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Spyder6989@aol.com sends us:

This picture was taken of my girlfriend and I on Easter Sunday 2001 in my Grandma's back yard. I didn't get my girlfriend's permission so that's why I blurred her face.

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Mercury Seven (mercury_seven@yahoo.com) sends us:

I took this photo during the December 11, 2000 blizzard that hit Chicago, Illinois. I took the photo with a Olympus digital camera. I don't know what that swirl of mist is. The snow was coming down hard so the flakes are illuminated by the flash and I don't think they are orbs although an orb or two may be somewhere inbetween the big snowflakes but I don't have time to look for them.

Michael Sommers (m.a.sommers@worldnet.att.net) sends us:

My name is Michael, I am 16 years old and last year I took this picture. The first one was taken in the Walley house in San Diego. I took the picture of one of the bedrooms upstairs. This room stuck out because to the right there is a small closet with a curtain which was moving. The snowflake like orbs were not there when I took the picture.

Walter Little (wlittle@kcnet.com) sends us:

I decieded that I should submit this photo that I took of my girlfriend, Stacy, back in about Nov. 2001. I have no explanation for what the balls are in the picture. It was taken in our bedroom. My guess was that the lens was dirty, but all other photos I took were normal. Anyhow they look about like the Orbs in your other photos on line so I thought you might be interested in seeing that this seems to be a fairly common occurance. I took this picture with a Kodak digital camera and it has mystified me since I fist looked at it. Of all the photo's I've taken in the house, this is the only one that show what Art Bell's website describes as orbs.

Janice Stephenson (benpin22@mindspring.com) sends us:

I have some new orb photos for you. All of these, with the exception of the one called Brighty Posing, were taken in my yard about 7 AM this morning. (Feb. 7,2002) Brighty Posing was taken last summer. The weather was overcast and drizzling, but you can clearly see that these are NOT raindrops. These are some of the orb colony (for lack of a better word!) that hang around my house. I have been taking pictures for the past year in all kinds of weather and the same orbs show up time after time, both outside and inside my house. I like to think of them as my guardians. They were particularly bright because I had asked them to really shine for me, and I also asked them to move around since up until today most of my orb shots have been stationary. Please feel free to post these as you see fit.

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