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Jaymie Sterling ( sends us:

Thought you'd like to see these! Someone in our office (who lives in Black Forest) took these pics yesterday. One was taken from Highway 83 and one from the Pinecreek Area. The last one with the windmill was taken from Roller Coaster Road in Black Forest.


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This photo was taken by me Patti Jury ( at around 8:15pm on 6/17/2002 in NE Colorado Springs. It is the Woodland Park area Flare-up of the Hayman Fire. Smoke and ash was thick in the air and the Fire has broken Southwestern containment lines on a Path towards Woodland Park, Colorado. The Sunset was beautiful.. but at what cost! My prayers to all involved!


Steve White ( sends us:

Here is a picture I took Sunday eve 6-9-02 looking at the Heyman fire from our yard. We are about 12 nw of the fire. Looks like a mountian lion, it's looking toward where the fire started.


Ron Maris ( sends us:

As I was listening to your show tonight about the smoke of the CO. fires spreading into the surrounding states, this is a picture I took west of Kearney Nebraska tonight of the sun approximately 30 min before sunset.... I never seen it so red that high in the sky that time of the evening.... I wondered then if the smoke is causing this beautiful sunsets...... Normally the sun is still way to bright to look at, this time of night..... Times are changing !!!!!!!!!!