3/31/99 Wed/Thu

  • REPLAY.... Kenny Young from 2/26/99

3/30/99 Tue/Wed

  • REPLAY.... Gary North from 2/19/99

3/29/99 Mon/Tue

  • REPLAY.... Gordon-Michael Scallion from 2/17/99

3/28/99 Sun Dreamland

  • Guest.... Gail DeSciose, Animal Communicator

3/26/99 Fri/Sat

  • REPLAY.... Timothy O'Reilly
  • REPLAY.... Edmund Pankau from 2/2/99

3/25/99 Thu/Fri

  • REPLAY.... Zacharia Sitchin (First Hour)
  • REPLAY.... Michio Kaku from 12/15/98

3/24/99 Wed/Thu

  • REPLAY.... Ed Dames

3/23/99 Tue/Wed

  • Duck and Cover.... We are about to bomb Yugoslavia, Art reads the latest details on this and talks about the old 'duck and cover' exercise in school and he feels the movie "The Day After " should be shown regularly to remind everyone of what a nuclear war can do. Art really feels this bombing could start world war 3. He feels we are making a mistake and what is happening in Yugoslavia is none of our business. Art opens the phone lines right away to discuss this very serious situation.
  • At the bottom of the hour Art uses the analogy of California wanting to separate from the rest of the U.S. and a civil war breaking out and other nations threatening us if we don't resolve the issue. Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... James Van Praagh, author of "Reaching to Heaven" joins Art in the second hour. Art and James talk about the Yugoslavia situation first. After the bottom of the hour break Art and James talk about the movie "What Dreams May Come" and the depictions James disagrees with.
  • 3rd hour.... A listener faxes Art telling him Henry Kissinger was on Nightline and he agrees with Art and said he has never been afraid of Foreign Policy til now. Art and James talk about reincarnation with Art reading questions for James from listeners. After the break the phone lines are opened. This is the last hour for James.
  • 4th hour.... Open lines, any subject up for grabs, finishes out the program. Con trails are discussed at the bottom of the hour.
  • In the fifth hour Yugoslavia is discussed and later the third secret of Fatima, Clinton and Sean David Morton's predictions about him and Sarah's NDE.

3/22/99 Mon/Tue

  • 1st hour.... Peter Gersten, the nation's only UFO attorney, joins Art in the first hour. Art and Ramona have provided Peter with affidavits on their UFO sighting and Peter has been doing some investigation on this triangular object. Peter asks the audience if anyone has seen this object anywhere in the U.S. to contact him at or CAUS PO Box 20351, Sedona, AZ 86341.
  • 2nd hour.... Art welcomes station WJNO in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Book.... "The Secret Life of Plants" is a book Art has wanted to talk about for a long time. Tonight's guest, Shabari Bird, will discuss this book along with other secrets of the soil. Shabari's interest in this subject began when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in '72 and attributes her recovery to carrot juice and an organic diet. Art asks her how do you communicate with a plant, exactly?
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Shabari talk about the possibility of all commercial farmers switching to organic growing and the status of the commercial farmer today. Art opens the phone lines after the bottom of the hour break.
  • 4th hour.... At the top of the fourth hour Art talks about the "great experiments" that have been done in the past. Art reads a fax from a listener relating to those and Shabari's story.
  • Yugoslavia.... Art talks about events in Yugoslavia and we being the world's police.
  • Oscars.... The Oscars got bad ratings, down 18% from last year.
  • Winds.... Winds and rain has been treacherous in Austraila.
  • Y2k.... Art reads a story from a listener from New jersey where welfare recipients received their benefits ten days early due to Y2K software updates.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the fourth hour. Later in the hour a caller talks about watching Art on streaming video and asking questions about some of his movements.
  • 5th hour.... Art reads an AP story about seaweed being discovered in natural springs. Open lines continues for the rest of the program.

3/21/99 Sun Dremaland

  • Ramona... Ramona Bell hosts this weeks Dreamland because as she says, Art doesn't get into the deeper aspects of The Craft as she would like.
  • Guest.... Dr. Evelyn Paglini

3/19/99 Fri/Sat

  • REPLAY ..... The Fr Charles L Moore program was replayed since Art was out with a reccuring back problem.

