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Has Planet X been spotted? Is Nibiru inhabited and inbound?

02/28/02 - Thu/Fri

Guest: Steve Smith
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Guest: Michael Horn

For more than 25 years, expert researchers, scientists and journalists worldwide, have reviewed the Billy Meier case. Their conclusions are all the same: Billy Meier is having contacts with extraterrestrials. Michael will be lecturing at the International UFO Conference in Laughlin on March 8, and at MUFON in Los Angeles on April 17, on the new scientific coroboration for the Billy Meier UFO case.

MP3 Audio Clip: Beamship Sound From The Billy Meier Contacts

02/27/02 - Wed/Thu

Guest: William Thomas

Will Thomas is an independent journalist, author, and videographer. He reported for the Environmental News Service while serving as a member of a three-man Gulf environmental emergency response team during and immediately following the Gulf War. His thirty-minute Gulf War documentary, "Eco War" won the 1991 US Environmental Film Festival award for the best documentary short.

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Book: All Fall Down: The Politics Of Terror And Mass Persuasion
Book: Chemtrails Confirmed (formerly: Probing The Chemtrails Conundrum--Completely revised book)
Book: Bringing The War Home (The Secret Bio-War In The Gulf)
Book: Alt. Health: 40 Investigations Into Good Health and Long Life

02/26/02 - Tue/Wed

Guest: Dr. Kent Hovind

Dr. Hovind is considered by many to be one of the foremost authorities on "Science and the Bible". He is dedicated to the proclamation of scientific evidence supporting the biblical record of creation and the history of the world.

Book: Claws Jaws and Dinosaurs (Living Dinosaurs)

02/25/02 - Mon/Tue

Guest: Professor Kevin Warwick

Professor Kevin Warwick, the world's leading expert in Cybernetics, here unveils the story of how he became the world's first Cyborg (part human, part machine) in a ground breaking set of scientific experiments. Humans have limited capabilities. Humans sense the world in a restricted way, vision being the best of the senses. Humans understand the world in only 3 dimensions and communicate in a very slow, serial fashion called speech. But can this be improved on? Can we use technology to upgrade humans?

New Book: I, Cyborg, release date August 2002.
Book: QI: The Quest for Intelligence
Book: In the Mind of the Machine
More Books: List of Author's Titles

Has Planet X been spotted? Is Nibiru inhabited and inbound?

02/24/02 - Sun/Mon

Host: George Noory
Guest: Michael A. Corey

Michael A. Corey has had a lifelong interest in astronomy and the natural sciences. An avid follower of America's space program as a young child, Michael soon came to be fascinated by the mere suggestion that intelligent life forms might exist elsewhere in the universe. This interest eventually led him to question whether or not any of the earth's specific features could have been determined by the influence of any type of extraterrestrial intelligence (including God). This question eventually grew to become the central focus his research career.

Book: The God Hypothesis: Discovering Design in Our Just Right Goldilocks Universe
Book: God and the New Cosmology: The Antropic Design Argument
Book: Back to Darwin
Book: Natural History of Creation
Book: Evolution and the Problem of Natural Evil
Book: Job, Jonah, & the Unconscious

02/23/02 - Sat/Sun

Host: Barbara Simspson
Guest: Maurice Cotterell

Maurice Cotterell's background as a scientist, mathematician, and engineer helped him to decipher the code of the ancient Maya, revealing the mystery of their science and religion to an extent never before possible. Using the same techniques, the author turns his attention here to deciphering the secrets encoded within the tomb of Tutankhamun. His extensive research revealed that both the ancient Egyptians and the Maya possessed a sophisticated understanding of sun spot activity and other astronomical phenomena--facts recently confirmed by modern science.

Book: The Tutankhamun Prophecies : The Sacred Secret of the Maya, Egyptians, and Freemasons
Book: The Supergods : They Came on a Mission to Save Mankind
Book: Los Superdioses
Book: The Mayan Prophecies : Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilization

02/22/02 - Fri/Sat


02/21/02 - Thu/Fri

Guest: Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon, lead singer of the Animals

Book: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood: A Memoir
Book: I Used to Be an Animal, but I'm All Right Now

02/20/02 - Wed/Thu

Guest: Robert Bruce

Australian-based mystic and metaphysical researcher, Robert Bruce, has actively explored astral projection, subtle realms, and the human spiritual connection for over 25 years. Robert is the author of the books, Astral Dynamics (A NEW approach to Out of Body Experience), and Practical Psychic Self-Defense (understanding and surviving unseen influences), and a coauthor of the book, Capturing The Aura. His World Wide Web site offers a large amount of original material, including many articles and tutorials relating to Robert's work and interests.

Book: Astral Dynamics: A NEW approach to Out of Body Experience
Book: Practical Psychic Self Defense: Understanding and Surviving Useen Influences
Book: Capturing the Aura: Integrating Science, Technology and Metaphysics

02/19/02 - Tue/Wed

Guest: Jim Larranaga

Who Really Controls the Weather? What if you discovered evidence that the Government was tampering with the weather? Journalist Jim Larranaga did -- sort of. While researching a controversial fiction thriller, he uncovered research that the U.S. Government has a long history of tampering with the weather.

