02/28/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Guest: Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, Discusses Cloning (3 Hours)
  • CNN.... A story on CNN last just blew Art's mind. They said scientists in Finland using a strong magnetic field are able to levitate flowers, a worm and a tadpole. Dr. Andre Geim in Finland was asked if this process can be used on humans. His reply was, yes. They showed plants and animals hovering in mid air. Art does not understand how the process of magnetism can levitate a human being. Anyone else who saw this is asked to call in to.
  • McVeigh.... Allegedly, Timothy McVeigh has confessed to his attorney. Saying he planted the bomb to get a high body count and the attention of the government.
  • Shootout.... Art watched in horror the shootout in Hollywood, California. He said it was like a movie, but live on TV. Art thinks the LA police did a great job.
  • Fax.... A listener writes in to tell Art that his daughter was held at gunpoint during a hold up of the credit union where she works. He also saw the shootout in Hollywood and relates his feelings on gun control.
  • Dead.... Art is still receiving E-mail from people who beleive he is dead. Art is fed up with this.
  • Fax.... Another fax asks Art if he would like to star in the new movie, "Dead Men Talking".
  • Desert.... Art walked out into the desert last around 4:30 a.m. and saw Hale-Bopp. He said it was almost as bright as Venus and with the naked eye he was able to see the corona. Art is going out again to and try to take some pictures.
  • Hale.... Art has spoken to Alan Hale and he says it may continue brightening through April. Art says this is the comet of a life time. Mr. Hale will be on the program sometime next week.

02/27/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • Schwarzkoff.... Ret. General Schwartzkoff testified before the Senate yesterday and said he doubted that any U.S. troops were ever exposed to Iraqi war gas. Two thirds of the records kept on this kind exposure are missing. Art said he thought Rosemary Woods was doing something else these days.
  • Reno.... Janet Reno is not going to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate improper campaign fund-raising. Art is not surprised.
  • Mexico.... The Clinton administration is going to certify Mexico as a wonderful drug fighting partner. This got a giggle out of Art.
  • Dead.... Art is receiving calls from some of his affiliates, asking if he is dead. Art strongly reassures us that he is alive. But someone decided to write his death notice and distribute it across the Internet.
  • Update.... There was news during last 's show about a chupacabra being captured near San Antonio, Texas. A fax from a friend in the newsroom tells Art: The chupa story caused such a stir, I don't want you to use my stations name, just mine, Derek. He is going to ship a tape to Art and Art will take a still picture from it and get it up onto the web page. So look for that next week.
  • Fax.... The local news in Nashville showed a sheep with a complete leg growing out of the top of his head. Art thinks this was somewhere in Spain. Art reminds us he has a picture of a sheep with 8 legs. Art wants to know if you think its possible that these scientists doing these cloning experiments may have had a few failed experiments, and this is where these sheep are coming from.
  • Weather.... A fax from Hilo, Hawaii confirms an earlier story about the 100 mile an hour winds that hit the island. Art says short of a hurricane, what can do this? There was another report about a hail storm hitting Hawaii.
  • Mel's Hole.... There is a link from the web site to an article in the Yakima Herald Republic, in which Art was interviewed about Mel's Hole.

