Aurora March 30, 2001


After the huge solar eruptions, conditions were ripe for some extraordinary views of the Northern Lights. (Which weren't so northern any more!) Here are some images and comments sent to us.

Marshall says: Photos shot from my back yard in Rio Rancho, NM

Daniel writes: The sky is fantastic up here on the headwaters of the Missouri River tonight with all colors around us in all directions.

Chris Tucker sends us: Here are two photographs of the northern lights tonight. These photos were made in Whitefish, Mont. on a digital camera on a tripod with exposures eight to 30 seconds long. (varied).

Hailing from southerly Ramona, California (at 33 degrees latitude, in the beautiful foothills east of San Diego)--I never thought I'd see the Aurora Borealis, but there it is, big, red streaked with gold. Thanks for telling me--I never would have gone out an looked!

wow !! thank you Art . Early Saturday a.m. ( 2am our time ) , listening to your broadcast , your wife burst into your studio and said " it's beautiful " I knew that she was refering to the" northern lights " . Feeling like a little kid , i went outside to our 2nd story deck and looked to the north and to my amazement i could see a subtle reddish glow due north . I carefully woke my wife and asked her to verify my sighting and sure enough there it was still glowing , this lasted about the same time your callers were saying how bright it was then a gradual decrease . thank you again and we will be watching again tonight. listening in St Croix Chico
Just heard you mention your wife handing you a note about the light show from the solar flares...I ran outside to check - not expecting to see anything from here in Tularosa (even further south than you!)...I barely got my head out the door - I could see the night sky to the north filled with red, fiery, whispy shards of northern lights! WOW! One of the most unusual, and incredible things I've ever seen in the night sky! Really Art, the sight of the reddish (and other colors too!) lights against the usual pitch black of the desert night sky...well - you've just seen it (I hope) - so you know!
I'm down here visiting family and friends and for the last fifteen minutes I have been iwtness to a faint red and green hue eminating from the northern sky. The lights seem to want to undulate from west to east and then seem to fade from time to time. Just thought I'd let you know. Kevin in San Juan, Puerto Rico
I heard you mention on your program about a solar flair and people seeing the northern lights in different parts of the country. Well, the northern sky in Phoenix is definately red tonight. I have never seen it this way before. I used to live in Alaska and this is as bright as the northern lights I have seen there. It is really something to look at.
Heard your anouncement about the solar storm and northern lights down as low as you are in Perumph NV, thought I'd look outside too. There are three huge red glowing swafts/streaks of light in the northern sky. Looks like a glow from some major fire storms. Thought you and your listeners would be interested in hearing the lights can be seen all the way down here in Phoenix AZ
I'm in the Northeast Heights of Albuquerque and the sky is a deep, crimson red north of the city. I've never seen northern lights before and I've never heard of them being seen this far south. We're at 35 degrees north latitude. What's happening?
I am located about an hour north of Atlanta, Ga in Gainesville , GA. Took a look outside and to my surprise I saw the northern lights. A beautiful reddish glow with a thin line of green running through it. Just thought you should know its reaching way down south.
My son & I very clearly saw the Northern Lights over Redding tonight. Looking to the North and Northeast we could see a very red-rose sky and also lights that were blue/green. I've lived in Washington State and have been to Alaska many times, but I've never seen these lights before seeing them over Redding, CA tonight!!! Spectacular!!!!!
Art, I just woke up my parents to show the red spot in the sky at true north. I was using a compass to focus on true north... I'm in Calexico, CA right at the border with Mexico, only 120 miles east of San Diego. We could see the red sky. "It was awesome", my father said. I was glad I could show him, because he asked me, "how did you find out about this?", and I told him, "Ramona Bell told me so..."
Here in Wisdom, Montana (which is 75 miles from even a small city, like Butte.... Hamilton ....Dillon) we can see the light show! A couple of hours ago it was a gorgeous crimson color...then came the clouds. Now at 1 AM the moon has set, the clouds moved off and our 6,200' high valley surrounded by mountains is encircled with green and white streaks covering nearly the whole sky in all directions! In fact, I am sure it is an illusion, but it seems to be centered right over our home! Phenomenal!
I am a 19 yr old from Central Illinois and the aurora is coming through great even in through ambient city lights, the whole sky here has a crimson glow with grren and white highlights when you look straight up, in all my short life I have never seen such natural beauty.
I'm in southeast Florida and i can see this!!! It's in the northeastern sky, at first I thought it was lighting, but it's definitly not! Huuuuweeee!!!!!
It's snowing here in Denver and I can see through the clouds, which are showing tinges of blue and red. It's incredible!