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4/30/98 Thursday / Friday

  • NATO.... The Senate has voted 80-19 to approve adding Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to NATO, leaving the door open for other former Soviet satellites to join later. Art says this is very interesting in many ways. Slowly but surely everyone is joining NATO, except possibly China. What will we have when everyone joins NATO? We will have a one world organization, defending against what? Just a thought.
  • Microsoft.... Executives of some of nation's largest high tech companies are urging the Justice Department to lay off Microsoft and let them release Windows 98. Art says he would join them in that.
  • Clinton.... President Clinton refused today to explain his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. He said, "I have nothing to say".
  • Shroud.... A listener from Ohio tells Art of a report he heard on his local Fox station about genetic engineers planning to take samples from the Shroud of Turin so they can clone Jesus Christ. Art asks how do we know that this isn't how the second coming is intended to occur, by man's own hand.
  • Hong Kong.... Hong Kong has closed some beaches because of a new species of Red Tide, a toxic phenomenon that has already killed 1500 tons of fish since mid March.
  • Warsaw.... Polish Roman Catholics can now plot graphs of their sins with a computer program designed to help them confess. Sins are listed under biblical commandments and by their gravity. Art wonders how the sins would line up.
  • Hail.... In Bejing, fist-sized hail stones have killed twelve people.
  • Photo.... A photo on the web site is now posted under Latest News and Web Items titled, "Photo of New TV Series, Alien's Island". See if you can identify all the people in it. Also, an item titled, Two Digits for a Date, is posted which is lyrics Art would like someone to make a song out of and send to him.
  • Guests: Steven Bassett and Steven Greer.

4/29/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Survey.... Art goes over his latest ratings according to recent surveys.
  • 2nd Hour.... Al Harrison, a professor who wrote a book called, "After Contact, the Human Response to Extra-Terrestrial Life.
  • ABC.... ABC ran a story on head transplants. Art says he has already done a story on head transplants and four weeks later ABC picks it up.
  • Kent.... An extensive story on MSNBC about the entire "Kent" affair is available on the web site. "A Tale from the Cydonia Side Show" is its title.
  • Area 51.... The area 51 caller from months ago came on last night's show with a confession. You can hear that on the web site under latest news and web items.
  • Black Ops.... Art got a note from Micheal Hemingson, the author of the article about Art being on the Black Ops payroll. A caller mentioned that the article was removed from the web site and assumes this means Art is on the payroll. So, naturally the article has been moved further up the list of links, where it always has been posted.
  • Lewinsky.... A Federal Judge has ruled that Lewinsky does not have immunity from prosecution in the investigation into whether Clinton had a sexual relationship with her and sought to cover it up.
  • Albright.... Madeline Albright tried to coax China into lowering it's trade barriers at a breakfast with American Business Leaders. The bait she offered was an easing of sanctions imposed after China brutalized the democracy movement in 1989. Art says we are going to have to deal with China, and if you ever get the opportunity to visit China, it will scare the you know what out of you, the amount of economic activity going on over there.

4/28/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • KWRO.... Art welcomes station KWRO in Coquille, Oregon.
  • Marcos.... Imelda Marcos decided not to run in the next election to prevent violence. Art remembers when he was in the Philipines it was joked about whoever produced the most dead bodies on the other guys side, usually took the election.
  • Execution.... The public and news media have little constitutional right to view an execution according to a federal appeals court. This ruling allows California to limit what reporters can see of a lethal injection. It will protect the identity of guards volunteering to take part in the execution. Art asks why we execute people? Do we do it to punish them or to exact retribution for the victim's family or is this in the name of justice, a life for life so to speak?
  • 2000.... A federal Reserve estimate says the cost to US businesses to upgrade computers with the year 2000 fix will be about 50 billion dollars.
  • RAF.... The Royal Air Force has tracked a UFO as big as a battleship off the coast of Britian. Military sources revealed the UFO was traveling at 17,000 MPH in a zigzag motion and appeared to be triangular in shape.
  • CNN.... CNN ran a story about pictures of the surface of the sun showing tornadoes as big as Africa.
  • Moron.... Art reads a few stupid criminal stories.
  • 2nd hour.... Barbara Marx Hubbard will be on discussing her book about present trends leading towards a good future.

