1/31/00 Mon/Tue w/Rollye James

William Wayne Barnes
Book: I Built the Titanic: Past-Life Memories of a Master Builder
Info: The publisher Sapphire House says Amazon does not have any of the books in stock. So the above link goes to the publisher.

1/30/00 Sun/Mon w/Brabara Simpson

Joyce Riley
American Gulf War Veterans Association

Paul Christopher
Book: Alien Intervention: The Spiritual Mission of UFOs

1/30/00 Sun Dreamland w/Whitley Strieber

Tom Schroder
Book: Old Souls: The Scientific Evidence for Past Lives

Jim Marrs
Book: Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us

1/27/00 Thu/Fri w/Art Bell

Major Ed Dames
Topic: Remote Viewing

1/26/00 Wed/Thu w/Art Bell

Disclosure 2000 - Is this the year?

Steve Bassett
Paradigm Research Group
Related Website: Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee
Related Info: UFO/ET Related Questions for National Candidates

Heather Anne Harder
Book: Interdimensional Communication: The Art and Science of Talking to Ghosts, Spirits, Angels and Other Dead People
Book: Many Were Called-Few Were Chosen: The Story of the Earth-Based Volunteers
Book: Perfect Power in Consciousness

Peter Gersten

Richard C. Hoagland
Related Info: This is getting Sirius ...
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Book: The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever
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1/25/00 Tue/Wed w/Art Bell

Peter Davenport
Topic: Interview with eyewitness of a bigfoot.

Lloyd Pye
Book: Everything You Know is Wrong, Book 1: Human Evolution
Skull Photos:

Dr Ted Robinson
Plastic Surgeon discusses the skulls

Dr Paula Gunn Allen
Book: Off the Reservation: Reflections on Boundary-Busting, Border-Crossing Loose Canons
Book: Grandmothers of the Light: A Medicine Woman's Sourcebook
Book: The Woman Who Owned the Shadows
Book: The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions
Book: As Long As the Rivers Flow: The Stories of Nine Native Americans

01/24/00 Mon/Tue w/Rollye James

Richard Noone
Topic: Planetary Alignment on 5/5/2000
Book: 5/5/2000: Ice: The Ultimate Disaster

01/23/00 Sun/Mon w/Rollye James

Bart Kosko
Topic: Fuzzy engineering and computer chips in the brain.
Book: The Fuzzy Future: From Society And Science To Heaven In A Chip
Book: Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic
Book: Fuzzy Engineering
Book: Nanotime

01/23/00 Dreamland w/Whitley Strieber

  • 1st hour.... Linda Howe begins with her weekly report. She reports on drought conditions in Dallas, Texas and La Nina conditions in the southern states. Fisherman in Connecticut met with officials about the lobster deaths taking place there. She plays an audio interview where the theory of pesticide spraying is the culprit. Also Linda has an update on crop circles and plays an interview with Lucy Pringle and discusses Dr. Levingood's theory on the formations. After the bottom of the hour break, Roger Leir joins Whitley to discuss some photos taken by the GOES satellite showing an object off the coast of Washington. Russ Hunt joins Whitley and Roger to analyze the photo.
  • 2nd hour.... Whitley says though the photo looks like it could be phony why is it posted on official websites. Roger Leir tells us what the object is not, one being the moon. An optical physicist that has looked at the photo says it is a solid object. After the break, Phyllis Curott joins Whitley. She is a lawyer and a witch and has written a book about her journey with witchcraft. She says she is a Wiccan and Whitley asks her what she does when she is doing witchcraft. She talks about the witch stereotype and later in the hour discusses altered states.
  • 3rd hour.... Whitley asks Phyllis if she is a satan worshiper and Phyllis tells us this is an old myth that witches worship satan. She talks about King James rewriting the Bible and redefining witches. Phyllis says there are more and more men joining the practice. Phyllis talks about our bodies being divine energy and sexuality. After the break, Whitley and Phyllis get into the deep meaning of Wicca and Phyllis says Wiccans are very broad minded and realize there are many faces of the divine. and are very respective of other practices.