02/26/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Guest: John Shepherd - Project S.T.R.A.T. 2 hours
  • Mel's Hole UPDATE.... Mel has decided to lease his property containing the hole to an undisclosed party and immigrate to Austrailia. In return he cannot tell anyone where his property is or speak to the press. He will be told the true nature of the hole but cannot relate that info to anyone. Art says this sounds like Mel's swan song.
  • Hole #2.... There is a story of another hole found on the property of the Johnson's in Tacoma. Their Saint Bernard kept sniffing around a hole in their yard. Thinking he had moles, Johnson ran a fifty foot long sewer snake down the hole. He never hit the bottom. He called a city manager and he said the hole was 32 feet deep. The hole had widened and Johnson could see that the first few feet were lined with bricks. Johnson bought 164 tires from a thrift store and threw them in the hole and covered it with a wooden plank. A year passed, when Johson decide to build a sun deck which would have to be built over the hole, he found that the hole had sucked up all the tires. Johnson decided to research his houses' history and found previous owners had problems too. A former owner stopped by and told Johnson that he had had his father lower him down the hole by rope. While he was down there something pulled a bucket from his hand. Johnson received many offers from people wanting to explore the hole. He agreed to let one person do that and that person found some strange egg shaped objects.
  • Hole #3.... Another fax relates yet another story of a hole, or well, on the property of an individual who was always losing livestock. This well was surrounded by a stone wall and covered with a wooden plank so the livestock wouldn't fall in. But livestock kept dying. Dogs refused to get near it and the well drained every flashlight ever pointed into it.
  • Cats.... Art has received a list of 39 reasons why cats are better than men, obviously in retaliation for the list of reasons why dogs are better than women. Art reads those on the air.
  • Open lines.... After Art lectures us on the importance of turning your radio off when you call to talk to him, he begins open lines.

2/25/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Guest: Emily Lau Wai-hing , Hong Kong Legislator, discusses the upcoming take over of Hong Kong by China and her attempts at democratization.1st two hours.
  • Taylor Kramer.... Art reads what he has received from Major Ed Dames concerning Phillip Taylor Kramer: "Phillip Taylor Kramer is dead. Foul play was involved, PSI-Tech has a site description for the location of Kramer's badly decomposed body, in the state of Montana. We are continuing our work as promised and keep you and local authorities informed." Art spoke to Kathy Kramer and related this info to her. On March 6th Kathy and Ed Dames will be on the show.
  • Tomorrow.... John Sheppard, from Michigan, will be on the show. Sheppard has been trying to contact UFO's for all his adult life and has built an assemblage of electronic gear that has literally taken up his entire home. You can get a look at it on the web page.
  • Post.... The Washington Post on Sunday ran a big article about Hale-Bopp. This article is on the web page too.
  • Mels' Hole.... Art is receiving alot of media contacts wanting to take a trip to Mel's property to see the bottomless pit.
  • Cloning.... Art is working on getting a university professor, who is a genesist, a jesuit priest and a bio-ethisist, to come on the show to discuss cloning. Art feels someone like this with all three disciplines would be the best candidate to discuss this subject. Art wants to know if you really understand what can be done now. He, of course, is not surprised. He knew that yesterday's science fiction is now today's science fact. Art lets go with quite a spiel on this topic.
  • Clinton.... Clinton acknowledged that he backed donor visits to the White House.
  • Dupont.... Dupont was found mentally incapacitated but guilty of murder.
  • Atlanta.... In Atlanta there is a hate group called The Army of God possibly responsible for the recent bombings.
  • Dogs.... Art reads a very humorous list documenting the good points that dogs possess in comparison to women.

2/24/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Guest: Diana Fairechild, "Healthy Flying", discusses the recycled air problem on airliners.
  • Guest: Mel from Wasshington discussed further developments of the Big Hole!
  • Cloning... Art discusses his views on cloning with callers in the final hour.

02/21/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Guest: Steven Greer - CSETI, First 2 hours
  • Fax.... Gary from Las Vegas asks: Did you see the story on channel 8? George Knapp did a story about a strange humming noise in Parumph. Citizens are complaining and can't figure out what it is. Could it be your radio station?
  • Fax.... Mel, a listener from rural eastern Washington tells Art he has been putting his trash into a 9 foot wide hole located on his property, just like the previous owners. There is a retaining wall around it and a steel door over the opening. This hole has been used for decades to dispose of such trash as building supplies, dead cows, furniture, you name it. He noticed that the hole never filled up. He started using fishing line to try to measure its depth. So far he has gone down 80,000 feet without hitting bottom. A few strange things about this hole, dogs won't get near it, birds won't sit on the retaingin wall or door and there is no echo when you yell into it. Mel remembers dropping a refrigerator down it and never hearing it touch bottom. Mel would like listeners to give him some suggestions as to what this hole could be. In the last hour of the program Art speaks with Mel live.
  • News.... Prosecutors are now seeking the death penalty in the case of Lawrence Singleton, now accused of killing a prostitute. Art says there should never have been a second time around, but better late than never.
  • NTSB.... National Transportation Safety Board reporting airline passenger deaths and major accidents rose last year. 380 people dead. That is deaths though, Art wants to know how many people get just down right sick from airplanes. He is on a mission to find the right person and do a show on this.
  • Floods..... Our friends in Chicago are under water, the south with violent weather, Art says somethings changing.
  • Bowe.... Riddick Bowe is out of the Marine Corps. Art says he doesn't think most millionaires are cut out for the Marines.
  • Priest.... Another response has been received from the person who calls himself the priest.
  • Dames.... Art needs to talk to Kathy Kramer before he can relay results of the Phillip Taylor Kramer case, and Major Ed Dames' findings.