Book: The Dead Farmer's Almanac
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02/18/02 - Mon/Tue

Guest: REPLAY of Robert W. Morgan from 12/11

Bigfoot Researcher and Founder of The American Anthropological Research Foundation

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Audio Tape: The Ultimate Adventure

02/17/02 - Sun/Sun

Host: George Noory

Guest: Lloyd Stewart Carpenter

All of the topography of planet Earth is comprised of a series of easily recognizable pictures. The Face on the Pacific Ocean Floor makes up almost 1/2 of this planet! Lloyd Stewart Carpenter explains how modern mapmakers used sonar and satellite technology to help them in creating some of the most accurate maps ever made. Lloyd Stewart Carpenter has been a maps researcher and inventor for more than 20 years.

Book: Ocean Floor Mysteries: The Amazing Mystery of the Great FACE on the Pacific Ocean Floor

02/16/02 - Sat/Sun

Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: Adam L. Penenberg

Co-authored, “Spooked”, an expose of business espionage, the buying and selling of stolen information in the modern world. He reveals the variety of information unscrupulous individuals can find out about a company with just a phone, a computer, and a modem. Adam is a well-known investigative journalist. He currently writes for Time and Fortune, and has been on staff at Forbes Magazine and His work has also appeared in the New York Times, Wired, and Playboy. He lives in New York City.

Book: Spooked: Espionage in Corporate America

02/15/02 - Fri/Sat


02/14/02 - Thu/Fri

Guest: Dr. Philip M. Tierno

Dr. Philip M. Tierno, the NYU Medical Center director of clinical microbiology and diagnostic immunology, shares the story of bacteria, viruses, and prions and their myriad effects on human beings. From toxic shock syndrome to Lyme disease to diarrheal infections of the Third World, Tierno offers a broad overview of the impact of these microbes on the world today. He also addresses germ warfare, anthrax and other possible bioweapons.

Book: Protect Yourself Against Bioterriorism
Book: The Secret Life of Germs: Observations and Lessons from a Microbe Hunter

02/13/02 - Wed/Thu

Guest: Michael C. Luckman

Cosmic Majority Founder Michael C. Luckman may have discovered a new face on Mars. Luckman believes that the face is the closest we have ever come to proof that Mars was once inhabited by an intelligent civilization. The face, which many believe is female, measures a mile and a quarter wide and is located near Syrtis major, about 3,000 miles from the famous Sphinx-like face photographed by NASA in the Cydonia region.

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02/12/02 - Tue/Wed

Guest: Harry Braun

Harry Braun, author of The Phoenix Project, has documented an alternative strategy that will fundamentally resolve the complex and interrelated global energy and environmental problems. Braun proposes to shift investments from oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear fuels to renewable hydrogen systems that are inexhaustible, pollution-free, and can make the U.S. energy independent. Harry Braun has worked as an energy analyst for the past 20 years. He is Chairman and CEO of Sustainable Partners, Inc.

Book: The Phoenix Project : Shifting from Oil to Hydrogen
Book: The Phoenix Project : An Energy Transition to Renewable Resources

02/11/02 - Mon/Tue

Guest: Dr. Janis Amatuzio

Dr. Janis Amatuzio explores the mysterious realm of visions, experiences, and communications experienced by families at the threshold of the deaths of their loved ones. Dr. Amatuzio, often called "the compassionate coroner", is an exemplar for the compassionate practice of forensic medicine. As someone whose life 's work has been speaking for the deceased, she has now also provided a voice for family and friends by allowing their stories to be heard in her new book, Forever Ours.

Book: Forever Ours
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02/10/02 - Sun/Mon

Host: George Noory

Guest: Craig S. Martin

Shasta Supernatural Investigators was founded in 1979 by Nationally recognized Demonologist ,Craig S. Martin, in Redding, California. As such, he is one of only a handful of authorities involved in the examination and investigation of Inhuman Spirit Phenomena in the world today. Mr. Martin started his examination into the Spirit Realm in 1973 while involved in the study of Necromancy (Using Spirits to assist people in Pagan and Occult Practices ). In 1979 he was ordained into the Priesthood (Christian) and began vigorously to help those who complained of Spirit hauntings that were causing harm to People, Animals, and Property


02/09/02 - Sat/Sun

Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: James Redfield

It is no accident, argue James Redfield, that the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have witnessed a dramatic expansion of human experience. When author and therapist James Redfield self-published his first novel in 1993, the groundswell of enthusiasm from booksellers and readers made The Celestine Prophecy one of the most successful self-published books of all time. Since 1994, The Celestine Prophecy has spent more than three years on the New York Times bestseller list and also appeared on bestseller lists around the world. In 1996, Redfield's The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision also became an instant bestseller.

