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Dear Mr. Bell,

I am writing regarding a letter that I found posted on your web site. [See Art's Parts] The letter was from an anonymous individual who claimed to currently be in the military. He further claimed that his grandfather was a part of a retrieval team at the Roswell crash site. In his letter he stated that he was sending you debris that his grandfather had obtained during the "operation", as he called it.

I was surprised to see this information in a public form. The reason that I became so surprised was as a result of a very similar experience of my own. While I am not a military officer, I am employed by the department of defense. Another very amazing fact is that I also received a very similar telling of events from my grandfather, who also claimed to have been involved in the same "project". He was also stationed at Wright Patterson Airforce Base at the time of the crash.

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Given this individualÕs bravery to come forth with his story, I felt that it only fair to do the same in his defense. The story told by that individual is identical to the one told by my very own grandfather with the exception of the details involving communication with the alien survivor.

Unlike the other individual's grandfather, my grandfather was assigned to the team that worked on the retrieval of the craft itself. He did describe the bodies of two dead beings and one survivor, but he did not mention what happened to them any further. He did mention that the craft was taken to what many now know as "hangar 18". A disputed fact now, but one that I can personally verify based on my own experience.

This is where my own story comes into play. I will not waist your time re-hashing the same story that the other individual has already told you. I will just take the time to endorse and support it as it stands based on my grandfathers telling of it. What I will do is to take this tale one step further.

As I have already stated, I am employed by the department of defense. For reasons of security to my self and my loved ones, I will leave it at that. I will, however, go so far as to say that I work at an undisclosed location in Nevada. For the record it is NOT area 51, although I have visited the site. I have a security clearance that is for all intents and purposes "above top secret". This is the main reason that I should remain nameless.

I would like to reassure you at this point that this is not leading to the exaggerated claims of Bob Lazar of aliens and flying saucers at area S4. My tale is a little more down to earth. The information that the anonymous individual provided with the debris is very accurate based on the reports that I have been given access to. Where that story ends is where mine begins.

The debris that was recovered was moved to the Nevada desert in a very remote area in which I worked before being transferred to another area. The area is not well guarded so as not to draw unnecessary attention to it. This is one of the reasons that there is such a visible presence at Area 51. Yes, there are black projects being conducted there, but they are truly in the interest of national security.

What better way to hide something extremely secret, than to put it in a place that had minimal security near a maximum-security site? While everyone is busy trying to discover the truth about Area51 they overlook the obvious.

It is in this location that the Roswell story continued. The crash debris was taken to this location in the same week. The bodies where also taken there as well. The surviving being was NOT transferred to Washington D.C. as all records did indicate, but was diverted to this location. The survivor did not live more than a month. Medical details were given in the report that I have viewed, but medicine is not my field of expertise and I would not want to make any false statements in this letter that I could not back up with facts.

The debris itself is still housed at this location, but since the events at Roswell have occurred there have been several more such instances of crashed saucers. The number totals 10 at the time of my transfer with the last being in the summer of 1998. Some of the crashed saucers where in better condition than others. As with the first crash there have been both bodies and survivors. To date the number of bodies totals 23 and the number of survivors totals 7. These numbers include the original crash. The survivors have never lasted more that a month or two and seemed to vary from "species" to "species". All of the bodies have been examined and preserved. Studies continue with minimal progress.

None of the studies indicate that any of the claims by Bob Lazar regarding element 115 and area S4 are true. His claims regarding the crafts themselves are out right hilarious. The debris that is currently in the hands of the government is just that debris. Keep in mind that it came from vehicles that had crashed. None of the vehicles are in tact. This is a fact that I have witnessed first hand.

The location that contains the debris and bodies is in the Nevada desert, but not at Area 51 or the elusive Area S4. It is nearby and well hidden in the open. The facility employs more than 1500 personnel some military and others civilian like myself.

I would like to note that the pieces of debris that were sent to you appear very consistent with other pieces found at other crash sites. The analysis results posted at your site are consistent with some and similar to others. The only information that I can provide without causing myself any harm is that the small pieces have been found on the outer surface of several of the crafts. It is presumed that they serve as some type of "shielding" that is required during the process of inter-dimentional flight.

By using the term "inter-dimensional" flight, I am referring to the use of wormhole technologies to travel through space and time. The actual technology is not known at this time, but the information is based on a combination of the recovered debris and that provided by the survivors. Details have NOT been obtained and remain elusive at this time.

I regret the generality of my comments, but given the level of security that is involved and my level of involvement with this ongoing project, I fear giving out any further information on the subject.

The reason for providing this information is to inform the public of the truth that I feel that they are entitled too. I have been exposed to the truth and it has had little effect on my overall life, with the sole exception of all the secrecy. Secrecy that I feel is no longer needed based on the information that has been obtained by the survivors and debris at this point.

In order to protect my privacy and safety, I ask that you remove all references to my e-mail address and/or name from this letter should you choose to post it along with the other on the same issue.

Sincerely, (Name Withheld)

The truth is out there and it is not what it is cracked up to be.