01/22/00 Sat/Sun

  • 1st hour.... Jon Rappaport begins with his paranormal report with more info on the Russian psychic spilling secrets again. Steve Kates, Dr Sky, joins Hilly to discuss the recent lunar eclipse and the tenth planet theory. Hilly asks Dr. Sky how the moon actually turns red during the eclipse. Dr. Sky talks about a heavy large object out there beyond Pluto. Hilly and Dr. Sky discusses the size of an astronomical unit, which is the distance from Earth to the sun and this tenth planet would be 50,000 units away from Pluto. Dr. Sky mentions the Nemesis star which orbits the sun and about every 30 million years it comes close to the sun and drags alot of comets in with it. Phone calls are taken for Dr. Sky. A caller asks about the black hole in the middle of our galaxy and what stops us from being sucked in.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Wade Davis joins Hilly this hour to discuss zombies and voodoo and his numerous trips to Haiti to research these subjects. Wade talks about the great religions of the world and how Africa is always left out of peoples minds like there is no religion there. Hilly asks Wade about the population of Haiti and its diversity. Hilly says he is unaware of any religion in Haiti that support zombies. Wade says there are 401 Gods in Voodoun belief and after the bottom of the hour break, Hilly and Wade get deeper into the subject of Zombies. Wade tells a story of a man pronounced dead in 1962 and much later discovered walking among the living. Hilly and Wade talk about poisonous fish and some death rituals related to being poisoned by these fish and how the venom in these can make someone appear dead.
  • 3rd hour.... Secret societies in Haiti are discussed. Wade discusses a physician from the 20's in Haiti who was also a published anthropologist and how he recognized Voodoun as a religion when he ran for political office. Wade talks about his dictatoral regime, the zombie phenomenom and cannibals. Wade talks about sorcery in Voodoo and says there is no voodoo dolls. Later in the hour, Wade tells us how his beliefs were challenged because of his experiences in Haiti. Wade says Haiti is the one place in the world where people live their religious beliefs. Hilly asks Wade what voodoo would be if it was stripped of its Roman Catholic influences.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly asks Wade how Hollywood could have been such a bad movie from his extremely well written book. Wade talks about the Haitian being raised with the belief of Zombies and knows it is a form of punishment. Phone calls are taken for Wade and a caller asks about the last supper and the apostles actually drinking Christ's blood so they would be connected to him in the afterlife. Wade says some Haitians believe Jesus was the first zombie. Later in the hour a faxer asks Wade how would he protect himself from a dark force, and Wade reiterates that Voodoo is not a dark force and is a legitimate religion. Wade says he does not believe in sorcery but he explains why he feels someone can fall victim to a sorcerers spell.
  • 5th hour.... Wade discusses Shamen and Shamanistic rituals with a caller and his experiences with a Shaman in the Amazon. A caller asks Wade about being a victim of Voodoo. Hilly has to tell a caller to listen better when the caller tells Hilly to be more professional in his reporting of facts about Hatians. Hilly asks Wade about the digging up of Zombies and Wade talks again about being a zombie is a form of punishment. A caller tells Wade about her ex-husband who claimed to be a voodoo priest and how he torched his sisters kitchen by setting fire to a replica of it.

01/20/00 Thu/Fri

  • 1st hour...Art tried to take a picture of the Lunar Eclipse but was unable to get a good one. Art's guest is Whitley Strieber. Whitley forgot to bring his new digital camera. In San Antonio, TX, Whitley says the media treated them like evil sensationalists that were overstating the case and now the media has said far more extreme things. We are in a giant climate change with dire consequences according to the media. Some meteorologists on television are holding "The Global Superstorm" up and saying if you want to understand the weather changes read this book. Art asks Whitley to comment on the story of large ice pieces falling from the sky over Spain. The FCC has approved low power FM radio service. Art thinks the National Association of Broadcasters must be really upset but Art thinks this will only increase the listeners to radio and supports the decision. He says that 50,000 have died because of the weather since June. The media can no longer attribute these weather changes to El Nino or El Nina, so they have finally started to come out with another explaination. The weather these next few months should be wild and interesting.
  • 2nd hour....Professor Michio Kaku is Art's guest. He has a new bestseller book which has caused some controversy about whether the U.S. is leaving other countries behind with the internet and the new computer technologies. He makes some predictions of future inventions. The AOL and Time-Warner merger is a step to the infrastructure that will be needed for these inventions. Prosperity in the future will be linked to the internet. The Japanese and the French have been slow to come on board. They now seem to see the need to be involved. We may have DNA or molecule computers by 2015. He believes that the Asians do not promote creativity. So the U.S. will continue to lead in coming up with the new technologies. Cyberspace may not make us happier but it will give us more choices. They discuss robots, longevity and future health inovations.
  • 3rd hour...The future of Cybersex, dating, and black holes are the topics at the top of the hour. Light is distorted around a black hole and that is how they are seen through a telescope. Though they are invisible you can detect them this way. They discuss worm holes and type 2 or type 3 civilizations. Art reports on a BBC story of a physicist in Saudi Arabia has reported that a black hole is possible to make in a laboratory but it would be for electrons only. Light and other particles could pass in and out. The Professor seems to think we are a long way from being able to create a black hole. They then discuss the climate predictions that Professor Kaku believes will occur.
  • 4th hour...Dr. Kaku says in his book, 150 scientists tell their vision of the future. Art takes calls this hour. The future need for software programmers, gods and creating designer children, roving black holes encountering another black hole, and Edgar Cayce are the topics from the callers. The last half of the hour Dr. Kaku continues with taking calls and the topics are weather control, oil shortage, and a scientist's inability to communicate easily with the common people.
  • 5th hour...Art starts with a report that says we are more likely to be alone in the world than that there is complex life in outer space. Dr. Kaku says that in other solar systems there is likely to be intelligents lifeforms. We expect a flood of new data in the next few years. The topics this half hour are black holes, comets, and radioactive waste. The last half hour, callers ask about nuclear waste, colonization of Mars and time travel.