4/27/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • 2nd hour.... Professor Tom Van Flandern will be on discussing his thoughts on the new images from Mars.
  • Starr.... Kenneth Starr subpeonaed and has received Monica Lewinsky's credit file and Art wonders what they are going to do with that.
  • Soldier.... The remains of the Unknown Soldier may be exhumed because "they" think they may know who it is. Art guesses this may be the right thing to do.
  • Iraq.... The Security Council agreed to keep UN sanctions against Iraq in place until they open up on their nuclear facilities. "Interesting," says Art.
  • Income.... Americans' income surged at more than double the inflation rate last year.
  • Coco.... Coco the gorilla ventured into a chat session on the internet with a translator fielding questions and interpreting Coco's responses. Art has been wanting to interview the people who take care of Coco. He wants to know how much the gorilla really knows.
  • Meteor.... Art reads an article in the Las Vegas Sun reporting that a meteor storm in November could damage or destroy satellites that provide nationwide communication, navigation and weather watching.
  • Super glue.... Someone sent Ramona an audio tape they made from the night Art super glued his lips together and Art plays it for the listening audience in the first hour. This is also available on our Sound Clips page 2.
  • Michigan UFO... Art also played the 911 operator and NWS operator recording of the Michigan UFO sighting. This is also on our Sound Clips page 1.

4/26/98 Sunday Dreamland

4/24/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Chat Club.... Tim Cannon reports the lates new chat clubs.
  • Hoagland... Richard analyzes the latest NASA images from the third pass of the Mars Cydonia region.
  • Guest... Major Ed Dames.

4/23/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Guest... Dan Gallagher, Author, The Pleistocene Redemption
  • Ruwanda.... Ruwanda's government is going to execute 22 people for involvement in genocide that killed nearly half a million people. The executions are going to be public and some who barley escaped death say they will be there to watch. Art suspects this will not be a shot in the arm and good night to you.
  • Ray.... James Earl Ray has died. Civil rights leaders are sadden because they fear they will never know the truth now.
  • AIDS.... Despite a historic drop in AIDS deaths in the U.S., the new infection rate remains relatively steady.
  • Hackers.... Computer hackers called "Masters of Downloading/2016216" claimed to have broken into a Pentagon network back in October and stealing software for a military satellite system and are threatening to sell it to terrorists.
  • Darwin Awards.... Art reads a few Darwin Award nominees and a joke.
  • Internet.... According to the London Telegraph, two-thirds of internet users are Americans. Art reads the article. The internet traffic is doubling every 100 days.
  • NASA.... A snapshot of a young star just now starting its planetary family, provides yet the best evidence that planets like Earth may indeed be forming elsewhere in the universe. The star, about 2.1 trillion kilometers from Earth, is in the constellation of Centaurus.
  • Drugs.... A report Art received from the Libertarian Newsletter says legal drugs are five times deadlier than illegal drugs according to an embarrassing study. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, properly prescribed legal drugs kill 106,000 Americans every year, 20 times the number that are killed by illegal drugs. Art wonders what we are saying here, are politicians going to declare war on medicine? Of course not, but it is very interesting.

4/22/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • 2nd Hour.... An update on ex-JPL employee, Kent, from Richard Hoagland And David Oates.
  • Airlift.... Americare announced the first humanitarian airlift to Iraq with the blessing of the Clinton administration. Art is not sure what is going on here, first we were going to go to war, then Saddam caved in, then they were uncooperative again, and now an airlift is in the works. Art is confused.
  • Ray.... James Earl Ray is in a coma, his kidneys have shut down. Ray's brother says he has been in critical condition since taken to the hospital on Monday. Art says now we will never know the truth.
  • NOW.... The National Organization of Women now says it will not file a court brief in support of Paula Jones' effort to reinstate her civil suit against Clinton. The group said it did not want to take sides with Jones' right wing legal and financial backers. Art wonders why NOW wouldn't want to take sides with the truth?
  • McCartney.... Paul McCartney's publisist said Linda died in a place that was private to her and her family hinting that it was not in Santa Barbara, Ca. as previously believed. Sheriff officials there were wondering why a death certificate was not filed. Rumors are suggesting her death was hastened. Paul has denied this. Art's opinion on assisted suicide is that it is between you and your doctor, and no agency should be involved in your decision to die.
  • Fish.... A listener writes with info on the Gulf of Mexico concerning sores on fish being caught out of the Gulf.