Book: God and the Evolving Universe: The Next Step in Personal Evolution
Book: The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight
Book: The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure
Book: The Purpose of Your Life: Finding Your Place in the World Using Synchronicity, Intuition, and Uncommon Sense
Book: The Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness
Book: The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide
Book: The Celestine Prophecy: A Pocket Guide to the Nine Insights
Book: The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision: Further Adventures of the Celestine Prophecy

02/08/02 - Fri/Sat

Guest: Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeth

Ghost Investigators Society, with actual recorded voices of ghosts.

Real Video: The Door
Real Video: The Walking Orb (Slo-Mo Version)
Real Video: Shadow Walker
Player: Get the FREE Real Player 8 Basic Here

02/07/02 - Thu/Fri

Guest: Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock looks at the hard evidence of inexplicable underwater ruins around the world. India's a big part of the story, but also Malta and the Mediterranean, Japan and China, and the Grand Bahama Banks. 10 million square miles of the best lands on earth were submerged at the end of the Ice Age, just before what we think of as when civilization began.

New Book: Underworld (first published in UK on 7 February. Crown is publishing it in the US, but not till September.)
Book: The Mars Mystery: The Secret Connection Linking Earth's Ancient Civilization and the Red Planet
Book: Fingerprints of the Gods
Book: Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind

02/06/02 - Wed/Thu

Art will be on tape tonight (2/6) due to technical difficulties in the Pahrump studio. Dr. Joyce Hawkes will be rescheduled. We expect to be back “live” on Thursday.

Guest: REPLAY of Dr. Dean Radin from 11/27/01

Topic: Random Number Generators

Dr. Dean Radin is presently Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in Petaluma, California. For over 20 years he has conducted research on exceptional aspects of human consciousness, including psychic phenomena. He has held appointments at Princeton University, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Nevada, was a staff scientist at Bell Laboratories and Interval Research, and co-founded the Boundary Institute in Silicon Valley. He also spent a year on what is now known as the CIA's STARGATE program, a formerly secret government project investigating psychic phenomena.

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Book: The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena

02/05/02 - Tue/Wed

Guest: Dr. Edward Tenner

If it can go wrong, it will--thus Murphy's Law. Science journalist Edward Tenner looks more closely at this eternal verity, named after a U.S. Air Force captain who, during a test of rocket-sled deceleration, noticed that critical gauges had been improperly set and concluded, "If there's more than one way to do a job and one of those ways will end in disaster, then somebody will do it that way." Tenner concurs, and he gives us myriad case studies of how technological fixes often create bigger problems than the ones they were meant to solve in the first place. Edward Tenner, former executive editor for physical science and history at Princeton University Press, holds a visiting research appointment in the Department of Geological and Geophysical Sciences at Princeton University. He received the A.B. from Princeton and the Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago and has held visiting research positions at Rutgers University and the Institute for Advanced Study

Book: Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences

02/04/02 - Mon/Tue

Guest: Scott Portzline

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Guest: Dr. Gregory Little

Edgar Cayce, America's famous "Sleeping Prophet," gave 68 "psychic readings" between 1925 to 1944 that provided information on America's Mound Builders and ancient American history. Incredibly, nearly everything Cayce related about the Mound Builders and the patterns of migrations to ancient America is true. Dr. Greg Little has a master's degree in psychology and doctorate in counseling from Memphis State University. He is a Nationally Certified Psychologist (NAMP) is author or coauthor of 8 books and 17 workbooks.

Book: Mound Builders: Edgar Cayce's Forgotten Record of Ancient America
Book: Grand Illusions: The Spectral Reality Underlying Sexual Ufo Abductions, Crashed Saucers, Afterlife Experiences, Sacred Ancietn Ritual Sites, & Other
Book: People of the Web

02/03/02 - Sun/Mon

Host: George Noory

Guest: Ian Lawton

What secrets does the Giza Plateau really hold? Are the pyramids simple burial chambers, astronomical devices, or even power plants? Who built them and the enigmatic Sphinx, and when? Does a Hall of Records await discovery at Giza, and if so what does it contain? These questions have animated both the public and a long line of dedicated researchers for years. Ian Lawton will attempt to answer these questions and many more. Lawton is a former management information systems consultant. He has been researching ancient civilizations for more than a decade, and since 1997 has been a full-time writer-researcher.

Book: Giza : The Truth : The People, Politics, and History Behind the World's Most Famous Archaeological Site

02/02/02 - Sat/Sun

Host: Barbara Simpson

02/01/02 - Fri/Sat

Guest: REPLAY of Pam Reynolds from 12/06
Pam Reynolds is a practicing musician, wife and mother of three and a member of a very prominent music publishing family. In 1991, she underwent one of the most fantastic surgical procedures ever performed. Dr. Robert F. Spetzler, Director of the Barrow Institute for Neurology in Phoenix, Arizona, and his team of daring surgeons clipped an aneuryism in her brain by a process known as "standstill." Her body was cooled to 58 degrees F, her heart stopped and most of the blood drained from her body. In short, Pam Reynolds was dead. While in this state, she encountered one of the most remarkable Near-Death-Experiences ever documented. Ten years later, hers remains the most scientifically documented case on record.

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