3/18/99 Thu/Fri

  • Con Trails.... Art reads a letter from a listener who had a conversation about con trails with a member of the Army National Guard.
  • Labs.... Our nation's nuclear labs will be reviewed by the President's intelligence advisors amid complaints of lack of security and suspicions of Chinese espionage.
  • Amtrak.... One hundred people attended a memorial service Thursday for those killed in the amtrak accident Monday night. Officials say they now have an eyewitness to rebut the truck drivers story.
  • Replay.... Art says 'hallelujah' to the reinstatement of the instant replay in the NFL for the '99 season.
  • Complaint.... Art has a serious complaint tonight about the disposable society we live in. Art has always serviced his own televisions in the past. His current tv was losing it's picture tube and when he went to get a new one he found that they don't make them anymore.
  • Back.... Art threw his back out today, so if he looks in pain tonight on the streaming video, you'll know why.
  • Story.... Art tells another child/reincarnation story.
  • Flares.... A Rueters report says solar flares could do more damage than the Y2K bug next year.
  • NDE.... A listener suggests that the Russians on the grief stricken MIR call their mission a MDE, mere death experience.
  • Joke.... Art relates a blonde joke sent in by a listener.
  • Oysters.... The Japanese oyster farmers have lost 90% of the oysters they normally get, they are dying in groves.
  • Near Miss.... Art's source in LA tells us of a an airliner with 400 passengers aboard that barely cleared a mountain last year. Yet another example of not hearing about things till well after they have happened.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour with the first caller relating a personal child/reincarnation story.
  • 2nd hour.... Carol Bowman, the nation's expert on children's past lives, joins Art in the second hour. Art tells the audience he will only take calls from those who have personal experiences relating to the topic. Art has several questions about reincarnation fro carol, specifically about our souls.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks Carol why there are not more believers out there with all this evidence available. Later in the hour Art asks Carol about our 'soul mates' and how we would search for them if we were to come back for another life.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads a fax from a listener for Carol and then he opens the phone lines for callers who can relate experiences and speak to Carol in her last hour.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines for the remainder of the show.

3/17/99 Wed/Thu

  • Fax.... Richard Hoagland continues to improve and Art reads a fax from a listener who works in a hospital who has an opinion on Richard's condition.
  • Marijuana.... Marijuana has medical benefits for those suffering with cancer or AIDS according to a new report. Art says finally the government has come around. Though Art is not in favor of marijuana, he is in favor for the truth.
  • Weapons.... Los Alamos, our top secret nuclear warhead technology 'joint' is getting new security.
  • Fine.... A retired Army General who pled guilty to conduct unbecoming for having affairs with 4 subordinates' wives was fined $10,000. Art wonders if that gets split evenly among the husbands.
  • Balloons.... The Swiss/English balloon team was about 300 miles from Jamaica, late wednesday night and need to catch the next jetstream over the eastern carribean. Art says the way the jetstream has been acting lately, they must be in for one helluva ride.
  • Weather.... North Dakota and the pacific northwest are the potential danger spots for flooding.
  • Frogs.... A listener writes about Ed Dames and the things he talked about on the show recently and his experience with a toad in his basement.
  • UFO.... Art remembers that his second UFO sighting involved a con trail. Linda Moulton Howe comes on with a report and interview as she gets involved with the con trail story.
  • Reincarnation.... Art has been inundated with stories about children and reincarnation. So tomorrow night Art has a guest on who will discuss this.
  • 2nd hour.... William Thomas, an investigative reporter, joins Art in the second hour to continue the story on con trails. At the bottom of the hour, Art has a listener on to relate a sighting of a checkerboard patterned con trail in New Jersey.
  • 3rd hour.... At the top of the third hour, Art asks William how one can tell the difference between a con trail and a chem trail. Later in the hour, Art reads a fax about germ warfare and American citizens being sprayed. William gives us some scary statistics about cities being sprayed.
  • 4th hour.... Art opens the phone lines for William Thomas. At the bottom of the hour Art reads some faxes from listeners for William who have experienced illnesses after seeing con trails. Later in the hour, William tells us of eyewitnesses with high powered binoculars who have seen the spraying come from the tail of tanker aircraft.
  • 5th hour.... William remains with Art and callers for the remainder of the program.