01/19/00 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour- Art's first explains why he was not on the air for 30 minutes last night. The problem was a modulator that had gone bad (they allege). The lead story on all three networks and CNN is about climate change. It's like someone turned a switch, now there are many stories about global climate change. There is mention that this could be a pattern every twenty years. Why haven't we heard about it before? The new book "The Coming Global Superstorm" is rising to number 15 on the bestseller list. A rare goat in Northern Spain, believed to be the last one, has been found dead. Veterinarians took a tissue sample of it's ear so that they might be able to clone it in the future. A report from the BBC, we may be about to have a global epidemic flu from outer space. Look in the journal, Current Science, for the report. The last half of the hour is open lines. Low level broadcasting and dueling are discussed in the first call. Contrails,cloning (who might be the first choice?), the song (Nothing but a Heartache), Mr. Fidget, bumper music, another Kennedy story, climate change are the topics mentioned in the next calls.
  • 2nd hour- Art's guest, the Amazing Kreskin, can only be with us for the first half of the hour. He has been to 340 cities in the last year and has to think before he can remember where he is now. They discuss his name, psychics, greed, radio talk shows, Mandrake the magician, his first telepathic experience, his predictions about life on Mars, and Orson Wells. Open lines... The first caller asks Art to go to to listen to a song he wrote. The next callers talk about cold fusion, mergers and alternative energy.
  • 3rd hour...Open lines for the rest of the night...A.P. story, Iowa people want presidential candidates to talk about global warming. Callers discuss the red moon, the experiment using a light on the solar panel of a Baygen Radio, the windstorm in the pacific, astronauts who have privately admitted seeing unusual things, air cars, the lights over Juno and the Yukon. The next half hour the unscreened calls are about the late archaeological finds in North America, new telescope technology, the 30 minute outage, climate change, cloning, Al Gore and global warming, and Nostradamus.
  • 4th hour...Callers comment on monday night show about UFO's on Fox, China now may have attained an island near Bermuda where they are putting in a big runway, governmental experiments on humans, chemtrails, Al Gore, cloning song suggestion by Alice Cooper, if the Ark of the Covenant has been found and opened and we have a blood red moon it may mean we are in for a rough ride, black holes, Baygen radio upgrade suggestion. Second half callers mention Art's experience with a ouija board that he wont talk about, website suggestions, God-given freewill vs. prayer, bumper music suggestions, weather in Vancouver, alien autopsy, balancing of nature, clones with the spirit of the dead in it.
  • 5th hour...Art starts the hour with 25 signs you are getting old. Callers discuss that China may also be buying cargo ships and anti-submarine technology, ham radio bands, chemtrails, planetary alignment, new movie called Frequency, G.E.E.K technology(global environmental energy technology) running a motor on used motor oil and water, the Bible in Revelations the sixth seal(an earthquake just before the red moon) talks about the last days. The last half of the hour callers topics are the Amazing Kreskin, jet pack that runs on 87 octane, our government and cuba, an interview with one of the Beatles, Divine intervention vs. freewill: could the goat have prayed for the end of his life?, Russia, China and the panama area, the Lunar event in '82, and weather cycles.