4/21/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Streak.... Art is receiving many faxes concerning a blue streak across the skies over San Antonio, Texas as the show begins.
  • 2nd hour.... Matthew Alper, author of "The God Part of the Brain" will be on in the second hour.
  • GOP.... The GOP wants another tobacco bill. Art is tired of this smoke screen for higher taxes and bigger government.
  • Gore.... Al Gore unveiled an expanded environmental right to know program which may require businesses to make public health effects of industrial chemicals known.
  • Gates.... Bill Gates continues to push the expanded use of the company's software for running business computers. He says he will not be hampered by the Justice Department. Art likes Bill Gates and thinks the Justice Department should leave him alone. Art enjoyed watching the coverage of the unveiling of Windows 98 on CNN, especially when it crashed. Art suggests holding out as long as you can before upgrading to anything.
  • U of M.... University of Michigan Police are warning women to be aware of gropers and video cameras if they participate in the annual naked mile run through campus. An estimated 250 women were in the run last year and some where grabbed and assaulted by spectators. Art's attitude about this is, if you want to shed your clothes and run through public streets, you should be prepared to be video taped.
  • Pigeons.... Pigeons are during up dead in San Fransisco in Union Square, 54 bodies found so far.
  • Vegetarianism.... In connection with last Sunday's Dreamland show on vegetarianism, Art received a fax from a listener saying if we shouldn't eat animals because they have souls, then why not eat people.
  • Cannibalism.... Some North Korean citizens are now resorting to cannibalism in a desperate bid to survive the nation's famine. A 23 year old refuge told of his neighbors eating their daughter. The full story can be found in the April 15th issue of the New York Times.

4/20/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Web site.... A picture of Art and his cat Comet, the Steven Gibbs time machine with Art's cat Shadow, Art's new cars and several other interesting photos are on the web tonight.
  • Call.... Lee Kelly, Sean's wife calls in with a story on an entity.
  • Guest.... Wayne Green, publisher of 73 magazine, a ham operator, and a guy who has been both broke and rich several times, is Art's guest tonight.
  • Welcome.... Coast to Coast AM switches from station KERN to KNZR in Bakersfield.
  • Quake.... A 5.4 earthquake recorded today in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Kent.... A JPL employee fired after seeing high quality photographs of the face on Mars is on the move. Hoagland has spoken to him a few times. Hoagland tells Art that the FBI is at JPL securing documents. Art would like an email or fax from anyone that can verify this alleged FBI investigation.
  • Jet.... A jetliner has crashed in Colombia with 53 people on board, no signs of survivors.
  • Nichols.... Terry Nichols agreed to review government leads that point to another participant in the Oklahoma City bombing, but rejected an offer of leniency in sentencing in exchange for information.
  • Cancer.... Linda McCartney has died from cancer even though she led a natural life and did all the right things health wise. Art really feels cancer has more to do with genetics than your lifestyle.

4/17/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Linda Howe... Interviews Dr. Mark Carlotto. See our Linda Howe page for a Real-Audio segment.
  • Guest... Ex-JPL Employee contacts Art regarding his discovery of high-resolution photos of Mars features. See our Sound Page for a Real Audio segment.
  • Guest... Dr Fred Alan Wolf, Physicist & Author of "Taking the Quantum Leap" and "Parallel Universe" and many more.

