Roswell Rods


Shannon Story ( sends us:

I took a picture of dozens of these little critters flying in my yard this evening. I saw a show a couple of years ago that told about some bugs called "rods" (I think) that look these. I'm confused about them because I've been seeing a swarm of bugs on my pecan tree for three years, that are strange little critters. I've been fascinated by them, because they don't look like anything I've ever seen before. I've gotten lots of close up pics, and pictures of them flying, but they have never looked like THIS before. So I'm not sure if what I took this evening, is the same bug. Or it could just be the lighting.


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Jose Escamilla ( sends us these photos and video clips for discussion on the program, Feb 22th, 2001.


Video Snapshot Photos:






Real Video Clips:

REAL VIDEO - Insect, Bird Rod Comparisons

REAL VIDEO - Base jumper / Rod has tail in sunlight

REAL VIDEO - Rod flies over cameraman's shoulder

REAL VIDEO - Jack Kasher on the model comparisons

REAL VIDEO - Clear image of a cave Rod

REAL VIDEO - Clear image of a cave Rod 2

REAL VIDEO - Close up image of a cave Rod

REAL VIDEO - Jim Peters describes early research on Rods

REAL VIDEO - Rod shots Roswell, New Mexico 1994

REAL VIDEO - New Mexico Rod shot with UFO - By Jeff Ferris

MPEG VIDEO - Free Falling w/Rod

MPEG VIDEO - Close up of Rod

MPEG VIDEO - Rod in Cave

MPEG VIDEO - Rod making turn in cave

MPEG VIDEO - Rod circling man

1000+ year old rock drawings of rod shapes from Argentina.