01/18/00 Tue/Wed

  • 1st hour.... Art peruses the news. Helmut Cole has resigned as the chairman of the Christian Democratic Union, brought down by a campaign financing scandal. The average American is wealthier due to the rise in the stock market. Art says maybe Alan Greenspan should be cloned. The antiballistic missile interceptor failed when launched from Vandenberg. Art says Iran is looking at a missile project that will allow a missile to hit the east coast of the U.S. Wind storms hit the Northwest with thousands out of power. The storms that hit France earlier this month caused 3 billion dollars worth of damage. A team of scientists hope a chemical analysis will reveal why blocks of ice fell from the skies of Spain. Art reads a story about carp leaping out of the water and thrashing on shore in Anderson, Indiana along White River after the water was contaminated. Open lines finishes out the first hour. The first caller talks about the meteor that flew over Canada that made the news.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Nichols Begich joins Art this hour. He has written a book titled, Angels Don't Play This HAARP. Art begins by asking Nicholas about the weather going bonkers and the chemtrails conspiracy. Nicholas explains what HAARP is. Art asks Nicholas if he has seen any sts50 footage. Nicholas talks about Clinton saying he would support a national weather predicting center. Art talks about the past storms being Mother Natures way of balancing out something, so what would happen if we could prevent these. Nicholas talks about the solar cycle we are in now.
  • 3rd hour.... Nicholas talks about a meeting with the European Parliament and NATO about non-lethal weapons. Nicholas talks about Americans being experimented on without their knowledge. Art says he has a friend high up in the nonlethal weapons technology who talks about disabling a soldier instead of killing him and Nicholas says some of the so called nonlethal weapons can indeed be fatal. Nicholas says the amount of knowledge we have acquired since the invention of the wheel til now is going to double in the next 9 to 10 months. Nicholas talks about the contents of his book and the early writings about technology. Art asks Nicholas what we are going to end up with, will it be some sort of Mad Max environment.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls are taken for Nicholas this hour. The first caller asks Nicholas if HAARP had anything to do with the tremendous storms recently. A caller asks Nicholas about the shooting at Colombine and whether mind control on children is being practiced. Later in the hour a caller talks with Nicholas about the many prescription drugs being advertised on TV today and maybe the government is using mind control drugs on students today. Contrails are discussed.
  • 5th hour.... The first half of this hour had technical difficulties and was not audible, Art explains the outage at the beginning of the second half of this hour. The ABC satellite was off the air. Art says this was absolutely not Y2K related. A caller asks Nicholas if there is in any of his research any plans for identification technology like retina scans. Nicholas talks about biometric technology. Art tells Nicholas about his guest from the CIA and the technology found at the borders now and what is happening while your waiting in your car to cross the border.

01/17/00 Mon/Tue

  • 1st hour.... Hilly talks about a press release from the Center for Disease Control about considering their figures with caution because they are changing their ways. The FDA voted against releasing Tamiflu,(sic) but did it anyway. Hilly talks about a new drug that is going to be distributed that claims to cure the common cold and reads a big AP story on this issue. Tonights theme will be alternate therapies/medicine. Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Robert Beck joins Hilly this hour, he is the developer of an alternate device called an electric blood purifier. Robert reads an item from Science News published in 1991 about a cure for AIDS which peaked his interest in alternate therapies. G. Edward Griffin, an author who wrote a book about a cancer free world, joins Hilly to discuss why doctors are the way they are and the state of medical practices in the country today.
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly plays a tape of an interview of Dr. Lyman who began the research and/or protocol which inspired Dr. Beck. Hilly reads the patent application for the blood electrifier and what it claims it can do. Hilly tells us of his conversations with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine about Dr. Lyman and his refusal to appear on tonights program.
  • 4th hour.... Russ Torlage joins Hilly this hour, he is very knowledgeable of Dr. Beck's protocol and is the head of where the blood electrifier is available. Russ says the device has been going through improvements as the years have gone by. Hilly asks Russ what illnesses this device reportedly relieve and how does the machine actually work. Russ says this machine is an immune system booster. Phone calls are taken later in the hour.
  • 5th hour.... Russ continues with Hilly to further explain the protocol of this machine. A listener asks if blood electrification could aid in weight loss. Russ tells a story about Dr. Beck and his personal results with the machine. A caller asks if this machine can help diabetics. Russ cautions the audience that he cannot give out medical advice and reiterates that this device is an immune system booster. A doctor in training calls in and says you must be cautious with this protocol because there has not been a double blind study. Russ says the money isn't available for such a study and reiterates that this devive screams for more research. Phone calls continues.