4/16/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Nashville.... The Governor of Nashville has delcared the city a disaster area after tornados ripped through there. Over 100 hurt. Art used to chase those damn things and knows the damage they can do.
  • KRXS.... Art welcomes station KRXS in Globe, Arizona and KMAJ in Topkeka, Kansas.
  • Guest... Dr. Robert D. Keppel, Author & Chief Criminal Investigator for State Washington, His Book: "Signature Killers"
  • Guest... Bruce Wallace, Writer who claims to be portrayed in the movie: "Conspiracy Theory"

4/15/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Back Man... The Back Man cometh, and Art takes a night off to recover from his aching back!
  • Replay Guest... Craig Roberts, Sniper.

4/14/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Photos.... News photos on the web of Mars, the first raw enhancements were horse poop, says Art.
  • Personal.... Art talks sincerely and sadly about the death of his best childhood playmate and 1st cousin, Frederick Lens II and reads the newspaper article detailing his life and death.
  • 2nd hour.... Art says there is startling news ahead in the next hour. What would you call something that would reveal the existence of a civilization half of one billion years old. Richard Hoagland and Dr. Van Flandern will be on discussing the face on mars photos. Here are the Carlotto Images and Richard's analysis called "Honey I Shrunk the Face!."
  • Gillmore.... A Paragayan killer has been executed despite pleas from Madeline Albright.
  • Bagdad.... United Nations' Arms experts are warning that Bagdad may try to restrict return visits to Hussein's palaces. Art imagines there will be an immediate war if Hussein balks at any United Nation requested inspections, and they are just waiting for something like that.
  • Convicted.... The leader of a Texas seperatist group accused of writing millions of dollars of bogus checks has been convicted of all 26 counts.
  • Medicine.... Bad reactions to prescription and over the counter medicines kill more than 100 thousand Americans and injure 2.1 million every year. Art says, now relate that to the smoking statistic.
  • Intel.... Intel is cutting 3000 jobs due to a weak demand of computer chips. Art wonders about this one, maybe people are getting smart and may be as frustrated as Art when it comes to the speed of change in this industry.
  • Blizzard.... Art reads a story about a Russian Mayor who fired a weather forecaster for a blizzard that hit there.
  • Desert.... Art relates his concern about the changing weather in his area of the desert.
  • Back.... Art relates a story on how he has hurt his back.

4/13/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest... Ted Wright, Author, "Wright's Complete Disaster Survival Manual"
  • Photos.... Remember the doctor who did monkey head transplants, Art has pictures on the web.
  • More Photos.... There is a photo on the web of the 'welcome to Parumph' sign that Ramona and Art had fun with.
  • Tornados... Another day filled with tornados, including South Carolina. Art says that must have been a wake up call for South Carolina. Ted Wright will be on for a short time, author of a survival manual.
  • Coming up.... Art goes over what he has planned in the next few days. You can see those under scheduled guests on the front page.
  • Execution.... The Governor of Virginia is considering Albright's request for a delay in the execution of a Paragayan killer, who was convicted of murder in 1992.
  • Ireland.... There is a peace plan brewing in Ireland.
  • Weather.... Art goes into another diatribe about the weather in his neck of the woods, which is the desert, of course.

4/12/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Encore Presentation from 04-23-95
    Ted Flynn (Catholic Prophecy)

4/10/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Guest... Dr. J. Timothy Green, Clinical Psychologist
    Near Death Experiences

  • Ireland.... Accord has been reached in Ireland.
  • Smoking.... Cigar smoking is now reported to be as deadly as cigarettes.
  • Alabama.... Al Gore has declared devastation in Alabama.
  • France.... The French government is dealing with mad bee disease which is killing hundreds of honey bees.
  • Mars.... Dr. Malin has responded on his web site about the resolution of the photos Hoagland spoke of last night.
  • Van Flandern.... Art reads some opinions of these photos from Dr. Van Flandern.
  • E mail.... Art received an email telling him to watch the news on the Discovery channel because they are discussing the fact that Florida's reefs are dying because of lesions. (Ed Dames?).

