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Randy Smith ( writes:

I just wanted George and the rest of the gang to know that according to the History Channel (or was it The Learning Channel?) the Fairy pictures are a fake. The girls faked the whole thing as a practical joke and when it got out of hand they didn't know what to do so they just went along with it!

One of the girls was an artist and she drew and painted the fairies and the other girl had her new present of a box camera and they both got into some mischief. They cut the little pictures out and glued hat pins to the back sides and pushed the pins into the ground of their "studio" and commenced taking the pictures that you have seen and one of which is on the web site.

One of the girls finally admitted to the fakery either when she was in her fifties or in the 1950's (I forget!). The History Channel did a show a few years ago in which they interviewed one of the girls all grown up and a senior citizen now (ain't we all)! It was in this show where she told about their art work and "special effects" even though the term didn't exist back then. All of their momma's hat pins were camouflaged by a blade of grass or something. I think I remember the girl that was interviewed saying that her friend was quite an "accomplished artist." They were pretty good with a box camera too!

If you ever want to a check on this, try both The Learning Channel and The History Channel as my memory as to which is was is a bit foggy these days. ;-)

Take care and keep up the good work.


Dale Nitz sends us this link from Unexplained Mysteries.