • Art announces Congress is now officially looking at the power plant Y2K problem.
  • Art reads an e-mail from a man who talks about an NBC report concerning the top secret information about our sea life.
  • Guest: Al Bielek, The Philadelphia Project.

6/11/98 Thursday / Friday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about the General Motors strike.
  • Art announces the recent avalanch at Disappointment Cleaver. A dozen climbers were injured.
  • Luke Wooden, 17 years, was put on the stand for opening fire on Pearl High School. He did this against his lawyers' advice.
  • Art also reads an e-mail from Cuba.
  • Art talks more about the keepers of dooms day clock. He announces that they have moved the hands of the clock five minutes closer to midnight because of the nuclear testing.
  • He reads two more e-mails, one about political advertising and the other is a joke sent to Art.
  • Art has heard that there are hundreds of wild dogs roaming in Detroit. It is the third top complaint to the city.
  • Ed Dames comes on tonight to discuss his doom and gloom remote viewing predictions. Ed also plans to relocate towards the end of the year, because he wants to hang around for the new race that will be present on the Earth soon.

6/10/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about a jury that awarded the biggest liability in history against a tobacco company because of a fifty year smoker that died recently.
  • The Dooms Day Clock is going to be moved ahead because of terrorism.
  • Michael Gentger owned a fish that had outgrown its tank. When his friends pointed this out to him, he attempted to swallow the fish. He could not swallow it, and he choked on it. His friends didn't attempt to help him at all. Murder charges will be filed against his friends.
  • Guest... Gordon-Michael Scallion reviews his predictions of Earth changes. A partial transcript is in our transcripts section.

6/09/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • In the news tonight, Art discusses the new software that allows people to tap their own phone and feed the information into their computers. It will let you tell whether the person is telling you a lie or not. Art announces that there is a picture of the software screen on his web page.
  • Art talks about a Major Ed Dames. He reads a letter of a man from Kentwood, Michigan who says that the guests predictions came true.
  • Art talks about the war against drugs tax cut from the Republican controlled Senate and about the teen smoking thing. Art thinks that the American people don't want to spend more money and pay more taxes for cigarettes.
  • Russia says that they need more money or Mir will come crashing down.
  • Art reads a letter from a Frances in Minnesota about the weather.
  • Art reads two letters, one is from Reno, Nevada from a listener who says that a bomb was exploded near Reno for earthquake research back in the sixties. The other one talks about Gordon-Michael Scallion and one of his predictions.
  • Art announces that he has heard that the DEA hopes to wipe out all of the Coca plants with a fungus. Experiments have already been done in South America.
  • He also announces that there have been 400 aftershocks from the recent earthquake.
  • Guest... Gordon-Michael Scallion discusses his predictions with Art forecasting Earth changes.

6/08/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • In the news tonight, Art reads a fax that he recieved about global warming, and the changes in the temperature since El Nino.
  • Art also talks about the Dept of Justice 'Anti-Trust' people. He says that now they are going after Intel.
  • Puerto Ricans are split about whether they want to become the 51st state.
  • Art discusses what Newt Gingrich said about the year 2000 crash. He thinks that it is a big problem that needs to be looked at by the president.
  • He reads another fax from a woman saying that one of Art's predictions came true.
  • Art says that there have been many rumors circulating around, and that one of them may be that there has been an 8.4 earthquake in Russia.
  • Near Witchita, there was a massive killing of white bass fish. Seventy-thousand were dead at Chainee (sp?) Resevoir.
  • In Norway, a girl was hit by a car. She tumbled throught the air and landed in the bed of a truck. There were bumps and bruises but no serious injuries.
  • Art announces that CNN says that the U.S. used nerve gas on our own soldiers in Vietnam War.
  • Art discusses the most recent hacking. He says he is trying to get the best hackers on his show.
  • Guest: Brad Steiger

6/05/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Art discusses the possibility that you can start an Art Bell chat club, or you can join an existing chat club. Tim Cannon comes on to talk about the details of the chat clubs. He reads of all the people that are having chat club meetings and where you can contact them.
  • Art also talks about the recent finding of salmonella found in Malt-O-Meal cereal. Hundreds of pounds of cereal has to be recalled.
  • Art announces that our own astronaut, Andrew Thomas, is now the last American on Mir. He just returned home.
  • Guest: Lloyd Pye

6/04/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Guest... Jim Berkland discusses Mt. St. Helens
  • Guests... Don Zaidle, Author debates Bruce Friedrich from PETA

6/03/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about a train that crashed. It was traveling at 125 mph.
  • Art also discusses the recent incident of Mohammad Rosheed (sp?) putting a bomb under an airplane seat.
  • Art announces that Homass (sp?) is willing to talk with the U.S.
  • Art reads a letter from a man from Woodland Texas. He talks about one of Art's predictions in his book The Quickening.
  • Art also discusses that he is suspicious that there is a force that causes pens to vanish. He thinks that they disappear and go to a place where they all collect.
  • Guest: Charles T. Tart, Authour "Body Mind Spirit: Exploring the Parapsychology of Spirituality

6/02/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • In the news tonight, Art says he may open the Anti-Christ line. Many people believe the Anti-Christ is alive right now. Art is going to open up the line for those who believe that they are the Anti-Christ.
  • Art talks about the eight states that held primaries for governor.
  • Art announces that Monica Lewinsky sacked her lawyer and hired two more. He isn't sure that she should testify. He thinks that she should have some sort of immuntiy.
  • Art says that we have a shuttle on the way to Mir that is stable.
  • Art announces that Phil Hartman's wife confessed to neighbors on a phone call of killing her husband.
  • Art also talks about the C-SPAN story on the year 2000 problem.
  • Russians are working on a bomb that would have the ability to specifically cause an earthquake. Art suspects that we are working on a bomb such as this also.

6/01/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • In the news tonight, Art announces that President Clinton has dropped his priviledge claim just before going to the Supreme Court. Art doesn't think that we should impeach just because of an affair with Monica Lewinsky. He thinks all these recent events are just trying to pursue the Monica Lewinsky issue.
  • Pakistan was afraid of the Israelies attacking prior to the nuclear testing.
  • Art reads a prediction from Ed Dames from a couple years ago.
  • Art describes all of the major weather happenings over the weekend.
  • Pollution is blamed when polar bear cubs from Norway are born with birth defects.
  • Art thinks that the nuclear testing in Pakistan has caused the earthquake in Afganistan.
  • Art is going to open up the Anti-Christ line tomorrow night.
  • Guest... Linda Howe interviews an ex-CIA agent who describes the Alien Autopsy video and other UFO sightings.