3/16/99 Tue/Wed

  • Surprise.... Richard Hoagland joins Art at the beginning of the program and tells us about his ordeal. Richard is grateful for being the subject of Great Experiment #7 and believes it really worked and asks participants not to let up. Richard says his heart attack was an anomaly because the condition of his arteries really didn't warrant an attack.
  • 2nd hour.... Harold Ort, the editor of Popular Communications is Art's guest tonight, so the topics will be all about radio, scanners, tuners etc. At the halfway mark, Harold explains what a scanner is.
  • 3rd hour.... At the top of the 3rd hour, Art asks Harold if he happened to tape a military communication which implied the military was conducting biological experiments on the American people, what would he do? Art and Harold discuss the foreseeable extinction of Morse code.
  • 4th hour.... Art opens the phone lines in the 4th hour for questions for Harold.
  • 5th hour.... A police officer calls in to debate radar detectors with Harold and Art. Calls continue for the rest of the program.

3/15/99 Mon/Tue

  • Resignations.... Many members of the European Union, which runs the day to day affairs of the powerful trading block resigned after an investigation found financial irregularities.
  • Gore.... Gephardt has decided to back Al Gore in the 2000 campaign.
  • Crime.... A new alliance has been proposed by Janet Reno to teach children that computer hacking is the same as breaking and entering.
  • Medical News.... Researchers have found an enzyme that helps build blood vessels that help feed the growth of cancer tumors. Choke of the blood and a tumor cannot grow. Also, tears, saliva, and the urine of pregnant women all contain proteins that are killers of AIDS in test tube experiments.
  • AT&T..... Telestar, the AT&T satellite, went belly up. The buzz that Art is getting is that a GEO magnetic storm cause this.
  • Fax.... Art reads a fax he got last week from a First Officer of an airline that experienced some weird feelings while flying by the Northern Lights. Another pilot writes with a similar experience which resulted in some physical repercussions.
  • Fax.... Art reads a fax from a listener in Charlotte, North Carolina who writes that he cannot find a generator for sale.
  • Bank.... The European Central bank wants to make the upcoming New Years Eve a bank holiday to make sure the banks are fully prepared for Y2K.
  • Body Bags.... Art reads an email from a listener updating us about the government ordering 25 million body bags.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • Guest.... Dr Lorraine Day will join Art in the second hour. She is a cancer survivor who cured herself. She wrote Art a fax after Richard had his heart attack which promoted Art to have her on again. at the half way point, Art and Lorraine talk about the cancer Art's dad is battling.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Lorraine discuss Art's lifestyle and diet and the chances of someone with this type of schedule getting sick. Lorraine talks about changes one needs to make in their lives to promote health. Later in the hour Art opens the phone lines for questions.
  • 4th hour.... At the top of the 3rd hour Art asks Lorraine what she thinks about government experiments, spraying etc. Phone calls continue. One caller asks Dr. Day her opinion on AZT.
  • 5th hour.... Art has open lines after Dr. Day signs off for the remainder of the program.

3/14/99 Sunday Dreamland

  • Charles Emmons author of "At the Threshold: UFOs, Science and the New Age"