02/20/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • Replay Guest: Whitley Strieber

02/19/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Venting.... Art begins with venting his disgust with getting sick every time he travels by airplane. He also pans Asteroid, the recent NBC movie. Of course, it could be that he is just in a bad mood, having to be off the air for two s and watching boring TV.
  • Guest.... Friday , Saturday , Dr. Steven Greer from C-SETI will be on the show.
  • Fax.... A listener sends in this hypothesis if there really was an asteroid about to hit the earth: Liberals would demand legislation to ensure the proper ratio of minorities would be killed. If there were not enough minorities in the area deemed to be hit, volunteers would be bussed in. Conservatives would demand full monetary compensation, in advance, for all projected property loss, and a bidding war would ensue to secure the exclusive product endorsement rights to the disaster. TV networks would interrupt their coverage of the disaster to relate the latest post O.J. trial updates. Rush Limbaugh would blame the impending disaster on environmental wackos and their failed liberal policies. Art Bell would find a way to cleverly incorporate advertisements for fresh flowers and the end all everything cruise.

2/18/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Replay Guest: Joyce Riley, last 2 appearances.

2/17/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Replay Guests: Al Bielek and Preston Nichols

02/14/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Strike.... The President intervened, and the airline pilot strike did not happen. It has been put off for sixty days. Art doesn't have a problem with the President doing this. How about you?
  • Adoption.... The white house wants to double the number of adoptions. Art says that too is okay, if we can get it done.
  • Hubble.... The shuttle astronauts are placing a baby grand piano inside the hubble to allow for a better aim.
  • Faxes.... Faxes pertaining to Art's quickening: In Michigan a teenage boy shot and killed both his parents because he couldn't get his way. In England, authorities in the Netherlands appealed for a news blackout after a wave of killings of children by their parents. Five cases in four weeks have been reported. This is the social part of the quickening. Art wonders if news of the negative promotes more of this violence or not.
  • Fax.... A fax was recieved from Ronald in Burbank asking if the search for Phillip Taylor Kramer was still going on by Ed Dames. Art says, yes and information is forthcoming.
  • Fax.... Another analogy: The American political system is in many ways similar to Comet's litter box (Art's cat). One: It is expensive and tedious to maintain. Two: It accepts all contributions no matter how large or small. Three: On the surface it looks clean and smells fresh, but when one searches for it's underlying essence, one finds only deep doo doo. Four: It is dominated by fat cats. Five: Everyone agrees change is needed now, but no one elects to do so.
  • Hard Copy.... Art reminds us to watch Hard Copy monday . He may be featured in coincidence with the second half of Asteroid.

02/13/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • 52 Chevy... A surprise guest had a third hand report of the supposed 1952 Chevy Business Coupe that fell from the sky and landed in an intersection in Long Beach California last week. Hours of debate ensued regarding the car, the circumstances and evidence. Photos are supposedly going to be sent in. We'll let you know. Here is an artist's rendering of the event.
  • Analogy.... Charlie from Alaska sends this analogy to Art: If you were in an hourglass and there was alot of time left you wouldn't see much happening. But if there was very little time left, like when the sand is just about to empty, you would see alot of action. Charlie thinks this is a very good analogy of Art's quickening. Art wonders what you think of this analogy, it struck him as right on the money.
  • Texas.... In Texas they are preparing to designate the Bucky Ball as the state molecule. Are there any other states who have a state molecule?