01/16/00 Sun/Mon

  • 1st hour.... Barbara Simpson is the host tonight. Her guest is Jennifer Sander who will discuss miracles that happen everyday. Jennifer begins by telling us how she got interested in this subject with her favorite Christmas story. Jennifer tells us a few of her miracle stories she has collected. Barbara asks Jennifer if any of the miracles experienced by people changed their lives religiously. Jennifer tells the story of a doctor who was also a pilot and he was flying himself to a out of town meeting and he experienced a miracle while passing out while flying the plane on autopilot. Barbara asks if this doctor felt his life was saved so he could accomplish something.
  • 2nd hour.... Jennifer tells a couple stories about comatose patients who have awaken miraculously. Barbara asks if the doctors had any medical explanations. Another story is about a man who had a vision of a little girl and then found out his wife was pregnant and he died right after his baby daughter was born. Jennifer says this little girl showed herself to her father because she knew she would not have time with him after she was born. Barbara and Jennifer talk about the insights of children and how they talk about past lives and/or friends they see that we don't. After the break, Jennifer tells us about a woman who lost her precious cat, prayed for his return and was told spiritually that he would return in seven days right before midnight and he did.
  • 3rd hour.... Jennifer tells us about a Rabbi she got a miracle story from. Phone calls are taken for Jennifer. A caller relates a story where he asked God for a sign of a bolt of lightning and shortly thereafter he received a 24 volt shock when the phone on his metal workbench blew up while he was resting his head on the bench. Another caller relates a flying dream she had 2 years after grieving for a friend who died. She was flying in the opposite direction of all the others flying in her dream and then she saw her dead friend who told her to stop grieving. After the break, a caller tells Barbara about how he saved his brothers life and then years later his brother saved his life. Calls continue with people relating their own personal miracle stories.
  • 4th hour.... A caller tells Barbara that he thinks he is the son of the dead friend another caller saw in a flying dream so Barbara tries to coordinate the two to get together. A caller relates a story about a presence of peace coming over him and his friends during a dangerous confrontation with strangers. After the break Barbara tells us about a dinosaur skeleton going up for auction on one of the auction websites and the bidding will start at 5.5 million dollars. More stories come in, including one about a dog coming back to life after being buried.
  • 5th hour.... Barbara tells us there will be a total lunar eclipse this Thursday and the moon will be bright red. Barbara talks about the latest 60 minutes show about the gasoline additives and the clean air act and the water contamination sweeping the country. Callers continue with their miraculous experiences.

01/16/00 Sun Dreamland

  • 1st hour.... Linda Howe joins Whitley tonight. Whitley says we are in an incredible time what with the crop circle season and the numerous UFO sightings. She begins with crop formation reporting and the latest reported formation found in Marion, New York where a farmer was night harvesting with spotlights and discovered a formation in the same spot where he discovered one in 1977. Linda plays and interview with an investigator that saw both formations. He mentions that his video cameras died on him while in the circle. Linda also plays an interview with Nancy Talbot discussing a reoccuring case in Holland where a teenager has seen the formation formed and watched the plants go down. Also discussed is a process to accelerate growth.
  • 2nd hour.... Whitley asks Linda for her take on the increased UFO sightings and how it coincides with crop formations. Linda talks about the large triangular objects sighted over England. Linda says crop circles, no matter how simple, have been reported since the 1600's. Linda says something shifted drastically in 1989 when the formations became very intricate and started to get some mainstream media attention. Linda discusses the Doug and Dave tabloid interviews back in 1991 where they claimed to have created some of the crop circles. After the break, Linda gets into reporting on cattle and animal mutilations. Linda says the head and the rear of the animal are the most altered are of the mutilated animal. A lot of cases have evidence that the animal was lifted and then came down head or rear first.
  • 3rd hour.... Phone calls are taken this hour with the first caller being Fritz from Phoenix. He wants to talk about cattle mutilations. Linda discusses the breakthrough hypnosis session of Judy Dougherty where she recalled witnessing a cattle mutilation. A caller asks Linda about the crop circles conferences in England. Also discussed is a mutilation where only the skin was taken from the animals. A caller asks if any mutilations have been found in close proximity of a crop circle. Linda says there was reported a heifer mutilated in a circle where there was no blood found. Linda talks about the study of soil found around circles and mutilations.

01/15/00 Say/Sun

  • 1st hour.... Hilly repeats the info on the blood electrifier due to popular demand. John Rappaport joins Hilly with a report on Russian cosmonauts and their claims of paranormal experiences while in space. After the first commercial break, Mike Sivilli joins Hilly to discuss his trip to area 51. Mike talks about all the troubles he encountered including car trouble and a hailstorm.
  • 2nd hour... David Hatcher Childress joins Hilly this hour to discuss structures on the moon. David says he thinks all these Mars exploration are just a way to divert our attention away from the moon. Hilly asks David what he thinks about the moon just being a dumping ground for extra-terrestrials. David tells us about NASA reports about ice and water on the moon. David says we know the moon is a desert environment but there are claims that parts of the moon have been used for agricultural purposes. Hilly and David discuss a 20 mile tunnel on the moon.
  • 3rd hour.... David and Hilly discuss the 2 moons of Mars and the Russian probes sent to Mars. David says it is quite possible that a certain percentage of our space probes are just shot out of orbit and never allowed to reach their destination. David believes the moon is inhabited. David talks about the Ancients and how obsessed they were with lunar eclipses. He says Stonehedge was a primitive computer made to predict eclipses. Phone calls are taken and a caller asks David about gold being present on the moon.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly and David discuss Europa and Hilly reads a report he sent to David earlier. They discuss Europas magnetic north pole and David says Europa could sustain life as we know it here on Earth. Phone calls continue and a caller asks David about Venus and the possibility of life on it and if there is any evidence contrary to what we have been told. David and Hilly talk about the moons of the outer planets and the anomalous craters on them. David says these moon appear to be artifically created like blown glass. A fax for David asks if he has heard the story where the moon was created first and souls had to go there first before Earth.
  • 5th hour.... David and Hilly discuss NASA and the information they release without comment. A caller asks why Hubble telescope doesn't take pictures of the moon. David tells us that Japan has started it's own moon project and will be sending probes there. After the break, David tells us about his new book project concerning the technology of the Gods.