3/12/99 Friday / Saturday

  • NATO.... Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic has joined NATO. What this means is if they are attacked, it would be like an attack on us and we would have to go fight for them.
  • St. Louis.... Six children dead in a apartment fire, officials think it was arson.
  • DOW.... The dow got up and flirted with dow 10,000 and then back away 100+ points.
  • GE3.... The GE3 satellite lost Earth lock thursday night due to a gyro going bonkers. Luckily Coast to Coast Am hadn't switched to it yet as planned.
  • Flares.... Art thinks it is very interesting that all these stories about the sun are popping up, considering what has been discussed on this program for so long.
  • Mars.... There is a smiley face on Mars, Art reads an email from a listener who says this is a further assault on Richard Hoagland. Art really wonders why NASA posted this picture, Art thinks Malin is having some fun. Chicken skin.... Art reads a letter from a listener about children/reincarnation.
  • UFO.... Art reads a letter from someone relating his first UFO sighting.
  • AT&T.... A listener sent Art a story on problems at AT&T when one department loaded some new Y2K software and didn't tell the others.
  • HAARP.... HAARP is going to perform another listening test. Joke.... Art tells a joke before opening the phone lines for the remainder of the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Major Ed Dames joins Art in the second hour. He begins by explaining the concept of remote viewing for those listeners unfamiliar with him. Later in the hour Art asks Ed why he has chosen to live in the Hawaiian Islands and why does he consider it safe there.
  • 3rd hour.... In the third hour Ed remote views Dinas' photo sent to Art a week ago with some kind of creature in the hallway. Later in the hour Ed discusses solar flares and tells us he sees the next nuclear weapon being used in anger on the north Korean Penninsula.
  • 4th hour.... Art and Ed talk about Jerusalem, the storing of anthrax, and the 3 man assassination team. Ed talks about the use of biological warfare against the coca crop in South America. Later in the hour Ed talks about a new life form and his Project Starman.
  • 5th hour.... Art opens the phone lines in the last hour for questions for Ed.

3/11/99 Thursday / Friday

  • Reincarnation.... Art reads a few letters from listeners which is an extension of last nights program where children were speaking of experiencing reincarnation.
  • Letter.... Art reads another letter from a listener who has in his possession some mysterious metal that can be scratched and then the scratch disappears.
  • Capitol Hill.... Two senators are sponsoring a Y2K Fairness and Responsibility Act to help head off lawsuits.
  • Joke.... One more blonde joke before the 1st commercial break.
  • Letter.... Art reads another child/reincarnation type letter.
  • Generators.... Art has a generator salesperson on the phone who gives us an idea of the availability of such items.
  • Peter DavenportOpen Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Peter Davenport will join Art in the second hour with breaking news from the Chicago area, on this anniversary of the Phoenix sightings two years ago. Peter Fairfax will be on too. Peter relates a sighting in Washington which includes an elk abduction. Fourteen people witnessed this and Peter plays an audio clip. A triangular sighting in Lamont, Illinois is discussed near the end of the hour. Peter plays an audio cut of this one too.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Peter discuss some activity in Los Angeles with another audio clip. At the bottom of the hour Art reads an email from a commercial airline pilot relating a story about a spectacular Northern Lights display he saw and what he 'felt' during it.
  • 4th hour.... Art changes directions at the top of the fourth hour and discusses the I-GOT-FLU hotline and the current status of flu sufferers.
  • Stories.... Art reads some more child/reincarnation stories.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the program for this evening.

3/10/99 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Hoagland.... Art updates us on the condition of Richard Hoagland. He has made it through surgery. Art thanks everyone who participated in the seventh "grand experiment".
  • NASA.... More Hubble trouble. Art reads a report about NASA launching a repair mission. Art wonders if the trouble is related to Y2K.
  • Albright.... Secretary of State Albright urges Congress to delay votes on Korsovo (sic) til peace talks have concluded.
  • Shooting.... A man in Louisianna walked into a church and opened fire as he walked down the aisle, killing two. Officials have no motive.
  • Flares.... A listener emails Art saying she asked the people at SOHO, the people with the satellite who watch the sun, about the possibility of a super flare. She got an uncommunicative response which Art reads. A PR person wrote her and said " Quoting Paul McCartney, 'Tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun'".
  • Asteroid.... Art recaps last weeks story about an asteroid that whizzed past Earth and the several others expected.
  • Philly.... Art reads a story from the Philadelphia Enquirer about farms with discolored crops, deformed calves and dying pigs.
  • Joke.... Art recites a joke before the break and another after.
  • Shooting.... Art tells a story about a man in Tennesse who shot his car after it broke down on him on the highway. The man was actually charged with a weapons violation. Another story comes out of Tennesse of a man who wants to marry his car.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour with Fritz being the first caller who talks about Richard.
  • 2nd hour....Peter Novak, who claims to have solved the oldest mystery of all, death itself, will join Art in the second hour. He will explain the nature of consciousness and how it unriddles the mystery of death. Reincarnation is discussed later in the hour.
  • 3rd hour.... At the top of the third hour Art reads a few responses to Peter's thoughts on consciousness from listeners. The religious aspect is discussed and NDE's. After the bottom of the hour break, Art takes calls for Peter, who finishes his guest spot at the end of this hour.
  • 4th hour.... At the top of the 4th hour Art can't resist telling us a few blonde jokes that are purported to be true. The remainder of the program is open lines.

