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Al Kumick ( writes:

There was no Art Bell website in 1977, so I apologize for the delay in telling my story. Attached is a quick sketch of my unique UFO experience in the summer of 1977. I was 14 years old and I had not experimented with drugs or alcohol at that time! I was hitting rocks with an old baseball bat in a then vacant lot across the street from my parents home in St. Petersburg, Florida. As I bent down to pick up what would be my final rock of the day, a shadow passed directly on the ground I was standing on. The shadow was of 6 perfect circles (oversized dinner plate size from my perspective) which were patterned in a perfect V formation.

The circles were undoubtedly not touching each other, which suggests a squadron of 6 and not just one vehicle. I instinctively looked towards the sky as the sun was behind me and I had no fear of blinding myself (i.e., sunspots in my vision were not a factor). There was absolutely nothing in the sky. Not one cloud, no birds, no planes, no nothing. I looked back down at the ground and the shadow was still there moving at a walking pace. I then followed the shadow for approximately 20 yards, all the time looking back and forth from ground to sky, until I was forced to stop at the abutting neighbors yard. The shadow kept moving on as I lost its trail, but never once did I see one ripple or movement in the very calm and still sky.

Has Planet X been spotted? Is Nibiru inhabited and inbound?

I formulate that if there was a advanced race out there, how easy it would be for them to cloak their ships to identically match the color of the sky and therefore totally blending in without any suspicion. I also question the possibilty of them cruising around just past our atmosphere, still having the ability to cast a shadow. I feel it is an important sighting as it's not the usual case and may explain certain irrational behavior with radar and other scientific equipment. I do happen to be a believer as my very honest and righteous, God-fearing father told of a green cigar in the sky that he and his attorney friend saw about 40 years ago. He said it hovered still in the night sky over Treasure Island, FL, then shot off at light speed. In addition, the more I have the courage to ask people if they've ever had a UFO experience, the higher the percentage is for believers than non-believers. Just try asking a few yourself people!!! We can't ALL be nuts!

Art Bell Forever. Thanks for your time, Al Kumick.