01/14/00 Fri/Sat

  • 1st hour.... Art talks about his New York pictures which he has posted. Art peruses the news with the Cuban boy still in the spotlight. The boys father is acussing the media of twisting his words around. A man was arrested who sent a letter containing anthrax to a school and some other agencies. Art is glad the authorities are taking these threats seriously. A earthquake in China has killed 3. Oil Prices have reached a nine year high. Art reads an email from a air traffic controller who says they have finally received instructions from the FAA on what to do when they receive a UFO report. Russia has revised its defense doctrine to make it easier to push the nuclear button. After the break Art tells us of a planned protest at Vandenberg AFB against another Star Wars test. Art talks about this issue for a few minutes before open lines finishes out the hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Antonio Mendez joins Art this hour, he is an exCIA agent who has wrote a book about his secret life in the CIA. Art describes him as being like "Q" in the James Bond movies. Tony talks with Art about the federal witness protection program and his work in it with foreigners and how hard it is for a person to go through this process. Tony says it is hardest for Russians. Later they discuss the Cuban Missile crisis and Art remembers this time well and asks Tony how close did we actually get.
  • 3rd hour.... Art says he has a report of a SETI hit. Art says he talked to Seth at SETI and Seth says they didn't hear it. Tony says his mission on a world wide basis was to make sure he could infiltrate any border with his people. Art asks Tony how many have gone in and not come out. Art asks Tony about whether he had to submit the book before it was published to the authorities for approval. Art asks Tony if there are ways and things that can be done to cause a person to expire and there be no medical way that the dirty deed can be detected as anything but natural. Tony says this is a part of espionage. Art asks Tony about a rumor during the cold war that Russia had nuclear weapons prepositioned for the U.S.
  • 4th hour.... Art asks Tony for his take on the Cuban boy story and asks him about some kind of deal made with Castro following the Bay of Pigs and the Kennedy assassination. Art asks Tony about the hostages in Iran and what went wrong there. Phone calls are taken for Tony and one caller asks if remote viewing was ever implemented and Tony tells us what happened to the practice of it and why it was canceled. Art and Tony discuss the possibility that the U.S. would absorb a first strike before retaliation according to the current administration.
  • 5th hour.... Art and Tony discuss the arms for drugs situation during the Reagan administration. Phone calls continue and Art asks if the CIA should be involved in the war on drugs. Tony talks about there actually being a device like the Cone of Silence seen in the old Get Smart shows. A caller asks Tony what he thinks is the greatest terrorist threat against the U.S. today, whether it be cyber, biological etc. Art asks Tony about mistakes made by the CIA and the use of mind control.

01/13/00 Thu/Fri

  • 1st Hour.... Art recaps his trip to New York beginning with his interview at WABC and he tells us about Rush Limbaughs studio and how he was surprised there was a picture of a Grey in his studio. Art tells us he and Whitley did around 14 interviews while there to other remote stations called a satellite tour. He talks about the Today show interview. Art says Matt Lauer decided to make it a contentious interview, which Art says was okay. Art says the book signing was wonderful. Art tells the story about going to FOX for an interview and not being allowed to take any pictures and eventually not doing the interview because of their attitude. Art peruses the news discussing the Cuban boy and Art agrees with Janet Reno's take on the issue. A 13 year old boy who committed murder when he was 11, escaped a life sentence in prison. Art discusses the first cloned monkey. Art thinks the human being has already been cloned and we just have not been told yet. Art reads a y2k story about spy satellites. After the break Art read an AP story about Russia's early warning system. Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour... Linda Howe joins Art to discuss global warming and she begins by discussing the data released by NOAA and the meteorologists in the UK. Linda plays the interview she had with Dr. John Baker from NOAA which plays before and after the bottom of the break. Art says when he and Whitley were interviewed by Matt Lauer, Matt asked Whitley if he was a meteorologist and hence the interview became contentious. Linda continues with some global warming facts.
  • 3rd hour.... Linda plays an interview of one of the nations top climatologists. Linda had asked what would happen if humans took artifical control of the climate. Though the automakers are trying to address the problems of CO2 emissions, the new sport utility vehicles are exacerbating the problem. Art and Linda discuss the ocean levels and the accelerated ice shelf meltings. Phone calls are taken for Linda. A caller asks Linda why the Earth can't cool down as fast as it gets warmer.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads an email from a listener about the increased population of jellyfish all over the world. Open lines commences. A caller tells Art this global warming business is terrorism and she has been trying to get the FBI to investigate. She says the Italian Real Estate developers started controlling the weather after WWI. After the break a caller asks Art if he has heard of a machine called Z which tries to duplicate fusion.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines continues. A caller talks with Art about the latest Navy recruiting commercial featuring a female aviator which has an emblem on her uniform of a green shamrock which was a subject William Thomas of the contrail conspiracy had mentioned. Another caller talks about last nights guest and his hedging about the end of the world in 2012. A caller informs Art of Curtis Sliwas activities the night before Art was on the Today show. Art talks with a caller about Russias nuke power.