4/09/98 Thursday / Friday

  • 2nd hour.... Jim Berkland, Geologist, will be on in the second hour with earthquake updates and some opinions on the image on Mars.
  • Ghost Wolf.... New photos from Robert Ghost Wolf are on the web site now of the Sphinx in the Rocky Mountains. This photo was not taken at 14,000 feet as he originally stated, that was an intentional misleading statement so people could not find the site. Art can clearly see this sphinx, can you? Art is considering going to see it in person.
  • Hell.... A reminder that a rendering of the voices from hell Art aired yesterday are on the web site.
  • Storms.... Cleanup begins after southern storms have died down after killing 32 people.
  • Network.... A consortium of universities in California has unveiled details of a computer network that can handle data much faster than the internet. Art says one of these networks around the world will eventually wake up and say, "I am".
  • Seinfeld.... Every one involved in the final Seinfeld show has been sworn to secrecy.
  • KVEN.... Art's affiliate in Ventura is doing a mini talk show during Art's breaks and taking calls about what is being discussed on Art's show.
  • Crop circles.... NBC is to lead a new wave of crop circle debunking with a new program. Art received a phone call from a person involved in this show and Art plans to have him on the radio show soon to get some details.
  • Fax.... Art reads a fax from the MUFON director of Georgia who reports on some UFO activity in Georgia.
  • Vatican.... Art reads a press release concerning the Vatican agreeing that there are extra terrestrial encounters taking place and they are not demonic.
  • UPI.... Art reads a UPI report from Bejing, China: Mysterious force disrupts chinese satellite.

4/08/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Murder.... The hospital worker who confessed to killing up to 50 terminal patients now says he lied about that because he wanted to receive the death penalty. He said he could not commit suicide. Art wonders if he was lying then, or now.
  • King.... The widow of Martin Luther King, Jr. is asking Janet Reno for a new investigation into the assassination of her husband. Mrs. King says she has evidence to support her request. The King family does not think Ray is the assassin. Art wonders if they will give him a new trial before he dies.
  • Plants.... At least one out of every 8 plant species world wide is threatened with extinction, according to a scientific report.
  • Benson.... Steve Benson, the editorial cartoonist in Phoenix, has come up with another Art Bell cartoon concerning the face on Mars. You can see it on the web site.
  • Hell.... Art rereads an old report about geologists having discovered Hell while drilling at an undisclosed site in Siberia. Art reads an email he received today from a listener who confirms the Siberian discovery and plays some taped sounds that came from this 9 mile deep hole.
  • Fax.... Art reads a fax from Jack Coles concerning earth quakes in California.
  • Stocks.... The stock market backed a little further away from the 9000 mark.
  • Guest... Graham Hancock

4/07/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Korea.... South Korean offical's are set to meet in Bejing with offical's there.
  • NTSB.... The NTSB is going to inspect 747s for defective wiring in the fuel tanks as a result of the TWA 800 disaster. Art says this disaster was a long time ago and he has been in a lot of 747s since then.
  • Clinton.... Opening a dialogue about the status of Social Security, Clinton raised concerns about privatizing it. Many offical's feel it will run short of funds by the year 2029.
  • Feedback.... Art has been getting plenty of feedback on the photos of Cydonia. Art says we have as big a controversy on our hands today as we did before they took the new photo. Almost everyone agrees the photography was very poor. Nevertheless, people are concluding that these pictures are natural structures and the whole thing was a trick of light and shadows to begin with. Art reads some of what has come from Prof. Daniels web site.
  • Faxes.... Art reads a few faxes from listeners concerning the paranormal and another Darwin Award nominee or the pathetic story of the year award.
  • Hens.... Researchers at Scotland's Rosland Institute showed videos to hens to see if it would calm their self-destructive behavior. Now they are hooked, they whiz across the room as soon as they see the videos begin on the TV. Art is not quite sure what that says about hens , or us, for that matter.