3/9/99 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • WXCE.... Art welcomes station WXCE in Amery, Wisconsin.
  • Hoagland.... Art gives us an update on the condition of Richard Hoagland. Angioplasty was not successful and Richard will be undergoing open heart surgery. Art is going to break one of his rules by asking the audience to participate in a seventh grand experiment at 4:00 am in the west or 7:00 am in the east. Richard's significant other told Art that Richard had a prophetic dream and awoke with chest pain and they called 911. On the way to the hospital he actually had the heart attack.
  • Miami Circle.... Rueters reports that the Miami circle is at least 2000 years old according to scientific tests. Details are available on the home page. The circle is believed to be the foundation of a ceremonial lodge. Art says Richard was right all along. The Florida state legislature voted to provide 15 million dollars in funds to preserve the circle.
  • Cards.... Art gives us an address and fax number for well wishers to send something to Richard. Enterprise Mission East, PO BOX 78, Agawan, MA 01001 Fax # 413-821-0170.
  • Attacks.... Art talks about the personal attacks directed toward Richard lately by that person who admitted to being a fraud and a liar, and said the miami circle was an old railroad foundation. Art says this person is now attacking Art and he is ready for him, calling him a lowlife bottom feeding dribble!
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Hugh Simpson, who has written a survival manual for Y2K, joins Art in the second hour for another slant on Y2K and earth changes. The utility companies are discussed first. Art asks Hugh how bad does he think it will be and will we have any warning shots across the bow, so to speak.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Hugh discuss solar flares and the possible after effects.
  • 4th hour.... Art opens the lines for callers to ask questions of Hugh. A caller from Texas asks Hugh if Texas is a safe area and what are the chances of a tidal wave due to a solar flare. Hugh discusses his predictions about Alaska in response to a question sent to Art in an email. Hugh talks about the 20 safe cities.
  • 5th hour.... Hugh remains with Art and callers throughout the program.

3/8/99 Monday / Tuesday

  • WDWS.... Art welcomes station WDWS in Champagne, Illinois.
  • NEWS.... Art announces that Richard Hoagland has suffered a heart attack in Miami last Saturday morning. Art talks about Richard's lifestyle and how much of a shock this is since Richard is only 53, not overweight and didn't smoke. Art refers back to a letter he read on the air months ago, from a scientist to Richard, regarding the weather radar images, which was why Richard went to Miami in the first place.
  • Bassett.... Steven Bassett, a UFO lobbyist and lawyer, joins Art after the bottom of the hour break to discuss Hoagland and the character assassinations and threats he has endured in the recent past. Steven says he has had people come up to him in the last three months saying if he didn't severe his relationship with Dick Hoagland, he would receive no more work.
  • 2nd hour.... Art reads some emails from listeners with their thoughts on Hoagland's crisis.
  • Guest.... Kevin Ryerson joins Art in the second hour. They begin by discussing Shirley McClaine and what she has been up to. They discuss intuitives and channelers and the common denominators they share.
  • 3rd hour.... Art begins the 3rd hour with a report on ice breaking free in the Antarctic and a story on the world's glaciers melting sooner than expected. Kevin returns after Art reads a story from the Buffalo News reporting an asteroid whizzed by the Earth. Kevin and Art discuss our Sun. After the bottom of the hour break, the topic is Egypt and Kevin's experiences there.
  • 4th hour.... Art opens the phone lines for questions for Kevin. One caller asks Kevin about cattle mutilations and his interpretations of such.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines finishes out the program with just Art and the callers.

