Shadow People Contributions


No. 17 - Brian Knapp ( sends us:


No. 18 - Josh Meeter writes: These are the shadow people I have seen. I refer to them as Red Eyes. I saw 3-4 of them when i was a little kid, one was hovering above my bed looking down at me. I was so terrified, i couldnt even yell. I had always thought it was a bad dream, until i heard other people on Art's show claiming to see them. I saw them again, just last year. I saw the red eyes glowing from my closet in the reflection of my lamp and as i turned around they slowly dissapeared. I was so scared...i spent the rest of the night in the other room and i close my closet door before i go to bed every night.


No. 19 - writes: This is my picture of my shadow person ,I am not sure if its a ghost or not I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth and saw him out of the corner of my eye. My son said tomy husband and I one time that he saw a man hanging from our tree in our backyard. He had been having nightmares at the time, so we associated this with that. whatever that means?.......I also have 2 cats who often sit in high places in my house, and act like they are gaurding, what ....I dont know. They dont act hostile or anything they just hang out.


No. 20 - Mark Fritz ( writes: I was 3 years old when I ran into this being. We lived in Homer Alaska, it was 1955, I remember it to this day. It might have been an extraterrestial but he pulled his cloak open (which was completely black) so I could see his face. He told me he was very much like me in that he had 2 eyes a nose and a mouth, this somehow eased my fear of him. He said his group that he belonged to was called the Nodnuls. Any information?


No. 21 - Rob ( sends us:


No. 22 - Mike Patko ( wrties: I'am 28 years old now. I saw this thing when I was about 5 or 6. I have always wonderd what it was, because I have rememberd it for all these years. It looked like it was dressed in a stretchy material with gold sparkels on it. When I saw it, it put its hand around my head and pulled me into what I thought at the time was a camera. All I know is that it was very black inside. Please help me as to answer this 22 year old question.


No. 23 - David and Stephanie ( sends us: Summer of 1996: I was lying on the floor in a semi-OOB (out of body) state, when the front door to our apartment began to open. I willed it shut, and suddenly heard my mother's voice out in the hallway, though I knew it wasn't her. Then this 2D shadow, which was no more than four and a half feet tall, passed through the wood of the door and began gesticulating wildly, almost as if dribbling a basketball (it seemed insane, mischievous). I felt that it was laughing, though it made no sound. It then threw what I can only describe as a mirage-like (watery, clear, lighter than the surroundings) swatch of energy at me, which hit me in the chest - this caused the strangest sensation, like the wind being knocked out, but as if I'd been imbued with something. This experience was really alarming, though I couldn't convince myself that it was entirely negative or evil.

Mid-2000: Upon waking I saw black (blacker than any black I've *ever* seen), spiky, fern-like growths protruding from the wall a few inches below the ceiling. They had a slight coppery-gold sheen and undulated, curled as if growing. The "ferns" remained for 10+ seconds and then disintegrated, not faded, but disintegrated from my vision. I have seen these entities or things three or four times since.


No. 24 - T K Merz ( sends us:


No. 25 - Richard A. Marshall ( writes: Here is a quick rendition of a shadow entity that I have fought before. They are all black, however their eyes often seem reddish. There is a soft green glow around their face and often the weapon they wield has a green glow too.


No. 26 - Joyce ( sends us: Black cloaked beings. Big hood hides the faces, They are following me/us 'down a tunnel of time' seen them most of my life. They have found us now...


No. 27 - General Delivery ( writes us: This is one that leaned in for a closer look at me while five others stood still around my bed. I had the feeling they were there to study the situation, or my reaction to them. Because of the activity in which I was engaged with my husband, I think my reaction was not as frightened as it could have been. I was more disturbed after the event, in after thought.


No. 28 - Chris M ( writes us: This is my redition of an entity that attacked my aunt. She had seen it hanging around her home and one night it charged at her! She doused it with holy water and chased it of the house while it screamed! It has not returned since.


No. 29 - writes: This is what my friend's 24 year old daughter sees every so often. I did this drawing from her discription. She says the "entity" holds some kind of a "rod". It just appears in her room at night.


No. 30 - Gwyn Carter ( sends us:


No. 31 - sends us:


No. 32 - sends us:


No. 33 - Jeff McElrath ( writes: I am a police officer and I have seen this image many at violent death scenes. It has made my hair stand up many a time.


No. 34 - Chris Mead ( writes: I am a very negative person (I'm ok with that) and see small "shadow animals" everywhere (larger than a cat), moving very fast. They're not just solid shadow, and I tried to show some of the structure I see in them. I do not consider them harmful or even frightening- heck, I've got negative energy to spare. At work I see humanoid shadow people (so do my coworkers- maybe they're just ghosts).


No. 35 - sends us:


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