4/06/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest: Sarah McClendon, Washington News Reporter, Author of "Mr. President, Mr. President".
  • Guest: Richard Hoagland presents his Morning Light Comparison and his Enhanced Images Comparison of the Face on Mars.
  • Tammy.... Tammy Wynette, the first lady of country music, has died at age 55. She was a three time winner of the female vocalist of the year award by The Country Music Association. Art says this is too early to go and will be missed by the 52 year old Art Bell.
  • Nichols.... Making sure Terry Nichols never profits from the story of his crime. the government is suing Nichols for millions of dollars.
  • Weapons.... The President is trying to make permanent the ban on assault weapons that had been temporary.
  • Stocks.... The stock market is now holding above the 9000 level.
  • MARS.... Art has quite a bit to say about the face on Mars. His expectations were that we were going to get a better detailed photograph than the one 22 years ago. But when he looks at the new one he doesn't see the kind of resolution they were talking about or anything close to what we had 22 years ago. If it is some kind of trick of the eye, look at the old photo, on the web site, and then the new one. Art thinks this new one is an embarrassment when you think about the technology available today. This is, of course, is his layman opinion. Art then reads a report from a Florida paper that pretty much agrees with his opinion. Art does not see a face or the resolution promised.

4/03/98 Friday / Saturday

4/02/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Guest.... Richard C. Hoagland, Researcher, Author, Cydonia Geometry
  • Mars.... There may be a new photo from mars on the web site by Monday. Art says if photos of unnatural objects are produced, science will be turned on it's ear.
  • Budget.... The Senate passes a 1.7 trillion dollar budget. My, how we are growing, says Art.
  • British.... The British has apologized for the insensitive treatment of 25,000 Nazi victims whose assets were seized during WWII and they are talking about compensation for them.
  • Japan.... In Japan stocks were mixed. Our market went up about 100 points, but Art says you'll want to watch closely because the CEO of Sony says Japan's economy is near collapse, threatening the health of the global economy.
  • Mel's Hole.... Art received an email from Mel saying he is doing well in western Australia presently setting up a wombat refuge. The facility is modeled after the Pyramids. Local news media has been out to see him and dubbed him 'that crazy American Indian'.
  • Species.... A scientist, Dr. Newman, wants to mix human and monkey embryos to produce an unpredictable species. Art reads the article in the Washington Post first sent to Mr. Drudge and then passed on to Art. Brace yourselves, Art says, they are preparing to make a half human half animal species.
  • SETI.... Art reads a press release from S.E.T.I. concerning imaging attempts. From Art's point of view, it does appear NASA is giving us just what we asked for. What do you think they are going to find.
  • Fax.... Art reads a fax from a listener that used the picture of the alien in a jar as the photo of his wife's recently miscarried fetus to show relatives.
  • Death.... The man who invented the Lazy-Boy recliner has died while sitting in his Lazy-Boy at the age of 90.
  • Solar.... A solar cycle is expected to be the space equivalent of El Nino. A report says to get ready for fried satellites, troubled cellular phones and massive power outages. During the next 3 or 4 years the sun will spew out storms with electrical pulses. This was reported in a Florida newspaper. Art says people wont be able to tolerate television disruption.

4/01/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Agent.... Tonight Art reserves his first time caller line for any kind of government agents.
  • KRIL.... Art welcomes station KRIL in Odessa, Texas.
  • Jones.... A federal judge named Susan Weber-Wright, which Paula Jones' attorneys thinks is wrong, has thrown out her harassment case against President Clinton. Jones had always claimed her position as a state worker was side-lined after refusing a sexual advance from then Governor Clinton. The judge disagreed and said her case falls far short from being trial worthy. Basically, lack of evidence that her career was damaged. Clinton thought this was an April Fools joke. Art says, actually it is Christmas!
  • Notice.... Art received a Libertarian notice through the fax machine saying all sexual harassment suits should be thrown out of court and handled between the parties themselves.
  • Weather.... A tornado tore through a Virginia rural community killing a woman and her thirteen week old son. More rain expected in the desert, Art is contemplating building an ark.
  • Fax.... An anonymous network worker faxes Art with her opinion that all these school yard shootings are related. She feels the same group is involved in each using some type of mind control. Art doesn't completely rule this out due to the fact most of these child killers say they don't remember what happened.