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Michael McConnell ( sends us:

Last July, my wife, 2 children and aunt drove from Iowa to the Grand Canyon for a vacation. We also spent a couple of days in Las Vegas as the kids had never seen or experienced Vegas. My wife and I have for a long time wanted to visit Area 51 just to say that we had been there. We left Vegas and headed first to Rachel to visit the Area 51 research center.

We bought some souvenirs, most importantly a map telling us how to find Area 51. We drove until we found the White mailbox and turned heading down a rather bumpy road. As we drove we could see in the distance a shiny object perched on top of a hill. As we got closer we saw that it was a Champaign colored Ford truck. When we came upon the boundary of Area 51, which we almost crossed as it not very clearly marked we stopped. The security guard was standing outside of his truck watching us through a set of binoculars. My wife returned the favor by zooming in on him with the camcorder. We only stayed for a few minutes taking some photographs and video of the area.

Has Planet X been spotted? Is Nibiru inhabited and inbound?

While driving back, we noticed in the rear view mirror that the ford truck was closing in on us at a very high rate of speed. Needless to say we immediately became concerned that perhaps upon turning around we had mistakenly breach the boundary. Stupidly we decided that we would outrun the truck and increased our past the point of being safe. I noticed a turn approaching us so I took it. As it turned out I had turned too early and was now heading towards Steve Medlinís ranch. The ford truck had maintained it course and we were now heading directly towards the same intersection. We decided that at this point there was nothing we could do but face whatever awaited us and slowly approached the intersection where the ford pickup rapidly approached. We arrived at the intersection first, just in time to watch the ford truck speed past heading up into the hills. Turns out he wasnít coming for us after all but it sure made for an exciting day.