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Joe Love from Knoxville, TN sent in this audio and video:

This video was recorded on my home VCR as it was originally broadcast on the NASA TV satellite channel on March 3, 2002 at about 3:30AM EST during live coverage of Space Shuttle Columbia Mission STS-109 which serviced the Hubble Space Telescope. I have sent you a video of the relevant segment that was professionally copied directly from my original tape (which I retain). The segment contains what NASA commonly refers to as a "video playback" which is a mix of video clips originally captured by handheld cameras operated by astronauts from within the shuttle, and later edited by an astronaut onboard the shuttle, and afterward down linked to Johnson Space Center in Houston.

In a rare procedure, this "video playback" was broadcast on NASA TV simultaneously as it was down linked and viewed for the first time by officials in Houston. Notice how the down link was abruptly interrupted during the shot of the anomaly, by some official in Houston nervous about UFOs (I suppose), and then returned to after the anomaly shot ended. A blue screen is seen at that point and I assure you that it is exactly the way it was broadcast.

Immediately prior to this, the "video playback" down link was requested by Houston and it was specified to include the "aft end with the debris you were talking about earlier". Such earlier report of debris was not broadcast on NASA TV.

Later that day at the scheduled mission briefing, when questioned about the anomaly by a press agent, a NASA official explained that it was probably an ice particle because of the non-straight nature of it as described by the press agent! So, it was only a golden, twisting, tumbling, shimmering, "ice particle"? No way am I swallowing that! Watch the video and judge for yourself. The object appears to be huge (50 feet long) and about 1000 yards from the shuttle. The background far beyond the object is the dark side of the Earth, with the crescent perimeter of atmosphere glowing from the sun which is on the opposite side.

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The narrator indicates that the "video playback" was shot during the shuttle's final approach to the Hubble Space Telescope which can be seen attached to the shuttle bay at the end of the segment, as the broadcast switches to real time. The shuttle's final approach was a period when it was traveling very slowly relative to the Hubble Space Telescope and the use of shuttle thrusters were kept to a bare minimum and only for extremely short and tiny adjustments. If any "debris" of this size and appearance were dislodged from the shuttle or the HST, then NASA would have certainly responded with far greater concern, investigation, and explanation of it.

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