02/12/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Guest: Whitley Strieber discusses the approaching asteroid and the Larsen Iceshelf.
  • Hard Copy.... Hard Copy was with Art, filming, during the first hour of the program. Art says you can look for that Friday or Monday, maybe in conjunction with the NBC movie Asteroid.
  • Question.... Art asks: If you knew that an asteroid was going to hit earth in a couple of months, would you be in the group that prays or in the group that parties? Or would you treat it like they do in New Orleans with Mardi Gras, party til shortly before the disaster and then begin to pray? Just curious.
  • Book.... Art's new book, The Quickening, is about a month away from publication.
  • Open lines to last hour.

2/11/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Guest: Joyce Murphy, The first two hours featured an interview with Joyce Murphy. It concerned students collapsing on the play ground in a town called Jasper in Arkansas. Some kind of substance was detected in their bloodstream and urine. A follow-up fax provides a newspaper article mentioning a bacterial infection leaving two children gravely ill in California. Officials at the San Diego county health department say experts do not know why some people develop infections and some don't. Art says there are very strange occurrences around our nation.
  • Tomorrow.... Whitley Streiber will be on discussing two important topics. Asteroids and the Larson ice shelf in the Antarctic.
  • O.J.... Art doesn't really want to talk about O.J. to, but you can if you want.
  • Vacation.... Art was surprised he was recognized by many people down in Mexico. Art says he never will completely understand why the Mardi Gras is held. What is the psychology behind sinning for days and then becoming clean on Ash Wednesday. Maybe someone from New Orleans could enlighten him.
  • Open lines to.... Anything but O.J.

2/10/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Replay Guest: Courtney Brown in the crossfile with Whitley Strieber. Replay from Jan 30th.

02/07/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Replay Guest: Major Ed Dames from Last Week, Technical Remote Viewing, (See Below for More details)

02/06/97 - Thursday /Friday

02/05/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

2/04/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Replay of Steve Forbes Interview from yesterday .
  • Art's Mom... Ma Bell took questions for a hour to. Her new E-Mail address is
  • O.J..... The verdict is in and it is Guilty. Cheers erupted in the courtroom. Thursday begins the next leg, punitive damages. Mr. Goldman says justice has finally prevailed. Art says, "has it really?" Can there really be justice in a monetary award where there may not be any assets to forfeit? Art thinks the punitive portion will be much more than 8.5 million in compensatory damages. Art reads some faxes from listeners with their thoughts on the outcome.
  • Clinton.... The State of the Union address given by Clinton calls for a stable partnership with Russia. Art wonders how you can have a stable relationship with an unstable Nation.
  • Texas.... A jury in Texas called for the death penalty in the case of the woman who killed her two small children while they slept. Art says this is definitely within the quickening category, a mother stabbing her infants with a butcher knife. Art just can't digest this.
  • Boom.... A fax tells Art that some type of large explosion or sonic boom was heard along the pacific coast around 6:30. The News media and the FAA have no idea what is was. Has anybody else heard it.
  • Quake.... Jack Coles, who predicts earthquakes, says today, Feb. 4th, at 5:30 a.m. there was one large main signal, specific character low frequency radio spikes received by instruments. Based on this, Coles says there is a 75% chance of a 6 plus magnitude quake anywhere along the west coast of California to South America. Specific dates to watch, Feb. 6th thru the 13th. Art is leaving for a mini vacation in the next few days, along the pacific coast, so he says "It Figures".
  • UFO.... There were UFO sightings in Wilmington, California, along with a vintage 1950's automobile falling out of the sky. Art would like to hear from anyone in Wilmington. Art is arranging to talk to someone who knows more about this.

2/03/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Guest: Alexander Jason, Crime Scene Analyst
  • Guest: Steve Forbes, Presidential Candidate, (Last half hour)