3/7/99 Sunday Dreamland

  • REPLAY.... The last appearance of Stan Friedman was replayed from 1/10/99.

3/5/99 Friday / Saturday

  • REPLAY.... Speaking Wind "Patrick Quick" who passed away last December was repeated tonight as Art was off to LA for an appearance on Larry King.

3/4/99 Thursday / Friday

  • News.... The pilot who crashed into a gondola cable in Italy has been acquitted. The gondola cables were not on any maps and there was some kind of equipment failure.
  • N. Korea.... North Korea has deployed some medium range rodong missiles at a launch site near its border with China. Art says, 'Oh, great". Art reminds us that Ed Dames mention something about this.
  • Dames.... Ed sent a fax to Art about the Dina photographs saying before he discusses the devil's workshop next week, Psi-tech will take a look into Dina's experience two years ago.
  • Drudge.... The Drudge report is saying there is a secret computer room 5 levels under the LA Federal building that can maintain 50 people. Art reads the details.
  • Ottawa... Art reads a story about a pilot with Swiss Air who reported a near miss with a round white object in the same area where flight TWA800 went down.
  • Capetown..... One in eight South African adults are HIV positive. Art says if something is not done, Africa will be dead.
  • Address.... Art gives an address for Lia's book on Y2K preparations because her phone lines are so busy: DAL Enterprises, PO box 17, West Fork, Arkansas 72774.
  • Open lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Art talks about his problems with the phone company. Whitley Strieber and the Millennium Group, join Art in the second hour. Art asks Whitley about a first hour caller who claims an officer on the Confirmation special was paid to claim he was abducted. After the bottom of the hour break, Art and Whitley discuss Art's Parts.
  • 3rd hour.... Art reads a fax from a listener who suggests Art scan his 'parts' with his geiger counter on the air for listeners to hear the beeps. Art and his guests discuss comets. After the bottom of the hour break Art asks Gary McCanney and Earl Crockett about possible lies coming from NASA, magnetic storms and our sun as a giant generator.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads some questions from listeners to his guests for some quick answers because there is limited air time tonight with Art leaving an hour early tonight.

3/3/99 Wednesday / Thursday

  • CHML.... Art welcomes station CHML in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Lewinsky.... Art watched the entire interview with Monica Lewinsky. Art says he ended up thinking, "good God, this is what crippled the government for the last year, we are complete idiots for allowing this to happen". Art feels Monica is genuinely naive. Art thinks it is disgusting that a nation would allow itself to be drawn away from important issues by this business for a whole year.
  • AIDS.... Violence against women are helping to spread the AIDS virus, according to the UN.
  • Photos.... A listener faxes Art with some advice on how to photograph the sky at night to capture UFO sightings.
  • NEWS.... Art reads an AP story that reports Missouri and other parts of the Midwest were sprayed with fluorescent particles, in the late 1950's, under a secret Army biological weapons research program.
  • Invasion.... The Marine Corp plans on staging a mock invasion of Oakland as a way of trying out new equipment in an urban setting.
  • Fax.... Art reads a fax from a listener who tried to purchase some gold coins, and found rationing to be taking place.
  • Libertarian.... Art reads a report from his Libertarian newsletter that deals with sex toys and a law in Alabama that punishes anyone caught with a vibrator. The Libertarian party is urging that vibrators be released in Alabama. Art says in light of last nights Lewinsky interview, a vibrator could have saved this country one year of horrible trauma.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. H. Paul Shuch, a cross between Carl Sagan and PBS' Tom Lear, will join Art in the second hour to discuss his search for life in space. Paul and Art discuss satellite dishes, ham radios and AM radio and how Paul came to be with the S.E.T.I league. Dr. Shuch stays with Art for the entire program with Art opening the phone lines in the third hour and continuing with callers' questions throughout the show.