01/12/00 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour.... Rollye talks about the passing of Don Martin, the Mad magazine cartoonist and the merger of all the tabloid magazines. Robert Frissell is Rollye's guest. He is the author of the book "Nothing in This Book is True, But it is Exactly How Things Are. Rollye asks Robert about all the doomsday dates predicted and how his book addresses these. Robert talks about Atlantis 16 thousand years ago and the consciousness of humanity at that time was much more awake than now. They talk about poles shifts and how they are related to our consciousness. Later, Rollye and Robert discuss the 1992 presidential election and secret organizations Bush and Clinton belonged to.
  • 2nd hour.... Rollye and Robert talk about the power elite and polarity consciousness. Alien influences in the power elite is discussed, the greys and the reptilians. Rollye asks Robert when the Greys actually first emerged here. Robert talks about a time when the Martians tried to take over Atlantis. Rollye asks Robert about lower dimensional entities. Robert says they inhabited the bodies of the Atlantians.
  • 3rd hour.... Robert says we are going to go through some changes that are unbelievable. Robert says the key is to learn how to live with change and Rollye asks Robert for the indicators about a major consciousness raising. Robert says we are going to shift from the 3rd dimension to the fourth dimension in 2012 and will no longer be on the planet. Phone calls are taken and a caller asks Robert what part HAARP has to do in this scenario. Later, Rollye gives us a little lecture on the fact that talk radio is not controlled, that there is a format to follow is all.
  • 4th hour.... A caller asks Robert how to move into Christs consciousness. Another caller discusses incarnation with Rollye and Robert. A caller talks about the reptilians and how their usefulness has expired. Robert tells us that we have aspects of ourselves that we do not show to the public and we should be striving for wholeness so we can display all our aspects. A caller asks Robert what will happen to the Earth when we all leave it in 2012.
  • 5th hour.... A caller asks Robert if the fourth dimension is where people go when they die. A caller who is an Atheist and doesn't believe in the Christ consciousness asks Robert about Richard Hoagland and his face on Mars theory and whether he thinks we will go to Mars before 2012. Robert says we have already been there. A caller asks Robert if there is any scientific data to prove his theory that we exist on multi dimensional levels. Another caller asks whether animals live multi dimensional also. Robert tells us what happens to species that become instinct and reappear on a different level. One caller says he can confirm that there are Men in Black and he has personally run into some himself.

01/11/00 Tue/Wed

  • 1st Hour.... Rollye James is the guest host. She begins by talking about Art and Whitleys appearance on the Today show. Rollye says Matt Lauer was armed with information and started in on Art right away. Rollye was glad it was not the usual fluff piece you see on this show. She mentions seeing someone in the outside audience holding up a sign saying that Art Bell is the Anti-Christ. George Anderson is the guest tonight. He has the ability to hear from the dead which he says he acquired after a serious illness when he was a child. George tells us that the other side teaches us to never give up hope no matter how desperate you feel especially if you are contemplating suicide. After the break, George channels some spirits who want to talk to Rollye which lasts till the end of the hour.
  • 2nd hour.... George tells us that the other side praises us. Rollye asks George how many people on the other side feel they never accomplished what they wanted to do in their life. George talks about how the people on the other side know when they should reach out to us and when there will be a crack where we can receive their message. Phone calls are taken and a caller asks George when a baby receives it's soul. George talks to a caller who had an angelic visitation. Another caller tells George about death premonitions she has had that have come true and asks George for his input. This is the last hour for George.
  • 3rd hour.... Rollye talks about Melissa Eldridge and the fact that her and her lesbian partner have children and the breaking news today is that the sperm they used for their children is that of David Crosby. She is very stunned that they chose him. She continues to talk about other singers in the news. Open lines commences this hour.
  • 4th hour.... Rollye talks about some stories her former producer used to throw on her desk before her broadcasts and then continues with a caller from the last hour discussing Alaska and burying the dead there. A caller discusses an encounter he had with a UFO. Rollye talks about how much she loves living in Philly and then talks about the leader of a Japanese cult who read the futures of his followers by feeling their feet. Phone calls continue and later in the hour Rollye talks with a caller about living wills.
  • 5th hour.... Rollye talks about a New Jersey deal about toll roads where you have to pay to leave. A caller discusses the recent racist comments by a baseball player and the whole free speech issue. Rollye talks about 'the chicken hoax' going on around the internet about KFC and an email she has received about the genetically altered chickens they supposedly use. Politics is discussed this hour with callers.