3/2/99 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • 1st hour.... Peter Davenport and Roger Leir will join Art in the first hour with a report of a serious sighting in Laughlin, Nevada while attending a UFO conference.
  • Tombs.... Art talks a little about the Fox special,"Opening the Lost Tombs," saying though it looked like a setup, you still got a great tour of areas not normally seen by the American people. Near the end of the 1st hour Art read some faxes that are critical of the special.
  • 2nd hour.... At the top of the second hour, Art reads a fax from a listener who saw the same objects as those at the conference.
  • Hoagland.... Richard Hoagland, a participant in tonight's Egypt special, joins Art to discuss the program. Richard agrees the show was a setup, but what the heck, Hawass is a showman not an archeologist.
  • Richard gives an update on the status of the Miami Circle, saying it is in sort of a legal limbo.
  • 3rd hour.... Art reads a letter he received from a fan who had an encounter in her hallway, documented it and took photos. Art called this lady at the top of the third hour and got her on the phone to discuss this experience.
  • NEWS.... Lewinsky talks with Barbara Walters Wednesday and offers an apology and says she considered Clinton her sexual soul mate. This gets a chuckle from Art.
  • Russia.... Art reads a news story titled, 'Russia weighs false warning dangers'. Art feels this is actually a threat, Russia says it may be less apt to retaliate against false alarms created by the Y2K bug if The U.S. stopped bombing Iraq.
  • Ruwanda.... Art reads a letter from a listener that reports, apparently there as been a slaughter of park visitors in Ruwanda. This has not hit the mainstream media yet, so Art cannot confirm this.
  • Toxic Fungus.... 3 children have died in Cleveland possibly from inhaling toxic fumes from a black slimy fungus.
  • Hackers.... Art reads some developments in regard to the story of a few days ago about the hackers getting ahold of a British satellite.
  • Toronto.... Officials in Toronto are worried that amateur UFO chasers might trigger a close encounter with aliens and are urging the government to censor all communications intended for aliens. Art says, 'Excuse Me?' how are they going to do that?
  • Open Lines.... Art opens the phone lines at the bottom of the third hour and a time traveler speaks with Art and continues into the fourth hour.
  • 4th hour.... Art and the time traveler continue with the topic switching to Y2K. Open lines continue.
  • 5th hour.... At the top of the fifth hour Art talks to 'Mad Max' an old associate of his from back in Okinawa. A lot of reminiscing commences.

3/1/99 Monday / Tuesday

  • 1st Hour.... Peter Isaksen, the executive producer of the special "Opening the Lost Tombs: Live from Egypt", and Nancy Stern, the supervising producer, join Art in the first hour to discuss the upcoming adventure. At the bottom of the hour, Nancy describes how the special will unfold.
  • 2nd hour.... Art welcomes station WTBG in Brownsville, Tennessee, WNWS, in Jackson, Tennessee, and WGSV in Guntersville, Alabama.
  • NEWS.... Hackers have seized control of one of Britians' military communication satellites and have issued blackmail threats. They altered the course of one of their satellites used in defense manuevers.
  • Strep.... Six now dead from a new strain of Strep throat in Chicago. Officials are saying the six dead and seven sickened are not related, Art finds this hard to believe.
  • Y2K.... Art reads a headline that says Americans should prepare for the Y2K bug like they would for a hurricane, according to the Senate. Senator Dodd says stockpiling would not be unwise. Art reads a related story of a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania who tested their monitoring system with dismal results.
  • Guest.... Stan Deyo joins Art in the second hour. Stan begins with a bio of himself for new listeners. Stan discusses his exploits when he was employed by the FBI to spy on companies in his industry.
  • 3rd hour.... In the third hour Stan talks of events back in the 70's and the beginning of propulsion systems and plasma crafts.
  • 4th hour.... Art and Stan discuss many different topics quickly, beginning with Y2K, and what his government in Austrailia is saying about it, gun control and con trails, along with many others. After the bottom of the hour break, Art opens the phone lines for questions and comments.
  • 5th hour.... Calls continue for Stan Deyo with the first topic being ETs.