01/09/00 Sun/Mon

  • 1st hour.... Rollye James is the guest host tonight. Her guest will be Betty Eadie who will discuss her book "The Ripple Effect" along with other topics. Betty begins by telling us about a near death experience she had at the age of 4. She tells us about seeing her dead niece enter her house. Betty tells us of a more recent near death experience where she left her body and floated to the ceiling, turned over and watched her body. She tells us about all the emotions she felt, and how she did not want to leave her family alone on Earth.
  • 2nd hour.... Betty tells us about the other side and the being she encountered and the many biblical questions she had for him. Technical difficulties causes Rollye to put Betty on hold for a few minutes so Rollye talks about it being Elvis' birthday today. Betty returns and tells us about meeting Jesus Christ, then more technical difficulties ensue so Rollye talks about the break up of Jane Fonda and Ted Turner. Later in the hour, Betty talks about the possibility of reincarnation, and how she asked about this while on the other side.
  • 3rd hour.... Rollye asks Betty if there is redemption no matter what you have done on Earth and Betty tells us that hell is not exactly the pit of fire we all think it is. Betty tells us that there is a God who loves unconditionally. Rollye talks about judgment and asks Betty what happens to the souls of people who have committed heinous acts, such as Hitler. Phone calls are taken this hour for Betty.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls continue for Betty. A caller asks her how to get past our physicalness when we realize there is such a spiritualism about us. Betty tells us we can never become complacent on a spiritual level. A caller asks Betty about a reoccurring dream he is having about an aborted child of his. Later in the hour, a caller asks Betty if, when she wants to pray, if she needs to pray to God and Jesus or to the two as one. Betty tells us how she prays.
  • 5th hour.... Rollye and Betty talk about people dying after receiving permission from their loved ones caring for them. A caller asks how infidelity effects the soul and its growth because she has found herself attracted to a married man. Betty talks about the life review we will all have to go through. She tells us what she has learned from her lifes' review. Betty disagrees with one callers claims that there is no preexisting soul because of her experiences. A caller asks Betty about departed spirits being around loved ones helping them through life.

01/09/00 Dreamland

  • 1st hour.... Linda Howe gives her report on global warming and its effect on marine life in the Monterey Bay area. She recites some global warming facts from the past few years. Linda plays an audio interview with James Baker from NOAA about why he released a global warming alert. Whitley and Linda discuss Congress and why they are not taking this warning seriously.
  • Guest.... Capt. Robert Snow joins Whitley this hour to discuss his search for his past life and the book he wrote about it. Whitley and Robert discuss hypnosis and how it started Robert on his search. Robert tells us about the first life he remembered while hypnotized.
  • 2nd hour.... Robert tells us about his past life as a female and how he kept thinking he was imagining these things to please his therapist. His life as a woman was as an altar girl who had been given to an older man. He discovered he had a small child who he recognized as his step daughter in his present life. Robert goes on to tell us of his past life as a painter. Robert tells us the reactions of his fellow officers as to his search and past life claims since he is the head of the homicide branch.
  • 3rd hour.... Whitley and Robert discuss Robert's past life as a painter and how he finds these paintings in his present life in New Orleans. Phone calls are taken for Robert with the first caller telling us his past life was as the pilot in charge of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Whitley asks Robert if he is a religious man and he explains he is confused now about his religious upbringing since he has discovered reincarnation. A caller asks Robert about Deja Vu and if it is a parallel universe.

01/08/00 Sat/Sun

  • Host: Hilly Rose
  • Guest: Elia Wise

01/06/00 Thu/Fri

  • Guest: Mike Castle

01/05/00 Wed/Thu

  • Guest: Wayne Green

01/04/00 Tue/Wed

  • Guest: John Hogue

01/02/00 Sun/Mon

  • Host... Rollye James
  • Guest... Dr Bruce Goldberg

01/02/00 Sun Dreamland

  • Guest... John Hogue

01/01/2000 Sat/Sun

  • Host.... Hilly Rose
  • Guest ... Keith Ellis
  • Guest ... Clarisa Bernhardt
  • Guest ... Elizabeth Arnold

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